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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Six: The British Invasion And More

Suffice it to say, some of the very best and thoroughly iconic music emerged during The Sixties. Not only were we introduced to the sounds of Motown and the likes of the great Michael Jackson, but also the singular sound from British artists exploded in North America. It was an exciting, almost mind-blowing time in […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Four: The War In Vietnam

This week, CNN’s 10-part documentary, “The Sixties”, focuses on The War in Vietnam. It was The Sixites prelude to the War In Iraq. It went on forever and ever amen! And, after a while, everyone forgot why they were fighting in the first place. Totally endless and mindless and overflowing with heartbreak and senseless deaths. […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Three: The Assassination Of President Kennedy

This week, CNN’s third episode of The Sixties focuses on one major event that pretty much consumed everyone during this decade – the Assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. As a young adult during this era, I, along with anyone else who was alive when this sad event occurred, will always remember where I was […]

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