American Idol Season 7 Tour in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 17th, 2008

Helloooooo Charlotte!

We are so anxious to hear about your live Idol experience at the Time Warner Cable Arena. I am sure it was a memorable one indeed and that the cameras and the videos were flashing and capturing like crazy.

So, this is the place to be if you wish to share your memories of the Charlotte perfrmance with us at

This Charlotte Blog topic is just for you, so please feel free to add your recaps, photo and/or video links and general commentaries in the “comments section” below. Or, email me your stuff at

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!
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14 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 17th, 2008”

  1. againstthedyingofthelight August 18, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Billie Jean:

    Apparently, Cook was so sick last night that immediately following the concert, he went to the bus (hopefully to sleep). It’s been reported that over the past three nights, he’s gotten a total of six hours sleep.

    You can see him stagger backwards and to the side a little bit at the very end of the song and then bend over in exhaustion. Anyway, he still pulled off a very professional, not to mention outstanding, performance.

    It’s insane what he and Archie are going through trying to simultaneously record their albums and maintain an unforgiving tour schedule. There’s no such thing as a day off for either of them. And many days (and nights) they pull “double-duty”.


  2. Here’s an interesting self-appraisal by David A of his first performance of Imagine. Even today, he can’t understand why people think it was such a great performance, and has also mentioned it in other interviews. Yet this is the song that pushed him fully into contention during the season, and one that most people remember him for.

    Are other singers unable to judge the merits of their own performances? He seems so far off the mark regarding other people’s views on how he sings and performs.


    Question: What was your favorite personal performance?

    Answer: Well, with “Imagine” it was kind of like my last performance where I wasn’t being viewed as [a frontrunner]. After that my expectations were raised higher than anything I can imagine. I’m just going to have a great time with the song. [At the time] I felt people weren’t really watching me and I felt really comfortable. So then everyone was like ‘David, David, David.’ I felt very awkward, because I was like, ‘I don’t get it.’ I didn’t even do anything fancy with [“Imagine”]; it wasn’t very energetic or anything. I was like, ‘This might be the end of it for me.’ I’ll at least feel good about what I needed to do. Then [with] “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,” I felt like I was really able to be myself.


    There are some other interesting comments in the full interview:


  3. Delivered By AgainstTheDyingOfTheLight Please read Comment # 1 before you listen and/or read my review.

    Performed By: A very ill and exhausted David Cook

    Billie Jean, uploaded by RicochetViz:

    I am two days behind in my reviews, but this one peaked my interest immensely. I cannot believe what the Davids have had to endure during this tour. It’s absolutely disgusting that so little respect is provided for the artists. They are not machines, they are human beings with immune systems that need to be safeguarded against ill health – both mental and physical.

    He is obviously exhausted in this video, so it is pointelss to comment on the vocals – except to say that it is absolutely remarkable that he can sing at all.

    How does he hit those upper notes with such clarity? Considering his fatigue, it’s nothing short of extraordinary.

    And when he release his guitar from his shoulder and starts to walk backstage – to me eyes – in a fragile manner, it just breaks my heart. How dare TPTB treat these young people like this – like money machines for the franchise! It truly repulses me.

    I am so upset right now – you have no idea!


  4. AIFan – a special thanks for posting the link to this article.

    I know this might sound “not politically correct”, but I could never understand why everyone went “crazy nuts” over “Imagine”. No doubt, he sang it well – but, at the time, I wasn’t jumping through hoops over it. I knew David had an exceptional voice and an free, authentic soulful style to his singing, but that performance is not the performance that remained indelible in my mind.

    Songs like “Think Of Me”. “Long And Winding Road”, “Love Me Tender”, “Shop Around”, “Don’t Let The Sun” – the artistry he exhibited in these songs far and away surpassed that earlier version of “Imagine” – although it is one of the most beautiful and heartfelt interpretation of that song that I have ever heard.

    So, it’s interesting to hear him confrim my original impression. David grew and grew throughout the competition and he continues to grow throughout this tour. He is an unstoppable force and, yet, a genuine one as well. Love. this. Kid.!


  5. Interesting discussion of David’s first version of “Imagine.” For me, David managed to find the magic in a song that was already a favorite of mine. It’s hard to describe, but I felt his sweet spirit so strongly. I suppose the experience is subjective, and it makes sense that you and David would be on the same page, MCL.


  6. MCL, the logistics of the tour has frustrated me since the dates were announced. I can understand the Davids wanting to “strike while the iron’s hot” and David A. himself said in a recent interview that with the season 8 auditions starting he hoped he wouldn’t be forgotten, but what’s being asked of them is unreal! It saddens me as well to see so many ask so much from these very giving artists. And please MCL, do not tire yourself out as well, staying up late and reviewing each performance. You too, have earned a much deserved break!


  7. So far there are only 2 videos of “Angels” from Charlotte, neither have particularly good audio, having said that the new yah,yah, yah,oooh, oooh, oooh deserves a listen:

    and the ending, a little clearer on this one is spectacular!:


  8. A wonderful full-bodied “Apologize”:

    A very, very good SBM:

    and WYSYLM,it cuts off a little short, but well worth it;

    David said he was caught up on sleep and well rested, I believe his performance reflects that and he sounds better than ever, MCL, your thoughts?


  9. Does anyone know if the practice of making your album while on tour has been done in the past?

    I feel sorry for the people that paid good money to see the Idols, and then because of overwork, they get sick (especially in regards to the Davids).

    Archie’s version of “Imagine” is beautiful to me. I do have a CD of Blake’s performances, and his “Imagine” sounds really nice on my car radio. Why do I have Blake’s music, you may ask? LOL! He was my Grandson’s favorite Idol for Season 6. Actually, it is pretty good.

    I would love to get a disk of David A.’s music.


  10. Janey79 – thanks for the links and the concern. I am slowly going through a rejuvenating process here and will have a look at your links sometime today.

    The summer was more busy than I imagined, but it’s been great att he same time visiting with people that I very rarely see.

    However, believe it or not, writing these reviews actually relaxes me – as long as I am not too exhausted to, well, relax! haha.

    Thanks again, Janey!


  11. Found some Jason from Charlotte:

    Most of Over the Rainbow and all but the end of Crazy
    a partial Daydream,
    all uploaded by iluvjasoncastro1984 (the Daydream shows Jason’s really loosening up onstage!)

    I also posted some stuff in the Washington thread–it includes last week’s vlog, which is well worth a look at a very introspective Jason!


  12. MCL:

    I don’t think you are being politically incorrect about Imagine, as I agree that he demonstrated more artistry in some of his later song performances.

    However, there is no denying that his first performance of Imagine is what grabbed peoples’ attention, and thrust him into the spotlight. Whether it was just a great match for his voice, the version he chose, or the combination of those two plus being able to watch him sing it on television with the close-ups and his earnest style, it struck a chord with people, or resonated, or whatever cliché you want to use. He was even paid a compliment when it was used in the later dance competition.

    What I find interesting is that he knows the song attracted attention to him, but he can’t understand why. In a number of interviews, he has asked what the big deal was, and never really got an answer. It is clear that he personally didn’t see much artistic skill required for the performance, nor anything special about the way he sang it, so he must be using those metrics for measuring merit.

    Yet he has said in interviews that when he was younger, he would debate with others why songs were where they were on the Billboard charts, trying to identify what it was about them that made them sell. So he must have occasionally run across songs that were presented simply, and had simple themes, yet became popular, perhaps because of a memorable turn or riff.

    So that was the root of my question. Is it common that singers cannot put themselves into the shoes of their audience when it comes to their own performances, and they cannot absorb the feelings of their listeners? Do they measure success using a different scale?

    I think of a parallel with wine tasting, where people who have been at it for a while often develop different tastes in wine, and cannot understand what some plonk they consider beneath their dignity is still popular with the masses.


  13. Delivered By janey79

    Performed By David Archuleta

    “Apologize” uploaded by DavidArchFan:

    David sounds great as always, but the audio quality is really poor. It’s okay, I still appreciate the effort all the fans exert by uploading these songs to YouTube.Com.

    That head voice is so spectacular and that relaxed rhythnmic walk really helps to fortify the strength from his diaphragmatic muscles. It keeps the body nice and loose and, yet, energized at the same time.

    Stand By Me uploaded by DavidArchFan

    Once again, the audio is limited, but, somehow, David’s pure and liberated soulful voice breaks through the limitations of the recording. There is so much ringing presence in his voice – just beautiful.

    And the audience is really cheering for this very talented, very genuine young man. And they will not stop.

    A great performance -and I hope this song is considered for a recording at some point down the road. Pretty please? And, lie a broken record I once again ask: “Who arranged the upbeat portion in the “beautiful girls” segment? Anyone who can answer this will get a great big shout out from me on this site.! Promise!

    When You Say You Love Me (abbreviated)

    Janey79 mentioned that David had said that he was rested and, therefore, his voice sounded rested as well. And, I agree. His voice is so transcendent in this song. It embraces the melody with such love and passion and the expressiveness he lends this song is extremely heartwarming indeed!

    I could listen to him sing this song againaand again and, I guess, through the magic of the internet, I have been able to do so. Lucky me! Lucky “all of us”! And his upper notes are spectacular and clean. And the “oos’s at the end – gorgeous.

    Bravo David JAmes!


  14. Delivered By Rereader

    Upploaded By iluvjasoncastro1984

    Performed By Jason Castro

    Over the Rainbow (most of it) and Crazy (most of it)

    Not the strongest audio, so it is hard to hear the lower end of Jason’s voice at times. I suspect this was not a problem at the live performance.

    However, he sounds less energetic than he did in Washington, as he is dropping the ends of his phrases once again. Boy, these kids are suffering from burn-out, aren’t they?

    But, oh my, his head voice was great -so clear and centered.

    Then, before he segues into “Crazy”, he does his relaxed yadda yadda thing with the audience. He speaks with such ease and sincerity – such a sweet, genuine young man.

    And, his voice, to my ear, sounds a little weathered tonight, but, lo and behold, his upper voice is super duper great! His lower voice may sound a bit raspy, but when he enters the territory wherein lies his upper voice, the head voice is so well blended into the vocal mix. Really transparent and centered.

    And that soulful style is so expressive in this song. What a beautiful style he has and so much promise – so much!

    Daydream (partial

    The audio wasn’t great, but Jason still sounded extremely good. He was having such a great time with the crowd and looked so confident and relaxed throughout the song. What a star he has become throughout this tour!

    Bravo Jason!


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