American Idol Season 7 Tour In San Jose, CA: July 8th, 2008

How was the concert, San Jose?

We are all very anxious to see and hear your video links, photos, news and more about your Idol experience in San Jose.

So, don’t leave us hanging here. Feel free to comment away and post your links. This is an Idol friendly site – we support all the singers, so please respect this fact in your comments.

It’s all right to have favorites, but please be constructive in your comments about all the singers. You’ll feel better – trust me!

These singers are working extremely hard and are struggling with fatigue and other committments beyond the tour. So, please take that into consideration when commenting.

Hope you had a great time and if you did, let’s hear it! Go!
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17 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour In San Jose, CA: July 8th, 2008”

  1. Obviously, I have nothing from the San Jose concert yet, but Jason filmed a new vlog!

    Also a new bulletin:

    hey there! new video here! haha i havnt heard from anybody about my vblog issues so im just gonna get back to it, time a wastin! im in san jose…its hot and bright as you will see…i should have been wearing my sunglasses! 😉 and the gift bag i was holding…inside was a soccer ball!!!! im so excitedddd! i had been talking about buying on for weeks! i believe i owe a thanks to jessica chavez 🙂 thanks! i havnt been on the internet in dayssss….but i always know my site is in good hands! thanks for being awesome! see yall soooooon 🙂


    and a new blog, too:

    a few thanks…

    i think i owe a few thank yous out there! for one, my brazilian fans…. i got your package a few weeks ago! ive been meaning to say something about it for a while! im wearing your bracelets, i loved the video! 🙂 and my dreadheads, the puzzle is sooo cool and special and creative! i know that must have taken alot of time and thought and heart! i really cherish it and love the poems! and theres a certain group of GOTH GIRLS!! that keep gifting my with waterguns! so funnnn! i cant reacall the countless gifts ive been given but i really want everybody to know that i am so grateful! thanksssssoooomuch!

    🙂 🙂 🙂


    He’s been a busy beeeee!


  2. What a sweettheart. He is having the absolute time of his life, isn’t he? He is so appreciative to all the fans and takes time to single out those who have touched him with gifts. It doesn’t get better than this. I cannot wait to see him – 2.5 weeks to go!


  3. againstthedyingofthelight July 9, 2008 at 3:24 am

    MCL, I have a question about Idol contestants through all seven seasons and “glory notes”. To me, the ones that stick out as the best glory-noters are Clay and David C. So, which Idol contestants throughout the show’s run have impressed you the most in this department?

    I also wanted to chime in on the discussion in the other thread about how Archie has been changing up the way he sings his songs from night-to-night. I have noticed this too and have been impressed. However, some of the other Idols do this as well. Where Archie changes up the placement of his runs, Cook moves around his glory notes, places his accents on different syllables, and steps up or down on different notes. These perhaps are more subtle differences than the absence or presence of melisma, but they do change the songs for those of us who hear each performance.

    Several of the other Idols also add their own variations too. The kids are smart enough to realize that, in the age of Youtube, there’s more of an imperative to keep their sets at least somewhat fresh. Plus, I’m sure they get bored of singing their songs the same way each night!


  4. To me, the ones that stick out as the best glory-noters are Clay and David C. So, which Idol contestants throughout the show’s run have impressed you the most in this department?

    Wasn’t Diana Degarmo timed as having the longest glory note ever? I don’t know how I would check this out on Google, but I do remember hearing this.


  5. Ah it works now!! I was having issues for days and the log in link down bottom here wasnt letting me log in. haha

    For now untill better vids come in:




  6. Good morning everyone and thanks for your comments and, to FROGCOOKE, the links!!

    I will watch these in a bit and throw in my comments as well.

    Againstthedyingofthelight – I think we’ve had many “glory note” singers throughout the show. I am most certain Kelly Clarkson would have enjoyed her moments and, also, Syesha did as well this year.

    KariAnn -I remember that comment about Diana Degarmo. I should check my past articles and see if I can find the actual song she performed when she held her note. I was writing on another site, so it may take some time to hunt down.


  7. From Frogcooke via LILESLIEconcerts

    Stand by Me: David Archuleta

    This is a different view from what I have previously seen in other venues. I guess LILESLIE was sitting on the side. Kind of a neat perspective I thought.

    The audio is a little emaciated – the person recording was screaming, as were the other fans in the audience.

    Strong solid performance and he tries to get the audience to sing along during the “beautiful girls” section but they’re not biting. They want him to sing – and who can blame them.

    But, it was a cool gesture on David’s behalf and I expect that, by the middle of the tour, the audience will have this section of the song down pat.

    Apologize: David Archuleta

    Another side view. This is another good performance, but I am having trouble hearing the full complement of the audio. His head tone sounds beautifully pure and immaculate in this performance.

    The audience is quite sedate during this performance. They are probably taking a well deserved “screaming” rest – the better to go completely nuts when he sings “When You Say you Love me”.:)

    Hello: David Cook

    Well, hello David Cook. Finally, another Cookie link.

    Hoochie Mama – I love the beginning of this song. Talk about a dramatic intro.

    Lots of major screaming and yelling here. And just before he was supposed to sing the first “I love you”, he stopped and spoke the words to them -resulting in major Cookie pandemonium.

    He sounds really really good during this number. Strong, technically secure rock vocals and his upper range sounds stellar! His entire voice sounds wonderfully healthy and focused. Good on him!

    And his final note, on the word “For” is just beautiful – both pure and resonant at the same time.

    Superb performance!


  8. Certainly was an interesting view point. Cant wait for some better audio to come out, but so far nothing.. There have been some comments that during the begining of Angels he got a bit drowned out with the music, especially in his lower registers. Dunno if it was a sound mixing issue or what so Im interested to hear, when some video pops up.

    For now.. Ill go watch that WYSYLM video… a few more times.. haha


  9. Heres a little bit better Apologize vid from San Jose:


  10. Decent Video of Angels:


  11. You like “Daydream”? Me too! Here’s a not-quite full length video by LILESLIEconcerts from San Jose.


  12. Rereader Says:
    July 9, 2008 at 2:43 P.M.

    You like “Daydream”? Me too! Here’s a not-quite full length video by LILESLIEconcerts from San Jose.

    Yes, I love this song for Jason. It’s a perfect fit. He always sounds great with this song. One of his higher melodic sections was a little misplaced, but the rest sounded super.

    I wish they would let him move around more. That small circle of space is really confining I think, especially during the instrumental section when he could really milk the crowd with some choreographic movement. It would energize him as well.


  13. Here’s Jason’s San Jose “Crazy” (posted by soulpatrol120)…


  14. And here’s a better video of Daydream. I don’t know why he has to do this number on that little circle of stage–as you say, more room to move would be a Good Thing!


  15. Better version of SBM from soulpatrol120


  16. finally WYS from SAn Jose from Soulpatrol120


  17. frogcooke Says:
    July 9, 2008 at 6:07 pm
    finally WYS from SAn Jose from Soulpatrol120

    Wow – this was a really neat visual of this performance. It was more distant than others, but because the person recording the video was sitting in a central section, I could enjoy different aspects of this performance that I didn’t notice in other clips. Aspects – like the neat lighting effects and the stellar sound quality (David’s voice sounded even more gorgeous because I was hearing the full projection of his sound – absolutely stellar!)

    And whoever filmed this put a lot of thought into this. At the very end – before he says his final “Do you know that I love you” – the camera moved to the screen so that we could get a great shot of David singing his final words. What an expressive, sensitive artist David is and kudos to soulpatrol120 for this wonderful editing.


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