Simon Cowell Will Never Find A Superstar On The X Factor Says Sir Cliff Richards

Well, here’s something to think about. And, I have to say, I somewhat agree with this statement.

According to Sir Cliff Richard, Simon Cowell will never find a global star on The X Factor because the music industry and their consumers tire of artists when they fall from the charts.

And I have to say that, for the most part, I do agree with this.

But let’s not put all the blame on Simon Cowell. I think that, in theory, all record companies and some management are to blame for this.

Gone are the days when management and A&R people nurtured and guided their artists to longevity and continued success. It’s all about the money now.

I guess they never heard or adopted the Steve Jobs mindset. Too bad! They’re missing the essence of true success.

Also, so many of today’s music consumers have short attention spans. It takes hard-core fans for loyalty to prevail. Artists fortunate enough to have a dedicated fan base deserve to acquire this same level of dedication in their record label.

One can’t have Number One hits every day. Life doesn’t work that way. Change is part of the living process and the record companies have to adapt to that change, guiding their artists with wisdom and determination.

Back in the day, artists were cultivated and groomed over time and remained legends until the day they died. And, beyond death. Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Gene Kelly, The Beatles, Sir Elton John, Barbra Streisand, Judy Garland, Billy Joel – the list is endless.

Who will be on this list 40 years from now? Want to wager a guess? Then saunter through the comments section and share your thoughts.

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16 Responses to “Simon Cowell Will Never Find A Superstar On The X Factor Says Sir Cliff Richards”

  1. The way the music is manufactured, marketed, and distributed changes the lasting power. I think of super groups who made music in the 1960s and are still touring now. I cannot think of one current group who will be doing this 30-40 years from now.

    Because Country fans are so loyal, there is a possibility Carrie Underwood might be around in 30 years like Dolly Parton or Reba. She will need more to expand that chance. Josh Groban may also be around. Both these singer have beautiful voices which might be a factor.

    I need more time to think about this.


  2. Having recently heard Tony Benett in an interview say the same thing,I’m not surprised Sir Cliff Richard feels that way. Tony Benett stated that today’s artists are only remembered while on the charts,and that once they’re off the charts,they are forgotten,especially by the label. He said the problem is the songs that they record won’t be memorable 10,20 or 30 years from now. He said his recent recording of duets with other artists,is all songs that have stood the test of time,and are still performed today. I am a dedicated David Cook fan,partly because he adheres to the same principle as Tony Bennett. He refuses to do a record full of filler songs,and even though his latest record hasn’t sold as well, said he is proud of what he created with his newest one. I have his record,and have listened to it many times and know that he put his heart and soul into it. Too bad more artists don’t feel the same as David Cook. David has a great voice and talent as a songwriter and I hope he attains the success he so richly deserves because of his dedication to his craft.


  3. The Stones, B.B. King and Tony Bennett will more than likely be on tour 40 years from now.


  4. Hi Rosanne,

    Cliff Richards has an interesting point. Now I being a huge David Archuleta fan know that he has one of the most dedicated and loyal fans bases you’ll ever find, and I would bet money that he does even more than those that get oodles of radio airplay. Jive Records made a huge mistake not supporting David how he deserved. He’s definately got everything it takes to become a superstar, and Jive blew it! His management WEG did also, and his then manager, Melinda, made some disrespectful comments even on Twitter. With David’s latest album, he had to really fight to be able to write and record the music that meant so much to him. Jive did give in, but I don’t think they truly believed in “The Other Side Of Down”. It’s a solid album though, and it reseived many fantastic reviews, give it mare praise than his debut. David was very wise deciding to leave Jive and WEG. I think it was in his best interest. Things seem to be going ever better for David right now without a label. He’s got tons of interviews this week, and a big Christmas tour coming next month at some very nice venues, including the Nokia Theater. Yes, Jive made a huge mistake, I know in my heart that David will be one of those whose career stand the test of time!


  5. Anita – I whole-heatedly agree with your comments. True artists, like David, need to courageously pave their own way for future success. The record companies, agents and management just see $$$ signs, with a few – very few – exceptions.

    I am so excited to see the PBS special featuring David in the company of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. This has always been my vision for him. First class all the way!


  6. Right from the beginning, I said David needs to take dance lessons because I do see him having a long career. I think he will eventually end up on Broadway! With his beautiful voice, who knows how far he can go, but he should still be active in music 25 years from now.


  7. I challenge anyone to listen to Josh Krajcik sing on the X Factor and believe he will not be a big, big star! Listen to his audition of At Last by Etta James and that should convince you. If you need more, go to “judges house” and listen to Roberta Flack’s
    I Saw Your Face. And, finally, listen to him sing and play the piano to Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones. I strongly suggest you should listen to the long versions to get comments before and after each performance. He’s not just good, he’s amazing!!!!


  8. Bob – I do love Josh. I think that he is going to win this show, but, you know Simon, he may through him under a bus. We’ll see.


  9. In “good old days” pop singers were required to have a good voice. There was no autotune and less electronic manipulation. Many of them had classical training. Also, it seems the emphasis was more on talent and less on advertising. Today it’s all commercial and in pop music artistic excellence is measured in money making ability. So many of these tv contestants/winners become 1-year wonder then disappear. Also, training and work on artistry and expression seems to be the thing of the past (in pop music), it’s all about instant success. Sure, there are some talented performers out there, but there are also those who can barely sing.

    I think the whole culture of talent shows encourages this “one year wonder” type of mentality. AI, X-Factor, XXX Got Talent shows produce “stars”, but the following year there are new winners and public has short memory.

    In terms of staying power, I’d like to think Landau Eugene Murphy, Carry Underwood, David Archuleta, maybe David Cook, Josh Groban. I like Katherine McPhee, but not sure about staying power.

    Yes, I agree about the songs. I’d be hard-pressed to remember any of today’s pop songs. On Russian tv they had a program with songs from every decade for the past 60 years of so. I found that the closer we got to our decade the less I liked the songs. Maybe I am too old (50). I prefer classical music anyway, but I do like good melodic songs too and singers who actually have voices.


  10. Very well said, Kitty. And I agree with your selections re current stars with lasting power. I would add Michael Buble to the mix but, based on his new Christmas CD,, I am hesitant to do so. I find his singing less than stellar on this CD. I was expecting so much more and was extremely disappointed. Even his song selections stunk big time! I know it’s a huge hit, just not with me. And this is coming from a diehard Buble lover.


  11. I apologize in advance for the off topic post. Here are a few new releases from some of our TV singing show competitors that I ran across on iTunes that may interest some of you. There may be a gift idea in here somewhere.

    Javiar Colon – “Come Through for You” – 13 track album released 11/21/11.

    James Durbin – “Memories of a Beautiful Disaster “– 13 track album released 11/21/11.

    Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr – “That’s Life” – 11 Track album released 11/18/11.

    Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams duet – “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – Single track download released 11/21/11.

    Dia Frampton- Self titled album due Dec 6th- One song released as a single as well as the tittles of the rest of the songs on the album with the option to preorder available at iTunes.

    Jackie Evancho has a nice Christmas EP, “O Holy Night” Just four songs, but nice. Available on iTunes.

    The release of Pia Toscano and Siobhan Magnus’ first albums are delayed at this time. Both are completed and have one or two tracks respectively available on iTunes.

    Just a reminder that The Sing Off finale is on NBC tonight. I think Penatonixs should be a shoe in for the win, but we will see. The group made up of classmates from Howard University, Afro Blue, performed a soul / jazz fusion rendition of the Sam Cooke classic “A Change is Gonna Come” that left all three judges on the verge of tears and near speechless last week. They were one of my favorites for the finale but unfortunately didn’t make the cut. I think the judges will be performing tonight as well as the three remaining groups.


  12. Thank you so much Gene for this wonderful information. Would you mind if I incorporate it into a blog topic – crediting you, of course?


  13. Sure; that would be great.

    The information regarding Siobhan’s album and Pia’s album can be found at their web sites, with the rest coming from iTunes. I think it was Anita that gave me a heads up on the delay of Siobhan’s album release. That was why I followed up at her site and on iTunes for an update.

    Congratulations to the Pentatonix on their win tonight of this season’s Sing Off. You may recall talking about why the Sing Off has everything we like in a singing competition reality show, yet it can be hard to watch sometimes. I was interested to find out what their position on lip syncing during the group performances that open the show each week might be and, while searching for info on that topic, I found an article that makes a compelling argument for the show. The article is here:


  14. Yes, it was I who mentioned about Siobhan’s album, Gene. I’ve been a fan of her’s since A.I., and am looking forward to her new album next year. She’s got such an incredible voice, and was certainly the most talented singer of Season 9!


  15. Thanks Anita. I thougt I remembered that correctly but wasn’t 100% certain.

    Like you, I have been a fan since she was on the show. I hope her album will be as broad based as the performances you see from her on the web.


  16. Gene,

    I hope so too, and wouldn’t mind even a little Metal included. Siobhan’s performance of Stockholm Syndrome during the A.I. tour was so incredible, especially the concert in Indiana. I’m not a Metal fan by any means, but I was blown away by Siobhan singing this. She, like David Archuleta, is an enormously talented artist!


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