Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 15 Top 14 Results And WildCard Performances. 

 American Idol Season 15 Top 14/Wildcards With Kelly Clarkson 
Picture Credit: American Idol/Fox

First of all – isn’t this picture (featured above) beautiful?   Kelly Clarkson’s face looks radiant and expressive. What a musical revolution she started!  She gave mesmerizing performances week after week on American Idol and set the bar so high for those who would follow in her footsteps. 

So, it is only fitting that she is selected to serve as guest judge for the Top 10 show which will air on Thursday, February 25th at 8:00 PM on Fox.  Additionally, she will be the featured performer on this show, so there is so much to look forward to on Thursday.  

However, I digress.  The Wednesday, February 24th show, scheduled to air at 8:00 PM on Fox, will also be jam-packed with multiple events.

First, we will watch the judges whittle the Top 14 down to their individual picks for the Top 10, which means 4 singers will immediately advance to the Top 10. 

Secondly, the remaining 10 singers will perform as Wild Cards, where your votes – which will be revealed on Thursday – will advance 6 to perform once again as part of the Top 10 Finalists on Thursday. 

And then you get to vote again. However, the Top 10 Results will be revealed at the top of the program during the Top 8 show on Thursday, March 4th.  Yes, there will be a double elimination every week until the Finale. 

I don’t know about all of you, but, man, is this complicated. And rushed.  I don’t see how the eventual winner is going to gain any momentum or reasonable exposure with this convoluted and compressed format. Do you? 

Share your thoughts. I am anxious to hear what you think! 

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25 Responses to “Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 15 Top 14 Results And WildCard Performances. ”

  1. I totally agree that this is a terribly rushed season, and it’s going shortchange even the winner, let alone the rest of these kids. 😦

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  2. So the four guaranteed will be the ones that the judges deem worthy of not being subjected to a vote! Interesting!!! It seems as if they don’t want America to have the say this time around!

    If I had to guess who the four would be; Tristan, LaPorsha, Dalton and McKenzie! This will set a precedence to the contestants left standing! Sad!

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  3. Actually, Vonnie, this lets us have more of a vote than we thought–it was originally reported that the judges would choose 8 and we’d be choosing 2 from the 6 left, instead of 6 of the 10 left.

    I’m not happy, though, because first of all, it’s going to be so rushed tonight, we’ll still just get like 30 seconds from each singer, and second, because they are going to be singing songs they’ve already done. I understand why–the final ten will be singing new songs tomorrow and two songs is a lot–but repeats do the singers no favors.

    (I won’t comment on who the four will be because I read the spoilers… 😉 )

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  4. Yeah! It would have been nice to get to vote for the top 24! 😞

    Lol…did I come close on my picks! 😃

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  5. I think the judges made pretty good choices for the top 4 even though I think that LaPorsha and Olivia could probably have used another performance. As far as the rest I really have no clue how America is going to vote other than I think Mackenzie is probably a shoo-in.

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  6. Ooh! I loved Avalon tonight! Her voice is so uncomplicated, smooth; she was my favorite with Sonika a very close second. I love McKenzie too!

    Well, 2 outa 4…😳😃


  7. Why those 4 got a fast pass is beyond me. It uncovers the judges’ agenda right off the bat.

    At any rate, the last few singers – from Tristan (who is still one of my favorites) onward – were the strongest.


  8. I’d’ve swapped Trent for Mackenzie, but I have no serious quarrel with the judges’ top 4. (La’Porsha’s a little problematic for me but not because of her voice, I’d just like to see more of an original point of view from her.)

    I was a bit underwhelmed by most of the performances tonight, but then it’s WAY too early in the season to be going back for seconds on any of the songs, we’ve only just heard the first go at them! I think Mackenzie did the best, that Sonika was a little less tense than she’s been, and that Tristan had a few pitch wobbles.

    And THANK YOU, HARRY for pointing out the difference between a trademark and a bad habit!

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  9. I agree, I think they all should have had to sing tonight!

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  10. MCL, I was wondering if it was only four instead of the previously rumored eight that got through on the judges say so because they were only unanimous on the four of them? But, yeah, eight would have been more fair to the ones going right through–this puts a target smack on the backs of the judges’ four picks.

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  11. This is so weird. I am not hearing any pitch problems in Tristan’s voice. Ever. And I really listened tonight. I wonder if her subtle vibrato is causing people to hear pitch discrepancies? Her technique is outstanding. Am I getting old or what? Lol


  12. It could be the vibrato–or it could be the country thing. Country songs often sound just a little bit off to me.


  13. ReReader – I didn’t see the beginning of the show. Did they give a reason why these 4 were advanced over the others? Was it a scheduling thing? Hard to fit 14 performances in one hour.

    I don’t know about you but this is no way to produce the Farewell Season of a show that offered so much to the music world. And changed it as we know it! It is hardly celebratory.

    Let’s hope they have some surprises in store.


  14. Hmm! ReReader, I hadn’t thought of it that way! I would say, Dalton already has the tween and “cough” vote and should not be affected by the bulls eye, but I could definitely see the other three having problems! Once someone gets tagged as the chosen one, they could lay golden eggs on the stage and would still get the “oh no! She didn’t” attitude!

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  15. I thought that the four were at a disadvantage because they didn’t get another chance to peddle their wares, so to speak. I really would have liked to hear Olivia again. I liked her audition but I’m only beginning to get a feel for her in the competition. I would have liked to hear Trent again as well. His duet is the only thing he has done so far that I liked, even though it was a little overwrought. LaPorsha doesn’t interest me. When she puts her artistic spin on things it’s all wrong for me. Creep was a hot mess. Dalton’s shtick is pretty well established as is his fan base I suspect.

    I’m not sure what explanation they gave for choosing four. I think they said they were the judges picks, and nothing more..

    I also liked Mackenzie the best tonight. Triston is all that and a chocolate bar but I think she is a year or two early. She has the look, the backstory and decent chops but she seemed to have a few pitch problems to me as well.

    The rush is absurd. There won’t be enough performances to really choose an Idol from. I think we could have eliminated seven tonight and freed up more time for the others.

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  16. I would have swapped out some of these teens with some of the older performers who were cut last week.

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  17. I second what Idol Girl said. It felt like Junior High Idol. I’ll only be tuning in on occasion, depending on what guests they have on the show.

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  18. MCL, as I recall, Ryan just announced that four contestants were getting a Free Pass, and then he asked the judges how they chose them, and they basically said these were four they were unanimous about.

    I’m sure it was at least partly a scheduling thing, but really for that they should have chosen six or eight, because ten songs in one hour is TOO MANY, especially when they used up a fair amount of time announcing the 4 free passes and showing clips of the judges deciding.

    (Sorry I didn’t answer earlier, I went to bed early last night and didn’t see your comment!)

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  19. the four were picked because all the judges agreed unanimously with them. i was surprised mckenzie wasn’t there. he’s one of my faves. and i really like cowboy hat girl. and i really like dalton.

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  20. So, how will tonight work? The top ten will be named, then the top ten sing, then what happens? Eliminations tonight or next week…next week one show or two?

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  21. The Top 10 will be revealed and they will perform tonight for your. votes. Then, next Thursday, two will be eliminated and the Top 8 will perform. And so on and so on. One show only each week until Finale week.


  22. It’s so unfair to the contestants to have the results and the performances in the same show–that’s no way to get the best out of someone, to have them awash in adrenaline right after finding out they’re safe. (And it’s not much better to make them sing when they know they might be doing it for nothing.)

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  23. Ridiculous. I thought the farewell season would go back to its original roots with a Performance And Results Show. I guess the ratings and the money do not warrant it. Fox has already moved on to other projects.

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  24. This show certainly has went down the rabbit hole! From riches to rags; how can a show go from putting their contestants up in a mansion to this, I bet they make those poor kids get their own rooms or sleep on the buses!

    The fall of this show began with the likes a Mariah Carey and that bunch; you can’t pay judges what they were getting and what the current three are getting and expect to be able to continue! It became more about the judges than the contestants! Sad!!!

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  25. The farewell season is basically euthanasia for the show – get it over as quickly as possible and probably to avoid the May ratings sweeps.

    It seems to me the biggest problem this quick season will have is the contestants don’t have the life experience to sing most of the songs they are singing, and not enough in-season time to be able to fake it reasonably well. Don’t blink.

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