Video Of The Moment: The Davids: Heroes.

I would like to thank one of my loyal readers, ArchieFanDoc, for sending along this beautiful video.

I felt that it deserved a special place on this site, so here it is. Many may have seen this video already, but, even so, it is worth another watch or two or three or……

Special thanks to Michelina for her creative editing talent. Brava!
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23 Responses to “Video Of The Moment: The Davids: Heroes.”

  1. You know this is why I LOVE this website.

    You can appreciate both Davids here. Its not a competitive thing. David A is my favorite (which is why I love coming to this site..there’s lots of DA love) BUT I’m really glad that David C won…I think he deserved it and I appreciate his talent.

    Its nice to recognize and applaud them as individuals with different styles. It saddens me to see comments by fans on other sites which put down one or the other David to try and built up the other….just perpetuating the competitive and negative air….makes me so sad.

    MCL thanks for having a neutral site where we can just enjoy the talents of these two and how blessed we are to hear them sing.


  2. FindACure – thank you so much. I have always been a strong supporter of both Davids and earlier articles during the American Idol season reflected this statement.

    So, I applaud you for being an objective, intelligent and supportive fan, wishing only the best for both of them.

    Yes, personally for me, David Archuleta is my favorite singer – his innovative style, his technical brilliance, his vocal artistry all appeal to me at a very high level. He is truly an extraordinary talent – no one else like him in the business today. That voice of his just soars and, as I have said before, finds a new home in the minds and hearts of his listeners.

    However, I do love rock music when it is performed in a vocally intelligent and artistically creative manner. David Cook does all this and so much more. He exudes charisma on stage and really secures a powerful emotional connection with his audience.

    So, in the spirit of the Olympics which have just begun, we should celebrate both singers. Indeed, this was a very good year for Idol. I am so happy that both the winner and runner-up will enjoy successful careers.

    Here’s to the future and may they be filled with tons of Davids Archuleta and Cook!


  3. WOW! what a great video – it made my heart soar! Thanks to Michelina for making it and ArchieFanDoc/MCL for sharing it!



  4. loved this video…


  5. I CRIED my way through this video, so thanks for posting. Hahaha. Honestly, though, I cried tears of joy upon watching this, because the video catches that brotherly love between the Davids.

    I’m another who is very excited to have ‘discovered’ David Archuleta on the show. His voice, his phrasings, his musical choices … all fall right within a musical area of NEED for me. Hearing him makes me very happy.

    It took me a while to open my heart and mind to David Cook, but I’m glad that I have. I’m not generally drawn to rock music, but I do like ‘rock with heart’ and David is a rocker with a huge heart. As if quite evident on this video.

    Thank you so much. This is a favorite site for me as well.


  6. Glad you loved the video. Isn’t it beautiful? So touching.

    Have to go out to a family function but will check back later.

    Bye all and thank you so much.


  7. This is perhaps the best demonstration of the love of two brothers ((albeit with the same name) (grin)
    The fact that David Cook was the ultimate winner of American Idol was actually a Godsend. Most people who love both David’s seem to express the same message that they love the artistry of David Cook while still preferring the (my words) Master Artistry of David Archuleta.
    David has certainly grown in the social area and I have to think it is in no small part due to the tutelage of his big brother David Cook. I was often touched to tears at the profound love David Cook would show of D A while they were making appearances before the tour started. I felt like David Cook had this thought in mind, and knew what precious cargo he was in charge of.
    David Archuleta is very Precious Cargo.
    His personal ways and profound musical talent have so stimulated the masses of fans to not just want to make their own lives better but ACTUALLY doing what it takes to change their lives. That sort of incredible dedication and determination to make those changes will have a profound effect on the world as a whole.
    As I read around the internet on different blogs I witness the fan base grow exponentially from day to day.
    It is mind boggling to say the least. I some times get dizzy from the pace and have to actually take a few days break from all of it. I actually get overwhelmed with all of it.
    My devotion is to both Davids and the top ten idols who when I met them in Salt Lake City was the most astounding concert experience I have ever had in my 52 years.

    I find that my ODD has tapered off a bit. I am now DAFFE DOT(David Archuleta Fan ForEver)
    I have the most profound deep tender (not in any sensual way) love for that beautiful in every way young man. He has been not just a life changer for me but a life healer. And for Brett Hale his close friend and neighbor.
    He is way beyond the Sexy and Smexy and Sizzling, and Smoking adjectives used on other blogs.
    He truly is a GODSEND for the masses who do not just WANT to partake of him and his profound goodness but they NEED it.

    Many people have their own definition of higher power
    that can be subtituted for my word of GODSEND
    David Archuleta is not only a musical genious but he is indeed a MOVING FORCE in the world at this time. It bodes well for us Humans


  8. DOT Such beautiful sentiments above — and love the ODD turns into DAFFE!

    To lighten things up a bit – let us still remember that though these are two men with different styles who may change music and even the world – they are also just two fun loving young men having the time of their lives!

    The Best of Both Worlds (as in best of both boys – video by waytokim)

    To atone for above – here is David Cook – Always be my Baby and more brotherly love (thanks -iamnadiah – more of these type of videos at that site)

    ((((did I actually just post Miley Cyrus singing on – oh well the music fits the theme too well)))


  9. DOT -I echo ArchieFanDoc’s comments about your lovely appraisal of our Davids.

    Both are spectacular artists and I wish only the very, very best for both. They truly deserve it.

    David Archuleta is a very special young man indeed and I hope that the person he is today remains the person he will be in the future.

    The music industry can be a callous industry, but, I am sure that the love and support of his family, friends, fans, as well as his strong religious beliefs, will circumvent any obstacles he may face down the road.

    Hey – and thanks for the Miley Cyrus touch. That’s why I love my readers – they keep everything fresh and interesting on this site.


  10. ArchieFanDoc – those videos were super. The first was fun-loving and carefree and the second was so poignant. Thank you for adding them to this blog topic. Much appreciated.


  11. archiefandoc
    Those videos were amazing. Thank you for sharing those with me.
    Life is good huh! and D & D are just yummy dark dove chocolate for the ears. Better yet they are Godiva chocolate for the ears (specificlly that yummy hazel nut one. ) Hazel get it! Oh yikes now I’m getting punchy gotta go to beddy bye so I can acutally do a good job at work tomorrow.


  12. BTW at the concert in SLC I have to say Syesha made my jaw drop to the floor, along with a few tears. She gave it all and I was blown away.
    I was three rows back from the stage definitely not the nose bleeds, and her set was amazing. She is an incredible artist. WOW!!!

    Well this was fun gotta go now!


  13. Daffe Dot – you are making me hungry for some chocolate.

    Hazel nut, how clever!– got it, but those eyes are more like green pistachios.

    Daffe ArchieFanDoc


  14. Dorothy – I agree! Syesha was absolutely outstanding. Her Beyonce number was mesmerizing. Her vocals were beautiful and the artisty and the passion? Amazing.


  15. againstthedyingofthelight August 11, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    MCL, since you posted this wonderful video, I’ll take the occasion to ask you a technical question that I wondered about the “Hero” duet ever since the guys performed it:

    I was surprised that Cook covered the “rock vocals” but also the high harmony on the second chorus. Obviously, Cook has the range, but I would have thought the high part would have been right in DA’s wheelhouse, since he excels most in the tenor register. So, what I was wondering is, was it because of the octave in which Archie sang his verse (the second verse) that it was more natural for him then to just go into singing melody on the chorus?

    Anyway, beautiful video (and duet) featuring the Davids. Also, I appreciated your compliment to Syesha. She was not at all a favorite of mine on the show, but as I said in the Hartford thread, seeing her live, she utterly blew me away.


  16. I’m confused, AgainstTheDyingOfTheLight. For the most part, Archie was singing the upper range and the odd time that he wasn’t, I think it was mainly because the harmonic blend worked better for the voices.

    Do you mean in the “watching, watching” part? They actually flip their voices on the second “watchng, watching” sequence.


  17. againstthedyingofthelight August 11, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    No, MCL, on the chorus the second time through (unless I’m hearing incorrectly as well as several other people I asked to make sure), DA sings melody and Cook sings the high part (it’s at about 1:20 in the video clip). I thought so the first time, but wasn’t positive, so I trained my ears on DA’s voice. He stays in the same key, singing melody.

    It just seemed an odd choice for the arrangement, although clearly Cook was up to his task. The other possiblity I thought of, other than the “octave” idea, was that perhaps it was because Cook had only taught Archie the song that week (apparently, Cook convinced the producers to let them do this song instead of some god-awful number that Nigel had picked out!)


  18. Oh I see what you mean now. But they do a lot of vocal interchanges during this number. I think they just let Archie continue in that vocal range for the sake of continuity and, also, it showcases the purity of Cookie’s upper range.

    This is what I ahve always loved about David Cook – the very interesting mix of pure and rustic vocals when he sings in his distinct rock style. Great, great sound.

    And, the same goes for Archie. His technical foundation is astounding when he sings but he never sounds “studied” or “too classical” – his liberated soulful style coupled with his stellar technical skills are really extraordinary.


  19. Thank you MCL for your continuing support of all the idols, especially my favorite David Archuleta. I found this and thought you might enjoy it as well:


  20. Thanks Janey so much for link to the wonderful GoodWords by Christine –
    I think this sums it up pretty good what many of us feel and think and have experienced.

    Like I said – What is better than one David?– TWO DAVIDS!


  21. Yes, Janey, thank you so much. Two Davids – ahh bliss!


  22. Oh my gosh, hi Masterclass Lady! I just wanted to come here and thank you for linking to my video. I pretty much flailed in excitement (like a big old dork!) when I saw that your site was listed in the list of links for my Heroes video. That’s so sweet of you to do, so thank you forever!

    I love both of the Davids, and I’m always so happy to hear that, even if someone prefers either Cook or Archie, they still appreciate my videos about them. I think they’re just so amazing and fun together. They make me want a big brother!

    And know what else is awesome? I totally met you in Toronto at the afterparty! That night was such a buzz so you may not remember me, but that’s okay! It was such a blur. I spoke to you after you saw Jeff, though, and we bonded over our DA marked badges LOL. The reason I got afterparty passes was because of my videos, actually, which just really humbles me and I was so grateful for the experience! Meeting you was a huge treat, I couldn’t even believe it. I want to go to the concert again and again, honestly!

    Thank you so much for keeping up this lovely blog, you’re amazing. Hurrah for MCL! ❤


  23. Hi Michelina:

    So that’s why you were involved with the “meet and greet”! Your Heroes video is simply amazing and I will have to track down your other videos. Isn’t it nice to be recognized for your hard work and creativity. You certainly deserve it!

    And, yes, I do remember you – you were behind me after I spoke with Jeff. You are a lovely, sweet individual and your friend was adorable as well. It was a great evening, wasn’t it? And, I’m with you, I wish we could relive the whole experience, but the future holds promise of more once the Davids embark on their fulltime careers.

    By the way, if you have any photos you wish to share, I would be happy to add them to this site. I am working on a Gallery page, so please email me your photos at or provide a link to them if that is easier.

    Thanks so much for your kind words! Please drop by again and say “hello”! 🙂


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