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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The X Factor Season One: The Live Shows Begin


This week’s X Factor, scheduled to air from 8:00 – 10:30 P.M. Eastern on Tuesday, October 25th, will give us an opportunity to see the 17 Finalists perform live.

The telecast is unusually long because the Top 12 singers will be determined by the judges during the final segment of the show.

Then, next week, the show progresses to performance and results shows on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. I am assuming the elimination will be similar to American Idol where one singer is eliminated each week.

But, given this is The X Factor and Simon Cowell is the boss, who knows what will happen from here on in?

However, one thing is for certain – the production numbers will be extremely high. Simon loves high scale productions and no cost will be spared. He wants this show to be a success.

Will you be watching or recording tonight’s 2.5 hours extravaganza? Well, either way, visit the comments section and add your thoughts. 🎃

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Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic began her musical career in Timmins, Ontario. She studied piano with Anne Pizzale and later, at an advanced level, with Soeur Anita Vaugeois (Sister Cecile of Les Soeurs De L’Assomption in Timmins). Her vocal and accompaniment skills were nurtured by her aunt, the late Dorothea Mascioli. When Rosanne graduated from O’Gorman High School, she moved on to the University of Toronto where she continued her piano and vocal studies while attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was hired as a piano accompanist for several musical companies, most notably, the National Ballet Of Canada. She presently holds an A.R.C.T. Teacher’s Diploma in Voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Rosanne has studied choral conducting with numerous well known Canadian Conductors, including Wayne Riddell of Montreal, Quebec and the internationally renowned Dr. Elmer Iseler. She has been a founding member of numerous community-based arts organizations: the Timmins Arts Council, later known as Arts & Culture Timmins, the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, and, the Timmins Youth Singers…as well as the TYS Alumnus choir, the Timmins Concert Singers. In 1987, she was also selected to be the conductor of the Timmins Board Of Education Choir, comprised of talented students from Grades 5 to 8. In 1988, she was elected to the Board Of Directors of the Ontario Choral Federation (now known as Choirs Ontario), where she served as Chair of the Festivals Committee for six consecutive seasons. In 1996, in honour of the Ontario Choral Federation’s 25th Anniversary, Rosanne was selected as one of 25 recipients of the OCF’s Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contribution to the choral art. The ceremony was presided by Lieutenant Governor, Hal Jackman. In November 1997, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Rotary Club Of Timmins to receive the prestigious Paul Harris Award for her years of dedication to the artistic development of young musical talent in Timmins. In August of 2002, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Board Of Directors of Choirs Ontario to serve as Conductor of both the Provincial Junior and Teen Choir Camps, now renamed in honour of the Camp Benefactors, Don and Lillian Wright. In November 2002, Rosanne was the one of the recipients of the Commemorative Medal for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, honouring her work in the development of the arts in Timmins. Under Rosanne Simunovic’s direction, the Timmins Youth Singers and the Timmins Concert Singers have been featured in numerous choral festivals and performing opportunities outside of Timmins. In 1985, they were selected to partici

61 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For The X Factor Season One: The Live Shows Begin”

  1. Astro tonight has been the best. Chris’s vocals were off. Phillip had a cheesy song.
    Astro is just the real deal. I am not even a fan of rap but that kid is mega talented.


  2. MCL, how incredible was Josh?!! INCREDIBLE!!!


  3. There sure were a number of great performances tonight! The best of course being Melanie! She just blows me away! Her voice never sounds forced, but instead, sounds so fluid, and gorgeous. Josh has the best male voice in the competition for sure. What a stunning performance! Drew is another one I like so much. How she interprets songs with such uniqueness is amazing. She sounded so beautiful tonight. I actually like her more than Rachel. I’m getting excited again about this show, and am hoping there won’t be the continual pimping like there is during A.I. I’m just not sure what Simon was thinking when he chose Simmone. That really floors me how he picked her instead of Melanie to begin with. There was nothing special about her performance at all.


  4. Erin – yes he was. Just excellent.


  5. Aubrey – love this kid and I am not a Rap Fan. Amazing talent for one do young.


  6. Well said Anita. I wish, however, that Simon would deep-six the smugness. He is going to destroy his own show if he doesn’t.

    That being said, Melanie is an absolutely brilliant singer and she just may win this competition. But, I love Drew, Rachel and Astro and many of the others. It’s a strong lineup.


  7. Host Steve Jones was really struggling. Uncomfortable, deer in the headlights look throughout the whole show. I have a new respect for the fine job Ryan Seacrest does on Idol.

    Although I don’t have any objections to the choices the judges made tonite, this episode illustrated two techniques that X Factor will be using to manipulate who stays or goes home each week (as it does on the British version):

    1) Song choice: Unlike Idol, the X Factor judges choose the songs. When contestants are targeted for elimination, they will get oddball songs outside their normal style that they would never choose on their own. LA Reid gave jazz singer Philip a Monkees song (I’m a Believer) that gave us no chance to see him perform in his signature style. Contestants targeted to stay (like Drew and Josh tonite) will get great song choices that showcase their signature style.

    2) Sound mix and control: Contestants targeted for elimination will often get a bad sound mix. This was evident with Philip, but was particularly obvious with Tiah who we could barely hear as she was drowned out by the backing track. What we did hear of her voice sounded like a mushy bowl of oatmeal due to bad sound mix. Contestants targeted to stay (again like Drew and Josh tonite) will get a great sound mix with lots of reverb that enhances their vocals to make them sound as good as possible.

    When he was on Idol, Simon once joked that who won the competition was too important to leave to the voters. Now that he’s in control of his own show with $5 million at risk, he will no longer be joking about this. He will not shy away from using whatever manipulations he can legally get away to help get the results he wants.

    An example from British X Factor helps illustrate the tight control Simon exercises over the show. After a contestant was sent home one week, it was widely attributed to a bad song choice. The contestant later said he and his mentor had together picked what they thought was a great song, but Simon vetoed it because the song was “too good.” When asked if Simon controls the song choices of the other judges, judge Louis Walsh told a reporter: “Every decision made on the show is subject to Simon’s approval.”


  8. Well, that certainly was a Iong show! I did watch the performances of the Girls and Guys (Boys) and switched back to DWTS. There were a few impressive performances. I will check with YouTube for any I missed that I liked.

    Well, my favorite guy was Phillip. He’s gone, so I have less of a desire to watch the show and definitely will NOT be voting. Besides there will be 5 ways to vote, so it won’t be fair. Simon will control things, no doubt about it.

    Thank you, malden for explaining some of the details of the show. I am not surprised. I wanted Phillip to go on because I do NOT like Rap or Hip Hop. There isn’t one guy that interests me – Chris should have been sent home. The drama of the judges is so phoney. They know who they will be sending home!

    Melanie and Drew would be stars on Idol and I am please they are going on. Rachel still needs some work; however, I am sure Disnay is paying attention. They may also like some of the kids in the “Mini-Glee” group (InTENsity).

    MCL, like you Simon’s smugness is bugging me. He has such a big ego and will surely control the outcome anyway he can. Yes, this is a good show – but what they did to the performances was outlandish. I prefer American Idol with all its flaws.


  9. Did you notice anything odd about the dancers tonite?

    This is another similarity with the British version of X Factor and how the show attempts to influence the outcome. In the early weeks of the season, the most favored contestants usually perform without dancers to help focus the viewers attention and build a connection with the performer. The non-favored contestants get lots of cheezy dancers prancing around to distract the viewer’s attention away from the performers.

    To summarize the dancing on tonite’s show:

    Of the 5 acts eliminated, all 5 had lots of dancers.

    In Over 30 category, Dexter was the only act with dancers. He was sent home.

    In the Groups category, Brewer Boys was the only act with dancers. They were sent home.

    Of the 12 acts kept, only 4 had dancers:
    Marcus (the dancers stayed in the background to avoid taking focus off Marcus)
    Josh (There were two dancers in the background who might have been performing on video.)

    So far, almost every aspect of this show is closely following the pattern of the British show.


  10. Here is some info about the show you might find useful:

    Starting next week, the performance show will be on Wed and the results show on Thurs (except for Thanksgiving week when it’s Tues and Wed).

    Based on what happens with the British version of X Factor, here is what to expect:

    Each week, the bottom two vote-getters will be announced, then the judges will vote on who to send home. If the vote is tied, whoever gets the lowest public vote goes home.

    This works somewhat like the “Judges Save” on Idol, except the “save” happens every week.

    On the British X Factor, it has become a tradition that, whenever possible, a judge does not vote to eliminate his own act. If both bottom vote getters have the same mentor, the judge might vote to eliminate one of his acts (after proclaiming at length how agonizing the choice is), or he may decide to abstain from voting on the grounds that neither of his acts deserve to be in the bottom two.

    If, after three judges have voted, the vote is 2 to 1, the fourth judge will sometimes proclaim with great drama and emotion that casting the deciding vote is just too difficult, and will then announce that he’s voting to create a tie of 2 to 2 so that the public vote will prevail, thus taking the judge off the hook for sending someone home.


  11. Thanks for all of the information, Malden. Last night, it was really obvious to me from the time Philip performed that he was being set up to be the one who would be eliminated. Although I really like some of the remaining contestants, I really don’t like this show at all.


  12. Drew is amazing. MCL what is it about her voice that is so captivating?

    Rachel adorable. What a voice for one so young. Josh the tone, timber and power of his voice are so pleasant to my ears.

    The only act I wanted to go through that didn’t was the Brewer Boys and frankly they were not that good last night.

    Better Talent than AI, IMO


  13. I agree that Drew’s voice is captivating, unlike anything I’ve heard from someone so young. It has a haunting quality similar to Alanis Morissette and Sarah McLaughlin.


  14. Well Bummer…I really wanted Phillip to stay on, I really liked him, especially since he was the only guy that from the four that I wanted to make it to the live show, the rest of my guys got left at the mansions!

    Josh and Melanie were great last night…BUT…not enough for me to keep watching!

    I not only found Simon Smug, but LA disrespectful. It was not simone or Tiah’s fault that Simon put them through, in my opinion neither one of them should have made it to the live show. He did not need to be insulting to those two girls!

    One aspect that I do find kind of humorous…the judges song choices! How many times have we heard; song choice, song choice, song choice, and yet the one’s who are always giving it to the contestants about poor song choices couldn’t even give their contestants great songs!?!?!?!?!?


  15. This is another is my series of posts about the techniques used in the British X Factor to influence or manipulate the results of the competition. This issue is relevant because it gives insight into what we might see in the U.S. show.

    This post is about what might be called The Great Cher Lloyd Controversy.

    In last year’s British X Factor, Cher Lloyd was a contestant favored by the judges but not so much by the public, as she often ended up in the bottom two.

    In all previous seasons of X Factor, during the early weeks of the competition, the public votes determined the bottom two, and the judges selected the person to save. But beginning with the Top 5, only the public votes determined the Top 4 who went on to the Grand Finale. The judges no longer had any votes beginning with the Top 5.

    So on Top 5 performance night, the show announced as usual that the Top 4 would be determined only by public votes. The next day on results night, Cher was once again in the bottom two. But a sudden change had been made. It was announced that the judges, not the public votes, would determine the person to save and send to the Finale. And the judges chose to save Cher, just as they had every previous time she was in the bottom two.

    This caused a huge uproar and controversy among viewers, and the British tabloids were full of stories speculating about three issues:

    — that Simon had plans to sign Cher to a major contract
    — that Simon wanted Cher in the Top 4 Finale to promote her career
    — that Cher came in last in Top 5 votes and the rules were changed to save her.

    Simon denied everything, saying the stories were a bunch of lies, that he had no plans to sign Cher, that he did not know if she came in last in the Top 5 voting because he doesn’t pay attention to votes, and that the show has no official “rules” so to claim they were changed is irrelevant.

    Subsequently, the following events took place:

    — At the Finale, Cher was the first of the Top 4 to be voted off by the public.

    — After the series ended, Simon signed her to a $2 million contract.

    — It was learned that Cher had, in fact, been the lowest vote-getter during Top 5 week and would have been sent home if the rules had not been changed at the last minute. We know this because, in response to a previous vote controversy in Season 4, the show had agreed to release all weekly vote totals after each season.

    I doubt if Simon would attempt to manipulate things quite so blatantly with the U.S. show. But this story does illustrate how far Simon is willing to go to achieve the result he wants.


  16. Holy! Lots of information here from Malden. Thank you so much. It confirms much of what I suspected about this show.

    I thought there was evidence of lip synching last night, particularly among the groups.

    The “preferred” soloists all enjoyed tons of reverb and special effects in the mike mix.

    Philip looked devastated last night as did Dexter. I would have preferred that they stay, although Phillip really, really needs to work on his vocals.


  17. Aubry – I do agree that the talent on X Factor is miles above American Idol. After Season 7, everything went downhill.

    However, don’t forget, there is a ton of manipulation on this X Factor – from song choice, to special mike effects, to distracting production elements.

    I do love the unique entity that each singer brings to his or her performing style.

    Drew has this gorgeous, ethereal to her voice and great artistic instincts. The light, lyrical quality in her voice sets her apart from the pack.


  18. I can’t stand Astro, he’s super obnoxious, as most rappers are!


  19. Vonnie,

    I’m with you regarding LA. That was wrong of him to insult Simone, especially on Live television. No, she shouldn’t have made it to the show, but he didn’t need to rub it in her face. After LA said that, did you notice how he made a face and kind of stuck his nose up at her? LA and Simon need to shape up, or ship out (like that’s going to happen, lol). I’m loving both Paula and Nicole, though!


  20. malden, i am curious about your knowledge about the british show. are you from britain? did you watch the show there? or did you somehow find the show on the internet. great added insight for us.

    for me the show seemed way overproduced. i like simplicity. let me hear the singer. i don’t need all the dancers flouncing around, and all that other production stuff. that was what bothered me about The Voice. it is all just too cluttered, too slick.

    and rachel, good grief. i loved how she looked before, a cute fresh, 13 y.o. now they have her all flounced up.

    i really didn’t enjoy the show, it was just too gooped up.


  21. as i read malden’s posts more thoroughly, i wondered about the u.s. laws about ‘game shows’. is this not considered a ‘game show’? i wonder how u.s. laws differ from british laws regarding ‘game shows’? if there is all this manipulation, isn’t it like giving a contestant ‘the answers’ which is illegal.


  22. malden, i am wondering, regarding your comments about Cher Lloyd. did she ever ‘make it big’ with simon’s big contract, or, did the public not respond, just like they didn’t during the show’s voting?


  23. some of these contestants seem so close to the edge and i wonder why they were ever put forward. dexter just seems to have a strange vibe, like he’s not all there. i notice how he talks about being so poor and so homeless and yet in one of the clips awhile ago he was using a cell phone. that’s costly.

    stacie also seems so close to the emotional edge.

    on the other hand astro and simone seem so extremely full of themselves it is hard to watch. astro has talent, simone just seemed to primp and pose in front of the camera. yes, a very pretty girl, but i’m not interested in watching all the posing she’s practiced in the mirror at home rather than her singing.

    tia does hold a certain fascination for me. i’m shocked he let her go after all his apparently pushing her through til the very end.


  24. Anita,

    I did notice that and also his little “Psstt” sound to I think Tiah…just plain rude! LA didn’t make the best choices either with the boys, so he shouldn’t be jerking his nose around about Simons choices (even thought they were really bad).


    I wondered why they put Dexter through from auditions, there were others more worthy then of his spot and alot more worthy to go to the mansions and two more, more worthy to come to the live shows!!!


  25. Could this show be worse? I’m thankful for my DVR.


  26. Bee,

    To respond to your questions, I’ve been watching the British X Factor via youtube since the first season 8 years ago. Compared to American Idol, the British X Factor is wild and wacky and full of outrageous manipulations.

    Each season, the final 12 always includes one or two characters like Dexter included only for comedy value. Two recent examples include Jedward (a twin act) and Wagner. Here are links to a performance from each (warning: prepare to be horrified):


    Simon wisely decided not to include such ridiculous acts in the final 12 of the U.S. show. He apparently concluded that any comedy value they added would be offset by damage to the show’s credibility as a talent competition (an issue that does not appear to concern him with the British show).

    When I first began observing all the wackiness and manipulations of the British show, it offended my sense of fairness and propriety. But over the years, both I and the British public have come to realize that wackiness and manipulations are an inherent part of Simon’s concept of the show. When asked about this issue, Simon responds by saying that people are missing the point when they complain about untalented contestants, or unfairness, or rules being changed at the last minute. The show, he says, has no set rules (he makes them up or changes them on the fly), the goal is entertainment not fairness, and that he does whatever will maximize the entertainment value of the show.

    Regarding Cher Lloyd, her debut album is due for release next month. She is somewhat like a female version of Chris Rene on the U.S show, being a singer/rapper (as opposed to a pure rapper like Brian/Astro). Here is a link to the music video of her first single:

    Regarding your question about U.S. laws and game shows, Idol fans have often talked about this. A federal law against fixing game shows was passed after the famous scandals of the 1950s. But the laws don’t apply to singing competition shows because they don’t meet the legal definition of game shows.

    In Britain, a government agency known as Ofcom (Office of Communications) is responsible for regulating TV shows. Every year, there are stories in the British press about Ofcom investigating X Factor for some infraction or offense. After Ofcom investigated a voting controversy in Season 4, X Factor reluctantly agreed to release all weekly vote totals at the end of each season. This is a great idea, and I would love to see both Idol and X Factor do this in the U.S.


  27. Gene W,

    To answer your question…it is horrible!!!

    Here’s what I think happened with Simon, Caitlyn, and Melani. Simon wants a Drew win, so he picked girls that he thinks will not be a competition to his “girl”…what he wasn’t expecting is the other judges to call him out on it, after all he didn’t call them out on their picks as wacky as some of them were.

    Watch for Melani and Josh to be thrown under the bus by Simon…Drews biggest threats! I like Drew but have a feeling that if I were to watch, I would not like her by the end just because of the pimping, so I’m not watching!!!


  28. Hey, you guys really have your boxing gloves on. Gotta love it.

    With all the manipulation happening with this show, it seems almost pointless to write Vocal Masterclass articles.

    There was some serious vocal tampering throughout this week’s live show. It was really apparent in the final group of girls. Sorry, can’t remember the name.

    And could they have added more reverb to Drew’s voice? Honestly!!


  29. MCL, I do hope you will provide us with Masterclass articles on X Factor. They might be the only thing that will keep some us sane while watching this show.

    The girl group you referred to is Lakoda Rayne. It appeared to me they were signing along to a backing track of their own recorded vocals, which in my book comes close to the definition of lip syncing.


  30. mcl, i agree with malden, i truly hope you grace us with your masterclass articles.


  31. Vonnie,
    I agree that many of the cuts in the previous round were threat elimination; Caitlin, Jazzlyn, Brenan and Ball Cap Boy come to mind. The first two are a direct threat to Drew while Brennen could stir up the traditional AI voting coalition of older women and young girls. I have to believe that Drew is the designated winner, and I would pick her as well if I had the power influence the outcome of the show. I also like Josh, Melanie and Leroy. Leroy will get cut too soon, Melanie will fall under the weight of Pia syndrome, Josh will come in second and Drew will win.

    I have already gotten what I need from the show, which is an introduction to several artists that I have never heard of. Given the production techniques used on this show, I’m not sure I really want any of the ones that I like to end up in Simon’s stable pumping out songs backed by synthesizers and rhythm boxes where the only goal is reaching the number one spot on the charts.

    I believe all of the controversies, arguments, agreements and disagreements between the judges are pre planned and scripted. At first I thought that LA’s comments to and about Simone were unbelievably mean, but on second thought, they were so over the top as to be unbelievable.


  32. MCL,
    Don’t let my grumpy attitude influence you not to do Masterclass articles for this show. You may persuade me that there is something to like here. I’m not sure how you would be able to assess some of these performances though.

    I noticed something interesting during Drew’s performance. There were two large screens flanking her that had close up images of her singing but they were obviously taped during the dress rehearsal or some other time. So the performance, from a visual perspective anyway, was 1/3 live and 2/3 pre-recorded. Just one of way too many examples of the manipulation involved in this show. I might not object if the end result was good, but it comes off as armature. The sound engineering is the worst part of it for me.


  33. MCL…I would love for you to write Vocal Master Class Articles for X-Factor, I agree with Gene, it would give me a chance to keep up with my favorites without having to watch…I really can’t stomach this show, the insults to contestants is so over the top and rude, it is AI at it’s worst!

    Wouldn’t it had been grand for the judges to truly pick the best of the best and have a real competition, with no agenda!!!

    Gene W,

    Totally agree with everything you typed!!! 😉


  34. Thanks everyone. I think what I will do is this – I will monitor the Top 12 show and see if the foolishness continues and then decide from there.

    My concern is this: how do you critique singers that aren’t really singing In their truest form? I suppose I could turn my attention to the performance aspects but even these elements are manipulated and over-produced.

    Thanks in your faith in me. I’ll try not to let you down. 😃

    I love all the lively discussion here in the MCL community. Keep the juices flowing. Some of my greatest inspiration come from your commentary.


  35. Vonnie,

    I really think you are on to something to regards to Drew. It’s been obvious to me that Simon is more taken with Drew than with Melanie, and am fearful that he’s going to leave her and the rest out to dry while he keeps pushing for Drew to win. Between X-Factor and A.I., all the pimping and manipulation is enough to make you want to vomit. Also, I’m sure that high production of this show is partly due to the fact that the winner will receive not only a recording contract, but also 5 million dollars, which I think is a bit overboard.


  36. Anita,

    As sad as it is, I really think Simon only picked Simone, Tiah, and Rachel because they would not be a threat to Drew…look at what a line up of Melani, Caitlyn, Drew, and Rachel or the girl with the Tattoo’s would have been!

    Same with LA, and Nicole, Brennan, Tim, and Phillip all threats to Astro…LA see’s Dollar signs with this kid!!!

    Nicole, James, and the other lady can’t remember her name, threats to either Leroy or Josh, I can’t read Nicole to well on this one….

    Paula, Er! I don’t think she has an agenda, that was evident in her top four selections, unless Lakoda Rain is her top group…then it would make sense for her to get rid of a couple of the other groups that she did.

    This is just my theory!!! 🙂


  37. Vonnie,

    I don’t believe Paula has an agenda either. She’s done a great job overall with her groups. I don’t get the feeling that Nicole has an agenda. You know, if I would bring the subject up to my family, I would get told, “Don’t watch it then”. That’s easier said than done, LOL! I’m hooked for the rest of the season I think!


  38. Anita,

    Yeah! I can’t read Nicole very well…I have decided not to watch; but will keep up through MCL’s here and you guys who watch!


  39. Vonnie,

    Fair enough! I understand your feelings. We’ll keep you up to date, and don’t be a stranger! I’ve been feeling bad for Phillip. LA really shafted him with that poor song choice. Then LA turns around and boots him out. I don’t think Phillip is anywhere near as great a singer as Michael Buble, or Harry Connick Jr, but that was downright unfair of LA! Are the judges going to choose the contestant’s songs for them all season?


  40. Anita,

    I think someone on here maybe made mention that the judges do pick the songs for the contestants…maybe malden or Gene W…

    I really liked Phillip and knew he would not win, but really wish that they would not have made cuts after the bootcamp rounds…seems to me they could have made all of the cuts then went straight to the live show with the public voting. It just seemed that the final cut during the live show was just drama at it’s best and was un-fair to the one’s who were brought back…it just felt like they selected the one’s to bring back to cut!?!?!?!?

    My reason for not watching is because this show has an agenda and someone in mind to win already and I think it will be judged accordingly, because if that were not the case, Caitlyn, Brennan, Tim, phillip, James, and the other “over” lady, I cannot remember her name, along with Melani would have all made it to the live show!!!

    I am glad that you are going to watch, keep me posted on who’s voted off…!


  41. Vonnie,

    I don’t like that concept of the judges always choosing the songs for them. As we’ve already found it, it can sometimes be unfair. The contestants should have more freedom to think for themselves. Of course, again there’s that ridiculous 5 million dollar prize at stake! A.I. with all it’s flaws seems to be the better show to me, and both Scotty and Lauren have helped the show find it’s credibility again, with great album sales. It wasn’t the best A.I. Finale ever, but they both have wonderful voices and have proven themselves by coming out with solid albums. I’ve actually purchased both of them. Scotty having the Number 1 album in the country was quite an accomplishment!


  42. Anita,

    I have listened to a couple of Scotty’s songs but haven’t gotten to purchase it yet…I did get to watch video of him on the Grand Ole Opry, he looked just a comfortable and laid back as he did on idol…love that kid!!!


  43. I watched the video of his Grand Ole Opry appearance also, Vonnie. “That Old King James” song I just LOVE. I’m happy Scotty included this beautiful, touching song on his album. “The Trouble With Girls” is so cute. I’ve seen his music video for the song. It’s very nice!


  44. I like “That Old King James” too, very pretty song with a great meaning!!! I look (and hope) for he and Lauren to both have great careers in the Country Music Industry!


  45. i thought i’d be watching x factor all season but as i read here, now i’m not even sure i want to watch a fake, over-produced show. one of the things i love about idol is seeing the kids gradually change and grow, appearance wise too. on the x factor, seeing rachel go from the bouncy 13 y.o. fresh face, to a made up ‘star’, it just didn’t feel good. and the cacophony of sound that was their overproduction, that is what i remember, rather than being excited to see the singers again.


  46. bee,

    I agree with you about Rachel…her appeal to me was that voice coming out of that cute little girl.

    The judges had more to say about a couple of the make-overs than they did about their singing!


  47. Bee – I so agree with you. But, I guess with so much money at stake, the star-making process has to happen quickly and in grand fashion.

    But, it is just not my “thing”. I like to see honest growth, similar to American Idol. As a viewer and as a teacher, I find it considerably more rewarding.


  48. Rosanne,

    Remember how we were getting so frustrated with A.I., that we said “Simon, here I come?”. Well, A.I. is looking very good to me right now. I also love seeing contestants grow, and think that’s a huge plsu for A.I. So come January, I think we will appreciate that show more than we have the last couple years.


  49. I meant to say huge plus, not huge plsu, LOL!!


  50. Anita,

    Yes! I think we will appreciate AI alot more!!! At least I know I will and look forward to Stephen’s “Beautiful” phrase!!! 😉

    The feel of both shows is so amazingly different, what I used to think of Idol as being stressful and hectic, doesn’t hold a candle to X-Factor.


  51. Anita – I thoroughly agree. I just hope they go back to finding some amazing and diverse vocal talent. That country theme agenda last season became really tiresome.


  52. Vonnie,

    Don’t you mean ” Ryan’s” beautiful phrase?


    I agree. I wish Haley would have been in that Finale.


  53. Anita,

    No, no…I mean Stephen Tyler’s; you know how he tells all of the contestants that their singing was Just Beautiful…I now look forward to that!


  54. Vonnie,

    Oh Yeah, that’s right! Steven would say that. I was confused. I’m hoping for more precise critiques from him, though.


  55. Actually, he would say “It’s a beautiful thing”. It made me laugh every time he said it. Can’t wait for more “beautiful things” coming from his mouth in 2012.


  56. LOL…Me too, MCL

    That’s okay Anita…I live in a land of confusion!!! 😉


  57. Oh my goodness…look at all the comments. I didn’t receive any notification about them.

    I haven’t missed Simon for a minute on Idol. And my biggest disappointment in The X-Factor is that it has Simon as a judge! L.A. Reid was rude. I don’t like the manufacturing of sound and setting. I think when it cones to the TOP 5 on Idol, then that would be okay. The dancers are distracting. On Idol, it would be fine for the Finale. Iam really missing American Idol!

    “Although I really like some of the remaining contestants, I really don’t like this show at all. THIS IS VERY TRUE!!

    I hope Steven and Randy can expand their vocabulary. Yes, The X-Factor has some outstanding talent, but there is no one better than at least one American Idol in their category!


  58. So do you think there is any truth in this story from Dexter Haygood . . .


  59. It’s not too hard for me to believe.

    I wasn’t a Dexter fan but I knew he was capable of more than he did in his last two appearances. He could make a good living with a James Brown tribute act.


  60. I could see Dexter in Vegas as James Brown…

    It seems to me each judge had to pick someone to be cut during the live show so that they could have their “Drama”, Nicole was on easy street with Dexter, he wanted to be cut, so he was chosen…I think he would have been chosen either way though! So who knows, but I wouldn’t put it past this show!


  61. That is an interesting story about Dexter. And strange at the same time. I don’t know what to make of it. All I know is that he is one of the singers that really, really intrigued me on this show. Too bad.


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