A MasterClass Moment: Almost Heaven by Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon: The American Idol Contestant With The Heavenly Voice

Almost Heaven by Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon: The American Idol Contestant With The Heavenly Voice

So, while I was on vacation and enjoying the enormous talents of THIS GUY (more about Drey-C in the coming weeks), it appears that I missed the inaugural American Idol performance of THIS GUY – Jeremiah- on American Idol.

What. A. Story. Everything is beautifully told in the video below but, suffice it to say, even without his back story, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon’s vocal and songwriting talent is something to, well, sing about.

When I was not lifting my jaw off the floor while listening to him flawlessly move throughout his enormous vocal range with clarity and ease, I was admiring the depth of his songwriting skills.

Often, these singers audition with their own material and all is good but this song? It sounds like a hit on first listen. It is memorable yet sophisticated in a Billy Joel/Elton John sort of way and I don’t throw these names out loosely.

Jeremiah has inherent musical talent – the kind that cannot be taught. It just is!

What a talent. What a story. What a way to begin a week, although I expect many of you have already heard his audition.

Thank you to one of my MCL readers, Louise, for introducing me to Jeremiah. Good luck to you Jeremiah!

Enjoy the video everyone.

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7 Responses to “A MasterClass Moment: Almost Heaven by Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon: The American Idol Contestant With The Heavenly Voice”

  1. He is my favorite! I LOVE his voice! So glad you do too!

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  2. Thank you for pointing me in his direction. I was away all of March so re-orienting myself. This guy did the trick.


  3. Haven”t been to see this site in many years but when I saw the notice about Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, I had to say something. There have been many singers that I predicted would be winners on Idol from the first time I saw them (not every time but many times) and when I heard thus guy sing “Almost Heaven” I had the same feeling about him that I had for other winners I predicted . If nothing happens (outside of the competition itself) he’ll for sure be top ten I’m looking to see him go all the way. He is my favorite as well. Thanks for taking note of him.

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  4. Wow wow wow!!! I am SO glad I stopped what I am doing and indirectly what I am facing to listen to & see this beautiful young man! On 3/3, my beautiful 62-year-old sister (16-months younger than me) was hospitalized for brain tumors (multiple), after surgery 3/6 confirmed as same type of brain cancer that took John McCain from us. And Ted Kennedy & so many others. It is a scary and threatening & sad time for me although my sister’s attitude is great. This man lifted me up. What a beautiful example of life and joy and hope. Thank you so much, MCL.

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  5. jrzgrl1,
    I’m sorry to hear the news of your sisters condition. I wondered if you are familiar with a treatment modality for brain tumors, and other lesions and vascular malformations of the brain, known as the “Gamma Knife”? It’s a non invasive radio therapy that can treat areas of the brain that were considered untreatable due to the risk of damage to surrounding brain tissue and patients with glioblastoma have been successfully treated with this method, even after conventional open surgery. Rutgers has one of the latest generation machines in it’s center if Jersey is where your sister is.

    We have had one of the earliest ones here in Birmingham and I’m always surprised how many people that I talk to about it have never heard of it in all of that time. I’ll remember you and your sister in my prayers.

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  6. Richard Cramer April 3, 2019 at 10:07 am

    What an amazing talent…… It is so breath taking to hear voices like this that can move mountains… I just watched his top 20 performance of Make You Fell My Love was just brilliant…. He made my heart just melt, with that brilliant voice…..

    This is what always captivates me with Idol…. Ever since Carrie Underwood, there has always been one or two like her that the voice just moved me….. Whether it be a big voiced or like his; just naturally beautiful this is what great vocal talent is about…….

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  7. Jrzgrl1 – I am so sorry to hear about your sister’s illness. I hope and pray that she can beat this illness and recovers fully and completely. My heart breaks former, for you and her family. I am happy that Jeremiah’s angelic voice relayed a sense of peace to you during this difficult time.


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