Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 2 Singers: Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips


I am adding this VM Discussion topic early for a couple of reasons.

First of all, I wanted to remind everyone that American Idol Performance Finale is on Tuesday, May 22nd from 8:00 – 9:00 P.M., followed by the gala Finale Results show on Wednesday, May 23rd from 8:00 – 10:00 P.M.

Why they changed the day of the week is beyond me. How are people supposed to clue into this shift? I know I will have to phone or text personal friends to remind them. Crazy!

Secondly, I thought the viewers could start the ball rolling with comments, adding their perspective now that American Idol is coming to an end.

I am so excited for Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips. Both are lovely, talented young artists and I hope they both leave a positively lasting impression on the Nokia Stage Tuesday night. This is such a huge deal for both of them and one they will never forget.

Also, check back often throughout the day on Tuesday. I will add spoilers as soon as they become available and if they become available. If you have a tip, send it my way via the contact page.

So, enjoy the final ride everyone and let’s start the partying in the comments section.

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18 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 2 Singers: Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips”

  1. MCL

    Thanks for redoing all of that. Its an exciting time for a lot of Idol fans and I think thats where the focus ought to be. You are indeed a Master Class Lady.

    This morning when I woke up I was thinking about Phillips physical health and from what I understand he is really in a whole lot of pain and will have to have his surgery immediately following the finale if he intends to do the tour. Its going to to take him at least 6 weeks to recover they say. So in considering that, I just ask that all keep him in their thoughts and prayers over the next couple of days. The competition itself already undoubtedly brings to these kids a lot of pressure. I can’t imagine having that kind of pressure itself topped by having tremendous physical pain.

    Also …thanks for letting us know about tonight. I didn’t know that and I definitely wasn’t prepared.

    Looking forwards.


  2. I’m on board for tonight. A P2 fan from day one I do worry about his health.he continually surprises me with his vocals but how I wish he could get some real training.want to take him on? We have not seen a fraction of his ability.


  3. While we wait for the Finale to begin, here is a very interesting article catching up on 76 of the 120 Idol finalists in Seasons 1 to 10.

    American Idol Finalists: Where Are They Now?

    The article is a real eye-opener regarding the struggle Idol finalists face in trying to make it in the music business. One finalist ended up homeless and sleeping in his car. One finalist found the Idol experience so traumatizing that she stopped singing for three years after leaving the show. Two finalists ended up in drug abuse rehab. One finalist is back working at the same hairdresser job she had before going on Idol. And one finalist spent $250,000 of his Idol earnings in a failed attempt to become a recording star.

    Oddly, the article omits some of the biggest names to come out of Idol, including Adam Lambert, Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Clay Aiken, and David Archuleta.

    For the record, here is a list of the 44 Idol finalists who are NOT included in the article:

    Season 10
    Jacob Lusk
    Thia Megia
    Karen Rodriguez
    Ashthon Jones

    Season 9
    Casey James
    Michael Lynche
    Andrew Garcia
    Aaron Kelly
    Katie Stevens

    Season 8
    Jasmine Murray
    Jorge Núñez
    Megan Joy
    Allison Iraheta
    Adam Lambert

    Season 7
    David Archuleta
    Syesha Mercado
    Michael Johns
    Chikezie Eze

    Season 6
    LaKisha Jones
    Chris Richardson
    Stephanie Edwards

    Season 5
    Chris Daughtry
    Paris Bennett
    Lisa Tucker
    Melissa McGhee

    Season 4
    Scott Savol
    Nadia Turner
    Lindsey Cardinale

    Season 3
    Jasmine Trias
    LaToya London
    George Huff
    John Stevens
    Jennifer Hudson
    Amy Adams
    Leah LaBelle

    Season 2
    Clay Aiken
    Kimberley Locke
    Josh Gracin
    Charles Grigsby

    Season 1
    Tamyra Gray
    R.J. Helton
    Ryan Starr
    EJay Day


  4. River 992
    With that kind of ongoing pain I;m sure we haven’t seen anywhere close to whats Phillip is able to do. Sometimes he goes for these notes and he squenches his eyes and I often wonder is that just an expression that he makes or is that expression simple because of the pain he feels when reaching for those notes. I have never had kidney stones, but I know a few people who have and from what I understand the pain is sometimes just very overwhelming. To me, even though he is not my favorite, I have enjoyed his performances pretty much throughout all the show … and even though I really like Jessica (who I think is justly there), I’m about 99% confident that he has this in the bag. He’s getting my votes just for staying in the competition and stepping out on that stage week after week. Amazing performer

    Thanks for the article. I assumed a lot of that was going on but I didn’t know it was to that extent. I personally believe it takes a whole lot more then just great vocal skills to be a super star and I think a lot of people just vote on vocal skill and performance alone. For me, I vote because I want to see somebody who I think can take it to the next level. I think I lot of people come because they just think their vocal abilities and winning Idol will just do it for their career’s, and the other strong characteristics needed to take them there, go undeveloped. While I don’t think most people consider all those things when voting … I DO think a lot of people like myself, do. I’ve said many times on this site …its not just about vocal talent and performance here. Its who has all that it takes to take it the next level.


  5. I know what a severe UTI (urinary track infection) feels like, and I can’t imagine how much worse kidney stones must be. I know “the show must go on,” but for all the criticism Phillip has taken, surely he needs to be cut some slack. There are so many things his pain could be manifesting itself as that are detrimental to his performance. You have to be relaxed to breathe well, and when in pain, it’s like your whole body tightens and freezes. I don’t think good singing technique is second nature to him (anymore than it is to greats like Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, or Bob Dylan), so breath control, relaxing the facial masque, singing over the notes, etc., might be beyond him right now. Bless his little heart. Poor thing. I see the leg stroking, grimaces, hunching, awkward movements, etc. in a whole different light. It doesn’t mean he should win, but on a human level, the kid has sucked it up big time. I hope they give him some pain meds tonight … enough to keep him pain free, but stay lucid of course.

    My wish is that he does Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder Road! Do they get to do full-length songs tonight? Most rock-blues-indie songs he would do don’t lend themselves to a 1:30 edit. Except maybe Pearl Jam’s cover of that song about the car accident. “Out on a date in her daddy’s car …. we hadn’t travelled very far …” And still on the “daddy” wagon. Heh.


  6. I wish Phillip the best. I am looking forward to the show tonight. His illness might be a blessing in disguise for him. Since his singing is suffering because of the medication that gives them a lot of leeway in tuning his vocals for an album.

    We wont be able to tell the difference in auto tuned notes and just improved vocals from him finally being healthy. A lot of people get upset when the album turns out to sound a little different from the live vocals. Phillip may be able to escape that criticism because of his health problems.

    Just looking for something positive to come out of his misfortune. I can’t wait to hear his album. It’ll be great I’m sure.

    It’s definitely inspiring to see him fighting through all of this to try and realize his dreams. It shows great character.


  7. Hail! Hail! The gang’s all here!! Well most of you and some new ones as well. Welcome all!

    I am hoping that Phillip gets through this show with flying colors. He deserves to – he has been such an amazing trooper throughout the season. Bravo Phillip!!

    And Brava Jessica! You are a little ball of dynamite and deserve one of the spots in this Top 2. Super-talented!!

    Good times ahead! Enjoy the show!


  8. I had forgotten yesterday that AI is on TONIGHT! Congrats again to both Jessica and Philip for making it this far. Even though I’m hoping for a Jessica win, I give Philip alot of props for getting himself though all these weeks despite his health and pain. God Bless him!!


  9. Jessica singing The Prayer….WOW! WOW! WOW! I loved it the first time she sang it, and I love it even more tonight!


  10. I’m gonna wait for your Master Class Analysis MCL ’cause I don’t know what just happened.

    Very confused right now. It’s a toss up as to who is gonna win. Congrats to both and good luck to Jess and Phil.

    Still scratching my head though…LOL…Oh my!


  11. The show just ended and it was the least enjoyable of any Idol finale I can remember.

    Jessica’s last song choice was a disaster — hopelessly bland and boring.

    Phillip’s last song was much better, but vocally he was outclassed by Jessica.

    And why on earth did Phillip choose that Billy Joel song Movin Out as his personal pick? He should have chosen Thriller which he performed so well in his audition. We never got to hear a full version of it.

    For me, winner of the night is Phillip based on his last song.

    Winner of the season should be Jessica.


  12. My goodness, that was a sleepy Final 2. This is the first time the two Finalists just stood there for all six songs. Well, Jessica did walk down some stairs. We knew Phillip hasn’t been feeling well most of the season. However, Jessica also seem subdued. In the interview with Ryan, they both came across as being shy. Nice people, for sure.

    Jessica did really well with her first two songs. She did the best she could with the song written for her. The judges were criticizing the song, but that wasn’t her fault. She sounded just fine to me.

    STAND BY ME is my favorite song ever! I loved when David A. sang it in Season 7 and again on tour. It was breathtaking! I am sorry but Phillip’s version just left me empty. He was really struggling, but maybe it was the fact that he was in pain. He really seemed to need that guitar tonight. His third song was much better.

    Overall, Jessica had better performances, but it is that attractive young man that will win.

    The BEST Final 2 performance night ever was SEASON 7! David Vs David. It isn’t that tonight was awful, but it didn’t impress me. I think Jessica and Joshua might have been better. I think Jessica deserves the win. I think Phillip will win.

    EDIT: I was thinking about the three songs Taylor Hicks sang. Now, that’s how I like to be entertained. I am looking forward to some surprises tonight! It will be good to see all the other Idols again!


  13. Kariann,

    So glad you mentioned the final with Taylor Hicks. It was SO much more entertaining than last night’s show. I thought last evening was incredibly boring–so much so that I don’t think I’m going to bother staying up to see the finale tonight. I’ll record it and watch it later. I’ll be terribly surprised if Philip doesn’t win.

    Personally, my favorite finale was Season 2 with Clay and Reuben. Now that was an exciting end to a season!!!


  14. Hey All

    I am SO much with you guys. It was truly a Blahsay Blahsay moment. What?? For me it was one of the worst, if not THE worst Idol finale ever. And what was that “Undefeated” thing all about. I generally look forward to the finale every year. Last nights show looks like it was just thrown together. This time I think it had nothing at all to do with either of the performers. The producers just blew it,… And Scotty singing while the show is going off??? Really Maybe this IS “it” for Idol. If thats what the finale night is going to be for now on ….I think the show has had it.

    At any rate as I’ve said repeatedly …I don’t think its about the performance or the song at this point anyway. Everybody is just voting for their favorite. I know I did.

    My favorite is Jessica. I voted for her every week and if her performance had of been the worst performance in the world I would have still voted for her. I really enjoy her. BUT ….. the winner of Idol will be Phil Phillips, or else as I’ve been saying “I really don’t know how this game is played at all”


  15. Everybody is worried about PP at the finale.logically speaking its annoying!there are millions of Doctors in america,right!so if he is in a severe pain the Doc will not allow him to compete or else they have to cancel the american idiot show..and if he cant compete why they dont give a chance to Joshua Ledet to face Jessica in the finale.everybody is making a lot of stratigy to get peopls vote.come on america.dont lestin to that foolish story.vote to whom you like.kidny is not an exuse to get the vote.


  16. Yes i agree w/anabelle+ts true!what a hell are they talking about!why did the pain of his kidney wait him til the finale to get severe,that the people of americe will pity on to him.oh my goshhhhh!i thought american people are smart!squising his eyes or his face,its his style not because of pain,hell no……i have a kidney too i just went out the hospital 3 days ago and this since 1998,i could not walked 3x already attacked me and im a woman.its over acting to get the poepls vote.if they do the operation before no more pain and no hell drama not to wait the finale for that.yakssss!i dont want to buy his film,i hate drama.its up to you american people!


  17. Anabelle and Rizzajoy

    Maybe I missed it, but I never heard him or anybody at anytime on the show go into any detail about talk what was actually going on with him. They could have and they could have did it in great detail. And from what I understand its not something that just came up. He just had a surgery for the same thing last year. Its not new.

    And as far as Doctors making him go to the hospital , no Doctor has the right to force anybody to have a surgery. They can advise you to go but whether you want to have it or not is pretty much your own decision, not a doctors. If I was given an opportunity to have my talent showcased on a national show like Idol I think I would push myself to endure whatever pain I had to endure for that opportunity as well. It could change his entire future. Why would he let it pass by? Plus a commitment like that to push his self under such adverse situations, speaks volumes as to how he would commit his self to a professional career in the industry.

    A lot of people think Phil’s just getting “a sympathy vote” but I really don’t think its that at all.. I keep telling everybody, right now the american idol audience just seems to have a fascination for country singers and rockers because year after year thats the kind of act they keep on putting through. Phillip has a little of both. I don’t think its about his illness. I’m not a fan of either style, but apparently that style of music is what a lot of people like. As much as I love Joshua and I think he is best talent that has ever been on Idol … while I know there are a lot of people who feel like I do … I also KNOW with certainty that a lot of people don’t see that at all. We are not all drawn to the same things. I think a lot of people are literally crazy about Phil and thats why I believe he’s there. I’ve talked to many people who have no idea that he had a physical illness. Some just folks like him and some folks don’t. Hollie: Some folks like her, some folks don’t. Joshua: some folks like him, some folks don’t.



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