Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 10 Top 8 Performance Show: Music From The Movies

Voila! Another Voice Blog for your viewing pleasure. I look dreadful and am nursing my umpteenth cold in a few months, but, hey, it’s free entertainment, so enjoy!  Highlights include Pia’s elimination. Stefano’s piano tweet, Jacob, Casey and Lauren thoughts.

About Masterclass Lady

Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic began her musical career in Timmins, Ontario. She studied piano with Anne Pizzale and later, at an advanced level, with Soeur Anita Vaugeois (Sister Cecile of Les Soeurs De L’Assomption in Timmins). Her vocal and accompaniment skills were nurtured by her aunt, the late Dorothea Mascioli. When Rosanne graduated from O’Gorman High School, she moved on to the University of Toronto where she continued her piano and vocal studies while attaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree. She was hired as a piano accompanist for several musical companies, most notably, the National Ballet Of Canada. She presently holds an A.R.C.T. Teacher’s Diploma in Voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. Rosanne has studied choral conducting with numerous well known Canadian Conductors, including Wayne Riddell of Montreal, Quebec and the internationally renowned Dr. Elmer Iseler. She has been a founding member of numerous community-based arts organizations: the Timmins Arts Council, later known as Arts & Culture Timmins, the Timmins Symphony Orchestra, and, the Timmins Youth Singers…as well as the TYS Alumnus choir, the Timmins Concert Singers. In 1987, she was also selected to be the conductor of the Timmins Board Of Education Choir, comprised of talented students from Grades 5 to 8. In 1988, she was elected to the Board Of Directors of the Ontario Choral Federation (now known as Choirs Ontario), where she served as Chair of the Festivals Committee for six consecutive seasons. In 1996, in honour of the Ontario Choral Federation’s 25th Anniversary, Rosanne was selected as one of 25 recipients of the OCF’s Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contribution to the choral art. The ceremony was presided by Lieutenant Governor, Hal Jackman. In November 1997, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Rotary Club Of Timmins to receive the prestigious Paul Harris Award for her years of dedication to the artistic development of young musical talent in Timmins. In August of 2002, Rosanne Simunovic was selected by the Board Of Directors of Choirs Ontario to serve as Conductor of both the Provincial Junior and Teen Choir Camps, now renamed in honour of the Camp Benefactors, Don and Lillian Wright. In November 2002, Rosanne was the one of the recipients of the Commemorative Medal for the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, honouring her work in the development of the arts in Timmins. Under Rosanne Simunovic’s direction, the Timmins Youth Singers and the Timmins Concert Singers have been featured in numerous choral festivals and performing opportunities outside of Timmins. In 1985, they were selected to partici

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  1. Hehe, I checked this right when you updated! I always enjoy hearing your thoughts! 🙂 Lovely thoughts about Pia.

    I hope you recover from your cold soon, and much love! ♥


  2. Thanks J!! Still waiting for your first article! 🙂


  3. I enjoyed hearing from you, MCL. You always have insightful things to say, and I hope you get better soon!

    As per Mjsbigblog and the mysterious source on Twitter, tonight we’ll be hearing covers of Miley Cyrus, George Strait, Blondie, and Nat King Cole.

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that Scotty’s doing Strait. Miley Cyrus seems most suited to Lauren, while Blondie (if it’s “Call Me”) would be a good fit for Haley. Stefano, Casey, and Jacob could all cover the great Nat King Cole, but my instinct says it’s Casey.


  4. Rosanne,

    I think it’s a mistake on Stephano’s part to not want to play the piano while covering a song. His decision just doesn’t make sense. I hope with some kind of miracle, that he wins over Randy tonight. I agree with you about James! He just oozes talent. Frankly James, Stephano, and Pia are the most gifted singers of the bunch. To not at least see one of them in the Top 2 this season would be a shame! Take care of that cold!


  5. Thanks for the get well wishes Anita and Tom. It’s a low key kind of cold, so all is well here. And, yea – our Mindy is back! Good for you. I am glad that the readers rallied to her cause. You are indeed valuable here Mindy and you add so much spirit and good will on this site.

    Skiffrower – I was under the impression that Stefano wanted to perform his ONLY original music on the piano. That’s what happens when you send off a quick tweet – it does become misconstrued. At any rate, he needs to find his place at the piano before it’s too late. I almost think it is.


  6. MCL — Hehe, I hope to send it to you very soon! 😀 Thanks for looking out. 😉

    Also, your thoughts on Stefano resonated with me because like Stefano, I also sing and play the piano, but I usually prefer not to do both at the same time.

    Why is that? In my mind, I feel that I perform each skill better separately; my vocals and my piano playing suffer when I do both. For songs that I’m intensely familiar with, having to play them isn’t as distracting, so perhaps, that is why Stefano feels most comfortable playing his own songs. In addition, I release a lot of tension through my hand movements, so I like having my hands free while I sing.

    However, interestingly enough, I find that my performances on the piano often end up being my most genuine. Watching myself back on video, I do look more comfortable and at ease, compared to performances where I’m standing on stage by myself, and I channel any excess tension or nervous energy into my playing.

    Thus, I suppose there is a mental disconnect in how I perceive my own performance strengths. I still believe that my strongest vocals probably occur when I’m not playing, but in terms of all-around performance and how I look to the audience, some of my best covers have been at the piano. Interesting food for thought.


  7. Also, someone guessed that the Miley Cyrus song might be “The Climb,” performed by Lauren. Props to a spot-on prediction.

    I wonder what other predictions will come true…


  8. Well, Tom, you nailed the predictions!

    J, performers of any ilk can rarely see themselves accurately without some experience and feedback, and even then, they need continual help to understand what other people are perceiving.

    My acting analogy is that all actors are, by nature, either under-actors or over-actors. Under-actors think they look like they are overacting if they do anything more, while over-actors think they are boring unless they go over the top. Both are wrong in their self-perception and so have to learn to move toward the center, where the good acting happens.

    For both singers and actors, physical activity distracts the brain and takes the focus away from the left brain. Great performances come from a balance of left and right brain, and since physical activity is generally driven by the right side of the brain, playing the piano helps you to turn off your VERY left brained self. (I am majorly left-brained myself, so I know where you are coming from.)

    I am guessing that singing is a right-brained activity, since stutterers don’t stutter when they sing, and so someone as left-brained as you are really benefits from anything that will help you to shut the noise in your head off and relax, and just let the flow happen!


  9. I’m glad that Stefano’s package this week specifically addressed some MCL readers’ concerns about why Jimmy Iovine is so tough on Stefano. He flat out said that the reason is that he believes Stefano has the chops to win. That affirmation is important because praise easily gets drowned out by criticism, even when the latter is valid, so negative packages can certainly skew audience impression. That said, the judges loved Stefano’s performance, so no criticism tonight, but since all the judges’ comments have been positive so far, will the impact of Stefano’s performance be diluted in the audience’s minds by the end of the show? I guess tomorrow’s results will tell us.

    I’m a little disappointed that the judges haven’t learned from last week or the criticism in the blogosphere of their all-around positive critiques. I know they have constructive criticism in them because they’ve given it before, but this night, so far, is a repeat of the “everyone is a star” brand of cheerleading critique, and I’m starting to believe the bloggers who say that this type of judging muddles viewers’ judgment of who really performed at a top level and who did not. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the judges’ comments. There is no differentiation (except for some comments that are very emphatic).

    Being a judge isn’t easy, but I wish they gave more specific, technical feedback, even for performances they like. What is the singer doing with his or her voice that appeals to them? (Dynamics, phrasing, coordination, etc.? Jennifer addressed the “tear” in Lauren’s voice, and although that’s not a technical term, I liked her specificity.) Why is a singer’s performance entertaining? (Stage movements, performing habits, etc.?) Are there any technical issues that can be improved? (Anything MCL suggests? =P) And so on.

    Jennifer has her moments. She briefly singled out “the notes at the end” of Casey’s performance as ones she liked, and her comment acknowledged Casey’s unique jazz phrasing and sensibility. I just feel that the message gets lost in all the superlatives and effusive praise. Even with the grains of specificity, the overall impression of all these judges’ comments is amounting to the same thing: everyone is amazing, and again, that type of commentary does not distinguish the contestants from each other to the viewers.


    Still watching. Props to Tom and everyone who guessed that Haley would be singing Blondie’s “Call Me.”

    First criticism of the night, but also a very honest comment from Jennifer on not wanting any of the girls to go. I don’t doubt the judges’ sincerity, but I also don’t know if they realize that they’d help the contestants more by being specific, rather than giving sweeping platitudes, and by keeping the contestants’ feet on the ground, rather than showering them with superlatives.


  10. Just finished watching the show. Some overall comments. I really liked Stefano tonight – he definitely brought it! I was not fan of Casey’s song choice, perhaps it’s because I do not like that style of music, I just felt there was something odd about it. And now for my Scotty, can’t say something without mentioning him. Tonight was the first night I actually payed attention to him holding the mic and I must admit, it bothered me. Why does he hold it like that? And then he holds his neck to the side – that must put some sort of strain on him. In fact, I think MCL addressed it in her critique last week and that’s why I noticed it so much this week.

    It’s kind of hard to predict who is going to be in the bottom three and last time I predicted I was way off, so I will hold off.


  11. MCL, I hate conspiracy theorists on principle, but I have to admit — I heard the judges urging Pia fans to vote for Lauren and nearly turned the TV off, I was so disgusted. I think Lauren has a great instrument, even if she came out too early, but the idea that ALL Pia fans should turn to Lauren as an alternative? Give me a break.

    I understand why AI got on the Lauren bandwagon during auditions, but at some point, you need to accept America’s judgment and stop pushing her down our throats. Why not just be happy with the singers America does seem to like?

    I am also a little surprised just because music producers do like slim and svelte women singers. I am a huge Ann Wilson fan as well as a Wynonna Judd fan, so I’m willing to take talent over size, but record producers aren’t typically in my court. Especially in country music! So I’m just a little puzzled by their willingness to stand by a young woman who isn’t from the usual cookie cutter mold.


  12. Lots of interesting comments here tonight but there were many more interesting comments on television during the show. I just shook my head and dropped my jaw when Jimmy mentioned how Lauren could now steal all of Pia’s votes. Even Lauren was flabbergasted. Welcome to the music biz, honey.

    And some of the cheerleading? I mean come on. We have ears judges and the last time I looked so do you, so why are you not addressing the pitch issues. Why?


  13. Tonight was definitely a very entertaining show–after it was over it occurred to me how much more I am enjoying this year’s show than last year which was incredibly boring.

    My favorites tonight were Stefano, Scotty, and Casey. And I’m not a fan of heavy metal at all but thought James was terrific. I absolutely loved Casey-sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy him bizzee247. I agreed with the judges that Stefano was the best he has been.


  14. The comments on the TV were definitely interested. I was also surprised by the comment to Lauren that now she can “steal all of Pia’s votes” – what a thing to say….but a hint into the final we have been discussing? who knows?

    MCL, I agree, I wish they would critique the singers and not just praise them. How are they ever going to learn and grow if all they keep hearing is praise and cheerleading?


  15. Jeanne,

    I love your acting insights! My thinking processes are all over the place, so I don’t really know if I’m left-brained or right-brained. It probably changes with different activities, but your comment reminded me of an article I read that reported that “when jazz musicians improvise, their brains turn off areas linked to self-censoring and inhibition, and turn on those that let self-expression flow.”

    Turning off that inhibition and self-monitoring, as you said, is the key to allowing oneself to perform at the most genuine and capable level. There actually is a technical basis to this too: inhibition often leads to constriction. When your body is your instrument, it’s extremely sensitive to your emotions, and negative emotions can translate to physical tension that eventually reaches the vocal folds.


  16. I’m still digesting tonight’s show, but generally my feelings are mixed at the moment. On one hand, no performance was absolutely awful, but on the other, there were only a few singers who did reasonably well.

    We’re destined for a Scotty/Lauren finale. I can see it right now. No matter how weak Scotty is (and tonight I thought he was very weak), he’ll sail on through. And with the pimping Lauren is getting, I can’t imagine her leaving anytime soon. I think she was the only contestant with a truly contemporary song, too. Hmm. I did think she sang well, though, and I’d take her over Miley any day.

    I’m predicting a Bottom Three placement for Casey tomorrow. The standing ovation will not help him one bit (heck, the judges could’ve stood for every performance and it wouldn’t have mattered). I’m all for jazz, but it wasn’t a song that people would pick up their phones/text for. I don’t want to see him go on a performance like that, but after technically being eliminated once before, he didn’t do himself any favours.

    Stefano’s performance was his strongest in a while, so I don’t think he’s going home yet. If I had to guess, I’d pick Paul and Haley to join Casey. I don’t want to see another girl go home, but Haley might after receiving practically the only reviews worth noting as “criticism.” I don’t know. Her fans may save her. Paul went first, didn’t perform very memorably, and probably doesn’t have the fanbase to keep him out of the bottom. He may very well go home.

    I said that Scotty was weak, and he was. I think the other song, “Everybody’s Talkin’,” would’ve been a nice change of pace. Scotty’s playing it too safe. Jacob did better than last week, I guess, but I’m just not interested in him.

    I think the best of the night was James. Even though I’m no metal fanatic, I’m glad he stuck to his guns and did something he really wanted to do. Right now he’s the most dynamic performer, and is consistently entertaining. Great way to close the show.


  17. Here are two bloggers’ views on this season’s judging, for those who were interested:


    The second article also picks up on an important point: audiences don’t like feeling manipulated, and they don’t like overhyping. I never liked it when the judges expected me to like a particular contestant because of my allegiance to another contestant. With only a few exceptions, I cringe when the judges compare a contestant to Kelly Clarkson. Most of the time, I’m thinking, “No! Just no.” Those types of comments have completely the opposite of the intended effect on me.

    The judges should let the contestants stand on the merits of their voice alone, rather than propping them up with their “critiques.” (Idealistic much? I know.) Poor Lauren. It’s not her fault that she’s receiving this special treatment. I think she is improving and taking more vocal chances, but the judges’ heavy-handed comments are doing her no favors. I don’t understand the producers’ approach at all.

    Tomorrow’s results show is a complete question mark for me. Not sure what to expect, but I have some guesses based on past bottom 3 appearances.


  18. Hello! I still have some online voting to do, but I thought there was so much variety in the performances tonight. I am so pleased with Stefanos performances. Granted, I wanted an uptempo number – something with high energy. I have tweeted him about this for 3 weeks. LOL! Also, on his forum and on Twitter I have asked hi to play the piano. I have posted that just about every day!


    James’ performance was mad, passionate, and uproaring. WOW! I have metnioned that I’d like to see Siobhan and James go on a national tour together! Is that crazy? I was not impressed at all with Paul, Haley, and Scotty. Casey was different – like an acquired taste.

    Jacob’s performance was good, but Clay’s version of BOTW was an Idol classic. He might be in jeopardy along with Haley and Paul. I think Stefano will be fine.

    {{{{{Mindy}}}}} Glad to hear you are feeling better, MCL!

    I’ve got to get in a few more votes for Stefano!


  19. Just finished watching. Have to say unequivocally that I think James is adorable. I loved his performance. What passion!! I appreciate that there is nothing even remotely “stagey” about it, no artifice, just honest music and honest singing.

    I don’t typically predict bottom 3 but I think I will just for the heck of it. Bottom 3: Paul, Haley & Stefano. Sorry, Stephano did a good job tonight but there is still something so tortured/forced about his singing. It’s a shame because he puts so much energy into his singing. Haley’s performance was interesting but it didn’t end well. Finally, Paul is also an interesting and engaging performer. But compared to everyone else, he’s weak. Who will go home? I don’t want to predict that.

    Among the other performances, I liked Casey. He is another performer that I feel a connection to who performs from his heart. There is also a very nice voice in there. Sometimes it gets buried in the growls. But that’s OK with me, it’s what he does. I like also that he defied Jimmy’s advice. He’s courageous.

    Lauren was Lauren. She’ll probably make it into the top 5. She’s got a good voice. But I think she’s too young to be on this show. A few more years would have done her a lot of good.

    I am somewhat in agreement about Scotty regarding his odd habits of tilting his head & singing out of one side of his mouth (and somewhat reversing my previous position that I would still like Scotty is the microphone was on his head). I would buy his CD but I think if I went to his concert I would be disturbed by the end of it. Qualifier: I just went to see Prince (for the first time ever) & I know what a true performer looks like.

    I didn’t really like Jacob’s voice from the first time I heard it. There is too much vibrato and it’s not a natural vibrato. This is just my opinion & I fully acknowledge that many people will like Jacob. I’m just not one of them. I do agree with the judges that he gave a good performance tonight.

    That’s my assessment. As a more global thought, this year I am not hearing any singing that is truly cringeworthy. Last year I did. So that makes me happy.

    I am looking forward to what everyone else has to say.


  20. OK, by the time I composed my comment, a lot of other people had commented. Thanks everyone. There’s a lot to digest. I can see I’m in a bit of a minority regarding Stephano. But I’m going to stand by my prediction. I think Haley is vulnerable. So is Paul. It won’t be Stephano going home this week.

    Now I need to finish up & head to slumber. I will have more to say tomorrow – I’m sure of it :).


  21. I am always last because I am out on the west coast. So here goes, and for those who have a favorite, just know that it’s only my opinion and given with love and caring. I would rather have something to say than do what the judges did tonight! The only one they criticized was Haley! Shall I even bother to speculate? Maybe not.

    Paul – Now this was the night to smile and be happy. It was appropriate for this upbeat, high energy song. Of course, I heard the usual pitch issues that I hear every week with Paul. It’s been said before, so no point repeating it again. As far as performance value, I think Paul did what he does best. He was having a good time and singing something that suited him. It’s who he is.

    Lauren – When she started off very softly and restrained, you could barely hear the words. This is the breath control issue that I have every week with her. At times during the song I thought she was fighting to stay on key and that may well be due to the breathing issue. She seems to be more comfortable on stage now. She has good vocals, but without the breath control there will always be issues. Why did I see her raise her head near the end for the high notes? Someone needs to tell these kids how to sing the high notes properly. The difference would be amazing.

    Stefano – My issue is the song choice. I don’t like this song and never have. I think it’s a bit cliched and trite. One thing I noticed is that, in the beginning of the song, Stefano was so restrained and you could hear the gorgeous tone in his voice. There was little, if any, accompaniment and I thought it was just lovely. Then the backup singers came in so loud again and Stefano seemed to be forcing his vocals to be heard over them. Again, he seems to be trying so hard and pushing himself. He should be more relaxed and have some fun on stage. I also was pleased to see his video package address the reason why Jimmy has been so hard on him. It’s about time! That can be interpreted as negative by the audience. He also is another one who persists in raising his head on some of the high notes. I though he did a very good job with a bland song.

    Scotty – Oh my dear Scotty! I so wanted you to sing “Everybody’s Talking”, especially after what I heard in the studio! I loved it! However, Scotty chose to stay with what felt right for him and that’s his choice. I didn’t love this song and what is with the backup singers? This kid doesn’t need them, especially when they are practically drowning him out. Yes, the head to one side is quite distracting and will hurt his vocals. Also when he went for the high notes, he also was raising his head and that made him sound as though he was straining in his upper register. He really doesn’t need the judges pimping him, because he’s got the charm and charisma on stage, the likeability thing going on, all of it.

    Casey – This was a huge risk. I wonder if I am the only one who even knows this song. It was even before my time! I always loved to go back to the 50’s and 40’s to listen to the great singers. This is one of the more obscure and less well known songs by Nat King Cole. It is an extremely difficult song to sing, so this was really a challenge. I respect Casey wanting to stay true to who he is as an artist. However, if you are going to take on a song like this in a stripped down, acoustic style, then I have to say that the vocals must be impeccable. There is no place to hide. I thought he had pitch issues all throughout this song. The little frowny faces didn’t work for me either. I honestly have no clue how America will receive this performance. I thought the standing ovation from the judges was absurd. Come on, guys! Keep it real! The idea and the artistic dedication was commendable, but you have to fully realize it with the performance.

    Haley – This was the wrong song choice. I see her as an r&b soul, bluesy singer and this wasn’t her thing. Also, there isn’t much range in this song, which didn’t give her a chance to show off her vocals. I have never liked her affectations and mannerisms on stage, but this girl can sing. She likes to fall back on the growl at times, but I don’t know that it worked here. Her voice is good enough to stand on its own without the performance machinations. What I did not like is hearing the judges single this girl out for their only criticism of the night! What was up with that? It’s not like Haley was the only imperfect singer and the others were all sublime. I am not fond of conspiracy theories, but I am concerned about this sudden aboutface on a night when the judges seemed to be running out of superlatives for the other singers.

    Jacob – This was better than either of his original song choices. However, as someone said here already, Clay Aiken gave the performance of all time with this song. I think Jacob went into tremolo territory with that shaky vibrato, but will wait to see what MCL has to say. What was up with the key changes? He seemed to go way off pitch at those times. Maybe the reason why they overdo these performances lies in something that Jimmy said tonight. He said at one point, if you are going to go out there and whisper, then no one will like it. Is that why they have these overproduced arrangments? I think this is about as pulled back as Jacob will ever be. He added that extra run at the end, which was unnecessary after those last few high notes. Again the judges went over the top in their praise. Sorry judges, I am not buying it!

    James – I admire him for sticking to his artistic integrity and doing what he wanted to do. However, heavy metal is something that I have never listened to and this aging baby boomer is not about to start now. Even for you, dear James! It seemed to be well-received and I will accept that. I can’t be unbiased here. He has great vocal ability and is a truly outstanding performer.

    Well, that’s it. No way am I willing to even try to predict the bottom three or who will go home!


  22. Maybe it’s been mentioned here before, but I wanted to bring your attention to a website that might be of interest to MCL Idol fans.

    VoteFair (http://www.VoteFair.org/americanidol.html) offers a weekly poll of Idol contestants using an “order-of-preference” ballot that allows you to rank each contestant by your order of preference.

    Many people have theorized that Pia’s elimination was because she was the 2nd or 3rd choice of many people, and that when everyone votes for only their first choice, unjustified early eliminations like Pia’s will occur. The kind of poll that VoteFair offers eliminates this problem and gives a more accurate picture of how the contestants rank in public opinion.

    Last week, the VoteFair poll ranked Pia 3rd most popular (after Scotty and James).

    Currently, the VoteFair ranking is:


    The VoteFair site offers lots of other interesting information about past Idol seasons, including a “cross-season” poll of all previous Idol contestants (http://www.VoteFair.org/americanidol.html#CROSS9SEASON). You will probably be surprised at who is winning that poll.


  23. Regarding Stefano’s twitter message that he did not want to use the piano unless he was performing his own music, maybe the explanation is simply that when he is required to sing a song he has never played on the piano before, he does not feel he has enough time to learn it well enough on the piano to play it on live television.

    I know that is exactly how I would feel. Next to fighting in a war, performing on live television for 20 million people is about the most frightening thing I can imagine. I have played the piano as an amateur for many years, but there is no way I could learn an unfamiliar song in a few days well enough to feel comfortable playing it on a show like Idol.


  24. Mindy . . . I’m apparently a few years older than you and definitely remember Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy” from my childhood. I actually wasn’t thinking about the fact that most people probably wouldn’t know the song and therefore might not have appreciated the performance. Personally, I loved his performance–even with any pitch problems and funny faces.

    And a couple of people mentioned Clay Aiken’s version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” and I agree with them that it was far superior to Jacob’s version. I love gospel music too, but for some reason or another, Jacob just isn’t my cup of tea. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m not a huge fan.

    And many of you mentioned the fact that Jimmy Iovine told Lauren she should try for Pia’s votes. That was quite annoying, I agree.

    I am definitely ready for Paul and Jacob to leave, so I hope I get my wish. After that for me it would be Haley and Lauren. I can’t help it, by narrowing down my favorites it seems that they’re all guys–James, Scotty, Casey, and Stefano.


  25. J — You are definitely left-brained; trust me on this! 🙂

    Actually, even right-brained people will test left-brained in our Western culture, they just test further right on the scale than left-brained people do. And we all access both sides of our brains to some extent. But when we talk about someone being left-brained or right-brained, we’re just talking about the “go-to” place for their thinking.

    There is nothing wrong with being left-brained, and nothing better about being right-brained. But we are born with a tendency to one or the other, and probably the most important thing about knowing which you are and what that means about how your brain works (and doesn’t work) is that it allows you to cut some slack for those who are on the other side. Try talking to a very right-brained person about certain things, and you’ll probably find it frustrating, because they aren’t particularly linear thinkers. But when you realize that they aren’t stupid, their brain just processes information differently, then relationship with them becomes much easier.

    Because we live in the West, no one really needs to develop the left side of their brain, the culture forces us to. But we can develop the right brain by doing activities that allow it to predominate; in essence, we give it “permission” to participate, because the left brain will always dominate if permitted to. Once it gets used to the idea that it has permission, it starts to wake up.

    You’ll find the same thing applies if you aren’t ambidextrous. Force yourself to use the hand you usually don’t, and you’ll be surprised, over time, at how comfortable you can get with it. Golf requires you to develop your weaker side, and as I really started honing my skills in that sport, I found myself using my left hand more than I typically do. In fact, it is now the hand that I “talk” with, whereas before, I always used my right hand for pointing, etc. And that switch from right to left (hand, not brain) happened without my even realizing it.


  26. Malden, I think you’re probably right about Stefano and the piano. It would be tough to learn to play a new song AND sing it AND all the other things they have to do in a week. You’d have to be a natural and experienced musician to pull it off (as some Idol contestants in the past have been.) In fact, I wonder if that could explain Brooke White’s problem with forgetting her lyrics???


  27. I’ve got to rewatch last night — I was half watching, half doing my taxes — but my general feeling was that it was just more of the same. That is, nobody showed me anything different, and for the most part, nobody really excited me. Largely serviceable. Paul was better than usual, and my husband, who doesn’t usually watch, liked him, but I’m over him and just would like to see him go.

    Lauren just came out too early, and still has the deer in the headlights look; I’m ready for her to go, too.

    Stefano — a little more upbeat than usual, but I guess we’re never going to see uptempo from him. Think he’s improving in terms of performance, but still a little intense and forced for me.

    Very disappointed that Scotty didn’t do Everybody’s Talkin’ — I really don’t see it as being far from country. The fact that he can’t see that is probably a factor of his youth, but disappointing nonetheless. I like Scotty, but I’m beginning to get a little bored, too. And yes, Darlene, I think the head movements would bother me in concert. Sort of like when Kenny Chesney got in the habit of simply standing behind the mike and turning his head away every time there was a pause, and then jerking it forward again to sing.

    Idol is fond of old songs, but doing Nature Boy was — surprising? Usually the judges are all over people about doing songs no one knows. And while I like the bass, I hope he doesn’t decide to use it every week. I don’t know — Casey may well have a place in the music business, but as the next American Idol? I just don’t see him selling that many records that he would be a superstar. More of a niche artist.

    I’m rooting for Haley, but she is still a self-conscious performer. She’s trying to please us rather than be herself.

    Jacob — I’m sorry, I liked the purity of both Art Garfunkel and Clay Aiken’s versions, and I don’t really want to ever hear this song another way. It was fine, but it can’t make me jump out of my seat. My husband thought it was great and that Jacob should sing gospel music. And he’s right, that is probably the right place for him.

    James — The only one I’m really tuning in for at this point. Even my husband, who loves folk music and HATES rock of any kind, and heavy metal most of all, thought James was fabulous.


  28. I just watched the individual performances on DVR – I am not voting anymore – sorry – just don’t have the heart or time right now.

    James – I cannot wait to see you perform this summer – Rock ON!!!
    Lauren and Haley – I am rooting for you!
    Jacob – I would like to hear one simple and heartfelt song from you.
    Scotty and Stefano – You keep me listening.
    Casey and Paul – ???


  29. Just reading through the comments…lots of interesting things said here. A lot I agree with! I’m not a fan of Jacob either; something bothers me about him too…not sure what it is but I just can’t seem to develop a liking for him.

    Lauren was okay last night. She definitely sang the song better than Miley…can’t stand Miley. But I felt I was watching more of a karaoke performance than American Idol.

    I LOVED James last night! What a great way to end off the show!!!!


  30. Malden – I enjoyed the CROSS9SEASON at Vote Fair, but I cannot fathom how Chris Allen (however likable) beats the rest of the lineup. I am pleased about Siobhan and the rest of the list, but I would change the ranking.

    We need more Rocker Gals – I miss the entertainment value that Allison Iraheta and Carly Smithson brought to past seasons.


  31. This is an interesting article from a writer who saw the show live . . .



  32. Casey really disappointed me with Nature Boy. I fell in love with Kalan Porter after hearing him sing Nature Boy on Canadian Idol a few years back. I’m in the U.S., but heard about how good Kalan was, and found the performance online. Of course, Nat King Cole is the best of all! Casey’s performance came across as very odd to me.


  33. I am so happy Stefano is still on the show! Thank you, Malden for answering my question about Stefano and the piano.

    Paul seems like a good-natured, fun guy. After doing his promos, I hope he gives his voice a chance to rest for the tour.

    Haley did a good job on her duet and Jacob sounded good in the group number. I liked the guy’s number too. It’s amazing how attached we can become to a contestant and the show!

    I am not pleased that Jimmy Iovine hasn’t had any ladies working with the contestants in the studio. I sent him a twitter suggesting Queen Latifa and Sheryl Crow. I don’t like seeing him every week, and Will.i.am does not impress me. Maybe some changes may make me happier as I am missing the Guest Mentors!

    Anyone know the theme next week?


  34. Grammie Keri,

    From MJ’s blog just now – songs from the 21st century! YAY!! Current songs! This should be fun.


  35. Whoo hoo!! I like songs from the 21st century as a theme too. “Paparazzi” anyone? That would have to be Haley. My very musically talented friend Aimee (fellow mezzo) who uses Lady Gaga to exercise to thinks “Paparazzi” is Lady Gaga’s best song & I agree. “Bad Romance” is fun but it’s not a vocal showpiece. “Paparazzi” is very adaptable.


  36. Rosanne,

    I was so very frustrated with the judges this week, and it certainly isn’t the first time this season! If they don’t judge the contestants properly, they are not helping them to grow, and in turn not being fair to them. I did not get all the praising for Lauren and Paul. Neither one of them had a very good performance. Scotty has vocal issues also, and they never address those either! I would take Simon and Paula back in a heart beat. What in the heck happened to Randy? He’s just not as good of a judge as he used to be. I was very impressed with Casey’s rendition of Nature Boy. I’ve always found Casey so interesting. He’s not afraid to take big risks, and most of them have paid off for him (THAT’S MOST!). He challenges himself, and sticks to his guns. I love that about him. I’ve noticed that Casey has been getting better and better since after he got saved by the judges! I would actually like to see him get further in the competition than Scotty. I am finding that Scotty sounds so much the same week after week. It’s not that he sings mostly ballads, but that he sounds so one dementional when he sings them. He doesn’t challenge himself, and doesn’t take risks like Casey does. I partly blame the judges for this. They don’t give poor Scotty anything constructive to work on, and it’s so unfair to him!! I hope I didn’t get any Scotty fans upset with me. Changing the subject, I’m so relieved that Stephano is safe!!!!!!! I voted the whole two hours for him. My goal was to keep him out of the Bottom Three, but I knew that would be a long shot. At least I kept him safe for another week. I loved his performance of “The End Of The Road”. His vocals were spot on, and he put so much emotion into it!!


  37. Anita– this show is getting more and more ridiculous. All over the blogosphere, the judges have been reprimanded for their relaxed, cheerleading approach to these singers.

    This show has become nothing more than a global platform to market one or two singers with whom Idol wishes to invest their $$$$ post-production. The votes have little or no impact whatsoever.

    Talent has little to do with this. If you can carry a tune and look reasonably marketable, then the rest is smoke and mirrors via heavy hype and mega bucks.

    Personally, I can’t wait to see The Voice and X-Factor.


  38. Rosanne,

    Ridiculous is definately the word for it! I’m also looking so forward to the X-Factor. I miss my Simon for one thing!! Hopefully The X-Factor won’t be as big a charade as American Idol Season 10 has been!
    I hate to put it this way, but, the A.I. judges are sort of making a joke out of this season. I know that sounds harsh.


  39. The week Pia was voted off, I felt that the judges had no business getting angry with the voters. They should be angry with themselves. If it wasn’t for their non-judging, Pia might still be there. I firmly believe that. I thought they had alot of nerve getting upset with America. As this season has progressed, I’m not as convinced that Season 10 is the best season ever on A.I. I believe again that Season 7 still stands as the best season ever! There was alot of INCREDIBLE, INCREDIBLE talent during that season. Many of the Season 10 contestants pale in comparison I’m finding. Is anyone feeling the same way I do?


  40. Anita – ditto with a capital D!!!! Plus, all of the singers were beautiful human beings. That shone through each and every performance.

    Not a fan if Season 10. Sorry everyone. Still waiting for a miracle to save this show.


  41. Rosanne,

    Thank you so much!!!!!! Most people say Sea;on 10 is the best season ever, but I’m just not buying it anymore! I’m soooooo glad I’m not alone, feeling this way!!!! You’re the best, Rosanne!!!!!


  42. You are most welcome, Anita! Season 7 sold out venues everywhere – in the US and Canada. The singing talent was unprecedented and what a lovely, caring group of singers. All knew who they were as artists. There will never be another Season like that one. The producers got it just right.

    Bizzee – totally agree. And then for Stefano to be arrested for DUI after he narrowly escaped death from the same circumstances a year previous makes no sense to me. And he has the nerve to press charges against his DUI criminal? He is lucky HE didn’t kill or harm someone.


  43. For me, the best AI season was season 8, not for the whole cast of contestants, but because of just one: Adam. I had been a casual AI viewer until then, even during season 7. Adam was different.

    My initial tie to Adam was because he had grown up performing in the same children’s theater group that my son participated in. I remember the excitement in Kathy Bretches-Urban’s voice as she shared with us parents that Adam had successfully passed through Hollywood Week. Adam became the local favorite for me before I had ever heard him perform.

    Then, of course, Adam burst out onto that stage with a voice and a presence that just enthralled me. Satisfaction – Black or White – RING OF FIRE!!!! – Tracks of My Tears – Play that Funky Music – MAD WORLD!!! and so on. I can still recite the entire season of his music by memory. That’s how much I enjoyed and looked forward to each new week.

    And, it wasn’t just the music, I felt an intrinsic motivation to vote that was beyond Adam. Adam’s story of continually knocking on industry doors and having them closed to him resonated with me. At that time, the unemployment rate in California was soaring, and my husband was struggling with his own employment. It was frustrating to no end seeing my husband knock and knock on closed doors. I couldn’t do much to help him, but I felt that by calling in hour after hour that I could do something meaningful to help Adam.

    I haven’t felt any of this passion for any performer since. I thought I might feel this way for Siobhan. I liked her, but nowhere near as strongly. I thought I might feel this way for James. Again, I like him, but he’s not Adam for me. I’m enjoying this season, but I’m not sitting on the edge of my seat. In fact, I missed most of last week’s performances and I haven’t even bothered to find them on you tube.

    So why am I sharing this story? I think many of us have a favorite performer or season in the past that has captured our own imaginations. I would love to experience the same joy that I did watching Adam week after week, but I think that following Adam was a unique experience for me, based both on his performances and how his AI arc resonated with me on a personal level that season. I’m guessing that I’m not so alone in feeling that way, whether it’s for Adam or any of the wonderful contestants of seasons past.


  44. Sue-were it not for Adam, Season 8 would have been lackluster. Adam approached his AI opportunity with consummate professionalism and preparation. He thoroughly researched every genre and then isolated some songs from each genre, adding his own distinctive musical twist. So smart!


  45. Sue & Rosanne,

    I agree about Adam. He added alot to Season 8, and would having been lacking without him. He was surely my favorite that season, and because of him, I couldn’t wait for Idol week after week. James reminds me a bit of Adam. My all time favorite though, is David Archuleta. He’s got the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard!!! David, along with David Cook, Carly, Syesha, Jason, Brooke, etc., together made Season 7 so magical. As you put it Rosanne, American Idol captured lightening in a bottle when they found that group!!!!


  46. I know! Adam was amazing. And, I know that your favorite, David Archuleta, arrived on the stage with an impeccable talent honed by careful vocal training. I really wish I had paid more attention to season 7!


  47. There’s already been a lot of conversation about the role of the judges this season, and I wholeheartedly agree that there is far too much cheerleading taking place.

    I’m wondering, though, it will be beneficial to move from younger, less experienced singers to older ones who have been perfecting their vocal and performance skills over a longer period. Adam got some criticism for not being enough of an amateur, but all of those years of being on the stage prior to AI made a huge difference in his ability to craft compelling performances. Melinda Doolittle was another who brought so much maturity and class onto the AI stage. She was an early standout to me.


  48. Sue,

    How awesome that your son was in the same theater group that Adam was in! Is your son still active in Theater in school? I was a big fan of Melinda Doolittle as well. She’s so amazing!! Yes, she and Adam were both older and more experienced when they came to A.I. I’ve always felt years of hard work and dedication should count for something. I’ve actually almost got into an argument a time or two with people on this very subject, but I’m smart enough to know when to stop. Adam has stated that he believes he would not have done very well if he was on American Idol when he was a teen. He doesn’t think he would have been ready for that. Now Scotty is 17, he’s got a great voice, but doesn’t show much creativity, and sounds much the same week after week to me. If he was a few years older, he might have come more prepared for this competition, shown more growth and creativity. I know Scotty has this huge likeability factor going for him on A.I., but I really don’t want to see him win this season. Please, don’t anyone hate me for saying that! David Archuleta is a different and unique story. He was also only 17 during his time as an A.I. contestant, but he was light years ahead of Scotty in terms of vocal ability, creativity, and connecting with the emotion of a song. David is probably the most gifted teen that show has ever seen. He had a still has the musicality of someone so much older!


  49. Anita,

    I can’t agree with you more!

    I was very much a casual viewer of AI during season 7, but the contestants who most stood out for me were the older ones who had already had a lot of prior stage experience – David Cook, Carly Smithson, and Michael Johns. During the season 8 tour, my husband and I loved Matt Giraud’s performance. He really knew how to work a live audience. I’d like to see the age of eligibility be raised again. I think 18 would be ideal.

    My son participated in five shows with the Metropolitan Educational Theater with the same staff who worked with Adam, though at a different location. Alas, when my son entered middle school, he decided that he wanted to pursue different interests.


  50. Sue,

    I feel age 15 is too young for American Idol. I bet Justin Beiber’s success had something to do with the decision to lower the age, not that he’s incredibly talented, though. It’s a shame David’s album “The Other Side Of Down” has been so overlooked. David shows so much growth on this album. The songs are so heartfelt, fun, positive, and give us a more personal glimpse of who he is. Of course, David’s vocal’s are impeccable as well!! This album is so much better than anything Justin has released as far as I’m concerned, but it hasn’t sold near as well as his debut, and not one of the 3 singles released from it became hits, and all 3 of them are awesome recordings. You should check David’s album out Sue!! He’s received many fantastic reviews for it.


  51. Anita – you have reminded me to have a close listen to all of David’s CDs. I don’t understand why he hasn’t been more successful with these CDs. I honestly don’t “get” the music industry nowadays.


  52. I loved season 7 and David Archuleta touched me in a way that no one had. Yes, he was only 17, but I remember saying online that he had an old soul. The way he was able to interpret songs, as though he had lived enough to know about heartache, pain, love and loss. It was quite extraordinary. I don’t understand why he hasn’t had more success. It puzzles and concerns me. Justin Beiber can’t hold a candle to him. He is a manufactured and processed commodity, whereas David Archuleta is the real thing with a voice like no other. I don’t get it.

    Adam totally won my heart when he was on Idol. I loved how he took risks and didn’t do what was expected of him. He had such an intuitive sense of what would work and how to approach the competition. He has said in the past that if he went on the show a few years earlier he would not have been able to handle it. The rejection and difficulties he experienced as a struggling young singer, gave me the toughness and thick skin to deal with the pressure and criticism that comes with being on Idol. Also, his stage training and vocal technical training gave him a huge advantage as the grueling weeks wore on. His voice stayed strong and healthy and held up. He brought such new life and excitement to the Idol stage.

    I am also one who believes strongly that the minimum age should be raised to 18. I am uncomfortable seeing kids as young as 15 on this show. There is no way that they are in any way ready to deal with the stress of singing in front of millions of viewers every week and the long hours and intense public scrutiny. A year or two can make such a difference in maturity and development.

    Melinda Doolittle was one of my all-time favorite female singers. Here was this woman, who had been working as a backup singer for years, who suddenly had her chance to be in the limelight. I was thrilled by her exceptional interpretations of great pop standards. I still remember “My Funny Valentine”. She just blew me away. Maturity and some life experience definitely helps to withstand the rigors of this kind of competition. When Melinda didn’t even make it into the finale, I was beyond upset. It still bothers me when I think back on it. Such a great talent!

    I have this feeling that TPTB have dollar signs in their eyes when they look at Scotty. They are desperate for a winner who will have some real success and commercial viability. I think they feel that Scotty has the chance to be that kind of artist. I think that another year might have helped him a lot. Michael Slezak said a few weeks ago that the ink on his contract has been dry for a month. I do wish that he had waited at least another year. He could benefit from some basic technical skills, but I don’t know that TPTB are concerned about that.


  53. Sorry, a typo again. I meant to say about Adam that his struggles gave HIM the toughness and thick skin to deal with the pressure on Idol!


  54. Melinda Doolittle and “My Funny Valentine” – my personal favorite that year.


  55. Mindy,

    Even though I’m not a Scotty fan, my heart breaks for him. He’s so young and would benefit emmensly from some constructive advice by the judges. They have very much cheated the sweet kid. My hope for Scotty is that after this joke of an A.I. season, he will find people that will give him excellent direction in his singing career, helping him grow more and more as an artist. I believe we’ll see Scotty better than ever after this American Idol fiasco!!! I would think there would be some way Nigel Lythgoe could straighten those darn judges out! That’s awesome that you and I both have been big David A. and Melinda Doolittle fans. When Melinda didn’t make it into the finale, I just broke down and cried. I at least wanted to see her get that far. If Jordin still would have won, I would have been fine with that.


  56. Mindy,

    Oh yes, we have both also been big Adam fans!!


  57. MCL, I miss the enormous talent of seasons 7 and 8!! I still think David Archuleta is the best male vocalist ever on Idol! Don’t you agree with me?


  58. Erin,

    I believe both David and Adam are the best male vocalists the show has ever seen!! David is my ultmate favorite contestant. That being said, I have always believed that Adam the best contestant Idol has ever seen, or will ever see. Sometimes when there are American Idol contestant polls on certain sites, it’s sooooo difficult for me to choose between the two of them. Most of the time, I find David and Adam go head to head on those polls more than any other contestants.


  59. Rosanne,

    David has a new vlog posted. He tells about taking part in Duffy’s Hope, a charity event which took place in Delaware. He and his mom were both in the celebrity basketball game at the event. In his vlog, he sings Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon In The Sky”, which he also sang during a dinner after the basketball game. It’s beautiful!! I hope he finds a new record label soon, and management. I know Jive really wanted to sign him up for another contract, but that’s not what he wanted. I give him so much credit for not taking the easier route. He’s been so optomistic about his future, and that makes us fans feel great. When the news was first out that he and Jive went their saparate ways, we were all so worried about him. I just know the best is yet to come for David!! I remember Lady V, a songwriter David had written songs with, had tweeted asking why one of the Kardashian sisters has a recording contract when she can’t sing, and David doesn’t when he’s amazing!!


  60. Thank you Anita. I look forward to listening to it. I suspect that David did not like the direction Jive was taking with his career. He is a very refined, sophisticated artist. I hope that David Foster takes him under his wing. Or someone like him.


  61. Rosanne,

    There have been many people over the last 3 years who have said they would love to see David work with David Foster. I think that would be a perfect fit. David Foster works with the finest of artists, and David is certainly one of the finest in the music industry. Foster is an incredible producer, and I know could bring out the best in David.


  62. Anita,

    I guess we both have good taste! 🙂

    I do think that Adam was the best contestant on Idol. He had such command of his voice, such savvy and good sense of how to approach the competition. I think that I just have a soft sport for David Archuleta. He is very special to me. The way he sang, the feeling and emotion from someone so young, touched me in a way that no one else has managed to do.

    I hope that David works with people who “get” him, who he is, what he’s about, the kind of music he wants to sing. He deserves it. This young man has never compromised and always stayed true to who he is. I have so much admiration and respect for him. I wish him the very best of luck!


  63. Mindy,

    Yes, we both certainly have GREAT taste! When David was on A.I., all over the internet, people who were not fans would say the nastiest things about him, and a majority of them were adults. That just broke my heart. I got to the point where I wouldn’t even visit sites where David would belittled. I just couldn’t stand it! I believe David was the most belittled contestant ever on that show. I just don’t understand why people find such pleasure in being nasty. Now, during Sanjaya’s time on Idol, I never did vote for him, and felt he should have went home long before he did. I never once said nasty things about him, and I even shed a few tears watching him get so emotional the night he left the competition. Why do people even watch this show year after year if they just want to slam a certain contestant. I give each and every one of them so much credit for being brave enough to perform in front of millions of people week after week, including Sanjaya.


  64. “MCL, I miss the enormous talent of seasons 7 and 8!! I still think David Archuleta is the best male vocalist ever on Idol! Don’t you agree with me?”

    To be honest, I always preferred Elliot Yamin’s voice. Not perfect, but love his rich, soulful tone. Same with Rueben Studdard, just prefer his tone. David is a very talented kid though. Stefano is kinda like him, but I prefer his voice, ’cause again, that sweet, kinda Stevie Wonder-esuqe tone. Feel David is too Hot AC for me. I’m an R&B gal, maybe that’s why. 🙂


  65. I haven’t seen many comments about Crystal Bowersox. I bought her CD, and I’ve really enjoy listening to it. She came onto the Idol stage with a very clear understanding of who she is as an artist, and her freshman album is a reflection of that. It seems that she’s been overlooked quite a bit due to the general dissatisfaction with season 9.


  66. Kes,

    I absolutely loved Elliott Yamin’s voice! He had that pop/r&b soul thing going on. When everyone loved Taylor Hicks, he was my personal favorite. It’s really hard to choose who is the best, especially since there are different genres of music among these singers. Actually, that was a great season, with Elliott, Katherine McPhee, Chris Daughtry and Taylor Hicks. Talk about something for everyone!

    I think you and I have very similar tastes, because Ruben Studdard was my very first favorite. Season two was the first time I watched the show. Anyone who has read my comments here knows that I love, love r&b! Sam Cooke was my Idol growing up and there were others like Marvin Gaye and Luther Vandross. No one will ever come close to Sam Cooke for me, but I have found many to like over the years. Ruben was my teddy bear! One of many highlights for me was when he did Neil Sedaka’s “Breaking up is Hard to Do” in his own special way. Sedaka was in the audience and he was beaming as Ruben just brought down the house with his version of the song. I know many loved Clay Aiken, but Ruben was my guy. I have been so disappointed that he wasn’t able to have the success that I was sure would come his way.


    I was devastated by the hate directed at David Archuleta. I had to leave one forum because of the horrific attacks on him and then they started in on me because I was the only fan of David’s on that forum. It was something the likes of which I had never seen. I will never understand that kind of hate. Where does it come from?

    That’s how I discovered this site. I needed a place where I could have my favorite and not be persecuted. I have been here ever since!


  67. Kes,

    Elliott has a wonderful voice! He had such a transformation on Season 5 of A.I. He grew so much in his performances I remember. “Song For You” was one of Ellott’s finest moments. He also gave the best performances of anyone during Elvis Week!! I really do wish both he and Chris were in that finale together, even though my favorite contestant that season was Katharine McPhee.


  68. Mindy,

    Oh, Mindy!! People would even scoff at any postive remarks that judges would rightfully have for David. When David’s debut album came out, David had a long list of “Thank you’s” for people. Apparently were saying one nasty thing after another about David’s “Thank You’s”. A man who likes David finally asked on a certain site why did people take such pleasure in placing scorn on a 17 year old boy who wore his heart on his sleeve. It really was heartbreaking. You know, I’m actually glad that David Cook won instead because I believe the hateful remarks would have gotten even worse.


  69. Anita,

    Yes, I got to the point where I honestly did hope that David Cook would win, if only to spare David Archuleta from even more hate. The volume got dialed way up and there was almost a kind of hysteria in some of the vitriolic hate that was all over the place online. It was kind of scary.

    I did get into it on that one forum where I was the lone David A. fan. The moderators had to get involved because it got so nasty. They didn’t stop at attacking David and went after me. It was a horrible experience. That’s one reason why I love this site. No one gets to indulge in what I call hatespeak.

    I hope that good things are in the future for David. There should be a place for him in the music business. He has an extraordinary talent and deserves to be heard.


  70. Mindy,

    How people to get to the point where they are practically seithing with hatred towards someone as harmless, sweet, and amazingly talented as David is, says alot about them. There was a 33 year old mother even who mentioned how much hatred she had for David!!! It just blew my mind when I read that!!!


  71. That is sad to hear all the David A hate. I’m not a big fan, but he seems like a sweet, gentle soul, and his “imagine” is stunning. Why such dislike for a soft person like him really boggles my mind.


  72. Wow, really Anita? That mother sounds dangerous. Jealousy perhaps? That is a horrible trait in anyone, but, when it overtakes your emotional core, it can be scary.


  73. Glad to hear Elliott being mentioned–I LOVED Elliott’s voice. Anyone know what he’s doing now?


  74. Louise,

    I haven’t heard any news lately about Elliott. i know he released another album a while back. I wonder if he went to Africa again for Idol Gives Back?


  75. Sue,

    I’ve never gotten Crystal’s album yet. I’ll have to check it out. She’s gotten wonderful reviews for it. There’s a gentleman by the name of Mark Franklin who reviews A.I performances and A.I. alum albums who listed two of Crystal’s songs in his Top Ten songs from 2010. He also included David Archuleta’s song “The Other Side Of Down” on his list.


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