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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For Glee Premiere

I will admit that I am new to this whole “Glee” Phenomenon.  However, I hope to stay current with this Season 2 presentation.  The concept is such a  tremendous one and I hope that it will encourage music educators everywhere to accelerate further interest in choral music.  Hopefully, choirs will grow and flourish throughout North America, all […]

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Voting Instructions For Glee Finalist, Mikah Meyer. Start Voting!

I hope everyone supports this supremely talented young artist. I just finished a phone interview with him. It will be online later on this week, but, until then, keep the voting spirit alive and vibrant. Here is an article I wrote earlier today. 1. Go to: MikahMeyer.Com for a link, or for a direct link […]

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Countertenor Mikah Meyer Paving His Unique Road To Superstardom

It’s always exciting to discover new talent. And Countertenor, Mikah Meyer, was enthusiastically brought to my attention via one of my former students, the very talented, Kyle Scripnick.  Mikah and Kyle happen to be colleagues at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Why all the excitement, you may ask? Well, first, Mikah is excellent at this […]

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