American Idol Season 7 Tour In Las Vegas, Nevada: July 5th, 2008

American Idol Tour, Las Vegas Nevada 2008

American Idol Tour, Las Vegas Nevada 2008

What’s happening, Las Vegas!

The city that never sleeps must be hopping with all things “Idol”. Are they rocking your city? We want to hear all about it.

So please add your comments, photos, video links and juicy backstage tidbits right here on this thread.

You can also email all of the above to

Have fun but respect all the Idols and their fans when posting comments on this site. Thanks so much.

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21 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour In Las Vegas, Nevada: July 5th, 2008”


    Stand By Me-–TW9kIA

    performed by David Archuleta

    Off to Church services, but will watch later. Thanks You, FrogCooke!


  2. One fascinating thing that struck me in listening to the performances is that Archuleta sings each song differently with each performance.

    I was looking at the first couple of shows to see how each of the contestants changed with the pressure of the competition off of them, and whether singing their choice of songs would make them more comfortable. (It did in all cases) While listening to Archuyleta’s numbers, I noticed that he changed how he sang his songs, and wondered if this was simply a case of him getting comfortable with the routine of giving repetitive shows, so made a point of looking at all of his performances from the four show so far to see if that continued. YouTube gives a unique opportunity to see each show, a capability that really didn’t exist before.

    It turned out that he sang each performance differently, and not in a way that I would consider to be evolutionary, but more that he was changing his approach to match his particular mood at the time.

    While the changes were somewhat subtle, they included everything from changing where he goes to high notes, to the cadence and how he draws out certain phrases, and in some cases the rhythm. In every case it had no effect on the accompaniment, so no conflict was created.

    Not having noticed this in a singer before, I was wondering if this is something that is common with pros. I would have thought they would tend to fall into a rut with a long tour schedule and crank out each song in a mechanical fashion, building on success, rather than changing things as they go along.

    I didn’t notice the same tendency with the other Idol performers.

    Another observation is that I suspect that each of the performers has been coached in how to present themselves on stage, as they seem to be more inclined to use the full stage, and have more demonstrative movements than when they were in the competition. Performers like Syesha were already good at this, but Archuleta, in particular, has made a huge progression from the restrictive and sometimes jerky motions he displayed early on in the competition. He now looks much more relaxed and emotive, and draws in the audience more than simply concentrating on singing as he tended to in the past.


  3. aifan…

    I think that David A. is an “improvisational” singer. I had read recently…not sure where now…that David’s father, as a jazz musician, had encouraged David as a child to “Improvise” and make songs his own and not parrot other singers….much as a jazz singer will do. I think that David approaches all of his songs this way, no matter the genre….he knows where he can “play” with it depending on his mood, as you said. I remember thinking that his performance of Stand By Me on The View a couple of weeks back had a decidedly jazz feel to it. I think there are places in his songs where HE doesn’t even know what he’s going to do until he does it. As a fan, it’s genius. You never know what you are going to get, you are never bored hearing the same song, there’s ALWAYS a lovely surprise somewhere in the individual performance. Love it!


  4. AIFan -Jabkmc is indeed correct. He is a musical prodigy and this gift has allowed him to go places during a song performance that other singers couldn’t even fathom.

    He is creative, intelligent, unbelievably musical and sensitive and these factors play a cumulative factor in David’s imaginative approach to his songs.

    What would be a risk for another singer is merely a musical adventure for David and he is certainly taking us on one wild ride – one that will last for years and years and years and…..


  5. Frogcooke’s videos will be “masterclassed” this evening.


  6. Another oustanding goodie from Frogcooke

    Angels –


  7. Angels performed by David Archuleta. Video supplied by Frogcooke

    I loved how the piano rises on stage, smoke and all, while David begins the intro.

    Excellent video and sound on this clip. His facial expression is precious at the beginning of this video – almost as if he is overwhelmed by the response from the fans. Get used to it, Archie! These emotional fan responses are here to stay.

    Oops – a little fatigue and strain showing in the second verse – probably because his mouth is more horizontal than it should be in the lower register.

    I am glad these singers are getting a day off today. If Archie’s voice sounds tired, can you imagine some of the others who have not had the benefit of his technical experience?

    But, overall, this was another moving performance. What a star!


  8. Some Jason videos:
    and Daydream —
    both by “cspannie”

    The quality is not very good, but it’s the best I could find (so far!)


  9. Here’s a link to a vid that shows Archuleta emerging from behind the piano as it rises from the stage:

    Kind of funny.

    Which reminds me – what do they use to make the fog these days? When I was a roadie years ago, we used an oil that was supposedly used by navy ships to make smoke screens. You pumped it out of dispensers that heated and atomized the oil, and it made clouds of dense fog. Probably declared some sort of hazardous material by now.


  10. David’s voice does sound a little tired. It sounds a little “thicker” or “lower” than his previous performances? Maybe his voice is just a little tired from chatting with all his fans. He’s such a nice guy.




    Stand By Me

    Now his voice sounds more energized. Super! And that tempo/rhythmic change gets me every time. What a stroke of genius and this writer wants to know who came up with this jackpot of an idea.

    Wow – that last upper voice “stand” is rich and clear -so transparent and so centered.

    I also loved his interaction with the audience -he is becoming so comfortable on the stage, growing up before our very eyes.

    When You Say You Love Me

    Oh be still my heart. This song gets better and better.

    I love how he emotes this song – with his face, especially his eyes, and uses his arms so well to express a greater intimacy with his audience.

    The song rises to amazing heights because of David’s passionate and genuine vocal artistry.


    I already reviewed this in the eighth (8) comment in this thread.


    A smart move including this song into his quadruple set – or should I say threat. haha. He can truly sing
    just about anything he sets his mind to.

    His head tone is spectacular with a capital “S”. Bravo David. You done good in Vegas!


  12. Some Jason videos:From Rereader

    Uploaded by “cspannie”


    I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Jason’s improvement during this live tour.

    It was probably always there, but the pressures of the Idol competition clashed in a big way with the relaxed, open and sincere vibe he transmits through his song performances.

    When left to perform, without being judged, he does just fine, although he needs to continue to refine and solidify his vocal strengths. All that will come in time – I have faith in Jason.

    Overall though, like David A., he sounds tired as well. I hope they’re not becoming ill with fatigue


    Here comes my favorite Jason song. And I love how he thanks the crowd before he begins. He still sounds a less energized than in previous shows.

    It’s also too bad that he didn’t have enough room to stroll along the perimeter as he did in other venues.

    That instrumental segment was perfect for that and the crowd lapped it up when he started to move around during this song. The stage was a little restrictive for this performance – just my opinion.

    But, he is a sweetheart and I love the fact that he brings something totally new to this Group of 10. He is a refreshing young talent and, if mentored correctly, will be extremely successful.


  13. MCL, you got me worried about they sounding tired. Vegas is only the 4th show out of 50+. And they already had July 4th off.


  14. I’m a little worried as well. The other possibility is that, because they were so hyped up as the days edged closer to the beginning of the tour, the adrenaline rush is starting to wane.

    They will learn to pace themselves accordingly and I am most certain that they have a medical team to address any health concerns.

    Also, as they become increasingly comfortable on the stage, the performances will become stronger.

    It’s too bad that they cannot alternate two different sets of song – it does become tedious singing the same four numbers over and over. But, that’s what the pros do, so it’s a good learning experience for all of them.


  15. Regarding how tired they are, Syesha has a habit of writing a blog after each show on her Myspace page. She wrote the following after the Vegas show:

    “My eyes feel so heavy…tomorrow is another day off, but I have a lot to take care of.” and

    “Wow my eyes are burning just craving for sleep.”

    If that’s any indication of the condition of the rest of them, they are burnt out, and the tour has only started.

    Perhaps they are staying up late due to the excitement of touring, which will wear off in time, but some are also trying to work out recording contracts for after the tour, and might be stressed trying to sort out the details. The ones with contracts are probably using their “days off” in the LA area for studio time.


  16. Before I forget, MCL–Love the new layout, and the tag codes (hope I use them right, but we’ll see). Major facelift!

    Now, on there is a recap of the Las Vegas show, with videos of most of the performances!


  17. Okay, I guess I didn’t use them right, but you got the link, anyway! It’s from MJ’s big blog…


  18. Rereader – thanks for the MJBlog link. It reminds me that I have to figure out my new video camera before the Toronto show.

    Also, I am glad you like the new “MCL look”. I am still tweaking it, as time permits.

    I need to reorganize my links and add more content to the sidebars.


  19. AIFan – thanks for the information. I forgot that many of these singers are also in the process of contract negotiations or recording commitments. So, the fatigue is certainly explainable, given their muti-faceted time schedule.


  20. some are also trying to work out recording contracts for after the tour, and might be stressed trying to sort out the details. The ones with contracts are probably using their “days off” in the LA area for studio time.

    And for sure, some of the ones without contracts are using their downtime in LA for studio time–they need demos. It seems to be a really grueling schedule, made with no consideration for the singers at all.


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