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Okay Shania Fans: A Blast From The Past. 

 This performance of the Timmins High And Vocational School Band brought a smile to my face. Recorded sometime in the 80s, many of my vocalists were dedicated members of this band, conducted here by Joe Bilenki.  Those kids were so dedicated to their music. They lived the art – as instrumentalists and singers – and […]

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Timmins Youth Singers under the direction of Rosanne Simunovic perform the American and Canadian National Anthems

Happy Canada Day To My Fellow Canadians!

It’s my blog and I’ll brag if I want to, brag if I want to, brag if I want to. You would brag too if it happened to you-oo!! ( Sung to the tune of Lesley Gore’s It’s My Party). Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers. The video above is a performance of the […]

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Timmins Youth Singers Under The Direction Of Rosanne Simunovic

I thought I would add this video of my choir, the Timmins Youth Singers. It is an old performance of some classical numbers. I will be adding more videos during the coming weeks on my YouTube. Com page, but for now, I hope you enjoy these numbers.

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Voices That Care From Scenes From A Dream CD

Hi everyone: Here is an inspiring performance of Voices That Care by some of my singers. Composed by the legendary David Foster, it was performed live and in color in 1991 by the Timmins Youth Singers under the direction of Rosanne Simunovic. Soloists are Shelley Germain, Lauri Ann Loreto and Rob Torr. Click and enjoy […]

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