Happy Superbowl Sunday Everyone


I have never been so excited for The Superbowl. Seriously. This is nuts. I do love sports but don’t LOVE sports, if you know what I mean.

When my choir was invited to sing the American and Canadian National anthems at the Toronto Skydome back in the day, I had no idea who the athletes were. As they walked right by me, I didn’t bat an eyelash, but my singers were falling apart before my eyes, worrying whether they would trip and fall when they walked to center field to perform. Funny stuff.

But this year, the hype and excitement has overwhelmed me. Now, I should tell you that I am pretty pumped to watch Kelly Clarkson perform the anthem as well as to see and hear Madonna during the half-time show.

So, as you can plainly see, the music component attached to this major sports event is a catalyst for my interest in this year’s game.

Truth be told, I probably won’t watch most of the game – just hang-out with family until the half-time show, which will receive my undivided attention.

And the commercials should be fun, although I have already seen them all on Facebook or YouTube.

My favorite is the Seinfeld/Leno Acura commercial and my least favorite is the Elton John/Melanie Amaro Pepsi commercial. Don’t know what they were thinking when they filmed this Pepsi mess. And stealing from Seinfeld just seems so desperate and sad.

Adding to the air of excitement, the Season 2 Premiere of The Voice begins immediately after the Superbowl at 10:00 PM or so on NBC.

Plus, we will probably be seeing umpteen commercials hyping NBC’s highly anticipated new show, SMASH, starring American Idol Season 5 Runner-Up the immensely talented Katharine McPhee.

It premieres on NBC on Monday, February 6th at 10:00 P.M., following the second episode of The Voice.


Not too shabby for a network that has been struggling over the past few years. That NBC Peacock must be sprouting some pretty proud feathers.

You can also watch the entire Superbowl online or on your mobile phone.

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14 Responses to “Happy Superbowl Sunday Everyone”

  1. Beautiful performance by your choir Rosanne!! Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a great day, too!! P.S. Have my TiVO programmed for The Voice :)!


  2. Yay! Nice to see you back Darlene and thank you for your kind words re the choir. They worked tremendously hard that year – it was our 15th Anniversary. Can’t wait to see The Voice.


  3. Very pretty, Rosanne!! Hi, Darlene!

    I loved the half-time performance! Madonna rocked! She is an entertainer; the results were electrifying. Imagine being 53 and doing cartwheels in high heels. Unbelievable. The guest performers were cool, too. I wanted another song.


  4. Well, I want to save my more thoughtful comments for the official Voice post, but Jesse Campbell – wow wow wow wow. And he’s only going to get better with Christina’s coaching. He’s definitely keeper. I liked the other performers who got chosen too. Can’t wait to hear the next shows :). I didn’t catch the whole half-time but I have it recorded so will check out the whole performance. I definitely want to see that cartwheel!!


  5. I have to say,that Kelly Clarkson did the best, most respectful version of the Star Spangled Banner that I have heard in years. I remember hearing Anne Murray interviewed a couple of years ago,and she commented that too many singers were doing too many vocal gymnastics when singing either the Canadian or American anthems. I agree with her,there’s nothing like hearing them sung straight up to determine the real vocal talents of the singer. No wonder everyone considers Kelly Clarkson the best Idol ever!


  6. Hope they post a video – I missed that part of the game. I think Jordin Sparks sung it 2 years ago & was great too. It’s really a great song when it’s sung right. Kudos to Kelly!!


  7. OK, I found it by going to the source (YouTube). Kelly was terrific. And Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton were beyond cute – what a great duet of America the Beautiful!!


  8. i too watched the videos. that included an extended version of the pepsi commercial. i just realized as i’m writing this, that i had the same problem with the commercial that i had with the whole x-factor show: overblown. maybe the commercial was better in its shortened version, but i find it is interesting, no one has mentioned it here yet. did anyone see it? when they talked about the winner-to-be’s ‘own commercial’, i thought it meant, ‘just the winner’, not big names like elton john and a ‘cast of thousands’. as i watched melanie sing i thought, how many people are saying ‘who is she and why should i care?’.

    and…on idol..i haven’t wanted to be spoiled, so i’ve not looked for what goes on in ‘hollywood’, i always like to see what happens ‘when it happens’.


  9. Bee – you raise an interesting point. Melanie was certainly not alone in this commercial plus the acting and script were both awful, awful, awful! To steal from Seinfeld just seems so desperate. No creativity there whatsoever. I know many will not agree with us, but oh well…


  10. I love Kelly Clarkson. Huge fan here. But, honestly, her singing was a technical mess. Thank heavens for the children’s choir. I have never heard her voice sound so tight and constrained. But, I am in a minority, so I will leave it at that. Even my daughter loved her and we usually agree on everything.

    On the bright side, I am so glad that her career is on a strong upswing again. She deserves it.


  11. mcl, i love your words about kelly. i thought she did a bit of embellishing that she didn’t have to, and i’m surprised that i’ve seen some say she did no embellishing and that is why they liked it. at least she was in a warm building, so wind and cold didn’t have to be dealt with.

    i never watched seinfeld so i didn’t know that woebegotten pepsi commercial was ‘stolen’. i just don’t think melanie will sell any more music based on that commercial, and i don’t know if any more pepsi will be purchased. 🙂 [ooops, apparently woebegotten is not a word??? 🙂 ] elton john had cut down madonna earlier about her win at the golden globes, so i wonder how he felt about singing with an ‘unknown’???

    i’m curious: what did you think of blake and miranda? when i watched the video i just had to giggle at blake…to me he’s just a funny guy and does that to me. 🙂


  12. Blake and Miranda were fine. Nice harmonies there. And they both looked relaxed.

    My problem with Kelly is that she lost her rhythmic focus midway through the song because of her inefficient breathing. Then tried to play “catch-up”.

    It probably wasn’t noticeable to the average listener, but I felt nervous for her at this point.

    At any rate, the fans have rallied around her and are ecstatic with her performance. That’s all that matters. I was concerned that the press would crucify her, but it all looks good from the articles I have read.


  13. OK, must go back & listen to Kelly again. In my defense, it was late last night & I was a bit pooped. I just viewed the Seinfeld ad as well as the Elton John/Melanie Amaro ad. I’m not sure I understand the stealing part but clearly the Seinfeld ad was much better. I especially like the Soup Nazi bringing soup to the guy who was #1. And not just a small container – an entire pot!! The Elton John/Melanie Amaro ad was kind of lame. I’m glad you liked Blake & Miranda. As you know, I adore Blake from the last season of the Voice. They’re an adorable couple.


  14. It was the “no Pepsi for you” comment – idea was to parallel the Soup Nazi. Seemed ridiculous to me. 🙂 🙂


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