Adam Lambert Rumored To Be New Judge On American Idol

Good News Day: Adam Lambert Rumored To Be A New Judge On American Idol


Now, this is the best news I have heard in a long while.

American Idol Season 8 Runner-Up, Adam Lambert, is supposedly in negotiations with the American Idol producers to serve as a new judge for the reality singing competition of the same name.

Could they find a better person? Hardly! He is current, he is intelligent, he is articulate, he is savvy, he can sing and, oh yes, did I mention he was runner-up of American Idol Season 8? I did? Well, it’s worth a double mention!

While Adam was a contestant on the show, he meticulously came armed and ready with repertoire from every genre, artistically honing it to suit his innovative style and substance.

Probably one of the most creative artists this show has ever seen, Adam, in his new role as American Idol Judge, would definitely breathe life and originality into this show.

More important, Adam is, above all, an imaginative and visionary artist. Yes, he has been vocal about his likes and dislikes over some of the contestants during the past few seasons, but so have we! Sometimes I agreed with him, sometimes not! But, that’s par for the course.

However, I would like to think that his innovative and imaginative mind would, somehow, allow unique artists to prosper more fully on this show.

And, given his music theatrical background, perhaps artists skilled in the Broadway genre would have a chance to flourish.

Personally, I am tired of the negative remarks from American Idol judges against singers who have grounded their craft via the theoretical route. It is insulting, definitely misleading, inaccurate and short-sighted.

So, now that I’ve had my say, what do y’all think? Is this a step in the right direction? Comments are waiting!! Let the good times roll!

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23 Responses to “Good News Day: Adam Lambert Rumored To Be A New Judge On American Idol”

  1. I am besides myself with hoping this is true. Adam on my TV twice a week speaking words and looking like a model. Oh heck yeah!

    Adam IMO was one of the best mentors ever on the show. He was kind but gave advise and it was honest but not brutal. Like telling Lee DeWyze that nothing was happening on his face. LOL but it was true. Lee always had (and still does have) a blank almost vapid facial expression.

    Adam has so much charm and he would definitely JUDGE, no dog, no beautiful, no baby. He would encourage self expression and not the same ole same ole.

    Then hopefully like with Jlo and Tyler, Adam would get to perform. Squeeeeeeeeeee.

    MCL, I am also sick of the anti-theater mantra on Idol. Where have so many former contestants found success? Theater. Anthony Federov is now in Rent. I believe Seyesha also is doing theater and well we all know Taylor Hicks and Clay Aiken did.

    Also kind of like a kinder, gentler, Simon, Adam would say what he felt about a performance. He doesn’t mince words or follow the an behind the curtain. Yep this gets him in trouble sometimes but it also causes some fun and funny banter.

    Of how I hope all three bozo’s are gone and that it will be three current, relevant people in the music biz to judge. Like Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell, etc to take those chairs.

    Even MTV and Michael Slezak are all hoping this rumor is true.

    fingers crossed!!!


  2. I think that Adam would be a fabulous addition to the judging panel. I don’t think he would replace JLo as they do need a woman. I wish they would get rid of Randy. Jimmy Iovine would be great, but he said himself he is not great in front of the camera. Sometimes he was wrong, but he was never afraid to say what needed to be said. I just wish Adam would fill Randy’s shoes, and God knows they would be a tight fit. With Adam coming from a technical background, but still being a rock free spirit, he may have just the right combination. Does he have a college degree? In performing arts? I think he has compassion. He’ll understand how one’s voice can fail when used too much or in the wrong way or maybe just a hiccup in a moment. He certainly knows how to critique production as he seemed to be his own Production Manager during his run on AI. He doesn’t shy away from the difficult or controversial moment. I would hope they could start to use the judges in a mentoring fashion. Since they don’t really judge — most of the time — but instead critique as the audience has that burden, it would be nice if they popped in once in awhile, kind of like Tim Gunn on Project Runway. Wouldn’t it be funny to hear Adam drop in on a rehearsal or a production meeting or a studio session to give advice, then drop a “Make it Work!”?

    PS – MCL, have you listened to Phillip’s live performance of “Home” from the broadcast of The Capital Fourth? That song had the whole audience clapping. And dear Phillip, eyes downcast in the first verse, but a little more energetic as the song built was much better and less strained than when so ill. I also heard that song used in the prologue piece at the beginning of the USA Gymnastics National Championships in June. The first time I heard that song, I knew it would be used by a sports network! I hope Phillip is getting some royalties, too. Could you post the July 4th live “Home” and let us know your thoughts about it?


  3. And–were I the big honcho–I would also like to get Scott MacIntyre as a judge:) Table might need to be expanded. Due to his restricted vision, Scott would NEVER get distracted by outfits and would only concentrate on the voice:)

    BTW, I would also like to nominat myself as a judge:) Considering what we have seen in the past, I could do no worse.

    And I would also do menttoring.


  4. I am torn about this news. I have adored Adam since “Mama, I killed a man,” his San Francisco audition of Bohemiam Raphsody and remain a SuperGlambert to this day. Selfishly, I would love to see Adam on my TV for 3-4 hours every week, and think he would make a terrific judge/mentor. He proved his mettle when he mentored Season 9 contestants and again when he judged on Project Runway and mentored on Majors and Minors. His insights are great and his delivery honest but never nasty.

    However, Adam has his solo music career to consider. He needs to tour in support of his brilliant new album, Trespassing. He has breathed new life into the legendary Queen and should continue that collaboration in some way. And my greatest fear is that Idol is almost inevitably in its death throes and I would hate for Adam to preside over, or worse, be blamed for its expiration. So… double edged sword.


  5. NO NO NO!! That would do me in as far as American Idol goes.


  6. Adam might be an interesting choice. Not really a huge fan of his. He is an amazing singer but his whole persona and image disturb me a little. But not to the point that I would tune out or stop watching. Professionally speaking he would be a great choice!

    I am not quite sure how the ratings would fare with him sitting on the judge’s panel though. The ratings might suffer in the more conservative demographic. American Idol has always been a more sanitized and wholesome form of programming and appropriate for all age groups. This may change that in some people’s mind.

    I think the addition of Steven Tyler on the panel and then the airing of the new JLo video already hurt the ratings in the past couple of seasons as far as the religious and Bible belt viewers are concerned. I mean look who won the past two seasons. Scotty McCreery and Phillip Phillips. Does that not tell them who their main audience is? Two all American, clean cut, small town, boy next door types from the south whom every mother and grandmother would want as a son-in-law or boy toy…LOL. In fact that is who has won the past 5 seasons in a row for Christ’s sake!

    These are not my thoughts as far as Adam being a judge. They are just my views as to how the television audience will be affected so I hope nobody takes offence at this.


  7. Taymaro if the Idol PTB do not expand the demographic by adding younger, edgier, knowledgable judges who can string 5-10 words together in a critique. Say Miley Cyrus ( she may have turned down Xfactor because she got the Idol gig? Adam and Channing Tatum or were the judges, the demographic would change. That IMO is not a bad thing. 5 winners cut out of similiar cloth is enough. God loving, humble, sweet and guitar playing male is not the only viable winner of AI, but with this current demo it is. Making the judging pannel younger, cooler, more hip etc would bring more viewers.

    OH the idol purists will say they won’t watch, but IMO they will. So many of these purists were against Steven and vowed to not watch, they did.

    Like or dislike Adam’s music, imo if you listen to him speak, he is knowledable, interesting, fun with a quick wit and a quicker snark. These qualities would help him be a great judge.


  8. Aubry — That was a little hard to follow but I get what you are saying and to some extent I agree with it as a business move. I just think that maybe at some point a lot of the more conservative audience expect these networks to act responsibly with their choice of what to air.

    At the end of the day it is the responsibility of a parent to shape their children’s TV viewing habits but Hollywood isn’t making it very easy.

    Let me put it this way;

    When my children were small, their baby sitter was deaf. My kids were around 5 and 7 years old. My spouse and I both had to work to make ends meet. We came by one evening to pick our kids up and they were in front of the TV. It was dark out and she made them come inside and it was just an hour before we were to pick them up. She gave them a snack and let them watch TV for a few minutes. She turned on a cartoon and was in the next room doing dishes. They were watching South Park! We went nuts!! She didn’t have any idea the language or know anything about the cartoon. She just thought it was kid’s programming. It’s funny now but at the time it wasn’t very funny at all! The baby sitter started crying and apologizing. Of course we let her keep watching our children but that is just one example of how children get exposed to these things through no fault of the parents at times. Sometimes parents need help shielding their children from negative influence.

    I just think that we already have Christina Aguilera baring all for those who appreciate that type of programming. Why doesn’t someone just take the high road and leave something for those on the other end of the spectrum to enjoy? They are still beating the other shows and networks. This just makes them look greedy and as if they are trying to absolutely CRUSH them at the expense of abandoning all of their values and convictions. At least it will play out like that in some people’s minds. Like I said, I will keep watching whether he is there or not but I can see it from both sides of the argument.


  9. I also have mixed feelings about this. If Adam would like to judge, let it be on American Idol over any other show (besides the modeling type of show). I would respect his opinions and know he would be honest without the cruelty Simon Cowell displayed.

    Yet, I understand what Taymaro is saying. I am from one of the older demographics, and I know not everyone would be as open as I am. Adam’s acceptance by viewers would depend on his actions on the panel. OTOH, he might bring in younger viewers.

    There is no doubt in my mind that at least one judge must go. Randy’s name has been mentioned. If Steven or Randy would expand their vocabulary and give helpful advice, then replacing them wouldn’t be necessary. American Idol has revived Jennifer’s career. She says she needs to think more about her children as they are getting older. Or something like that.

    Adam doesn’t need Idol; Idol does need Adam – or someone young.

    P.S. I cannot stand Christina Aguilera.


  10. Taymaro, I am a little disturbed that you are equating Adam’s influence on your children with South Park’s. Adam would in no way be a bad influence on your children. He is unflaggingly polite, a truly sunny personality, funny, articulate, knowledgeable on many topics, especially music. So why do you think he might be a negative influence on children? The only answer I can think of is that you object to his openness about his sexual orientation. I would truly hope that, in this day and age, we could all get past that. Or better yet, to celebrate it. Adam is one of the best-adjusted gay people in the public eye which, in my view, makes him an excellent role model.


  11. Lots of discussion here about Adam. Pros and cons. All fine! Each to their own opinion, right? I think Adam would be a wonderful judge and mentor. I was so impressed with him when he was guest mentor on Idol. He is savvy, intelligent and creative.

    Look at Howard Stern on AGT. He was a controversial pick for Piers Morgan’s vacated judge’s chair and yet has proven to be remarkably kind, gentle and honest in a nice way to the contestants. Totally different from his radio persona.

    I would wonder though if Adam is a big enough star to draw in the viewers? Just a thought.


  12. Shannon,

    You can take it how you want. It doesn’t matter to me. I have nothing personal against Lambert. I just don’t know where it will all end. It just gets more and more and more outrageous! I’m speaking of all the publicity stunts and inappropriate stage antics that these people engage in for the sake of raising a stir in the television industry and having their name mentioned. Some might not want to send a message to their children that this is the way you get ahead in life. Time and time again these people are rewarded for their scandalous behavior. It has nothing to do with his sexual preference. Would you approve a straight guy to grab a girl’s head and shove her face in his crotch on national TV? The really disturbing part is that he stated he didn’t think that he did anything wrong! He has still to this day to apologize to the network and the audience for his actions. It was the equivalent of a sexual assault if you ask me. All he was doing was going for the shock factor. I guess he thought that was cute or something. Not only that but he did things like that time and time again on stage while performing this song. (Check You Tube)I guess if you can’t make headlines on your musical talent alone you have to resort to this type of thing to make sure you get noticed. It’s really starting to get scary when people who engage in this type of behavior always have multitudes of people standing in the wings ready to defend them but when people try to conduct their lives in a dignified way and by good moral standards all they get is criticism and hate directed towards them.

    Again I say that I will watch whether he is there or not. He would probably do a great job as judge. I was merely pointing out the other side of things and how people might not want their children to see him in that position and then have to explain why he is still successful even though he did all of those things without any remorse for his actions. Is that not a valid argument? Pretty soon people will not even be able to let their children watch television at all.

    And Yes, Rosanne. Howard has been a pleasant surprise on AGT. I expected something totally different from him but that doesn’t change the fact that he got to where he is through questionable behavior which, unfortunately, sometimes gets rewarded in today’s society.


  13. Taymaro – I see where you are coming from and I totally agree. I don’t know where it’s going to end quite frankly. I don’t know why this questionable behavior is being tolerated and it is indeed affecting our young people. Many just don’t seem to care anymore, have no manners, are insulting, no respect for superiors.

    However, as a judge, Adam would be excellent but he would have to temper his comments as Howard Stern has done so well on America’s Got Talent and remember that there are young teens performing AND watching this show.

    And enough with the R-rates videos during Results Night. Disgusting!


  14. Good point about the performers Rosanne.

    If it were my child up there and he gave them a bad review you know what I would be thinking…..”You think that’s bad, well we all know what your idea of a “great performance” is don’t we?” I might even be compelled to say it in my out loud voice! LOL

    It’s just an honest reaction is all I can say. But if the rumor is true we will just have to wait and see what happens. People may not respect his opinion all things considered. He may do a great job. Who knows…LOL


  15. Margaret Barga July 11, 2012 at 3:19 am

    I can appreciate what has been said about Adam’s AMA performance. And I agree that it feels as if the antics of performers, in general, are growing more extreme.

    However, Taymaro, have you seen Steven Tyler or JLo perform in concert, in the past or lately on Idol? I don’t discount their advice because of how I judge their performance antics. It seems to me that you are suggesting that Adam’s advice would be discounted because of that singular TV performance. I’ll take your point, but raise some questions.

    Steven Tyler: I walked out of his concert many years ago. He could barely stand or sing because he was too high on drugs and alcohol to actually perform. It was disgraceful. I believe he was lucky that the technology we have today did not exist back then! Otherwise, it would have been videotaped and aired on the internet for all to see. Some years later, he and his band had a successful music video with “Dude Looks Like A Lady”. It was way over the top and included major crotch-grabbing, but it was shown on repeat on MTV for the better part of a year. This type of performance seems to be quite common in the rock genre. Tyler is now an old man and has restrained his moves, at least when he’s on TV.

    Jennifer Lopez: She can be questioned about her sex-fueled performance decisions in concert and on TV. I question her performances on Idol this season. In one, she basically gave her husband a vertical “lap dance” in front of millions of viewers! I thought it was very inappropriate for TV, much less Idol. I don’t care if they are/were married! I was actually offended by it.

    So, I just wondered if you considered what their idea of a “great performance” may be… based on their performance histories? Do you hold these judges and any potential judges to the same standard that you have for Adam? Or is it possible for them to have something of value to offer the contestants in spite of their own performances?

    I think it is a very slim chance that Adam will be asked to be a judge. But if he is, I think he could breathe youth and vitality into the show. He has a lot to offer. He can actually “sing” and has knowledge in how to deliver a song. He could offer real advice.


  16. MCL…Nothing would bring me outta retirement faster than the word Adam Lambert….a judge for idol?

    OMGosh, a dream come true! While I think Adam CANNOT be musician and advocate at the same time, he needs to let his music be front and center. Who he is outside of the music is his business, we are not buying his personal life we are buying his music!!!

    What Adam can bring to the judges table:

    He’s perfect eye candy.
    He knows music and what a performance should look like, Adam gave stellar performances on idol.
    He’s been in these kids shoes.
    He has so much charisma that his judging will be effortless. I think everyone will take him serious.

    Please, Oh Please say this is true!!!


  17. Forgot to say…Adam has went in directions after idol that I didn’t think he should have went. He for what ever reason has a need to fill the bad boy persona…not needed!

    The picture of him for this topic is what I invision for Adam…but it’s his call not mine! Other than Adam’s AMA flop, lucky for him most of his acting out has been overseas and not so much here in the US…most of his followers are idol fans, he is picking up new fans now with his new singles going mainstream.

    I think Adam will be fine, I think he has this music thing all figured out as well as his personal life too.


  18. Margaret, I mentioned JLo and Steven further up as being part of the reason the shows ratings have gone down the past two seasons. I have seen them perform on stage. The JLo video on AI was not a good idea. Also, Steven encouraged a contestant once to continue indulging in things that make your troubles go away and then added as an after thought “mostly music”. That was his critique of their performance! Ridiculous!

    Oh no, in no way have I given them a pass on this matter. They are part of the problems that the show currently has IMO.


  19. I would like to see Melinda Doolittle as a Judge. I’ve seen her evaluations the last few years and she is very balanced and knowlegeable. Unfortunately, she is probably not a Big Enough Star.
    I see some of your points on Adam. Do think he was a good Mentor.
    Howard Stern is a good example of someone who can be honest and has tempered his Radio Personality. So far I think that show is doing better with him.
    Time for Randy and Jennifer to go. Steven Tyler has confirmed his departure.
    Please Not Paula!!


  20. Heidijoy – Melinda is excellent. But, yes, you are correct. Not enough star power.

    They really do need to find someone like Howard Stern and Howie Mandel, then balance it with a tough, yet, sensitive woman like Sharon Osbourne. All three should be professional judges. Lol They are absolutely fantastic!

    Maybe I got too much sun today, but, right now, I can’t think of a threesome that would work.


  21. I nominate Melinda Doolittle, Rosanne Simunovic and JImmy Kimmel as the new panel!!

    JLo announced today that she is not returning next season either. Now we are waiting for Randy to make an announcement.


  22. Aw Taymaro. So nice of you to say but vocal coaching is my passion. This judging thing is a difficult role. And, at the end of the day, they need people who will bring in the viewers. Stars! Quirky personalities like Howie and Howard who add an element of entertainment value as well as intelligent and constructive critique!


  23. I will absolutely not watch American Idol if he is a judge. I skipped the week he mentored and I will skip any show he is on. While he is undisputedly talented, I find his style too dramatic and annoying. His season was hard for me to watch.


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