David Archuleta’s New Single Is Set To “Crush” The Airwaves!


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Therefore, all new topics will be entered below this one. Thanks so much and go out and buy the single!

David Archuleta’s new single, “Crush”, has received overwhelmingly favorable reviews. And, rightfully so! This new single should dispel any rumors that David is not destined for an extremely lucrative career as a current pop artist.

Today, August 12th,the CD was released and the buzz is certainly out there. David Archuleta has arrived and in a monumental way.

Recently signed by 19Recordings/Jive Records, a record company noted for it’s ability to successfully create and market young artists who appeal to the mainstream audience, David’s new single is brimming with the youthful enthusiasm and soulful excellence that has made him a star in the past season of American Idol.

As I listen to “Crush”, I am immediately impressed by the clarity of the end production. Usually, the singer’s voice is overshadowed by the background arrangement but, in David’s case, his superior vocals remain the focal point in the production mix.

And so it should! After all, it’s David’s extraordinary voice and capability to touch people’s hearts with his vocal instrument that has allowed him to distinguish himself from the rest of the pack. His unique ability to combine his passionate soulful artistry with brilliant vocal skills is something truly special in this day and age of over-processed vocal recordings. His voice should – and needs to – be heard and I believe that Jive understood this fact above all else.

David himself has gone on record to state that he wants to appeal to a young, current demographic and this song certainly does that.

However, he knows that, eventually, he would like to display his diversity to the music industry and this is the David I hope will eventually emerge as he journeys on his road to superstardom. I love the creative sophistication he brings to songs such as “When You Say You Love Me” and Richard Parkinson’s arrangement of “Think Of Me”. These are songs that really speak to David’s inspiring talent and will, in fact, secure the expansion of his demographic audience.

But, in the interim, I am loving David’s young, fresh, enthusiatic version of “Crush”, watching as it climbs the Billboard charts and receives more airplay with each passing day. Make no mistake about it – this song is going to be a huge hit.

If you wish to promote this CRUSHing single even further, please head on over to Fans Of David , a new and excellent resource site for our David, for some excellent advice on how to become a part of David’s ongoing success.

Download and listen to Crush (Main Version) or travel on over to David’s Official Site and receive a CRUSHing welcome.
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39 Responses to “David Archuleta’s New Single Is Set To “Crush” The Airwaves!”

  1. Thank you MCL for this wonderful entry and referring to the best fan site out there -FansOfDavid.com.

    For the past week I have been listening to local Pop hoping to hear Crush “spun live” – and agree – having just heard the snippet on Amazon.com of the main version I am so glad that his label is show casing his voice instead of the “style over substance” I am otherwise hearing on the radio. If there was only a “Pop” station that would just play Mr. Archuleta’s music over and over…. …… hmmmmm.

    Richard Parkinson – you are a genius! My favorite is David’s contemporary studio version of Andew Lloyd Weber’s “Think of Me”.
    Your arrangement along with David’s interpretation was phenomenal. Accolades!
    Hope to have more of this some time in the future- but I will be patient and listen to the Pop stations in the meantime!

    Buy Crush Buy Crush Buy Crush


  2. MCL,
    I am just loving you more and more every time I come to your web site! You are a true David Archuleta fan, and I can feel your excitement for him as he embarks on his journey to SUPER stardom. I always enjoy reading your comments, and I actually think I have learned quite a lot about music from you already. Your comments are always positive or constructive, (never negative) and I appreciate that so much.
    Thanks so much for mentioning the fansofdavid.com web site. That is THE BEST web site for anything ‘David’. Richard Parkinson frequents the chat boxes there, and he truly is an amazing person. He really gives a lot of insight into David’s wonderful personality and character.
    Thank you also for giving David ‘top billing’ for his “Crush” single. He definitely deserves it!


  3. ArchieFanDoc and McCrack -thank you so much for stopping by. I am indeed a huge David Archuleta fan and believe me when I say that this will continue for eternity.

    And I am happy to support FansOfDavid.Com. This site is emerging into an excellent resource site for David and his fans and, with Richard’s input and support, will be an exciting way to stay in touch with David and his future projects.

    Also the David Archuleta fans have been extremely supportive of MasterclassLady.Com and I am deeply grateful to all of you for this high level of support and encouragement. Love you guys!


  4. I have to admit that I did not think that David A had it in him to be current, but on the night of the finale I knew he did when he sang Apologize. After the show, I found him to be quite endearing and like the fact that he was singing current songs on some of the talk shows (ie. Angels). Apologize was outstanding and, um, dare I say that he sounded better than the lead singer of One Republic!

    I love his new single. His voice truly is amazing and I am glad to see that 19E is taking good care of him, especially given his age. I can’t wait to see what David A has to offer when he gets a little older. Should be some good stuff.


  5. Thanks Idolina. I love “Crush” and it will be a very successful hit.

    and, when I saw your name, I though – oops I have to add a Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread for tonight’s Canadian Idol Performances.

    I think Simple Plan is the guest and the theme is Canadian Rock. Boy, they are determined to find a rocker this year, aren’t they?


  6. brendaawestruck August 12, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Thanks MCL for this and your continued support of David. I have really learned from your comments and gained insight into David’s singing.

    I just purchased Crush from ITunes!


  7. I bought it, too, along with Eva Cassidy’s “Take My Breath Away” — someone made a yt video with photos of David set to that song, and it is wonderful.
    Love that David introduced me to Eva.

    And I love “Crush” and can’t wait to hear what else is on the album. I think it’ll be as diverse as David’s musical talent and taste, and that’s saying something!


  8. I am having trouble downloading this single from ITunes Canada. Anyone out there experiencing the same problem?

    When I click on David’s CD cover, I receive a message that tells me to upgrade to the current Itunes for free, but when I press the “upgrade” button nothing happens.

    I was able to leave a review, so that’s good. But -I am becoming increasingly frustrated here


  9. MCL, looks like the Fanatic Fanbase are in full force today. Crush is #3 on iTunes US at this lunch hour, after only half day of release. What a great day for David. I have heard people buying 20-30 copies. I am joining force right now.


  10. Be888 – wow, I just came in the door and saw this. And I can’t purchase even one. ITunes just freezes on me. That’s what you get for living in Northern Ontario Canada. haha

    Will try again for the umpteenth time today!

    Congrats David! You deserve this so much!


  11. Wow, number #3, probably higher now — guess I could not wait to see what was going on – and signed in from work — (needless to say iTunes and Youtube blocked – but not MCL!! so I have update from this site!!)

    Anyhow – MCL — check your email for iTunes gift code I sent you (I have many -don’t ask what I was doing in the middle of the night).
    I heard that getting a gift card is easier than trying to purchase of iTunes out of the US. If you were able to download it then pay it forward.

    Archiefandoc / aka DrArchieFan


  12. MCL,

    Are you on a Mac? What version of ITunes are you using? It might be a better idea to go directly to the Apple website and upgrade there than trying to upgrade through the ITunes site. THEN, got back to ITunes and try to purchase it.


  13. Jabkmc – okay I will give this a try. I’m now downloading Itunes 7. I appreciate your help very much. Plus, my internet connection has been sluggish today, so it could be a combination of many things.

    ArchieFanDoc – oh noooo! When you so kindly sent me a gift card, I thought – ArchieFanDoc doesn’t know about the US Canada conflict.

    Apparently US gift cards don’t work on the Canadian site of Itunes. I guess it has something to do with the exchange rate? Who knows? Another reader sent me a gift card a few months ago and it didn’t work.

    I tried your gift card code already and it was denied, so I hope that you do receive your credit. ITunes should be more explicit with this.

    Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness. It is really appreciated.

    ITunes 7 is 55% downloaded as of this writing, so I will let you know the result.

    P.S. Jabkmc – I use a PC. Maybe that’s the reason. Not PC friendly?


  14. againstthedyingofthelight August 12, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    “I have heard people buying 20 – 30 copies”

    I wonder if Simon and Nigel envisioned THIS when they conceived of Idol. Surely, this is an Idol-only phenomenon. I can’t imagine a random Coldplay fan saying something like, “Their new single just came out on Itunes! I bought thirty copies!”

    It only will happen in conjunction with AI and its hyper-competitive fanbases, and they just serve to make TPTB richer and richer. Those cagey Brits!


  15. JABKMC – YOU ROCK! All done and I am now being crushed. Yeah yeah Archie!


  16. Crush is now #1 on Top Songs iTunes US. What a wonderful day for David.


  17. MCL,
    Crush is on Canadian iTunes, so you should be able to access it there.


  18. Yes – I downloaded a few, McCrack! So excited that David is #1.


  19. This really is fanatic for buying 20-30 copies. But I think a lot of international fans are still having trouble accessing iTunes, and that’s most of these extra copies went, through some gifting programs the fans have organized.


  20. MCL – I hope this is ok to publish here.

    There is a gifting program running right now for all International fans, fans that don’t have access to credit cards, or fans that don’t have funds readily available. Its a great thing that these Angels are doing. US fans are donating money via PayPal to TeamArchie and they are gifting “Crush” to whoever asks for it. Just post your email address for send them an email. They will ask if you will want the album in the future (electronic or cd). Something will be set up for that later.

    Here’s the forum where all the info is.

    Multiple Digital downloads purchased by fans in the United States are being rushed electronically to iFamily fans all around the world!

    Whether you are purchasing to give, or asking for a copy… a wonderful program like this would bring a tear to one’s eye!


  21. ThankYou Pouncer84 for mentioning the Gifting program by TeamArchie —

    MCL “Canadian-US Conflict” – that sounds so ominous.
    Since I had no problem gifting to some people in far away Bolivia, did not cross my mind that the Canada/US “barrier” would be iTunes! Guess the exchange rate situation is a bit different – Canada vs Bolivia. (code still usable for a non-Canadian)


  22. I tried to use it and the message that it gave me was that the gift code was not allowed – something like that. And it worked in Bolivia? Now I am confused.

    However, I did send money to TeamArchie via Paypal for the gifting program. I finally was able to download the song. I will try your code again – maybe it was because I didn’t have the latest version of ITunes?


  23. Yup, Bolivia. A young lady in La Paz, Bolivia is listening to the #1 iTune song Crush that was legally downloaded onto her iPod.


  24. Thank you MCL for gifting through TeamArchie! Virginia5 (Grace) and all of her international team members have been working so hard to support David in this way. It’s extremely gratifying to know that fans like you are finding out about it (thanks pouncer84!) and helping us support David. Number One!! What a day it was yesterday!

    So glad to see you finally got the download. I had heard of other folks from Canada having trouble and I think it may actually have been a problem with the Canadian iTunes site for a while.


  25. Listening to Crush over and over since 12 am 8/12

    Crush – by Mr. David Archuleta still #1 iTune, up to #4 Amazon

    I have a “crush” on this song!

    Mr. Archuleta’s voice – so clear and pure — soars over the background music of beautiful piano chords and drum beats.
    Some say “over produced” – but I disagree. His voice is gently layered over counter melodies of his own voice —who best to do back up vocals for David – than David.

    He has already made an indelible mark on the music world and his bright future is inescapable.


  26. MCL I hope you can spare 15 seconds for some pure Archuleta joy:



  27. Well he is holding at #1 on USA itunes and #2 on Canadian itunes, #3 on Amazon.
    He increased his lead on the popularity bar from the #2 song on usa itunes. And his popularity bar is really close to the #1 on canadian itunes. So he’s doing really good.
    Reports that apparently Radio Disney has now picked up his song.

    He moved up the pop 100 chart too:

    Number of Weeks on the Chart: 2
    Pop 100: #63 (LW: #93)
    Pop 100 Airplay: #43 (LW: #57) *Highest for 2nd week song(this week)

    Btw cute cute Archie vid, him crawling under a table during interviews.


  28. forgot to post this LOL

    Jason singing crush, and trying to figure out the next line he’s hardly paying attention. lol

    There was another vid where you could hear jason(over a phone) singing the “away ayy ayyy ayyy yeah” part and then Archie laughs.
    Someoen has crush stuck in his head lol


  29. MissBianca – it’s my pleasure and honor to be part of Team Archie’s Promotional Campaign.

    And thanks to Pouncer for jogging my brain about this excellent gifting program. I knew about it through http://www.fansofdavid.com but needed a gentle reminder to jump on board.

    So, Thank YOU for all the hard work you are doing on his behalf.

    ArchieFanDoc – I have been listening to “Crush” non-stop and loving it. And,isn’t it exciting to see how well it is doing on the charts? So pumped here!

    I haven’t forgotten about your “Regie” story (how can anyone forget about this story-it gives me chills everytime I think about it) – just trying to get caught up here with the tour reviews and all.

    Plus, working on a bit of a redesign for this site. So, it’s coming.

    Janey79 – love the happy Archie video. His smile and laugh truly warm my heart.

    Frogcooke – thanks for the chart update. Excellent stats. And, if Disney has captured this song, it will really propel “Crush” to even greater heights.


  30. http://radio.disney.go.com/speak/music_mailbag.html

    Listen to Radio Disney on Saturday, August 16 @ 11am PT / 2pm ET to let us know if we should pick or kick

    David Archuleta’s

    Only from the station that let’s you choose your music your way… Radio Disney!


  31. Thanks FE. Woo – so excited. I will keep this blog topic for “Crush” stickied until next Tuesday, August 19th. Then I will add it to a new page I am creating called “MCL Sticky Page” where all important news will be added.

    Also – the MCL Sticky page will be devoted to entertainment news that I feel are extremely important and deserve recognition.


  32. Just want to let you all know that I’ve heard Crush on the radio in Toronto a few times already. I think it’s in rotation on some of the major stations cause I’ve heard it a few times already. Wowsers.


  33. Yes its been playing on a few stations up in canada. C100fm is one of them.


  34. here is the raw video from his MyFoxDC interview, he kinda rambles.. lol
    But he answers the first question ‘whats on your ipod’ and ends up going into his album. lol lol And at the end about how he inspired a 11 boy.

    My Fox Dc Interview


  35. Hi everyone:

    I am posting this comment here. It pertains to the Washington Tour blog – the comments section is not functioning properly.

    I have sent a message to WordPress Support, so hopefully it will be remedied very soon.

    I can see your comments through my administration page, so they are there – just not visible on the homepage.

    Frogcooke – that video is priceless and I never want David to change. His genuine, open spirit is so refreshing. No airs, no pretension – just 100% pure David. What a beautiful soul he has – truly special.


  36. This young man is such the antithesis of being self-absorbed.

    I love how he always manages to end up talking about someone else when asked a question about himself.

    His explanation of what it is that he likes about his favorite music artists pretty much explains what it is about him that we are so obsessing over.

    I just want to give Tamyra Gray a big hug for flipping on the soulful music switch in an eleven year old David. Look what you did!!

    On a lighter side — how he said “space” when spelling Sara Bareilles’s name – how adorable.


  37. ArchieFanDoc – yes, you are so correct. I echo your statement. Everything he loves about these artists is what we love about David. Isn’t this something?

    And those artists should be thrilled that they have earned a coveted place in David’s heart.

    REAL PEOPLE. That’s what we need in the world today. David and so many others are bringing this long forgotten concept to the masses and deserve our support and our applause.


  38. Hi MCL…this was just posted at FanBlast and wanted to share! VERY exciting news!!

    ust a few hours ago, a very credible source revealed that David is very close to breaking away and taking the lead from Rihanna’s DISTURBIA which currently sits on top of the TOP 100.

    Soundscene who also frequents FanBlast, posted this late Friday:

    Hey all–I just got some info that “Crush” is very close to getting #1 on the Hot 100 (this isn’t speculation, like we were talking about in the other threads; this is pretty much fact). Rihanna’s “Disturbia” has the slight edge right now because of airplay.

    Here’s what we can do–if you have friends or family that you think would like the song, or if you haven’t gifted copies that you intended to gift, or, heck, if you haven’t bought it yet, the time to do so is NOW. Nobody is asking you to buy 50 copies of the song yourself or do anything else unreasonable, but if you’ve been holding back about showing the song to family or friends, don’t hold back anymore.

    He needs these sales before Saturday night. That’s right–the deadline is tomorrow night.

    David can gain a lot of credibility by debuting at #1. He would be the very first Idol to get to the top of the Hot 100 without using the coronation song to do it.

    Wherever you post online, spread the word, and encourage people to listen to the song and, if they like it, buy it now from iTunes. Post this online where you can.


  39. hey i really love all the songs you wrote like one of the comments i’ve been listening for your song to come on to i love you and your music’s hot and your hot babe i’m your #1 super duper fan will you date me reply back to me pretty please


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