Dancing Masterclass Discussion For Dancing With The Stars Season 16: Premiere Results

This is the first time I have added this blog topic for the ABC Reality Show, Dancing With The Stars.

Since I have many readers from the MCL Community who thoroughly enjoy this show, I thought it was about time I jumped on the DWTS bandwagon and get with the program, so to speak!

I won’t pretend that I know one iota of what is happening with this show, but, since I do provide piano accompaniment for ballet dancers on a regular basis, I have a general working knowledge of the disciplined art of dance and choreography.

However, that being said, it would be super duper if a knowledgeable expert in dance could provide an in depth analysis of the performances on a weekly basis.

So, if you are so inclined, please contact me via the Contact Page and we can set something up. I am here to serve! Ha!

The show airs Tuesday night on ABC at 9:00 P.M. I look forward to your feedback. Are you rooting for someone special? Share all your thoughts in the comments section.

About Masterclass Lady

Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic began her musical career in Timmins, Ontario. She studied piano with Anne Pizzale and later, at an advanced level, with Soeur Anita Vaugeois (Sister Cecile of Les Soeurs De L’Assomption in Timmins). Her vocal and accompaniment skills were nurtured by her aunt, the late Dorothea Mascioli. When Rosanne graduated from O’Gorman High School, she moved on to the University of Toronto where she continued her piano and vocal studies while attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was hired as a piano accompanist for several musical companies, most notably, the National Ballet Of Canada. She presently holds an A.R.C.T. Teacher’s Diploma in Voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Rosanne has studied choral conducting with numerous well known Canadian Conductors, including Wayne Riddell of Montreal, Quebec and the internationally renowned Dr. Elmer Iseler. She has been a founding member of numerous community-based arts organizations: the Timmins Arts Council, later known as Arts & Culture Timmins, the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, and, the Timmins Youth Singers…as well as the TYS Alumnus choir, the Timmins Concert Singers. In 1987, she was also selected to be the conductor of the Timmins Board Of Education Choir, comprised of talented students from Grades 5 to 8. In 1988, she was elected to the Board Of Directors of the Ontario Choral Federation (now known as Choirs Ontario), where she served as Chair of the Festivals Committee for six consecutive seasons. In 1996, in honour of the Ontario Choral Federation’s 25th Anniversary, Rosanne was selected as one of 25 recipients of the OCF’s Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contribution to the choral art. The ceremony was presided by Lieutenant Governor, Hal Jackman. In November 1997, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Rotary Club Of Timmins to receive the prestigious Paul Harris Award for her years of dedication to the artistic development of young musical talent in Timmins. In August of 2002, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Board Of Directors of Choirs Ontario to serve as Conductor of both the Provincial Junior and Teen Choir Camps, now renamed in honour of the Camp Benefactors, Don and Lillian Wright. In November 2002, Rosanne was the one of the recipients of the Commemorative Medal for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, honouring her work in the development of the arts in Timmins. Under Rosanne Simunovic’s direction, the Timmins Youth Singers and the Timmins Concert Singers have been featured in numerous choral festivals and performing opportunities outside of Timmins. In 1985, they were selected to partici

30 Responses to “Dancing Masterclass Discussion For Dancing With The Stars Season 16: Premiere Results”

  1. Thank you so much MCL, this is Awesome!!!

    Kellie is a natural dancer, she is going to do really well on this show, she is as cute as ever!!!


  2. Vonnie – I may tune in tonight. I do want to see Kellie!! My pleasure to add this blog topic.:)


  3. Thanks for covering DWTS MCL, but I will warn you to be careful! “Watching Dancing With The Stars” is like the first time that station wagon with the faux wood trim on the side begins to look good to you. You know you’re on the downhill slope and that you have become your Mom or Dad, as the case may be.

    What they normally do on Tuesday night is air a condensed one hour recap of the performance show from Monday night. This version is enhanced by adding some of the comments that the dancers share between one another before during and after their performances. You may also hear some of the judge’s comments between one another. The second hour is the results show which is somewhat like American Idol’s.

    I was excited to hear a while back that Kellie Pickler was in the cast this year as well as Dorothy Hamill. Kellie being paired with Derek Hough was a good sign that she was a contender even before the first show. She did not disappoint last night. For a first night’s performance, she was very good. She was also extremely fit and I don’t recall her ever looking as good. She has a good shot for the win. Dorothy was very graceful in her routine reminiscent of a figure skating routine. Score one for the grownups. The Disney kid looks to be another phenom from mouseville. That place is a star factory for sure. Aly the Gold medal gymnast looks like she may be a contender once she gets a little more comfortable but she has a long way to go to match fellow Olympian Shawn Johnson from last year’s all star round. The judges gave Andy Dick a hard time but I enjoyed his performance and his rookie pro dance partner, Sharna Burgess, looks like a keeper. I don’t know much about the rest of the group, but that’s always the case at this point in the season. I’ve always liked the DWTS judges and scoring/ voting system and Tom Bergeron is the best, plus the band and singers do a great job on this show. They usually have very good special guest vocalist appearing throughout the season.


  4. Gene – thank you for the synopsis of what to expect on tonight’s show. I wish it wasn’t so late. 9-11 is a strange time, don’t you think?

    I will definitely watch the first hour. It sounds like a great show and so many of my friends are hooked.

    I think there is a problem from my end because I can only handle so much reality TV in one week. Lol. And, as frustrated as I am with this year’s AI format, it is near and dear to my heart. Hard to relinquish.

    I am also anxious to see Tom Bergeron in action and hear the guest vocalists.


  5. Yeah, looking at my local schedule it appears tonight’s show is going to be a one hour event with special backstage footage and interviews. There is no elimination this week so I guess that accounts for the change. What I described earlier is the normal format throughout the season. So in your time zone I think it will be 9:00 until 10:00. I hope you enjoy the show.

    I’m with you on Idol this season. There are some pluses to the new format but it has left me feeling a little disconnected to the singers this year. That’s a real loss because making that connection is what Idol has excelled at over the years.


  6. I am rooting for Winona Judd, simply because I watched an interview with her and she stated she is not a dancer, and this is totally out of her comfort zone.So I give her kudos for going on national television and giving this a whirl. it takes a lot of courage.


  7. Winona seemed to be enjoying herself. She is in the Kirsty Alley role this season I guess. Kirsty was among the most graceful dancers I have seen on the show, so maybe Winona will do well also. She has a pretty high powered cheering section going for her.


  8. MCL…another benefit of watching on elimination night, the pro’s dance and it is amazing to watch them!!!


  9. I am so pleased to see a blog for DWTS! I just checked back to this site after being gone for what seems like forever. I have not watched Idol yet, but may start now. I don’t know anyone, so I will have to play catchup!

    As for DWTS, I thought that Dorothy did very well. I really like her and hope to see her go far here. I am not a big Kellie fan, but will admit that she well with Derek. He is quite good at getting the best out of his partners. He should come up with some great choreography for them this season. I think Aly has great potential, but needs to relax and let it all flow naturally. She is an athlete and a natural competitor and those are good qualities. I loved Jacoby Jones, even though the lack of practice time due to his knee surgery was obvious in this performance. But he is a football player and has a built in fan base and also has the entertainment factor going for him.

    I do agree that Wynonna will be this season’s Kirstie Alley. Tony is a great partner and will help her feel comfortable and good about being on the show.

    Zendaya is another one of those Disney kids. She has dance experience and may get tagged as a “ringer”. But I did enjoy her performance.

    I never get tired of watching this show!


  10. Hi Mindy… :-)

    Hi Joyce… :-)


  11. Look at all the DWTS fans!! Holy! To think I missed out on all this action all these years. I was going to watch it but tuned into Piers Morgan because Michael Moore was a guest and they were talking about issues close to my heart.

    So, I will PVR it on a regular basis as it will be up against The Voice beginning next week.

    What happened tonight? Anything interesting?


  12. i watch too. and i just checked Twitter. wow you were really retweeting some good stuff!!


  13. Hunter. -Yea I was a busy bee. Buzz Buzz.


  14. Rosanne, I am a Reality Show addict and have had to make some choices in viewing. I never watch X-Factor live, but pick it up on Xfinity One (repeat of the shows). Dancing With the Stars is fun. Seems most like the same dancers. For Idol fans – it has to be Kellie Pickler. I love Dorothy Hamill, such a nice lady with talent. I support Wyonna because of her drive and the fact that she’s not a size 1 dancer.

    Tom Bergeron is a sweet and funny man! I do object to a 16 year-old competiting, but I seem to be in the minority. They have added two new categories of dance: Jazz and Contemporary which should be interesting. They have also had Idol alumni appear as guest singer. It really gets exciting when it’s down to the TOP 5. It is an enjoyable show!


  15. Kariann,

    The hubby…who I might add sighs and rolls his eyes when DWTS comes on…even commented on the fact of the 16 year old, he said that she shouldn’t be on the show!!! So we/I agree with you!!!

    I really like the cast this year…Kelli and Ingo being my favorites!!! I reaaly don’t want to see any of them go home!!!


  16. Thank you so much for adding this blog. I love DWST and agree with mostly everything written here by the other fans.
    Kelli did a really good job on the first night and I expect she will go very far in this competition. Derek Hough is probably the best choreographer on DWST. He amazes me many times. I’ve always loved Dorothy Hammil and thought she did a really nice job too. And, yes, the 16-year old was good, but hopefully she won’t win the entire competition. I also enjoyed Jacoby Jones and thinks he has a lot of promise. The boxer was very charming too. I didn’t know anything about him before Monday night, but I liked him. I also wish Wynonna the best–she’s very fortunate to have Tony as her partner. And one last thing–I’m definitely going to miss Maks this season!😦


  17. Louise…I really like Derek and Tony! Didn’t I read that Derek was going to move on after this year? I remember you saying you liked Maks, maybe he will come back next season!

    I wish that they could dance for two weeks before eliminations starts…this week everyone was so nervous!!!

    MCL…Tom Bergeron is an excellent host, he is really funny and very quick witted…he ranks right there with Ryan and Nick from AGT…


  18. Ok so the real party is on the DWTS blog topic and not with AI or The Voice. What I am I going to do starting next week – when The Voice is head to head with DWTS? Oh no! Say it isn’t so!! Love your comments everyone.

    One question though. Why is everyone dissing the 16-year-old? I haven’t seen the show yet but is it because everyone is accustomed to viewing older competitors? Or is she really too young to endure the rigors of this competition?


  19. I adore DWTS, too! I am certainly not dissing the 16yr old. She was phenomenal. MCL, should I try to find a yt link for you?


  20. Here’s a link to Zendaya and Val’s performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chq6c90vhys


  21. Oooooo thank you Janey. I can always depend on you!!! :)


  22. Well, all I have to say is this: Disney is a hotbed for talent! Zendaya was excellent but, in all fairness, I will have to watch the others to come to a firm conclusion. But she brings dancing expertise to this show so she is much further ahead in this respect. Which, in Idol language, means she won’t win. Haha


  23. I’m not dising Zendaya either. Some of the teens have an advantage in physical endurance and athleticism but they lack in cultural maturity. Dance to her is hip hop style dancing, and like most that I have seen compete, are not at all familiar with the type of dancing that they do on this show. Aside from natural ability and a good partner, being a driven, goal oriented person is probably the biggest key to doing well on this show. Many of the older competitors enjoy well established fan bases that carry them over the rough patches and while most of these Disney kids have been extremely well developed as entertainers in their field, I have never heard of any of them that have been on DWTS, so I’m not too sure that they have an advantage or that they shouldn’t be treated just like the rest of the competitors. Like Idol, there are always contenders and cannon fodder contestants. Zendaya is defiantly a contender.


  24. Yes, Gene, I agree. She is a contender. Her youth is a plus in that she has the endurance to withstand the blood, sweat and tears of rigorous rehearsals.

    However, everyone loves an underdog and some of the celebrity dancers are coming into this competition with little dancing experience. So, given the strength of their fan base, they may zoom past a lesser know dancer from The Disney Club.


  25. My argument is when they already come with experience, they have a jump start…I like to watch them un-fold before our eyes! So that’s my beef with the 16 year old…nothing to do with her age, just her experience…

    It’s fun to watch those with no dance experience blossom…the first week or so they are stiff and doing pointy toe poses…but then they start to do a metamorphosis, they become brave and have technique, and some turn into really good dancers!

    I love Dorothy Hamill, but she looked as if she were skating with her head kindof poked out…she is such a lovely lady though! She should be in this for the long run!!!


  26. Vonnie – I agree. I like to see them grow and blossom. It seems like it should almost be a pre-requisite. That is the beauty of this show. They have dancing pros as their partner so it’s nice to see the star celebrities attempt to match the skills of their dancing partners over the course of the season.


  27. I am so glad that you started this blog, MCL! I’m really interested in reading what everyone here has to say about DWTS.

    I guess I hope that the 16 year old doesn’t win, because it seems that it’s easier for her young body to do all of the required moves than it is for older dancers.


  28. Louise…exactly what the hubby said about being young! I have a friend who was taking martial arts and complaing to me about how his mind was wlliing but his body flat out refused, he told me that youth was wasted on the young!!! Lol

    MCL…I second Louises appreciation for this blog…this is alot of fun!!!


  29. I also forgot to mention how much I like Tom Bergeron. He has such quick wit and he really helps to defuse the situation when the judges, particularly Len, get really grumpy!


  30. I didn’t realize until I read it online, that Zendaya was only 16 years old! That’s young, even for Disney. They are saying on other blogs that she has the unfair advantage having dance experience, but I agree with Gene that ballroom dancing is nothing like what she has done in her career.

    What I watch for is the celebrity who has never danced, but who just possesses that natural rhythm and feel for the music. When someone like that realizes their unknown potential on this show, that is the payoff for me.

    I am looking forward to another great season!



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