American Idol Season 7 Tour In Los Angeles, CA: July 7th, 2008

Hello Los Angeles!!

Lucky city! This year’s Group of Ten is making a return appearance to the city that launched their careers during the American Idol 2008 season earlier this year.

And, how appropriate that Los Angeles, which when translated means the “City Of Angels”, is hosting the angelic voices of this year’s talented group of singers.

I am sure that tonight’s concert will be an exciting experience for all, so exciting, in fact, that you will be quick to post your news, videos links, photo links and more in the comment section of this MCL post.

You can also email me at Have a great time everyone and look forward to your comments and more 🙂
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33 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour In Los Angeles, CA: July 7th, 2008”

  1. From Frogcooke and upload by ayapapayaJB;

    Angels by David Archuleta.

    It takes the fans forever to calm down and they do so out of necessity. Do you want to hear him or don’t you? hahaha.

    But, they don’t stay calm for long – once he hits the refrain, the crowd goes insane again and stays pretty well in a state of hysteria until the end of the song.

    Archie’s voice sounds spectacularly rested and focused this time around and his technique is spot on. His mouth position is circular, the jaw relaxed and free, allowing his voice to remain fluid and resonant throught this performance.

    Some neat riffs and runs in this number. He always finds a way to make this and every number new and interesting for his fans.

    I love how he lifts his arms from the piano keys at the end of this numbers. He is so “in the moment”.

    An extremely inspirational performance.


    Love his head tone in this song. It gets me every time. He adds some new twists in this number as well. I love his comfort level on stage – he is a natural with the audience.

    Great audio, by the way.


  2. Here is another video courtesy of Frogcooke and uploaded by socalgurl83


    He is changing it up a bit in the early stages of this song. I can’t see him too well in this video, but the audio is very good.

    Lots of different melodic elements throughout this song – you go David! Can you guess where they are?

    And the beautiful girls segment gets the fans every time. His voice sounds rich, focused and centered. Unbelievable. His vocal gift and artistry are so inspiring.

    And he really works effortlessly to engage the audience. Bravo David!


  3. So, I guess there are no other fans from this concert? Cookie people? Jason Daydreamers? Papa John’s kids?

    And, what about the ladies? They must be feeling neglected.


  4. Just watched those videos; they both seem to get better as the concerts go on, although I am sure there is probably fatigue lurking somewhere! I really like how Archie lifts his hands off the piano too–it sort of puts an exclamation mark on his performance!

    Any videos out there from the other singers? I love Cookie and Archie, but I also love some of the other singers in the top 10! I would love to see these as well, I cannot seem to find any!


  5. Bizzee – I love your “exclamation mark” comment. Perfect description of Archie’s ending.

    Also, check some of the other blog notes I added for the other concert venues – there are some links to others singers.


  6. Another Archie video from Frogcooke, uploaded by iweardapants

    When you Say You Love Me


    I will review it later on tonight, but I am sure it is outstanding as always!


  7. MCL,
    That last falsetto on Stand By Me is just beyond amazing!!! How is that even humanly possible? It is just sooooo beautiful, I cannot describe the feeling it gives me. And to think he only just started using his falsetto in public a few months ago. Wow!!!, just WOW!!!

    Would you please comment on it?

    Thank you.


  8. McCrack – I have commented on it a few times and, actually, I think he is using his full voice there. He is blending the head and chest components of his voice and wonderfully so.

    There is aoverall though, ton of head voice in the vocal timbre, a normal and extremely important element when a singer sings through his upper range.

    The head voice renders a pure, light, yet extremely potent vocal sound. The transparency of his tenor range is a mixture of genetics and sublime vocal training – plus his dogged determination to sing correctly at all costs. How I love this young man for this!



  9. Some more links from Frogcooke


    Here is a better audio for SBM – the last ‘stand’ in this is just awesome!

    Some better shots during WYS and it has good audio too

    This user also has angels and apologize. Some good stuff!!



  10. Oh My Goodness -“Stand By Me” gives me goosebumps. The audio is sublime – as if you were there live. Outstanding. Thanks Frogcooke for finding this and for arroyoknight09 for the upload on YouTube.


  11. When You Say You Love Me performed by David Archuleta

    The fans are near hysteria now and the medics are on call. haha

    But how lovely that they became so quiet when he began the opening strains of this song. But, when he moves into his upper register, the pandemonium begins once again -but, then respectfully calms down.

    His voice is truly a gift from the heavens above.

    Honestly, more than any other singer that this show has spawned, I feel quite confident in saying that this young man will make certain that he uses his talent correctly, surrounded by only the very best people in the business.

    My only hope is that other singers will take his lead and walk his walk. Discipline, hard work, blood, sweat and tears and outstanding talent – these are the factors that create greatness. And he is that, isn’t he?


  12. Here’s Jason’s “Over the Rainbow” from LA.
    It’s the only one on YouTube so far! (Hope I did the link right this time…)


  13. I forgot to say–the Rainbow video was posted to YouTube by hiannim.

    Also, there’s a review of the LA concert in Variety. What do you think? (I’m not sure I’m on the same page as the reviewer all the way through…)


  14. Thanks for the link to Variety. Well, he has some good things to say about the right people. (wink! wink!).

    Although I do love Carly and Michael Johns, I think they may have problems securing longevity in their musical careers. They will be strong working musicians, but will they be superstars? Hard to say.

    The music business is structured from a marketing point of view and, given today’s market, the younger, the better, especially if the talent is huge.

    However – we must never forget Jennifer Hudson. She, more than anyone, maade everyone realize that one can achieve their dreams in BIG ways if given the right circumstances.


  15. Thanks for the link to Variety. Well, he has some good things to say about the right people. (wink! wink!).

    LOL–yes, he does!!

    Of course, which I wasn’t thinking about on first reading, the reviewer was looking at them from the business angle–Variety, for all the glitz, is a trade journal–rather than a musical standpoint. In a way, that’s even better for the artists he picked out as doing the right things, in terms of career prospects.

    And equally of course, as you pointed out, there’s really never a “last word” on this kind of thing!


  16. Rereader Says:
    July 8, 2008 at 7:52 pm
    Here’s Jason’s “Over the Rainbow” from LA.

    Wow – lots of screaming for our man Jason. I can’t hear him as well in this video.

    Also, he really needs to support his lower range and try not to separate the words, “Some. Where.” or “And. The”.

    He needs to phrase this song more musically, not breathe as often and really, really support his mid and lower range.

    I wish an arranger could work with Jason and help him achieve new life with this song. The melodic line sits too long in his lower range, although I still think he has a good baritone range, if used correctly.

    His head tone was spectacular though. He is achieving all of this based on his natural God-given talent; imagine what an intelligent and creative vocal coach could do if Jason had the opportunity to work with one.

    Too bad this is the only song recorded at the L.A. concert. I bit “Daydream” kicked as always! My absolute favorite Jason song


  17. Haven’t found a LA “Daydream” yet, but Castrocopia has this YouTube of the LA Crazy! The picture is almost non-existent, but the audio is nice.

    (Hope your suggestions on “Over the Rainbow” get where they need to go…!)


  18. (Should have said, the video is by R0BYNN)


  19. Hmm…probably should have looked more thoroughly at your other posts MCL…ha! My apologies, I see that there are videos from a few others…thanks!

    How many cities are these Idols visiting? Do they sing the same songs at every performance?


  20. bizzee24 Says:
    How many cities are these Idols visiting? Do they sing the same songs at every performance

    I believe they are visiting 49 cities and,yes, they do sing the same songs at every performance.


  21. From Robynn via Castrocopia via Rereader

    Crazy performed by Jason Castro

    He sings this really really well and his voice sounds very expressive and vocally solid.

    He internalizes this song extremely well. I still think the key is a little high, but his overall vocal sound is more resonant in this Los Angeles performance. Maybe he has adapted to the key and his voice is sitting more comfortably in the upper range.

    The key is a bit of a stretch for him, though. Even a semi-tone lower would siginificantly improve the over vocal strength of his performance


  22. Wow! No wonder some of them look fatigued! But I guess it comes with the fame of a musician and performer!

    I should follow this blog more closely, but I got away from Idol for a bit and am now slowly getting back into it. I think these guys should do a stop in Canada so us Canadians can see them 😉 even though it is American Idol–we still watch! But maybe they are….anyone know?


  23. MCL, I think you have turned into an obsessed David A. fangirl! In a great way, though. : )


  24. Here is David A’s “When You Say You Love Me” really close up; good audio too. You can really see his facial expressions and how he perfectly forms each word. He is such a professional.


  25. I had some time today at my daughter’s to get to YouTube and I am perfectly happy with Jason’s performances, although I know that MCL’s comments are right on. I hope someone gets the comments to Jason. I do like the positive reviews he is getting.

    I had time to hear one more performance and that was David Archuleta’s “Stand By Me.” That is my favorite song and his version just astounds me. It is just beautiful!

    There is always this debate about which Idol has the best natural talent. Clay Aiken’s name usually makes a run for the top. With David A. now an Idol, I feel Clay is challenged for the title.


  26. Erin – yes, I guess I am an Archie fangirl – but he really is so good. How can I – or anyone not be?

    McCrack – thank you for the up close and personal link of David’s performance of “When You Say you Love Me”. Now, that is definitely worth another watch!


  27. Okay – it’s official! I want to adopt him. hahaha

    That face just glows with love and joy when he sings this song. And those arms reaching out to the crowd – so endearing!

    I loved how he placed his hand on his heart at the end of this song. Whether intentional or not, it was a lovely gesture to leave for his audience. Beautiful, just beautiful.


  28. MCL, the hand on the heart is a ‘sign’ towards the fans. HE’s done it a few times on the show. First during Angels(but noone was quite certain, was hard to see) then after a few more songs likw When You Believe and Think of Me. He snuck one in on Stand by Me on the show too.

    Definately intentional ^___^ THe fans had made a big thread earlier in the season to ask him to do that for the fans as a ‘sign’ to us.

    He’s just so lovable!


  29. Bizzee – the tour goes through Toronto on July 26, I believe. It’s worth checking out!


  30. frogcooke Says:
    July 9, 2008
    MCL, the hand on the heart is a ’sign’ towards the fans. HE’s done it a few times on the show. First during Angels(but noone was quite certain, was hard to see) then after a few more songs likw When You Believe and Think of Me. He snuck one in on Stand by Me on the show too.

    Definately intentional ^___^ THe fans had made a big thread earlier in the season to ask him to do that for the fans as a ’sign’ to us.

    I figured as much – I have seen some classical singers respond to their audience in this manner.

    Nice to know that he is so in touch with his fans – they are central to his heart and soul. Love him!


  31. MCL,
    Here is an even better closeup video of WYSULM at Los Angeles. David A was absolutely on FIRE that night. My favorite part, not counting the heart-stopping vocals, was his smiles towards the end at the ‘pause’. They are PRICELESS!!! I love, after the second smile, how you can see him ‘transform’ back into the song. Isn’t he just the sweetest thing you have ever seen?


  32. Yes, I saw this in another video link and I meant to mention it. Thanks for pointing this out, McCrack.

    I thought it was the best ever – his adorable smile, taking in the audience response and loving it and then moving back into the sould of the song. Too precious!



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