Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Seven Top 48: Group Two


This week, NBC’s America’s Got Talent live shows continue with the second group of the Top 48 Finalists.

I am adding this blog topic late in the evening surrounded by guests in my home. I will try to avoid typos! 🙂

From what I can remember, Group One was a bit ho-hum last week but I did love The Scott Brothers and the David Garibaldi CMYK Group.

Let’s see what tonight brings! Tomorrow night’s show will reveal the results based on live voting after the show airs this evening.

Comment away! The floor is yours!!

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15 Responses to “Masterclass Discussion For America’s Got Talent Season Seven Top 48: Group Two”

  1. I sensed a little something last week in the performances and I was wondering if anyone else noticed it.

    First of all I have seen a few interviews this week with the judges predicting that a singer will not win this season. I think they know something that we don’t.

    The thing I noticed last week is that the sound was a little off while the singers were performing on stage. It’s like they purposely did something to the audio to take the shine off of these performances. Are TPTB actually trying to make sure that someone besides a singer wins this year? I am not suggesting a conspiracy or anything but just saying that maybe they would prefer a different kind of winner this year. I actually don’t think there is anything wrong with that I was just wanting to see if anyone else noticed that.


  2. Taymaro – the sound was awful last year as well for the singers, except when Landau Eugene Murphy performed. Lol. And on the Finale Results show, even his sound was horrible.

    I was tweeting constantly during the shows about this and nothing was done.. Nothing! Also, some viewers said that their sound was fine so I just assumed it was my satellite carrier. Hard to know what’s going on.


  3. It may be my cable provider. I’m not sure. It was the same at the beginning of Idol this year. Actually I have noticed it every year on Idol. The sound gets better as the season progresses. Maybe they don’t want the singers to peak too early or they want you to think they improve that much. IDK. Just something I was wondering about.

    Maybe they take steps throughout the season to get certain ones to the finale or to the later stages of the show and then they pull back and let them battle it out fairly on these shows near the end. Or maybe it takes that long for the audio guy to finally get the mix right. LOL….Oh well… I guess we’ll never know…LOL

    I’m beginning to agree that a singer will not win this season though. We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.


  4. Hi All

    Trust all are well. I’ve been enjoying the show so far and just like a couple of the judges said …I’m pretty pretty confident that there won’t be any singer in the finales. I mentioned it here a few weeks back long before they even said anything. I don’t think its a plot or anything… I think its pretty obvious. I “think” we’ve heard all the singers. For me, I can’t say that I’ve heard any singers sing on this show that just made my jaws drop? Not that there are not any good singers on the show at all because there are. Tim Hockenberry (I hope I got that right), is probably the best to me… but as good as he is, he sounds just like so many others. Besides how can you compare him to a man who can swing a woman just on one of his feet. Thats not something you see everyday. You see the “Tims” of the world on all of these shows …all the time.

    There is the other side of this though. If they keep saying a singer won’t win …those who want a singer to win just may double back and vote more. Thats something that Howard hasn’t learned about how these things work. He’s made no bones about how much he likes Turf. He raves about him constantly (last night it was almost over the top). However as I said before, if that is someone he’d like to see go further he definitely shouldn’t do that. Its a jinx as I always say. It almost always causes those who would vote, not to vote, thinking he’s pretty safe. I hope that doesn’t happen because I think Turf is awesome!.

    One thing about this part of the show, you;re not just in the bottom if your name is not called ….you’re out . No second chance nor and if I’m remembering correctly there is no wild card. Howard will just be out of luck. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Looking forwards


  5. BrotherKarl – there will be a Wild Card Show and a YouTube Show. So lots of surprises down the road. We need it! Lol

    Nice to see you back here. Love your commentary!


  6. I think you meant that last comment to Brother Karl didn’t you Rosanne? LOL

    Karl you were so right! You always nail it spot on.

    I have really liked this season of AGT. I absolutely love these three judges. They are getting everything right. It couldn’t have been scripted any better. All of the things we complained about during the AI season are being addressed and it’s almost like they are teaching a class on how to conduct yourself as a judge on a talent show. All of the prospects for the AI judging panel should be watching closely and taking notes.

    We complained about the judges picking the wrong contestants before the live shows started on American Idol. Well Howard addresses this by scolding Howie on putting Big Barry through over more talented contestants.

    We complained that the judge’s on American Idol insulted the voters by saying they got it wrong when Jessica Sanchez was eliminated. When Nick Cannon asks the judges on AGT that question they are very careful to say just the right thing.

    We complained that all the judges on American Idol were afraid to disagree with each other. Well they have addressed that as well by offering opposing opinions on some contestants.

    We complained that the judges on AI never gave any useful or constructive criticism. All they ever did was say “I’ve got goosies” or “Beautiful” or “You could sing the phone book” or “That was pitchy”. They contradicted themselves on numerous occasions. I especially loved when JLo told Hollie that she didn’t show enough emotion in one sentence but then she said she let her emotions affect her performance in the next sentence. But when Joshua Ladet got emotional and cracked and wiped his nose on stage that showed maturity on his part and the ability to connect with the song. LOL On the other hand the AGT judges have been sure to offer advice and intelligent suggestions for improvement to the acts on that show.

    Is this all coincidence or are they making a concerted effort to be better than American Idol judges? Maybe this panel of judges is just that much better. I also like Nick. He’s almost as good as Ryan IMO. If all of the judges on AI get canned and replaced I guess the judges of other talent shows will sit up and take notice. That would be good, right?


  7. Taymaro – haha. You are correct!! Poor BrotherKarl!! What was I thinking? Sorry Karl! Please come back. I fixed my previous comment to reflect you.

    Thanks for pointing this out Taymaro. I think what happened was I had to repost it because my comment froze and I had to recharge the iPad and then re-post the comment. Should have recharged my brain instead. Lol

    Taymaro – I always said that AGT had the best judges. And Nick Cannon is the perfect host for this show. You made some observant comments and the judges from other shows should take note.

    None of these AGT judges were selected based on their star status. They were selected based in their knowledge and what they could contribute to the show. Howard Stern’s inclusion has been an absolute stroke of genius. Opinionated, articulate, kind when the occasion warrants it! I could go on and on.


  8. Hey Rosanne!

    Thanks for telling me about “the wild card pick”. We’re probably couple weeks off from it.

    That post was cracking me up.You were welcoming me back and all I kept thinking was how earlier just this week you and I were joking about being an party of two since every body had been away so long. It was funny but I thought … she’s just in a hurry 🙂

    That recording of De Andre got everybody back. One things for certain. Hes got a fan base here. When I saw that I thought …what if we could start a big fan club here for some of the contestants on the shows we talk about and get a different one to drop in once a week. That’d be SO cool. Just a thought. De Andre would have loved the response he got from that.

    And Taymaro ….

    as far as AGT’s cast … I love it too!!! I don;t know if its a effort to be better than Idol (I think they both have the same producers). I just think they just lucked up and got a good mix. Simon doesn’t seem like he’s trying anybody special for X-factor. Just celebrity status that can draw an audience. As ar as AGT’s whole show …it all interesting to me. Its got to be tough for a singer to compete with a comedian. Especially when their talent is totally different.

    And Big Berry ..oh my. Don’t know what that was all about. He was on the “Today Show” this morning and says Howey asked him would he come out with him on a couple of shows. I was talking with someone and we were wondering … does he (Big Berry) believe he is a singer or a comedy act OR both. Howey told him that he was funny and that he wasn’t really a singer. I’m just wondering what he does he think himself.


  9. BrotherKarl – oh my goodness I am a senior mess of brain matter. I guess I have been so busy interacting with Taymaro and others that I have no idea re the short passage of time since our famed “party of two”.

    Yes, I am busy. People dropping in, phoning – you know, “summer time and the living is easy”! Everyone is operating within that framework. Presently, I am waiting for a voice student to arrive. Lots of fun ahead this afternoon.

    I LOVE your idea of a fan club for former Idol alumni. Dre always has a home here and I hope he realizes it. I will have to start thinking and planning towards this idea. Suggestions are welcome!! Thank you for getting the ball rolling in my mind.

    Re the judges, you have to remember that the network has a huge say in who sits on the panel. With AGT, we are talking about NBC, which naturally carries more clout and prestige than FOX. So, I think this is why they can attract a stronger panel of judges.

    Big Barry is a Big Mess. But I feel sorry for him. It was humiliating of AGT to allow this to happen and kudos for them for not milking it more on the Results Show last night. They were already in hot water over his performance. No use making the water even hotter.


  10. That’s a good idea Karl. DeAndre knows about your blog Rosanne. That’s how I found it. Someone told him about one of your earlier post and he retweeted it on his twitter account which I follow.

    Almost nobody agreed with me on his talent on the other site I have been contributing to for about 5 years now. There were a few who thought he was talented but not many that thought he should win.

    I’m sorry but when I see the conviction, determination and desperation that he showed in the wild card round I can’t ignore that. But he still didn’t forget to stop and raise his hands and thank the Lord before he went onto the floor for his performance. But, just like a seasoned athlete or something, he took all of that emotion and delivered what in my mind was a stellar performance of “Georgia On My Mind” and won the judges over. That sealed it for me. I was still picking Phillip to win because of the way I thought the public would vote, but I was a Dre fan from that point on!

    I guess when I know the struggles my own son has had in finding himself a niche in the difficult world today I just connected with everything DeAndre was feeling at that one moment in time. I just wish one of the judges would have had the forethought to tell him that he should take note of how he felt at that particular time and find a way to relive those emotions in every performance from there on out. He would have surely won if he had found some pre-performance ritual to draw all of that back up and put it into every performance. In my opinion he still did pretty well. He just wasn’t the chosen one this season it’s sad to say.

    Oh, and I have also mentioned your blog on the other site many times. I was glad to find someone who agreed with me. I thought I was going deaf or losing my ability to recognize good talent until I found your blog. You confirmed that I wasn’t crazy yet…LOL


  11. Taymaro – what a nice thing to find out! I follow DeAndre on Twitter so I must have missed the retweet. Thank you for telling me this. Much appreciated. 🙂

    Which other blog do you visit? Would like to see what others are saying about him. I feel so strongly about his talent that it is hard to digest that others don’t feel the same way. I am glad you see that I see in him, but, to my mind, his talent is special. Can’t figure out the general public anymore.

    I hope and pray your son finds his chosen path and career. Young adults really struggle nowadays and nothing is simple or clear- cut. They need to sweat out the difficult road, knowing that, with preparation and hard work, opportunity will come knocking.

    My parents taught me this lesson very well. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy.

    Thanks again, Taymaro.


  12. What was the name of the song Big Berry sang last night? Its a new day, its a new dawn? can’t find it or artist


  13. Sue – it’s called Feeling Good. It has been recorded by Nina Simone and most recently by Michael Buble.


  14. I have been hesitant to mention the exact site here Rosanne. Some bloggers are funny about that. Some of them think of it kind of like mentioning ABC on NBC or Fox…LOL I guess they are worried it will steer readers away. On their board, if you post a link, it has to go through moderation so I took the chance and posted yours and they approved it even though I was actually a little hard on one guy named Branden who writes for that site because he was taking little personal jabs at some of the contestants(including DeAndre) in some of his thread header articles. I think he was a Phillip fan from the start. I used your Master Class Articles as an example for the correct way to write a review on the contestant’s performances throughout the season…LOL. I don’t think Branden appreciated it but the site owner, Matt, allowed my replies (scolding Branden pretty strongly) to be posted unedited anyway so I guess he sort of agreed with me (or not). This is also the site that drew names for two free tickets for each of the Idols Live tour dates and allowed me to be able to take my two young nieces along to see the show in August.

    I made sure to give your site link and to give you credit when I used any quotes from you over there per your copyright notice above so don’t worry about that. I just used them to prove points that there WERE people with musical training that agreed with me. You don’t understand how strongly I wanted DeAndre to prove all of them wrong and win the dang thing!!…LOL.

    Since you have asked and don’t seem to mind me posting the site here I will go ahead;

    The site is

    Oh and I’m sorry for the long posts. I just get carried away. Sometimes I have to go back and take out a lot of the gibberish to shorten them up a bit to make for an easier read….LOL Sometimes I feel I could go on for pages and pages…:D


  15. Taymaro – I have no problem with you mentioning other sites or linking to them. I am not a control freak here!! Hahaha. I actually appreciate when others link to my site so it goes both ways. I have actually visited AmericanIdol.Net on occasion. Will have to check out the DeAndre discussions.


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