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A MasterClass Moment: Almost Heaven by Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon: The American Idol Contestant With The Heavenly Voice

So, while I was on vacation and enjoying the enormous talents of THIS GUY (more about Drey-C in the coming weeks), it appears that I missed the inaugural American Idol performance of THIS GUY – Jeremiah- on American Idol. What. A. Story. Everything is beautifully told in the video below but, suffice it to say, […]

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Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 17: The Final Judgement

Picture Credit: AmericanIdol.Com/ABC Okay, Idol Fans. I am back from vacation and, from all reports, I have been missing a fabulous season of Idol featuring extraordinary talent. This is what is happening this week, courtesy of @IdolSpoilers on Twitter via MJsBigBlog. Social media for the win – because I couldn’t find anything on the American […]

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American Idol Season Season 17 Set To Premiere On Sunday, March 3rd on ABC

Picture Credit: American Idol/ABC I am on a 3 -week vacay here but I will seriously make time to cover American Idol this year. Why, you may ask? What’s up MCL? Well, yes, am the MasterClass Lady and, after a bit of a break, I suddenly feel a deep need to go back to my […]

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