Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez, American Idol Season 11 Top 2 Finalists

Here Are Your Top Two American Idol Finalists For Season 11


On Thursday, May 17th, Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips learned that they would advance to the Top 2 Performance Finale.

When taking into consideration the performances during this week’s Top 3 Performance Show, it was a bit of a shocker to hear that Jessica would advance.

Both Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips received consistently positive reviews throughout the evening, leaving poor little Jessica confused and bewildered.

It’s no wonder she gasped when host Ryan Seacrest revealed that she was advancing to the Top 2 Finale. I think everyone did.

However, truth be told, she was a strong contender from Day One. American Idol producer, Nigel Lythgoe made absolutely certain that she was not pimped or hyped in any way. They learned their lesson last year with Top 2 Finalist, Lauren Alaina.

Except for the drama fest over her Top 7 save, the judges’ critiques re Jessica’s performances changed from week to week. They had a bit of an ambivalent nature toward her, as did record producer Jimmy Iovine.

Was this Idol’s strategy this year? Oh ya – you betcha! Nicely played, again, American Idol!

And to Phillip Phillips – here’s hoping that his health is stable and allows him to get through next week’s showcase with no difficulty. He sounded so very good last week – imagine how much better he will sound on tour once his health issues are properly addressed and treated. Stay strong, Phillip!

So, after all is said and done, are your happy with this Final Two? Throw me a crumb or two in the comments section, but remember to be respectful to all the singers and their fan-base.

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13 Responses to “Here Are Your Top Two American Idol Finalists For Season 11”

  1. Honestly – I don’t get Phillip Phillips. There is, in my opinion, very little true singing ability there. But apparently there is enough of the “it” factor, charisma, charm, whatever that he has made it this far. I would have vastly preferred a Joshua/Jessica finale but that was not what America (that would be the part of America that has a lot of time on their hands and can sit around for 2 hours text-voting) wanted. They wanted Phillip. So be it. I have not actually been watching that much since Elise was voted off but I have it all on TiVO. Hope everyone is doing well!!


  2. MCL,

    If you think I am to blame, I would happily offer to leave the site permanently. It seems that if you respond to someone who has attacked us as a group, then you become the bad guy. How convenient. I was very insulted by what Vonnie said in that post. I thought it was way over the top. I don’t think people have had a vendetta against Philip here at all. We are the most civilized site online. All one has to do is read comments on other forums, to see how truly hateful it can be.

    I don’t need to make excuses for liking Hollie. Of course, I didn’t mean to hurt Vonnie. I was responding as someone who was very hurt. The fact that she doesn’t have to also take responsibility for blasting everyone on this site for supposedly going after Philip in such a terrible way, is not fair at all. I didn’t start this. I merely responded and said what I felt. You seem to think that I am at fault.

    So will it make it all better if I now say that I won’t post anymore? Will that make it okay for Vonnie to come back since she has made me the bad guy? Maybe you should read what she initially said again and ask yourself if it was reasonable.


  3. Mindy – absolutely keep on posting. Vonnie as well. Let’s just let sleeping dogs lie and all that. The less said the better. No sense in adding more fuel to the fire.

    I know, over the years, some readers have taken me to task for the smallest thing – like my words are under a microscope or something – and they never come back. It is their right and I have learned over time to watch how I word things. Still learning, though. 🙂

    Sometimes, things hit us the wrong way or whatever and everything looks so much better the next day. How can a day make a difference? But it does. So, tomorrow is another day. Let’s start fresh, okay?


  4. Darlene – I don’t think we are seeing the best of Phillip. He has been extremely ill throughout this show and, quite frankly, am surprised he is performing as well as he can through all that pain. He sure is a tough cookie. And his Top 3 showcase was the best of the night, I thought.


  5. We lost another of the greats today. R.I.P. Robin Gibb. May God keep and comfort your loved ones in their hour of need.


  6. Yes, I just read this Taymaro. Thanks for adding mentioning it here.


  7. I’m really debating about whether I should comment here on some of the things above because I enjoy this site so much.

    Rather then say what I was going t say I’ll just say this. Vonnie if you are reading. I do understand how you feel. Me personally … while I enjoy talking with everybody here I really enjoy talking with you. This is the first time I’ve ever participated in any online community and you were my very first online friend. I’m really sad that to hear you won;t be posting anymore. If you’re not going to post here though ….will you come over and talk with me on my site? I just started this online talking stuff a couple of months ago and I even started a blog of my own which I post regularly on. Only thing is, I have no idea what I’m doing which is probably why nobody is there but me 🙂 I’m new to all of this and one thing I;ve learned here at MCLs site is, I love talking with music lovers and fans of Idol and you definitely have the kind of passion about music I like being around. Love to have you there. Especially Friday after Phil wins

    I hope you don’t mind. I made a friend at your site and shes’s leaving and I don’t want to lose contact. As for me…..I will always be here chiming in about the shows you post about that I enjoy. As I’ve said many times I really appreciated your putting this site up for us. Thanks again


  8. BrotherKarl – no problem at all. Sometimes, readers need new adventures plus you have established a wonderful connection with Vonnie and many others, as well.

    You are so gracious in your comments and in your support of this site. Thank you. Your site is wonderful as well and I hope the MCL community pay a visit to your community very soon.


  9. This is the most peaceful site around. It saddens me that there are hard feelings regarding Phillip. I will post what I did over at the Idol forums. This is an entertainment show and doesn’t really affect us personally. We shouldn’t argue, although discussion is always encouraged. BrotherKarl, I have enjoyed your messages and happy you have posted here. I hope no one leaves!

    Bottom line…real life involves fighting Cancer and Heart Disease.


  10. Thanks Karriann

    I enjoy your post as well. We’re all just running out mouths about things that really don’t matter that much anyway 🙂 Like you said … real life involves fighting Cancer and Heart Disease ……and figuring out how to help Detroit 🙂


  11. Brotherkarl…you are an absolute sweetheart…if the invitation still stands, I may very well pop in on your site…rode my scooter over there this morning and had myself a great read, I really liked your site!

    Thank you!



  12. Vonnie

    And i say to myself …………what a wonderfuuuuull World!!!


  13. Pretty off-topic, but one thing I’ve wondered about is Joshua’s vocal type. I realize his tessitura is pretty high. What kind of tenor is he?


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