Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 15 Top 24 Semi-Finalists: Week Two

 American Idol Season 15, David Cook 
I don’t know about you but, personally, this is the week I have been waiting for, as it will feature some of my favourite contestants, not only from this season, but also from past seasons. 

And it will include the male artist featured above – the extremely talented American Idol Season 7 winner, David Cook.  David, along with past contenders fourth season finalist Constantine Maroulis, fifth season finalists Chris Daughtry and Kellie Pickler, sixth season winner Jordin Sparks and tenth season finalist Haley Reinhart will be performing duets with Group 2 of the semi-finalists on Thursday, February 18th. 

However, before they take to the stage with their illustrious partners, the Group 2 semi-finalists must sing a solo round on Wednesday, February 17th.  

All performances and judges’ selections have been pre-taped and, therefore, pre-determined. It is kind of disappointing, I feel, and sort of takes the wind out of the sails for these Season 15 contenders. However, I could see where the public voting could be skewed if people voted for the semi-finalist duetting with their favorite past contender from the show. 

At any rate, it will be terrific to see familiar faces on that TV screen once again.  

Best of luck to the remaining singers!  And, readers, who are you anxious to see once again?  Can you predict the duet pairings?  – although I know that most of the information has been leaked all over the blogosphere. 

American Idol airs on Fox at 8:00 PM on Wednesday, February 17th and Thursday, February 18th. 

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58 Responses to “Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 15 Top 24 Semi-Finalists: Week Two”

  1. I can’t wait to see the very talented David Cook also. I will always be grateful to Idol for introducing me to this wonderful singer/song-writer. Not only is he extremely talented, but he’s very personable and so thankful for his fans.

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  2. If I had to pick right now who will be the recipient of the confetti bath…Dalton!!!

    I found tonight very lackluster, I woke up for Dalton! I still think Stephany should have been chosen over all of the girls tonight!

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  3. I liked that this week’s group featured less teens.

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  4. I think the judges were far too hard on Tristan McIntosh. They certainly didn’t see and hear what I was seeing and hearing.

    Loved Dalton and Olivia as well. Those were my Top 3. Adam Lasher came a close 4th

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  5. Dalton was the only one that made an impression on me tonight. He always manages to make the song his own.
    I tried to like Olivia’s on performance but is was better than most on the night but just so so.
    Triston surprised me the most. I expected her to be the run away best of the night but I thought she made a poor song choice. That seemed to be a theme for the night. I wonder if they are trying to make her a country singer because I noticed they had her paired with Kellie tomorrow night in the brief preview at the end.

    Dalton / Daughtry should be among the best match ups. Jordin and Manny might be good as well.

    I’m looking forward to seeing all of the returning Idols. It’s a great group.

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  6. Strange – on Wikipedia Tristan is paired with David Cook. If it’s true, I am thrilled!!


  7. Most of the performances tonight were oddly…tentative? muted? It was really very strange…and they can’t blame it on the venue being too big this time. Also there was really too much singing out of tune going on–I was wondering if maybe most of them were having trouble adjusting to the earpieces? (That could have been a problem last week, too.) Anyway, as Vonnie said, most of the show was just lackluster.

    I was really looking forward to Jenn Blosil, but…eh. (Although, yes, the second half of the song was better than the first half.) Lee Jean…he has a very mature voice for his age, very rich, but I’m not sure he really got the lyrics–it wasn’t a great song choice.Tristan has such a lovely voice, and it was nice to hear her go loud, as Harry said. (I think she needs to dial the “loud” back just one notch, though, because it seemed to me she got just a bit shouty. I like to hear the vocal depth she brings usually, and she lost that a little.)

    And then Dalton and Olivia just were in a different show altogether, wow! I’ve been enjoying Dalton’s take on songs in general, and he really blew up the stage tonight–and without going full on rock, too. Love that! And also I love that Olivia DID go full on rock, and managed to showcase her vocals anyway.

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  8. MJ’s has the duet pairings (with photos, so they are accurate), and she has Tristan with Kellie. They have David paired with Olivia, and Dalton is paired with Christ Daughtry. I was most looking forward to seeing David and Chris again, and those duets should be awesome!


  9. Dalton, is a star. He has a pitch perfect voice and such control. He is also a performer. He commands the stage.

    Idol may want a female winner, but Dalton has the Voice, The Looks and Charisma to be a Star.

    Can’t wait to see Chris Daughtry tomorrow night.

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  10. Yes I agree. Most of the singers selected their songs unwisely. Such a strange evening.

    I loved Tristan’s voice and, yes, she was singing with a more muscular vocal tone tonight but, to me, she sounded terrific. And she looked great on stage. Like a star.

    Ditto for Olivia and Dalton.

    We shall see what happens tomorrow. I am so excited for the duets!!

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  11. You could see the pairings for tomorrow night during the last minute or so of the show. You have to be quick on the pause button to identify the pairings though.

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  12. Well – Kellie and Tristan might actually be cute. I don’t see Tristan as a country singer though. We shall see….

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  13. I agree he is a star and, actually, it might be great if the Season 15 winner is a male artist. We have had many male artists but it would seem more complete considering that the Season 1 winner was a female.

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  14. MCL…I like Adam Lasher too, wasn’t crazy about his song choice tonight, and since this is the first time this season we actually heard a song from him, I’m not sure it will leave an impression! Hopefully he is put through!


  15. Lol…Dalton would be a very pretty “bookend” to Kelli…😃💕

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  16. I am most looking forward to seeing David and Chris performing tonight.

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  17. I really like shuffles and the two that sang them (per Harry). So I listened to the Lido Shuffle and the Harlem Shuffle in deference to the comment. Great mood setters! Requires a certain frame of mind/mood and extrapolation which I think Harry was trying to get at but couldn’t define adequately for the contestant. Wish they were more definitive in why it was the wrong song choice if only to be the most helpful to the contestants’ education (or what they see that the audience may not see).

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  18. Tonight’s duets were way better than last weeks. I am so amazed at the talent idol has produced over the years, the mentors tonight were great.

    I agree with all of the choices by the judges except for one, the red haired girl who sang with Kelly should have advanced over the blond girl who sang with Constantine, just my opinion!

    Dang, do I ever love Haley! That girl is amazing! I could have listened to her the rest of the show!

    I was disappointed with Adam, he looked uncomfortable and scared…

    I really enjoyed Trent and Jordan too!

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  19. Well, that certainly was an improvement over last night, and most of them were pretty good–although apparently most of the duets I heard weren’t as good as the ones the judges heard. 😉

    (I don’t think Chris Daughtry was ever as excited to advance himself as he was when Dalton got put through, that was hysterical! I guess their work session(s) were as cute in real life as what they showed in their clip. :D)

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  20. Loved seeing Chris Daughtry. He is the best rock singer ever on idol.

    Dalton held his own.

    Great night duets much better this week to last.

    Olivia and Dalton rule again tonight.

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  21. I agree Vonnie. This was a very enjoyable night for me too. 180 degrees from last night. I guess the kids were saving up for the duets.

    The grown up Idols did a good job of mentoring the newbies. Speaking of grown up Idols, didn’t little Jordin Sparks grow up nice? “Too Love Somebody” is an old favorite and they did a nice job of it.

    Tonight was the first time I have liked Mono Boy since his audition. Olivia Rocks bailed herself out tonight for me. I didn’t like her very much last night.

    Love Haley. I knew she was doing “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” with Post Modern Jukebox but I didn’t know she had a single out of it. I will snag that up in a few minutes.
    Daughtry and Dalton were a good pairing. Did you hear what Dalton said when Jen complimented his eyes? “I grew them myself.” Boy ain’t right.

    I have to wonder if they are trying to take Triston to Nashville? Kellie’s song “Mother’s Day” would have been my choice for the two of them but Best Days of Your Life” was decent.

    I wish they hadn’t waited until the “last season” to utilize the alumni Idols. I was good to see them all again.

    Constantine’s vocals were pretty impressive tonight. I know he has stared in Rock of Ages for a long time but I haven’t seen him since he was on Idol in season four.

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  22. Ii was a great evening of entertainment and I can see Fox doing more with former Idols in the future. This is how they will fill the void left by American Idol’s sad exit.

    However, I think Tristan has a marvellous voice and presence. I just don’t get the negative vibes from the judges. So strange. Love Dalton and Olivia as well. Those are my Top 3

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  23. It was interesting that last week many of the contestants were stronger in their solo performances and that saved them from a less than stellar duet. This week was just the opposite, with the duets being the stronger performances for most.

    It was also interesting to listen to them heap praise on Haley after the beating she took, especially from J-Lo, when she competed.

    You may have something their MCL. They may be testing elements to use in building “The New American Idol.” If they had been listening to their fans they would have known the past Idols would be a hit

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  24. Gene, I will be going in search of Haleys rendition as well…I am hoping that postmodern jukebox and Haley come close enough to my neck of the woods to see her/them!

    LOLOLOL…so far we have, cowboy hat, one hit wonders daughter and mono boy! I’m bustin a gut here! 😜😃

    I liked mono boy tonight too!

    I thought Constantine sounded great as well, he wasn’t one of my favorites when he was on the show, he has definitely grown!

    Yes! Our little Jordan is all grown up into a beautiful, very talented young lady!

    So, I guess next week we vote and it goes down to 10???

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  25. Ha…I said the same thing when JLo said Haley was favored to win! They beat that girl to pieces!

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  26. Vonnie,
    iTunes has Haley’s version under her name. I’m listening to it now. I had an opportunity about a year ago to go see Post Modern Jukebox but the show was about four and a half hours away in the next state and my wife had other plans for the weekend so I blew it off. I have regretted it since.

    Yeah, I hadn’t thought about all of the nicknames; pretty funny. Mono boy, AKA Midnight Cowboy. I swear he sounds just like John Voight when he speaks!

    Yeah, I was pretty impressed with Jordin’s singing and knowledge of her craft as well, after I got through looking at her. I see now why they ran my favorite that year, Melinda Doolittle,in favor of Jordin. Good call there for the much maligned powers that be.

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  27. Gene – Fox is airing The Passion Live on March 20th. Chris Daughtry is playing the role of Judas. This after their successful Grease live production a few weeks ago, which was amazing! I told everyone who listened around here that this will be the new vision for Fox to fill the AI void.


  28. wow, i loved the show. i was especially impressed with how giving/loving a partner kellie pickler was. i loved the energy between dalton and doughtry. i loved cute little lee jean with doughtry. and i loved the song with david cook and the guy…forgot his name, but i loved his voice, but they didn’t like the song and didn’t keep him. kind of a bluesy guy. disappointed with that. jennifer seems so serious, i guess she is concentrating on judging and making the eliminations. both nights she hasn’t seemed herself, but it could be the seriousness of having to do the eliminations. keith is just so into the music. i love his expressions.

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  29. I keep thinking about how fantastic last night was. Oh if Idol had listened to us years ago and used successful idol contestants and winners to mentor and duet with current contestants.

    Hopefully they are trying out a new format because I can’t imagine not having Idol on my TV.

    Seeing all of these successful former idols is why I will always feel American Idol blows the doors off the Voice. Idol produces stars. The Voice not one.

    Gene, I think Dalton uses sarcasm to cover embarrassment. He obviously gets flustered when gushed upon by JLo.

    Hopefully the final 3 are Dalton, Olivia and MacKenzie. These three for me are emerging as the cream of this crop.

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  30. Gene, I agree with bradybunch4u about Dalton’s comment. (I thought it was pretty funny, actually. I mean, what do you say when someone keeps gushing over your looks on national TV? “Lady, I had nothing to do with it”?)

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  31. MCL,
    Yes. I’m looking forward to seeing The Passion. It would be nice to see productions like it and Grease on a regular basis. I wonder if they can make the numbers work out though. I hope so.

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  32. Regarding Dalton’s comment: I was only saying it was hilarious in a very unusual way, not that it was sarcastic or anything derogatory. It was very clever, original (as far as I know) and did serve to repel J-Lo, although I’m not sure why you would want to. I think he may have been dropped on his head as a child, you know, like Vonnie.

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  33. Hunter,
    Kelli has a little day in the life reality show produced by Ryan Seacrest that is called “I Love Kelli Pickler” quite likely because everybody loves Kellie; you can’t help it. She is really like what you saw last night. Many people believed that she was “acting” like a dumb blonde when she was on Idol but she wasn’t acting. At that point in her life she could correctly be called ignorant, but not dumb. She actually seems to be very smart. She came from a very dysfunctional family, her Mom abandoned her, her Dad was in prison because of drug issues and her Grandfather raised her in a modest mobile home. As soon as she realized a degree of success, she bought her grandfather a new house in Nashville. She reached out to her father to reconcile with him as well.

    Watching these “grown up” Idols the last few weeks has given me a sense of pride as if they are our kids. Every time we support them on line or by going to a concert or other performance or buy their music or swag, we are an integral part of their success. I Idol has done a better job of creating that bond with their contestants than the other shows, and that is a large part of why their artist have been more successful.

    There has been one odd exception that comes to mind. The off season fill in show for NBC’s The Voice known as “The Sing-Off,” a show case for a capella singing groups has launched the career of one highly successful group, Pentatonics. If I
    recall correctly they won the first or maybe second season of this show. It was a simple show with one set that could have been made by a high school drama department, all of the contestants were serious, no clowns, the judges were knowledgeable mid level performers with an ability to offer constructive criticism and communicate with both the contestants and the audience in an entertaining way, yet not steal the spotlight from the contestants. In other words, It was a singing competition, nothing more, and it worked so we know it can be done.

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  34. Thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s show. The mentors were all pretty terrific. David, Chris and Jordin are in my personal pantheon so I was thrilled to hear their voices on the stage again.

    The machine-gun pace of this season and having no voting privileges means I don’t have strong favorites yet. I need some more performance rounds to see what these kids are made of.

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  35. ” I need some more performance rounds to see what these kids are made of.”

    Me too. I’m just beginning to get a feel for what this group has to offer.

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  36. Bwahahahah!!! You do realize that I will up in front of my tv inspecting that poor child’s head now, don’t ya???

    We in the “flat spot club” has a heightened ability to bob and weave, and take the spotlight off of whatever makes us uncomfortable!!! Honestly, I could have sworn I heard a coughed out “Cougar” as he was leaving the stage! 😦 LOLOLOL

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  37. And that’s why I love you so. Ha ha ha ha ha ha…


  38. Hack, hack, Couuuuuger, hack excuses me ma’am. Ha ha ha


  39. LOLOLOLOL…JLo is turning into Paula!!!!!! :-0

    Jeepies! Turn my has into have…I’ve fallen on my head too many times!!!


  40. Gene and Vonnie, I think Jlo wants to examine more than Daltons head.

    He is trying to play it off. If he did cough cougar oh my now that would be funny.


  41. bradybunch4u,
    It’s fun to imagine that he did anyway…

    Put your helmet on. Protect that head from further damage.


  42. Gene and bradybunch4u,

    LOL…there will forever be a thought bubble over Daltons head, with that catchy phrase etched in it; I will erupt in laughter and my husband will think I need the little white dinner jacket that straps in the back much sooner than he is anticipating!

    Sadly, the damage is beyond a helmet; it is permanent, irreversible, madness!


  43. Thought bubble ha ha ha ha ha

    and after all the money spent on the custom flat top helmet… tighten those straps Daddy, she’s scaring me.


  44. Lol, Gene! I think I skeer the hubby too! 😳😜😃


  45. MCL…What will you do with MasterClass Lady when idol ends? Will you continue?

    Suddenly it feels like the end of May in our Senior year!

    I nominate Gene for “Valedictorian”! Speech, Speech! 👋🎓

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  46. Masterclass Lady February 20, 2016 at 4:26 pm

    Vonnie – the blog will remain because I love the interaction with here. It is positive and informative. And, there are other shows which I love like AGT, MasterChef, The Voice, etc plus I like to promote really great artists. Also, I think Fox is evolving and using the AI legacy to produce LIVE shows like Grease and The Passion.

    Thanks for all your support over the years. Do you have any ideas or suggestions re future articles on MCL?


  47. You have provided a great service to the contestants of these shows over the years as well as all of us that like to hang out with you here and learn from your expertise and the opinions of our fellow posters. It’s a fun place to visit and talk with friends about the thing that we all enjoy on different levels; music. I’m glad to hear that you are planning to go forward after Idol and wanted to THANK YOU for all of the hard work you have put into this site and the fellowship it provides.

    How about an “Idol News and Sightings” or “Idol Ramblings” thread. It would be a permanent thread where you or your readers could report that their favorite Idol has released a new album, or has announced a concert tour or they saw them on TV or in a local club or at the grocery store. I would include Voice competitors as well.

    Another might be a more general music industry thread to include concerts that you have seen recently or a show you saw on TV or is upcoming on TV, but not limited to Idol or Voice contestants.

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  48. MCL…That makes me very happy!!! 🙂

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  49. Don’t know if this will do what I want it to…but here is Adam Lasher’s performance that we did not get to see!


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  50. Masterclass Lady February 20, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Gene – thank you so much. I truly value each and every one of you. And – your ideas are terrific. I love all of them.

    I will definitely keep American Idol alive and kicking with a thread addressing current musical activities for all the Idols. This is wonderful and I can update it on a weekly basis.


  51. Masterclass Lady February 20, 2016 at 9:13 pm

    Also, Gene, I hope to add more articles regarding non-Idol artists,, especially artists I have seen in concert. Thank you. 😍


  52. SO happy you’ll keep on keeping on, MCL! 🙂

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  53. Sounds great MCL. Looking for ward to what else you come up with.

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  54. I think it would be pretty cool to have an idol all star competition, have all top ten from each season come back and let the idol winners be the judges!

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  55. It would make a good show, but the competition would be lopsided. Some of the competitors have huge fan bases, so in truest Idol tradition, it would become a popularity contest.

    On the other hand, the girls would have a chance to win.

    Also, would Alison Iraheta have to sing back up and compete?

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  56. What if, the idol judges advanced the contestants…there would be Fifteen nights, with 9 contestants on each night, at the end of the night, the judges choose one to advance, then the finale show would have the top fifteen…Then America would get to vote! Allison would have to give up her gig for this season! 😃


  57. Sounds like you have a plan.Bring it on!

    You have to keep in mind that the taped shows where they are doing activities without an audience are much cheaper to produce and likely where they make all of their money for the season so you need to add some “tape time” into the format.

    I’ve really enjoined seeing the grown up Idols the last two weeks and am looking forward to seeing Kelly Clarkson this week.

    Poor Allison would have to give up her day (or night?) job but I guess she could keep her band., She really enjoys working with Billy Minor and is very complementary of his whole organization.


  58. Gene,

    Yeah! My plan has a lot of flat spots in it! I guess with the elimination of the pre-taped drama, it just turns into an old fashioned singing competition! 😞

    Gosh, though, how great would it be to see the grown up/seasoned versions of these guys! So maybe instead of a competition, next season they could do “Life After Idol” and each week showcase a season (with…wait for it…pre-taped time goop). A then and now kind of thing! No judges only Ryan and the band with your girl Allison! 😃💕

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