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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 3 Results Show With Adam Lambert


Does anybody out there have any idea what is going on with this show this year? I thought for sure they wanted a female winner but after last evening’s performance show, it seems like a distant memory.

It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that talented little Jessica Sanchez was railroaded this week when given no choice but to sing three slow, mundane and archaic ballads. Where is the peppy Jessica that we came to know and love via her YouTube videos?. And shame on you Jimmy, Nigel and company for not playing fair all season.

This is not to disrespect Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips and their fans. They are legitimate performers and deserve to be part of this Top 13.

However, there are hoards of other fans out in the blogosphere who are pretty upset over the manner in which their Idol was treated this season. These feelings are not born from sour grapes but from the unevenness of the decision-making process re song selections.

Last-minute changes to performance songs should not be tolerated. And, if so, then the voters should be made aware of the situation.

Also, uneven song choices, such as what Jessica had to contend with this week is absolutely unfair. Three ballads! Three! Really? Whatever!


Let’s see what happens tonight on the Results Show. Oh, and lest I forget, the brilliant vocals of Idol alumnus, Adam Lambert, will adorn the stage. I can’t wait to hear him. Also, by the way, he is a Jessica and Joshua fan. Will both his favorites make the Top 2? Doubtful.

Tell it like it is in the comments section!

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39 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 11 Top 3 Results Show With Adam Lambert”

  1. MCL ~ after last nights show my husband and I decided we are rooting for Phillip. I voted for him. Phillip posseses the crucial likability factor. We know he isn’t the best singer but look back at past season’s winners. Lee Deweise, cute but unremarkable voice. Kris Allen, same thing.
    I am very disappointed with the treatment of the contestants. Hollie in particular. Deandre also. False praise doesn’t get past the viewers. I’m sure Jessica and Joshua are both very nice people but there were others just as talented.


  2. I think as far as the personality factor goes, at this point, the only one that is holding their own on stage and keeping an audience somewhat invested, imo, is Phillip (I can’t believe I just said that). He’s definitely not a strong vocalist by far, and, won’t make any money for the Idol franchise, moving forward, but, at this point, he’s the only one I could hear on the radio. Jessica, again, fantastic voice, but, there’s just no life in her. Joshua should do musicals and revivals, but he’s definitely not radio friendly.

    The powers-that-be at FOX have already said in their 2012 network launch that Idol needs some serious retooling. The rumor already is that JLo will not be returning, and she’s just as much as laid the groundwork herself for that announcement, in various interviews she’s been doing recently. I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see them let Steven go as well.

    We complain that many of the performances are the same every week, but you have to consider, the judges haven’t given any credible feedback to the performer’s to help them grow, therefore, of course they perform the same every week. It’s the judging panel that’s to blame.

    On that note, either Joshua or Jessica will go tonight, and Phillip will take the title this year, unless, some major drama happens or the Producer’s step in and change things up themselves, otherwise, this is an easy win for Phillip-squared.


  3. Chad and Ann Margaret – I do agree with both of you. However, I do like Jessica and am confused about the lack of connection to her. She seems like a quiet, unassuming young lady with an enormous vocal gift. I thought the viewers would embrace her with open arms.

    Also, I think the judges are puppets. They are told, in no uncertain terms, who to support and not. I don’t think the replacement of the judges will make any difference unless Nigel and Jimmy loosens the leash around their necks.


  4. MCL~ I probably seem like I’m being overly critical of Jessica. There are very few exquisitely gifted singers. I am thinking of females: Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Sheena Easton. Jessica’s vibrato is just too much and she barely sings the last word on many phrases. I’m sure with instruction she can correct these issues.
    I think people have a hard time connecting with her because she is so young. I feel she is too young to sing many of the songs she has had to sing on Idol.


  5. Hey All

    Enjoyed last nights show as usual and I particularly enjoyed Jessica’s first number. It was beautiful. Also enjoyed Joshua, my personal, who dialed for. And I have to admit while Phil is far away from my favorite, I always enjoy enjoy his performances.

    Listen … I asked a question a few days back regarding someone who said they dialed and at times got busy signals. No one ever responded to my question.

    Does any one else have that problem from time to time?

    Just curious. I have never in all the years I have voted for Idol winner ever had a busy signal …only the first year. I dial until I get tired and always get through. Just curious.

    I am so looking forwards to tonights show. I think I’ve been more interested in what the judges and Jimmy are saying then how the artist are performing, because whats said is what sways the votes. I’m really working on a theory regarding how the winners in each show are ultimately picked and it has nothing to do with their different performances or polls but a lot with the interaction of the artist with the judges, mentors, and other performers.

    Tonight, if my little theory continues to prove correct ….tonight Joshua, as much as I personally believe he is the most talented, will go. Jessica will be runner-up and Phil will be the next America Idol which I predicted a while back now. I predicted them in top 24, 10,5 and 3 and now I’m looking to see if I really know what I;m talking about, or if I’m nuts. :-0

    Definitely not the way I would WANT it to go or my personal picks … My personal pick for this years Idol would be Joshua and Jessica would be runner-up and Phil would be going tonight (actually long before now) . Just based on a little theory. I’ll know for certain if its right IF it goes the way I’m predicting…if it doesn’t, as Iv’e been saying it will just prove that what I’m working with is just hunches and guesses.


  6. I completely agree with you MCL. The blatant way the show pushes some of the singers and pushes other singers under the bus is ridiculous. If the show was really about ‘the best singer in the US’ as we’ve heard Randy say on numerous occasions, the singers should be treated equally and let the American viewers choose the winner. The judges keep saying this is a singing competition but the show’s bias treatment proves singing is not their # 1 priority. I see the appeal of all 3 singers but imo, Jessica is the best singer left. Unfortunately, I don’t think the show wants her to win so it probably won’t happen. What a pity!


  7. BrotherKarl – you must share your secret with us because I do believe Phillip has this in the bag. Just didn’t see it coming. Not at all!

    NCSev – when they retool Idol next year, the producers have to start with themselves. That’s where all problems start with to begin with! Starts always at the top!


  8. I like Joshua and Jessica.Phillip is ok but those two shine for me.It is dreadful the way Jessica was treated.But I guess however it goes we know Joshua and Jessica are the best two and for me Phillip should be third.


  9. LIstening to Jimmy Iovine tonite, I realized that his comments are something that I eagerly look forward to each week. Refreshingly honest and insightful.

    If they retool Idol next year, I hope they will give us more candid commentary like this. After Simon left, the producers said they were going to concentrate on being “positive and supportive.” This sounds good in theory, but I think Idol carried it too far.


  10. BrotherKarl – you. Are. dead. On!


  11. BrotherKarl, Last week when I tried to vote for Hollie I got many busy signals. That was also the first time that has happened for me. I did the online voting and just kept trying. I got quite a few votes in but it was busy quite a few times. I was actually using an internet phone line and my cell at the same time as casting votes online.

    At this point you may still be right about Phillip winning but as far as numbers go I don’t see how it could work. I really don’t see Joshua’s fans voting for Phillip next week. I actually see them voting for Jessica. Unless Phillip just has that many more voters that he could over come even that.

    But Phillip may still win. It’s not about the people who cast the votes, it’s about the people who count them unfortunately.


  12. MCL, I think this has been the worst year ever for the show to maintain it’s integrity. It’s really overwhelming how unfair and biased they have been throughout the season.

    I think it’s due to the competition from the other networks and other contests. American Idol is desperately trying to maintain respect among all of the other shows. They are afraid the really talented contestants might not come knocking on their door anymore and go to the other contests. They feel they must produce this year and they are not going to take any chances on anyone questionable. I guaranty you that they have someone working right now lining up songs for Phillip’s first album. If they can make their top contestants successful they feel as if the superb talent will come their way next season instead of going to “The Voice” or “The X Factor” or any place else. It’s the competition that is doing this to the show. I am glad to hear that they are planning big changes next year. I hear it involves a whole new judging panel.

    There has been a rumor that the winner is actually based on itunes downloads. There has also been a rumor that Phil is selling 3 times as many as any other contestant on the show.


  13. I found these numbers online for one week. Somehow iTunes mistakenly showed the Idol singles sales on their charts. They wouldn’t ordinarily be there. For this particular week these were the top sellers of the people on the show.

    The Voice has an agreement that their contestant’s singles will indeed show on the charts. Perhaps this is the reason that Ryan doesn’t mention iTunes anymore. He just says that they are available “online”.

    Here are the number for this particular week that they mistakenly showed up:

    25 Piano Man (American Idol Performance) – Colton Dixon
    83 Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song) [American Idol Performance] – Phillip Phillips
    215 Vienna (American Idol Peformance) – Elise Testone
    266 Everybody Has a Dream (American Idol Performance) – Jessica Sanchez
    631 Only the Good Die Young (American Idol Performance) – DeAndre Brackensick


  14. That ITunes information is a gem. But, it makes sense. I wonder how Jessica did with downloads yesterday and today.

    You raise a great deal of questions and make some valid points. I never thought that the contestants would be pulling the strings now but I guess they do.

    Still, American Idol is still a powerful show and this year’s winner of The Voice and X-Factor have yet to,prove their worth – although it is early still.

    But Scotty sure is making inroads and Adam Lambert and David Cook are still alive and kicking. Not to mention superstar such as Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Katharine McPhee, David Arxhuleta etc. The list is endless.


  15. You see that everyone loved Piano man by Colton Dixon and Phillip wasn’t far behind. Way back was Elise in third with Jessica close behind and then pretty far behind was DeAndre.

    This is just for one week though. We have no way of knowing about the rest of the weeks I don’t think. Unless they are listed somewhere else.


  16. Interesting. No Joshua? No Hollie? Thanks for posting these numbers Taymaro.


  17. I understand that a lot of the AI contestants have gone on to do well but most say it is in spite of being on AI instead of the result of being on there.

    That’s the consensus within my circle any way. LOL Others might consider it differently.


  18. DeAndre didn’t want to perform that song. He wanted to perform a reggae version of “The Longest Time” but the producers chose this song for the group song the day before the performance show. So, DeAndre was stuck with this number. Yup – nice work Producers! The reggae version of this song would have been so good.


  19. But it is a stepping stone. A way to increase your fanbase and get noticed.


  20. BTW the same article I got this from predicted that two of the three: Colton, Jessica, and Phillip would be in the finale. That prediction came true tonight.


  21. Yes, they took that song away from him. They were afraid of him for some reason. I think they actually did recognize his potential as well as Hollie’s but they weren’t in the master plan so they had to get rid of them and sabotage them. I actually think they both fought back pretty hard. I noticed one thing last night when everyone else was standing for Jessica’s performance of “I’ll Be There”, Hollie was not standing up or clapping or anything. Read into that what you will but I did notice that. I was paying close attention to those former contestants.


  22. Hmm she wasn’t? That seems strange. Maybe Hollie is still hurting or else there is a side to her that we don’t know or understand. Interesting.


  23. IDK maybe they just caught a glimpse of her at an awkward time.

    BTW, Adam Lambert did an amazing job tonight IMO. I think he resented the comments that these three finalists were the best ever on American Idol because he really gave it all he had tonight.


  24. Hello ~ I was in a state of shock when Joshua was sent home. I didn’t think Jessica had a chance. I have been a fan of hers before the show started. Viewing her YouTube videos shows what a great talent she is. I wish she had never be in jeopardy to go home. As some suspect, did that really happen or was it just a drama stunt?

    First of March I found this information:

    I don’t know if anyone remembers my post from the first week of March?

    If you want to put money on who will win American Idol season 11, Phillip Phillips is your best bet, literally. An online gambling site has set odds on this season’s Top 13 on American Idol, and Phillips is the favorite to win at 7:2. However, Jessica Sanchez is close behind him at 4:1 odds

    I just hope they both have great song choices. I want to see Jessica do some soul/rock. She has it in her. None of this three slow tempo songs where she hardly moves.

    Taymaro, I did notice Hollie’s lack of enthusiasm for Jessica. Obviously, she wasn’t a bhg fan of Jessica’s. Did you notice Jeremy had a photo of Jessica which he held up to the camera. I felt he was pleased with her.

    Adam is a star.


  25. Hi BrotherKarl ~ I voted for 2 hours straight and got all busy signals in Season 2 – trying to vote for Clay Back then, there was only one number available. Usually, when you get a busy signal, it means all circuits are overloaded. Sometimes, trying one of the other numbers help.

    Chad, Jessica is young. I am sure she will get some basic PR training. Also, they will work with her on how to interact with the audience. The tour will be great training for her. Also, I’d like to see some teen songs reflecting her age. Let her have some fun on stage. She’s so cute in her YouTube videos, but seems quite shy on Idol. I want both Phillip and Jessica to give their best performance possible.

    Definitely looking forward to both shows next week!


  26. I’m not sure we should try to read too much into Hollie not applauding for Jessica. I saw her interviewed after she was voted off and she was very gracious about all three of the remaining contestants. However, I do remember they did a brief intervieiw of Jessica, Hollie, and Joshua before they sang a song together a few weeks ago, and Jessica seemed to be an outsider not really understanding the close friendship that Hollie had with Joshua. Hollie probably knew that it was either going to be Jessica or Hollie last night and was sad that her best friend didn’t make the finals.

    Honestly, while I congratulate the two remaining contestants, I am not the least bit excited about the final. I don’t care enough about either of them to prefer one over the other. I would have much preferred having Joshua in the final.


  27. I meant to say about that Hollie probably knew it was either going to be Jessica or Joshua going home. Everyone probably knew that Philip was a shoe-in.


  28. Hey All

    Thanks Karriann and Taymarro for filling me in with that phone thing. I wish there was some kind of way to tell at the times folks are voted off, what areas receive the most busy signals. I didn’t know that happened. Its curious.

    Well ….Joshua, my very favorite is gone but as you know I’m not surprised because I;ve been saying for a while now how I believe everything would go down based on this little theory I have regarding the show. While I’ve seen it work since the beginning up until this week, I’d be lying if I said I am not disappointed that Joshua will no longer be performing as a soloist on the show because I really enjoy him.

    You guys were talking about Hollies response. Alls I’m going to say is, its those kinds of responses that we (as well as the judges) all see from ALL OF THE PERFORMERS on Idol throughout the whole process and its all those little things that helps determine who the ultimate Idol will be. It’d nice if it were just talent. It would make it a lot easier, but unfortunately its not.

    I’ll be voting for Jessica next week because she is my favorite of the 2 … but according to this little theory I’ve been working with since day 1, the winner will be Phil


  29. BrotherKarl – I meant to say in a previous comment that I am sorry that Joshua as eliminated. He was your favorite and you have shown, by example and grace, now to handle oneself after a favorite is eliminated. Kudos to you. We can all learn from you. Just accept and move on. It’s not life and death.

    Joshua will do just fine. Apparently, he was Nigel Lythgoe’s favorite contestant on the show this season, so that bodes well for his future success.

    So, if all goes according to your plan, Phillip is the winner. Shall we celebrate now or wait until next week? I am rooting for Jessica as well. She is talented and it’s time for a female win. Ha! It will be great to hear all of the Top 13 next week.


  30. Thanks for the kudos MCL. This site has really helped me to understand a lot about some of the viewers of Idol and their favorites, which I had never thought of prior, and so I I’m just trying to govern myself according to the different things I’ve learn. Thank You. I look forward to coming to this site as much as I do the show.

    Celebrate? 🙂 ….Ummmmm not yet. The truth is ….I’m really hoping I’m proved wrong. I’d love to see little Jessica as the winner, but even if she doesn’t I’m going to be right here celebrating with Vonnie and the other folks here rooting for Phil. Its a great feeling when you see the person you root for keep making it to the next level. You guys felt it here every time Hollie made it another round .A lot of hoping and a lot of dialing. Same with Phil’s fans. They are going to love that day because every week somebody was there just waiting for him to go …and he’s still here. So I’m sure theres going to be a whole lot of relishing in it next week .


  31. I think that the judges have not made constructive comments and proper recommendations to the contestants.I think that the remarks made by the judges influences the voters.The judges have nothing critical to say to the contestants.Jimmy is on the money most of the time. Hollie and Jessica are the two people who should have been in the final sing off. Philip Philip should have been eliminated a long time ago. Any way as it stands Hollie was gone and it should have been Joshua and Jessica in the final. Joshua is a crier and screamer he should have been gone after Philip to leave Jessica and Hollie in the finals.It is very depressing to see that good singers are voted off the show. Well until the next season.


  32. Vonnie-If you are around, I just want to say, even though I’m not a Philip fan, congratulations that your guy made it to the Finale! Please don’t be afriad to comment. We appreciate you here Vonnie!!!!


  33. Anita – I actually became a huge Phillip fan on Wednesday. He was amazing! But have you heard the news of his illness? He needs surgery pronto. I feel so sorry for that kid. He must be enduring incredible pain.


  34. Lionel – I really feel that the judges are powerless. Something seemed so off about them this year.

    All those standing Os for Joshua were so scripted. I mean, in all the years watching Idol, I have never seen that happen. Never.

    Joshua did deserve the occasional one, but every week? So strange. It was overkill.

    You can critique these singers without pampering them. Tough love! Point out what’s good, where they could improve and call it a day.

    Everyone needs to raise their personal bar on a regular basis in this business. It never ends. Artists are a work in progress always.


  35. Rosanne-Yes, I read about Phillip today. I feel bad for him, and it’s going to be extra tough on him to get through the next week. I hope everything works out for Phillip. He seems like a very pleasant guy, and I still say his Homecoming was the most touching of the three. I was very impressed with his last performance, and liked it very much. I’ve read comments on other various sites , and people describe Phillip as talentless, and that is so untrue.


  36. Rosanne-I just read tonight on MJ’s Blog that Nigel revealed who his favorite contestant of the season is, and guess who? It’s Joshua! I think that may answer why all the constant standing ovations! Just a thought!


  37. I just had to come on here after reading the comment about Hollie not looking happy about Jessica when the camera happened to be on her. Of all the things I have read, that is the most unfair and absurd thing to read something negative into one brief camera shot. Hollie was very close with Skylar and Joshua. There has never been any hint of meanness in this girl. Week after week, she stood up on that stage and let those stupid clown judges give her scripted comments that were outright lies and badlly misleading. Not one bad face, not one word back. So can we please give her a break?

    I was watching the contestants when the camera panned to them. I saw Erika shake her head no vigorously when the judges said that Philip’s last performance was his best. Elise had some really bad expressions on her face at times, almost like disgust. Hollie, Skylar and Shannon were cheering on Joshua. I think these kids bonded and like each other a lot. So can we please refrain from making assumptions that mean nothing?


  38. Rosanne-I noticed you already knew Joshua was Nigel’s favorite!


  39. Mindy, I actually voted for Hollie like crazy! I was just giving an observation. I said “read into that what you will” I didn’t make any assumptions or accusations. It was just something interesting that I noticed.

    I was hoping someone would give a plausible explanation for it. Sorry if I offended anyone.


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