Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 10 Top 11 Results Show

My Top 9 Vocal Masterclass article is up and ready for viewing. All in all, it was a great show last evening and it’s anyone’s guess who may be eliminated this eveing on the Top 9 Results Show.

If you want to be spoiled, have a look at the online data submitted by one of the MCL readers, the lovely Julia!

Check out dial idol that just checks the Telephonic votes –

Idol meter that works a magic formula that uses a “magic” formula that uses a mix of dial idol, judges comments, buzz, and order of performance.

I will probably miss the majority of the Results Show, so someone spoil me the results in the comments section! 

I predict that either Paul and Jacob will be leaving us tonight and, of the two, my money is on Jacob.  That comment during his interview last evening didn’t do him any favors. Sorry buddy but you have to know when to zip it!

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154 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 10 Top 11 Results Show”

  1. I must I am feeling really bummed today. I am really upset about Stefano possibly going home. I hate reading over at Mjsbigblog that he overstayed his welcome. His past performances were not train wrecks, they were just sluggish and not relaxed enough. I’m bothered though that he has wasted his potential by not taking enough risks and making himself appear cheesy. I really feel that he could have proven his musicianship and use his piano to full extent. I don’t know what to say, except hoping for a miracle tonight. Just miss the Stefano from Hollywood week performing “Sir Duke”.


  2. Is that what they are saying over at MJs? What a shame – he is so talented, but unfortunately did not have the opportunity to showcase his piano ability. I wonder if Idol was responsible for this? Just saying …..


  3. I know everyone is predicting that Stefano will leave tonight, but I think that Jacob and Paul are equally vulnerable. I don’t think any of them have a solid fanbase, and they’ve all had issues, so who knows? But if he does catch a break, I think Stefano really needs to go either piano or something light and fun (or both), or his luck will run out.


  4. Jacob hasn’t been in the bottom, but that comment could really end up hurting him big time! I honestly have no idea what made him spout off like that. We will see if he goes home because of it.

    For Stefano fans, try to keep the faith. I have been reading on MJs blog and they seem to feel that it’s either him or Jacob. I do hope that Stefano has another chance to bring out the piano and show another side of him.

    Paul should have been gone already as far as I am concerned. However, his fans may rally because he was in the bottom three last week and he went last and had a lively performance. I certainly think that based on performance, he should go before Stefano, but that’s not how this show works.


  5. I am on the west coast, so I check MJ’s blog for the results. Already she has posted that Ryan said this week’s result could be very shocking!

    My mind is racing with the possibilities!


  6. Now we know the very shocking result! I have been following the results on MJsblog.

    Can anyone believe it? Pia is gone!

    I am shocked right now. I just am grateful that I didn’t allow myself to become too emotionally invested in her, because I would be going through this insanity again. I know there will be a lot of post-mortems and attempts to justify this, but there is nothing that anyone can say to me that will make me believe this makes any sense.

    Ladyhelix really hit the nail on the head when she said that having a “y” chromosome is an advantage. No kidding!


  7. Hah. Now they’d like to use the save. I said this would happen. I am so happy for Stefano. Next week it better be an emotionally charged piano driven performance.


  8. Now that was a shock! My husband predicted it, but I told him he was wrong. Needless to say, he wasn’t. But he didn’t like her performance last night.


  9. I am stunned.

    I read today that Constantine Maroulis was voted off earlier than he would have been because there were so many calls to his line that they actually got frozen and didn’t get counted. That’s not how they explained it, but it was something like that. I suppose that could have happened again, but the more likely explanation is that everyone assumed Pia would be safe and voted like heck for Casey or Stefano or whoever else they thought was in jeopardy.

    But what really annoys me is that they used the save on Casey. IF there has to be a save, then they should use it the way I THINK they used it the first year, although my memory may be faulty. Use it on someone you sincerely think will be in the finale, the ones whose loss would be inconceivable. That was why it was created. If you get to the last week you can use the save, go ahead and save whoever is voted off if you really must, whether they deserve it or not (which is what I think happened in the first year with Matt Giraud).

    By using it on Casey in Week 11, when there were so many other quality singers left in the competition, they were effectively saying, “Casey should be in the final.” But if you had asked the judges who of all 11 should be the final two standing, I doubt they would have chosen Casey. They shot themselves in the foot, and if Randy and Co. want to be mad about it, well, they made their own bed on this particular issue, and I feel no sympathy for them. I’m sorry Pia has to be the one to pay for it, but there you go.

    She may not have won the competition anyway, and I suspect that she’s done enough to get a record deal, so it’s not the worst thing in the world. But disappointing from the point of view that I’ve got to listen to Jacob and Paul for at least another two weeks instead of her.


  10. Jeanne,

    Tell me about it! I am still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that Paul and Jacob are still in this thing. Jacob basically got in America’s face and told them where they could shove it and still got away with it. Unbelievable!

    So we have six guys and two girls left. Not one guy has been voted off. Oh, I forgot. Casey was voted off but the judges decided to save him. Do we really feel that all those girls performed poorly enough to be voted off before ANY of the guys?

    This is a total joke. Who will go next – Lauren or Haley? Any bets? Does anyone here honestly believe that if the girls performed as poorly as Paul, that they would still be in the competition? There is a double standard, the voting is heavily skewed toward the guys and basically we are rewarding mediocrity.

    I am not in the mood to celebrate Stefano being here at the expense of Pia. I haven’t even seen the show yet, being out here on the west coast. From what I read online, it was very emotional and the audience was booing like crazy.


  11. This is crazy!! I was in absolute shock as well!! I cannot believe Pia is gone! Even the judges were in total disbelief. Jeanne, I definitely think the voting is skewed too…so not fair! I really wish (besides the save) that the judges had some say…it’s absolutely ridiculous! The audience was definitely booing tonight and were not happy….I don’t know.
    I think that “Y” chromosome is definitely a factor. Something has to change here…this is definitely not fair. Pia has such great vocals (almost the best on the show) – this is a singing competition, right? I think (or at least hope) that regardless she will go on to have some sort of career…what a shock though.

    All the best to you Pia. You definitely left the competition WAY too early!


  12. I think Stefano felt (incorrectly) responsible for Pia’s departure in some fashion. I think he was prepared for it to be him and ready to accept that. It’s hard to have someone you think is more deserving than you are get the boot when you get moved on. And because he was the last one standing out there, he’s apt to feel it more than the ones who weren’t.

    All of the contestants were as shocked as everyone else was. And it was pretty emotional. Pia held it together reasonably well, but when they played her exit video, she started to cry every time her grandfather was mentioned. She got through the song with only a couple of cracks near the end. But what was really hard was that she then turned, walked straight into Jacob, who was standing directly behind her, and sobbed so hard you could hear it broadcast through one of their body mikes. Even I cried, and I think that’s a first on Idol for me.

    But the more I think about it: there is always a place for the big voiced diva in the music business, and quite honestly, I think there is a vacancy in that department right now. When someone is as beautiful as she is and possesses the voice as well, she’ll get snapped up. And if Carrie Underwood could learn to loosen up as a performer, there’s no doubt that Pia can, too. Her label will make sure of it.


  13. My poor husband is in total shock right now! He was very, very upset when Siobhan went home in 6th place last year. This is even worst since many predicted that American Idol would have a girl winner, and her name is Pia. Stefano was prepared to be sent home. He did have tears in his eyes. I thought for sure that it was Jacob (and his attitude) that was going home.

    What a chaotic situation there will be in Las Vegas and on betting sights. They had Pia to win at 5-1 and James at 7-1. Many bet for Pia to win, place, or show. Major losses there. I don’t get involved but a friend had Pia to place second.

    As long as little girls (or older) can text message 10,000 votes per hour for their favorite guy – a young lady doesn’t have a chance. I thought Pia would be in the finals with James and/or Scotty. Watch ratings go down.

    One final thought… I liked Pia and supported her, although I voted for Stefano. She needs to focus on the successes of Jennifer Hudson and Constantine. I believe she will find her successes on the Broadway stage. She is much too talented not to have that success! I wish her the best!


  14. AAAAHHHH! I just caught the results show — Stefano, Pia, and Jacob are the bottom three? Can this be a Vote for the Worst parody? April Fool’s Day was last week!

    Pia – I look forward to seeing you perform this summer — you are in good company as you join Naima, Thia, and Karen – all solid performers.


  15. nothingspecial April 7, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    I am not shocked; Pia does not have a y chromosome.


  16. Grammie Kari – Tell your husband I empathize – I still mourn for the loss of the entertaining Siobhan Magnus last year – I so looked forward to seeing what she would do next and the show was never the same after she left. As in Siobhan’s case, Pia may not have won, but I wanted to see more of her this year. What a shame!


  17. What an absolute joke this show has become. Truly the worst! But, I still think the producers want a Scotty/Lauren Finale and this pretty well indicates that this might happen. They never have anything negative to say about either of them – never!

    I didn’t see the show tonight but did the judges look shocked? Really? Perhaps, if they had given Pia better reviews, this wouldn’t have happened.

    And don’t eliminate the possibility that they tampered with the voting results. It’s their show – they do what they want. Period. There! I said it! Sue me! Like I care.


  18. MCL, wooooah. you tell ’em!


  19. MCL,

    I saw the video on MJ’s blog, since it has not yet been broadcast out here on the west coast. Very hard to watch. I got tears in my eyes. Yes, the judges looked totally shocked and Randy even said something that seemed like WTF!! Jennifer had tears in her eyes. They were beyond devastated.

    Jennifer Hudson, LaToya London, Melinda Doolittle, Siobhan Magnus and how Pia. What a list! I have been through this heartache too many times over the years.

    I read through the comments on MJ’s blog and someone had the gall to blame this on middle-aged women or cougars, as we are more popularly known these days. What nerve! This voting system is a disgrace. It’s the tweens who power text in the thousands and vote for the guy with the looks, the smile, the nice teeth, like Paul. Does anyone think that he deserves to still be there while Pia goes home?

    If they did it like on Dancing With the Stars, then we might not have this insanity. The judges votes count for half and the viewers votes count for half. That is the only way to prevent atrocities like this.

    I will say it, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if something was fishy with the voting. I believe they want Scotty in the final, but I don’t know how they expect to get Lauren there. Get rid of Haley next?

    Sorry, but this simply stinks!


  20. MCL, with all due respect, I think losing Pia was the last thing on the AI producer’s Christmas Wish List. They will probably lose viewership as a result of this. They have also probably lost the right to produce her first album. I don’t think 19 Entertainment has the absolute rights to anyone but the top two finishers, unless that has changed.

    The problem with the system is that you have to vote not for the people you don’t like, but for the people you do, and voting once just doesn’t cut it. When someone is as clearly head-and-shoulders above the rest of the crowd, it’s easy to assume that everyone else is going to vote for them and you can take a week off, because, as those on this website who have voted have noted, it is time-consuming and tiring to power vote so many weeks in a row.

    Not that there is any good or easy way to solve the voting problem. Especially because there is too much money at stake for AT&T in a multiple voting scheme.


  21. I replayed the tape and at NO time does Ryan say, “America, this is your bottom two.” I think it was Jacob and Pia. Idol loves to play mind games! Stefano lost his good friend this week, but they will be on tour in a few months. Poor Pia – I had her as my winner along with James!


  22. If you recall the early auditions, you know that Lauren and Scotty were featured constantly. It was endless. Plus they had their precious duet last week and the judges gave them a standing ovation. I mean, come on! Jimmy Iovine even said that “we are expecting a lot from you Lauren” meaning they want her to emerge a star once this show is over. Well, good luck with all that. I guess money really makes the world go round in the music biz.


  23. You go, MCL! I agree, this show has become ridiculous. I stopped watching it religiously after the David X2 final for many reasons; I was here and there, but as faithfully. Came back this year because of the hype with the judges. I was happy at the beginning of the process, but now things have just gone downhill and reminds me of why I stopped. I’m happy that my Scotty is still in it….but totally wish Pia didn’t leave us tonight. I thought for sure Jacob was going to go (along with his attitude as Grammi Kari put it too). How does a voice like Pia’s go and Jacob stay? Yes, he has a good voice, but not one worthy of staying as long as he has.

    As for the judges…yes, they should have had more positive things to say. I think the more I read the posts and think about things, a Scotty/Lauren final is also on the horizon…which does make me sad. Yes, Scotty is my favourite but at the end of the day, it’s the person with the strongest vocal that deserves to be there…afterall, this is a singing competition.


  24. I forgot to include Ashton in the five lovely ladies that have been voted off this year – Pia, Thia, Ashton, Naima, and Karen.

    Hmmm – Deja Vu? Which one of the remaining contestants is most like Lee DeWyze, Kris Allen, and David Cook?


  25. Bizzee – I hope I didn’t insult you, knowing that your fave is Scotty. It’s just that I think, as you said, this show is a singing competition and I like to see growth and refinement as the show unfolds – similar to what we enjoyed when Kelly Clarkson or Clay Aiken gave us in the early years of Idol. That was exciting.

    And Season 7 was just magical. Yes, many great singers were eliminated along the way but, in fact, they were all great and the final 2 standing were the best of the best – David Archuleta and David Cook. It was the first year that I think Idol had a perfect finish. Just wonderful.


  26. Jeanne,

    The problem is that it’s not just Pia. We have lost a girl each week since the finals started. No guys! I don’t know that it was complacency. That may explain part of it, but not all of it. You can’t just write off all these girls going down like ducks in a row. The same thing happened last season until there was just one girl, Crystal.

    It’s the power texting with the tweens that is causing these kinds of results. Yes, they do vote for someone, however they are voting in large enough numbers to produce a ridiculous result like this. If you don’t have the tweens behind you, then you fan base won’t be big enough to overpower them.

    I just don’t know how they are going to get Lauren into the finale. At this rate, we will have an all guys competition. Why don’t they just stop having girls and make it all guys? Then let’s see what happens.

    I should be used to this by now. It’s hardly the first time nor will it be the last. But it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


  27. I’ve replied in the thread with the masterclass article, but I am almost livid about this awful result. One of the biggest upsets in the history of the show, without a question. WhatNotToSing.com lists Pia as this season’s best singer/performer, never having chosen a bad song, always having delivered the goods. She is apparently the first contestant to have never had a bad or poorly-received performance in the history of the show. Who knows if she would have continued the way she had? Who knows if she would have improved each week?

    I do think the Scotty/Lauren finale has already been determined… this exit must delight the producers, for their major obstacle is now gone, and things will probably proceed predictably from now on. This season has taken a tumble, and it won’t recover. I’m not sure if I anymore faith. I won’t stop watching, but I’ve become embittered. The only other contestant who could just about match Pia is Stefano, but his prospects look grim now. Next week could be his last, and the producers will probably shove him in the death spot for good measure. “Only the good die young” has really lived up to its meaning (figuratively).


  28. Jessica Turner April 7, 2011 at 10:35 pm

    Wow. I think it’s because of people like me who like Pia, but don’t love her. I’m 40 years old and love rock and roll. Lots of middle-aged ladies like me who went to high school in the late 70s through the 80s loved rock and roll/punk/alternative and sniffed at our grandparents’/parents’ soft rock/cheezie preferences from Lawrence Welk, the Rat Pack (which I appreciate now), the Carpenters, the Doobie Brothers (blech), Barbara Streisand, etc. Not saying they aren’t talented, but it’s that rebellious way of looking at the world (Billy Idol anyone?). I just couldn’t vote for her because she was boring. If she sang some Joan Jett or Pretenders or even Cyndi Lauper or 10,000 Maniacs, and broke out of the Rachel (from Glee) bubble of being part wedding singer-part Broadway star like she did in the group number I think she would’ve done better.

    I would’ve much rather seen Lauren or Stefano go. Why do I like Casey or Paul better? Because I see them as rock and roll musicians who will ultimately make good albums and probably put on an even better show.

    However, I am not above conspiracy theories.


  29. I don’t think our comments should be read as disrespectful to Scotty. I like him quite a bit. I am talking about the injustice of someone as talented as Pia leaving in the ninth spot! It’s not Scotty’s fault that it happened. He just has the “y” chromosome going on.
    Same with Paul and James.

    If TPTB wanted better results, then they should have revised the voting system to give the judges at least some say in the results.


  30. “MCL, with all due respect, I think losing Pia was the last thing on the AI producer’s Christmas Wish List. They will probably lose viewership as a result of this.”,/i>

    I agree, Jeanne. In fact, I believe the producers thought Pia would be in the Final two. Certainly the bookies did. In the office pool, I picked her as first place; James in second place; and Scotty in third. Now, I am wondering where Pia’s votes will go, or will they be so disgusted that they won’t vote… period.

    Julia, I wish Karen was on the tour, but she won’t be. These girls are going down one by one. The Judges have to get tougher on Paul, casey, Jacob, and yes Stefano. All guys in the TOP 4 will not fly right.

    Nigel has to figure out what he can do to save the show. Obviously, saving Casey turned out to be a total mistake. People need to stop blaming Stefano.


  31. Mindy – you picked some of my all-time favorites – Jennifer Hudson, LaToya London, Melinda Doolittle, Siobhan Magnus, and Pia.


  32. Oh MCL, you are too cute. You definitely did not insult me with Scotty comments. No worries there whatsoever. 🙂

    Like I said, although he is my favourite, it’s the person who has the best vocals that deserves to be in the final and I don’t think it is Scotty. Yes, he is going to have a stellar career, but there are so many things he needs to work on and there are way better singers in the competition such as Stefano and Pia…………….oh wait, Pia left us tonight :-P. Ugh!


  33. Yes, I like James but I wonder how the best vocalist never seems to win this SINGING contest…


  34. Well, everyone forgets that a guy was eliminated-Casey -the stupid save should not have been used for him. Who knows how badly this skewed the voting. Anyway, time will tell if the Lauren/Scotty finale is realized but I know the producers want what they want and Pia was not it. I spoke with someone in then biz a few weeks ago and he said then that Pia would not win and I agreed with him. This show has their own agenda.


  35. Jessica Turner… I totally relate to what you’re saying! I was a teen of the 70s too, and it was rock n roll all the way! Like you, I can now appreciate the great singers of the past, but I still like my rock n roll. I thought Pia sang beautifully, but I wanted to hear her sing some good rock tunes. I can’t really complain about the results this season, since I haven’t voted at all. I just can’t sit and vote for 2 hours straight.


  36. My favourite is Paul because I’m a sucker for a good musician who also happens to have a very unique tone. He’s also current which is a huge bonus.

    That said, I’m shocked to see Pia go and think the judges used their save way too early. I’d be willing to bet they regret using it now.

    I predict that James Durbin will win American Idol.


  37. Stefano shouldn’t be blamed. Although I’m not sure if the tweenies are voting for him. I should think Paul, too.

    I share MCL’s opinion that, in retrospect, Casey’s save was a huge mistake. Yes, he is fun and charming and interesting, but final two material? No, no, no. Pia was top two quality, but not Casey. Had they let Casey go, we may still have Pia. She may still have had a shot. Steven, Jennifer and Randy are probably kicking themselves for using that save so early. They shouldn’t have looked so crestfallen and upset, because something like this was bound to happen. They cannot escape the blame.

    There is always an elimination that is hard to come to terms with every season, and this season it’s most definitely Pia’s. I honestly don’t care who goes home and when from now on. Really. Scotty could leave next week, and I wouldn’t care less (not that he doesn’t deserve to stay). I’ve expressed too much emotion tonight, and I’m practically dried up.

    Would Pia have won? Considering Scotty’s popularity, I find it doubtful. But the show desperately needs a female winner, and Pia was the only female who fit the bill. She was ready for the radio, given the right songs. Lauren and Haley have no chance.

    Next week I shall throw things if those judges aren’t more critical. I hope tonight hardened those hearts of theirs. I cannot bear sitting through another cheerleading routine.

    Oh, and I do so wish I could vote. Being a Canadian just sucks right now. All I can do is sit and watch, feeling helpless.


  38. Mindy, I’m not saying that the Y chromosome factor doesn’t have anything to do with it — it probably does. But I don’t spend much time fretting about the order that people who don’t have a chance of winning get voted off in. Is it odd that no men have been voted off and only women have? Well, in a way, although let’s remember that Casey was voted off at one point, so if they hadn’t messed with the save, it wouldn’t be Women 5, Men 0. But as much as I like Thia’s tone and Naima’s performance energy and creativity, none of the other women voted off stood a chance of making the top 6, much less the final 2 (okay, MAYBE Naima could have made it to 6.) So it doesn’t really matter to me that all the weak women went before the weak men. In the grand scheme of things, the order just isn’t important.

    Quite honestly, as wonderful a voice as Pia has, she has some performance issues. Hands and arms that haven’t figured out what to do when she sings, and consequently do some trite things. An inability to just relax and let it flow. Carrie Underwood suffered from the same problem, and I worried for her, because as much as I liked Bo Bice, I wanted Carrie to win. And she did, despite her lack of performing skills. But this is a different year, with a more talented crew. You can’t be missing any parts of the puzzle and win this year. And unfortunately, Pia’s performance issues, combined with the fact that she seemed a shoe-in (and maybe the lack of a Y chromosome) did her in.

    My feeling after watching last night’s show was that everyone performed pretty well and that I had no idea who would leave. I haven’t had the chance to rewatch the show yet, but in thinking about it today, I realized that most of the performances didn’t stick with me. The one I could feel unequivocal about was Scotty. Forget the vocal; I have no idea if it was good or not. But the kid is as polished a performer as they get, personal physical idiosyncrasies aside. He may use every trite trick in the book, but it works. He is contagious. I watched his performance in admiration, because he did The King and not only got away with it, but glowed! I remembered James’ voice not being as good as it was on Maybe I’m Amazed, but I remember his emotion after the song. I remembered that while Haley largely channeled Janis, she did a good job at it and should be safe, and I was glad for her, because she is growing on me. I remembered that I couldn’t for the life of me remember what Casey sang, but it seemed uneventful whatever it was; that Paul wasn’t as bad as usual; and that Lauren was singing a song that a 16-year-old girl shouldn’t be singing. Oh, and that Jacob, who didn’t want to sing a song about two people doing the nasty, was busy all-but-grinding the backup singer on stage.

    In other words, the only one who really got me in a positive way was Scotty. Which is telling. These people have loads of talent, but it may be that most of them are missing the piece that makes it work. It’s called star quality.

    Scotty and James have it. Lauren, given four years, may have it. Pia, if someone works with her like they worked with Carrie. And that’s it.

    I guess that means I predict a Scotty and James final. And yes, they both have Y chromosomes. But I’m predicting it based on talent, and in the world of professional entertainment, I define talent as having the ability to make people want to watch them. John Wayne was a lousy actor, but people sure wanted to watch him do it anyway.


  39. I’m trying not to be upset, but I’m feeling rather numb. Watching this show for so many seasons means that I’ve learned to put a distance between myself and my favorite because getting too emotionally invested tends to just lead to heartache. The result is that, on one hand, I’m taking the news rather well; my emotional compartmentalization defense is functioning very nicely. On the other hand, somewhere not so hidden beneath the surface, I am very, very upset and angry or disappointed, and I’m not sure which one it is, and that’s the emotional side of me peeking out.

    I’m just numb. I don’t mean this in a dramatic way, but only in the sense that, having watched this show, I knew this could happen, but based on talent alone, I disagree with it happening. I agree that Pia’s performing skills are very stiff, and I pointed out that her voice sounded stressed this week, but I truly believed she had the vocal chops to go the distance. I find it very difficult to accept this elimination. It doesn’t feel real.

    I’ll get over this, maybe, eventually, but I’m saddened for Pia. That’s what weighs upon my heart. Pia’s elimination is of little consequence to my life, but it matters very much to her and her career. I hope this experience doesn’t discourage Pia or cause her to have any regrets. She’s a beautiful person inside and out, and I’m disappointed that this was not the break for her.

    There have been many upset eliminations in the past, but ninth place has not bode well for anyone. (The exception might be Mandisa, but I had to look that up to remember.) Off the top of my head, the earliest a successful non-winner has ever been booted is seventh place (Jennifer Hudson). It’s very difficult for those who don’t crack into the higher placements.


  40. Now it doesn’t seem that it was such a good idea for the judges to use the save so early. I had this feeling all along that it would come back to haunt them, but never in my wildest dreams did I see this coming. I bet the judges sure wish they had the save now.

    It is true that someone with a “y” chromosome got voted off. We will never know how that may have played havoc with the results. People on here said that they didn’t think the save was a good idea, that we should let America determine who goes and who stays.

    Dearest J,

    I have been thinking of you tonight. I knew this would be hard for you, but I listed the great female singers who have fallen in past seasons. There was some formidable talent there. That’s why I didn’t want to get too attached to Pia. I was afraid of something like this. So Pia didn’t have good enough performance skills. Is that what we are supposed to take from this result?

    I think that I will just let it be or I may say something I will regret. What really bothers me is what MCL said about speaking with someone in the business who said that Pia wouldn’t win. What I would like to know is if this person said why Pia wouldn’t win. I would like to know what the thinking was with someone who is actually in this business and why.

    I have just seen the show and it was hard to watch. Seeing Pia’s tear-stained face and the pain in her eyes was not a pretty thing. One thing I noticed at the end when all the other kids came over to console her, is that she turned to Jacob and buried her head in his arms and started sobbing so badly that it could be heard in the mic. That sound is going to give me bad dreams tonight. Goodness knows, I am not an idealistic dreamer anymore, but this just makes me sick. I don’t care how people choose to rationalize this result. I will never accept it.

    It does concern me that Pia will finish in eleventh place. That doesn’t bode well for her chances of a career. That girl was shattered.


  41. Stefano, sit at the piano and sing a teary eyed ballad. And mean it. Just think about tonight next week when you are singing. Go dark horse. You have the best voice this season. Unmatched.


  42. Jessica Turner April 8, 2011 at 1:17 am

    Stefano looked truly hurt when it wasn’t him. He seems like a very heartfelt young man. I bet he would change places with Pia if he could. I hope he (and everyone) does Pia proud next week.

    Maybe Glee will take on Pia. Recorded TV might be a way for her. She looks great in the Ford ads and the other recorded material. She would be definitely great as a rival glee club leader, fellow teacher, and/or love interest for Mr. Shue.


  43. Jessica,

    I think you’re right about Pia’s song choices. I just couldn’t get into the whole Celine / Whitney / Mariah diva vibe that Pia was emulating. I appreciate the vocal talents of these women, but they bore me. I wish Pia had exhibited more of an edge to her performances.


  44. Jessica,

    Just catching up on your comments. Pia was definitely stronger in the group performances and in the last Ford commercial. I enjoyed her interactions with the others on stage. A vehicle like Glee might be the way to go.


  45. I think Pia would not have won because she did not capture peoples hearts or interest. Also though her singing was good – did she ever make you feel motional in a song.

    The small shot of her joining in the wrestling showed the only bit of her that looked fun – everything else was very polished and therefore unreachable.

    I am shocked by the result, as I expected her in longer but I never really expected her in the final 3.

    This is a TV Show with singing, not a singing competition. The singing makes up a small part of what gets the votes – the rest is perceived personality, singing order, pimping by producers, judges comments (I think Pia was only one to get some criticism), beneficial controversy (like Scotty/Jaycee), growth story ….


  46. I noticed James comforting Stefano as Pia was singing for the last time. He looked very upset. Of course it’s not his fault and I don’t think anybody here said it was. He just seemed close to Pia and didn’t expect her to be the one to leave. Lauren was crying a lot, too. They all looked completely shocked at the result.

    I noticed that Haley wasn’t too choked up about it, though. She was smiling and when she realized that the camera was on her, she tried to hold it back. If I were her, I wouldn’t get too happy. After this, who knows what can happen.

    I guess this would be the time when we are reminded just what this competition is all about. Silly Pia. The girl sang her heart out and it wasn’t enough in the end. She didn’t have enough personality, didn’t move well enough, didn’t connect with the audience. So that makes it all okay. Then it all makes sense and that girl’s tears and heartbreak mean nothing. It’s really a popularity contest and that’s what counts. Then maybe we should just do without the singing altogether.

    It should get easier because goodness knows there have been a number of great female singers who didn’t make it, but it never does.


  47. Just looked across some of the blogs and most of the comments have with something like –

    “While Pia was not my favorite contestant, she was talented”
    “I liked Pia, but didn’t vote for her because I voted for xxx”

    I think that was an issue – everyone seems to admire her – but how many had her as their favourite and voted for her.

    I wish Americal idol would publish voting figures at the end like X factor does – because then you really understand how the votes went.


  48. I happened to be reading Eonline and they had information about what happened after the show ended. It really was something. The audience was still stunned and upset and began chanting Pia’s name and telling her that they will buy her record. Haley wiped away tears and prompted the audience to cheer for people. Thank goodness for that.

    Stefano was in pretty bad shape. He supposedly is feeling guilty because he stayed over Pia. Paul and James were trying to console and comfort him.

    Even the judges needed some hugs, although they don’t deserve them. The judges also spent a long time consoling Pia, with her fellow contestants staying by her side. The audience was prompted to give her another ovation as they moved backstage.

    The worst part is that Pia was so beside herself that she was practically carried off the stage by two people from production, who she leaned heavily on for support.

    Sometimes we forget that these kids aren’t professionals. They are just amateurs who are in this pressure cooker of a competition and it takes a toll. Apparently Pia is taking it very hard.

    Maybe I should stop reading online because this isn’t going to help me sleep any better.


  49. I meant to say that Haley prompted the audience to cheer for Pia. I am tired and just need to finally go to bed!


  50. Alex – You said “I predict that James Durbin will win American Idol.” — because he is the one I look for each week, I hope that you are correct, but I have never favored the winner yet. I agree that Pia was many viewers second choice and that seemed to make her doomed this week. By the way, I can see Paul going as far as fifth place just as Tim Urban did last year.


  51. I think one of the reasons for Pia’s elimination was that the judges failed to do their job this week. I was very disappointed in how they gave almost equal amounts of praise to every performer and had almost nothing critical to say to anyone.

    This uniform praise was reinforced at the very end of the performance show when Ryan went up to the judges table and asked for their final assessment. The judges said everyone was great and they didn’t know who people should vote for.

    The following day on the results show, JLo said “I’m shocked. I’m angry” at Pia’s elimination, clearly implying that Stefano should have been the one to go. But during the performance show, viewers got no indication whatsoever that this was her preference. If fact, she even objected to the mild critical comment that Randy made about Stefano’s performance.

    If the judges fail to give the viewers clear guidance about who is more deserving to stay, and if the viewers then proceed to “vote for their favorites” as instructed by Ryan, what exactly is the justification for the judges being angry? Do they expect the viewers to read their minds?

    In my view, the viewers did exactly what they were supposed to do. They listened to the judges give praise in almost equal amounts to all the performers, then they voted for their favorites. It was the judges, in my opinion, who failed to do their job properly.

    Before the season began, the producer Nigel said that the judges were not going to give the kind of snarky criticisms that Simon used, but would instead try to be constructive and supportive in their comments. I think this “be complimentary to everyone” attitude has gone too far. By failing to give the viewers any clear guidance about which singers are more deserving to stay and which are less deserving, they are making it difficult for viewers to make informed voting decisions. If viewers had known the judges all felt Pia was much more deserving to stay than Stefano or Jacob, the result might have been different.


  52. Barbara, I think you’ve probably got the best answer. She was everyone’s second choice and the first choice of too few. Of course, there are a variety of other factors, too (see The Hollywood Reporter), but I think that’s the best answer.

    I also agree with you that no matter how much Randy says it is, it is NOT a singing competition. The idea behind the show is to find the next American Idol/great recording star. Sometimes the next great recording star has an incredible voice; sometimes you get Brittany Spears (or Lee DeWyze). Sometimes the next great recording star is a flash in the pan who has a great single or two and that’s it; sometimes it’s a long career.

    But whatever it is, there is a lot more than just vocal ability that goes into making a million or more people want to pay hard-earned money for your CD or concert.

    Perhaps this is a good wake-up call for Pia, something that will convince her that she has to learn to let loose a little and give us her personality, and she’ll end up having a better career as a result.

    And as for the teenage girls who control the voting: it’s not their fault that they want to vote more than anyone else does, or that their hormones are controlling things. And while a DWTS voting format might improve things, I think that Idol is proud of the fact that “America” determines the winner, and I’m not sure they want to make that radical a change. The show has survived a number of early, unfair ousters and still makes a ton of money; I’m sure they’ll survive Pia’s departure as well.

    I’m not trying to minimize the loss of Pia; I am sad to see her go. But it is what it is. And Pia will come out of this stronger as a person. We learn from our mistakes and our tragedies, not from our successes.


  53. Good morning all,

    I am stopping by to see the comments regarding last nights results show. I truly wish I could say I am shocked and surprised. I wasn’t in the least. As I have said from my first viewing of the show this season, as much as I wanted to love Pia like I loved Latoya London, Jennifer Hudson, and Melinda Doolittle, I just felt nothing when she sang. I have struggled to articulate why. I do feel bad for her because I recognize her vocal prowess. Unfortunately, for American Idol that is not what seems to count the most. To be frank, how many top performers in the Pop or Rock genre’s have technically great voices? I hope she can find her niche and have a long and successful career. More important, I hope she can learn to let go a bit and stop trying to be so perfect. Let people connect with who she is as a person a little more. I wish her the best.


  54. Very interesting comments about why Pia was eliminated. Even though Pia is extremely talented, I honestly didn’t expect her to win because of the way the audience votes for their favorites. Sure people loved her voice–what was not to love?–but many people probably assumed that others were voting for her. At least that’s how they explained the loss of Chris Daughtrey.

    And I’m really glad that MCL brought up the conspiracy theory, because that was the first thing that crossed my mind last night. I would not be the least bit surprised if Idol didn’t want to see her win. Although Pia fit the age requirement, her style was older and really wouldn’t appeal much to young people who are probably the biggest purchasers of music.

    And, finally, I also thought exactly what Malden said about the judges not doing their job. They cannot keep telling each and every performer just how great they are. The way they are critiquing isn’t honestly fair to the best ones. Jennifer told Pia that she wanted to keep seeing her pushing herself, but she didn’t do that to many of the lesser talents. And has Steven ever uttered a constructive criticism to any of them? He just tells all of them how great they are. It reminds me of parents from this generation raising their kids’ self-esteem to the point where they all think they’re extremely special people. When they get to college, they get a reality check and blame any failings on their professors. I think the judges need to hit a happy medium. Last year I thought Kara and Simon were very harsh in their comments–especially commenting negatively about some contestants’ appearance and also uttering the “I don’t get you” comment week after week. I appreciate that the judges this year are not negatively commenting on appearance, but they really do need to begin critiquing the performances more. AI is not a high school talent contest.

    My best to Pia. I hope she proves herself as Jennifer Hudson did when she was voted off too early.

    I’m sure there are lots of reasons why Pia was voted off but it was still a HUGE shock that she was eliminated this early. I figured she would at least be second or third.


  55. I just read an article at MSNBC by Craig Berman who always writes about Idol. He’s said in a much more eloquent way what I said above about the judges needing to do their jobs . . .



  56. cookiemonster April 8, 2011 at 8:07 am

    First time on this year! – I have been reading your comments from time to time. Very interesting analysis and comments this morning. After that shocking elimination I knew I had to come on this site and see what others are sayings. I was a HUGE Pia fan so I am very upset. Even my tone-deaf husband (sorry) was angry and said that she was the best singer by far! He went on to say that she had the whole package – the looks and the voice. But I do tend to agree with an earlier poster that she should have done more in terms of connecting to her audience. I was captivated by her because her voice DID hit a core inside me but others who are not as moved by the music itself, but rather the entertainment value (and I think there are more people like that out there today), were probably not as moved by her. And as far as the y chromosome thing…I think it will be a long time before we see a female winner. I know there are many men out there watching, but I think it is the women (and many, many young girls / teens) that are more apt to call in. Correct me if I am wrong but I can see women getting more emotionally invested in this show, to the point where they would call way more than the men. And many women out there like the sex appeal of the male singers. And although I am woman and I loved Pia, I absolutely am gaga over a somewhat hot guy up there who can sing and play a guitar (just think David Cook!) So my votes would be split! I would not be totally devoted to that one fabulous female singer. The men who MAY (and I am not trying to categorize all males here!) lean toward the female singers, will not necessarily devote time to make several calls for a female singer – men don’t get “obsessive” like us crazy gals!! On top of that you have that large population of men who would rather hear/watch male singers/entertainers who can rock it out rather than the Celine Dion – Type. So poor Pia for now – (and poor us who will not be blessed with her voice for the rest of the show) but I am sure she has a great future ahead of her. I never thought she’d make it to the top two because I know what this show is like, but I was hoping she’d go far. So now, my fingers are crossed for James D – now that boy has TALENT!!! (But again, I know what this show is like…) Ok Master Class lady – blaming YOU if I’m late for work this morning!!


  57. I am certainly in the minority here, but as far as performance, I don’t see Pia as being that far off in that area. To me Lauren looks like she is thinking about every move she makes. Scotty, to me, looks like he is in a high school variety show doing an imitation of some singer (have no idea who). That strange sideways slant, singing out of the corner of his straight mouth, and his strange microphone position just drives me crazy. I can’t even watch him. He also reminds me of Howdy Doody. I don’t mind watching James, but I don’t like the screams (didn’t like them in Adam either). Paul is better when he is behind his guitar, but sometimes he sounds like he sucked helium. Taylor Hicks won idol for his “performance value”, but it hasn’t worked too well for him. I just don’t get the whole thing with Idol. It certainly isn’t a singing contest.


  58. Dear MasterClassLady – I always appreciate your positive comments, and that you always find good things to say about everyone. I’m puzzled by your previous statement “the producers want a Scotty/Lauren Finale.” I thought that the viewers decide by voting. I know it’s not “one vote per person” and that people with speed dial and automated voting can vote hundreds of times for their favorites. But I did think the numbers of votes is what determines who stays and who goes. Do you know something different about how the votes are tallied? I would love to know. Thank you again for all the wonderful constructive advice you give everyone.


  59. In the end, the producers can do what they want. There is a disclaimer somewhere in the fine writing over at the AI site. They want a young, (aka teen) marketable girl or guy whom they can mold to their liking.

    Pia is too comfortable in her own skin for Idol to ever be fully interested in her. I don’t get it. I see $$$$$ signs when I watch Pia, Stefano or James, but Idol has their own vision.

    I don’t know when or how this show lost control of the fact that this is a singing competition, but they did and there is nothing we can do about it. Simon Cowell’s X-Factor is starting to look pretty good to me.


  60. I woke up today. Numb, just feeling numb. I can’t believe this. I am so stunned. I cried…hard! Seeing two people, my favourite people, my dream finale in the bottom 2 just upset. My. Soul. I was prepared for Stefano to go (much to my deep sadness), he looked prepared to go…and then this. This…ridiculousness. Seriously, I can’t comprehend what just transpired, but it was pure foolishness. It is then I was reminded it was still a reality show.

    UGH!!!!!!! Dear God, can we turn back the hands of time, please? I feel so upset about Stefano and Pia now. Them, not making top 5, is a travesty!


  61. Stefano will garner votes and make the top 5.


  62. Huckleberryfriend April 8, 2011 at 11:13 am

    And my girl Haley growls up on the outside. With good song choice and keeping her voice (and left arm) under control, she could make it to the finals with Scotty. Those were my 2 early on picks.

    Not the 2 best singers or performers but in the top tier, plus they are the best at filling the TV screen. And they both come across as extremely likable.

    Big personalities with talent usually make it to the top 2, so I think these 2 have a shot.


  63. Rosanne,

    I’m broken hearted about Pia. Both she and Stephano are my favorites this season. I felt Stephano needed my votes more than Pia, so I voted up a storm for him. Now look what happened!! Man, was I mistaken! Regarding Casey, I was thinking at the time that would have been wrong if the judges had not saved him. I’m starting to believe now that you’re right. They shouldn’t have used the Save for Casey. I’m worried about Casey now, though. He might start to have feelings of guilt all over again, and he shouldn’t. It was the judges decision to save him. In regards to A.I. being a singing competition-This season, it’s not just about the singing. It’s also about stage presence, comunicating with the audience, and dancing. I don’t have a big issue with this, but there was one week when Jennifer told Pia she should have moved around the stage while singing. Based on her song choice and delivery, I believed it to be more appropriate for Pia to just stand there in the middle of the stage with the mic. I have seen so many performances from people in the music industry where singing artistry has no importance at all. My hope is that the singing aspect is the most important to the judges on A.I. Also, I believe when these contestants do start their music careers, that they will have more time to grow as performers. Take David Archuleta for instance. He’s grown so much as a performer really knows how to man a stage, and communicate with his audience well, without having his singing take a back seat. Today’s most popular entertainers could learn a thing from him!!!


  64. Anita I totally agree with everything you said. Everything! I think everyone did as you did and voted like mad for Stefano, thinking Pia was safe. The only good thing to come from this mess is that all the Pia fans will now vote for Stefano or, perhaps James. We shall see. I still think the producers are responsible for this mess though.


  65. Dearest Mindy,

    Bless your heart! Thank you for thinking of me. Your penultimate paragraph really resonated with me. I have long put away my Idol idealism and attachments because I know that even winning this show does not guarantee success, but after watching the video of Pia’s elimination (I’d only read the news at the time of my first comment), I found the tears welling up in my eyes. It doesn’t seem right for such a talented vocalist and gentle soul as Pia to have to endure this experience. Pia’s personality has never been robotic to me; I feel I understand her. She is hard-working, diligent, genuine, humble, and even fun (which we glimpsed at moments).

    Tom’s comments in the other blog topic captured very poignantly much of what I’m thinking: The poise, grace, and class Pia brought to this stage were incomparable, and to not witness that or hear her beautiful voice for the remaining seven weeks of this competition is a tough pill to swallow.

    I believe Jeanne is right that, with American Idol being in its tenth season now, viewers are looking for complete packages, ready-to-go and primed for release, but deep down in my heart, I wanted to believe that a top-notch vocalist could win on those merits alone. I wanted to believe that fans could see a hard-working, promising talent and recognize how much more she could be—and how amazing she would be when she realized her full potential. It makes me sad to think that that brand of contestant is no longer enough.

    Pia was consistent in her technical delivery; showed diligence towards her craft and a willingness to learn; and strove to improve upon the areas in which others gave her feedback. She sang extremely well every week despite her nerves and advanced to the top 13 despite little screentime. She was always gracious, taking the judges’ feedback to heart and seeking to internalize it in order to grow herself. She was motivated but not overly ambitious. She was marked by humility and never showed even a glimmer of a bad attitude or ill-will towards anyone. She was sweet, genuine, and truly appreciated the platform American Idol was giving her. Knowing this, I ask rhetorically: What else did America want from Pia?

    That question doesn’t need to be answered; I understand all the reasons others have supplied for Pia’s departure. I don’t disagree that performance and entertainment value matter. I don’t disagree that some viewers felt disconnected from Pia. Those are all true. I just wish more people saw the Pia I see. I see a woman who sings not for the fame or the fortune but for the love of music, who cherishes all feedback and understands her own capacity for growth, who embraces the honing of her craft as a lifelong pursuit, whose passion to succeed is matched by her work ethic, whose character cannot be faulted, and whose present level of vocal skill is undeniable. In my ideal world, those ingredients should lead to success. Stage skills can be honed. Even the ability to relate to others can be improved as individuals learn how to communicate their personality more effectively. In contrast, many of Pia’s qualities I listed, like teachability, work ethic, integrity, and the technical skill Pia has already attained, are hard to come by.

    I started this comment last night, but I had to force myself to go to sleep because it was late. I read your most recent comments in the morning after finishing up, and you communicated the exact same sentiment as I did: “The girl sang her heart out and it wasn’t enough in the end.”

    I guess this would be the time when we are reminded just what this competition is all about. Silly Pia. The girl sang her heart out and it wasn’t enough in the end. She didn’t have enough personality, didn’t move well enough, didn’t connect with the audience. So that makes it all okay. Then it all makes sense and that girl’s tears and heartbreak mean nothing. It’s really a popularity contest and that’s what counts. Then maybe we should just do without the singing altogether.

    It breaks my heart to read that she had to be carried offstage. I don’t know why this is happening, but I must believe that there is a reason for it. I don’t know what that reason is, but if a recording career is in Pia’s future, it will happen. She will find a way; someone will sign her. If it’s meant to be, it will be, and that’s a conviction I live by. Knowing this doesn’t stop the pain of this moment (I know I’ve been there, and my beliefs told me I would be okay, but I mourned the lost opportunity and wondered how long it would be before I’d be okay again), but I hope eventually it soothes the pain and helps Pia to put the past behind her, grow from this experience, and seek other paths to success.

    I have other things to say, but my thoughts are jumbled, and I’m not sure they’re worth posting. Therefore, I’ll leave you with two links.

    (1) http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/watch_with_kristin/b235381_live_american_idol_surprising.html (the article Mindy mentioned)

    (2) http://www.billboard.com/news/american-idol-s-pia-toscano-5-theories-1005122812.story (a summary of the many theories for Pia’s elimination; I think MCL readers covered them all)


  66. MCL – your comment “Simon Cowell’s X-Factor is starting to look pretty good to me”

    Sorry – don’t get your hopes up.

    Simon is more blatantly manipulative than AI in his own show. When he started with X-factor in the UK the show was great and fair – then Simon learnt how to manipulate and it shows. His aim is to generate column inches first – he will do anything for controversy. That said – it makes a great TV program – but not a fair singing contest. The last 2 years have had Simon sending home a better contestant by choosing a worse one at least once in the series.

    Mind you that said – he didn’t get the person he wanted to win despite trying everything he could.


  67. Here is a post on MJ’s Big Blog that includes a collection of Idol alumni tweets.

    Pia shows that she is truly a singer’s singer; look at all those responses! She’s got the goods.

    Not to mention, support from other celebrities, including Bette Midler and Tom Hanks:

    What an affirmation of Pia’s star quality and presence. To see so many who have made it in the entertainment industry stand behind her, how precious is that? I had no idea Pia affected so many other people in this way. (I mean, I knew I loved her, but at least a few people felt disconnected from her). If this is any indication of Pia’s future success and whether she has what it takes to succeed, then Pia has a promising future indeed.


  68. Hi All,

    I just wanted to pop back in and say that I truly empathize with all of the Pia fans here on this site. I know how hard it is to watch a favorite be voted off. I am thinking of you guys!!!

    In as much, please don’t forget there are 8 other singers on idol with the same goal; to win! It’s not their fault if TPTB have them already labeled as the winner. That also can change, because at the end of the day…America will speak!

    These kids, all of them, are giving us their hearts each week, they all want the same thing and they all want us to like them and vote for them, one (Jacob) is starting to take it for granted, but the rest of these kids are trying so hard! So, embrace these young kids, and love them even if they aren’t one of your favorites.

    Again, please know that I am thinking of you all, and know how heartbreaking this is!

    Take care all,



  69. Vonnie,

    Thanks for your comments. You’re just wonderful!!!


  70. Vonnie, you are a very wise and loving person . . .


  71. Ah, as much as I would love to blame the producers, the voting system, and the judges, in the end Pia was missing that somethin somethin needed to motivate people, like me, to vote. I am the exact demographic she needed to win over (because the tweens were not going to be into her), but she just didn’t have the spark or uniqueness I needed. I think she is a lovely person, a gifted vocalist, but the American Idol show, with all its faults, was not the right competition for her. I must respectfully disagree with those who think she can make it as a contemporary pop artist. She should take acting lessons and try musical theatre. She has a great belt and the looks for many leading roles. Just my very humble opinion.


  72. Dearest J,

    I knew you would be taking this hard. Goodness knows that I had no illusions about Pia winning this thing. I know better than that. What I did hope, is that she could maybe finish 3rd or 4th and get a record deal. I would like to believe that the sound of a real human voice still counts for something in this world. If we lose that, God help us all.

    Last night, I dealt with the disappointment by doing what I have always done – I listened to the singers that I love so much. I went back to the great voices that I grew up listening to, the ones that inspired me, thrilled me. I wanted to savor and cherish the experience of great voices, singing on key, with clarity, tone and timbre and the ability to tell a story and interpret the words, emotion and feeling. I believe that this is exactly what Pia did every week. My definition of what is entertaining may differ from the majority these days. What is not entertaining is singing so off key that it sounds flat and the melody is lost, a voice that is raspy with working too hard, bells and whistles that detract from lack of vocal skill, the lack of respect for words of a song and conveying that story to the audience.

    I did connect with Pia in so many ways. I think she interpreted the words of her songs with beauty, passion and depth of feeling. I could hear her emotion in her voice. Have we lost this simple and compelling form of entertaining? Is this now considered boring? I happen to like watching people standing in front of a mic and singing their hearts out. When did this become something bad? I don’t get it. I don’t want to get it. Why do people pay money to see someone like Celine Dion? So she can run around and do antics and stunts onstage? They pay to listen to that voice. That incomparable voice.

    I am not one for conspiracy theories. However, I do respect MCL and she seems to feel that something is amiss here. I have been checking out the whatnottosing.com site every week after the performances. This site has a great track record of accuracy. Every week I would look at who scored the lowest and, sure enough, come results night those people would be in the bottom three. They had Pia scoring the highest this week. So what happened? Did their data suddenly become totally wrong? I don’t know. We have pretty much covered all of the theories about what might have happened. We will never know for sure.

    What I do know is that Pia came out on that stage and sang her heart out, putting everything she had into it. What should she have done instead – run around the stage and then set a piano on fire? She did what she does best – stand there and emote and create beauty with her voice. I don’t want her to think that she did anything wrong or that she has to change. We need voices like hers to remind us of the power and majesty of the human voice. I don’t ever want to lose that. In this age of auto-tune, digitally enhanced recordings, sythesizers and the like, I don’t want to lose the simplicity of voice.

    If I don’t say this one last thing, then I won’t be able to live with myself. Giving Pia her due, giving this girl a moment of time to reflect and maybe mourn a little, in no way detracts from the eight young people who are still in this competition. There should be no reason to infer or imply that somehow we are demeaning them or their hard work and effort. I think it is reasonable and simple common decency to give this young woman some words. We are hearing support from the Idol alumni and celebrities. I wanted to take this time to congratulate her and say that I respect and admire what she did on the show. I sincerely hope that nothing more will be read into these comments.


  73. I have some positive developments about Pia. Today she was photographed visiting a record label. She looks radiant, so I should think this is true: http://justjared.buzznet.com/2011/04/08/pia-toscano-american-idols-shocking-departure/ I would hope so! I cannot fathom her being ignored by a label, especially after all of the publicity and controversy that has ensued since her departure. Despite her premature finish, no contestant this season has received this much attention… as long as she secures a contract, I will be content.

    Mindy, you sum up my feelings about Pia so eloquently. The voice always comes first for me – the performance aspect is all secondary. I could watch the show with my eyes closed if I wanted to, and all I’d need to hear is the vocals. I don’t know why some viewers are calling her boring and dull if the winner is meant to be heard on the radio, anyway. What disappoints me is that many of those who called her boring admitted that she was the best singer this season.

    I have composed my thoughts and feel somewhat better, although I still cannot believe this has happened. I don’t know if I can look forward to Wednesday, because it will be short a beautiful rendition of “Somewhere” from West Side Story. There’s no doubting that a void that cannot be filled has formed this season, and I just hope nothing else falls apart.

    Speaking of next week, did anyone slightly groan when they heard it was Movie Week? I can just imagine all of the overdone, predictable songs the contestants will have to choose from. I hope the producers have cleared a fresh slate, because I have no interest in hearing another rendition of “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” “Against All Odds,” “I Have Nothing,” etc.


  74. Today at work – I remembered something the judges said – and I think it may have had a HUGE impact on this outcome. It works hand in hand with two other theories presented above – If I may?

    Most voters I know vote for multiple contestants – lots of them vote for everyone EXCEPT who they want to go home.

    I think Pia went home last night because of a combination of closely related reasons
    (1) Despite her stunning voice and presence, she lacked emotional depth. She had a wall up (more below).
    (2) As a result of that wall – although lots and lots of people loved Pia – she wasn’t their #1 choice. (She was a LOT of people’s #2, 3, or 4).
    (3) So when the judges insisted we vote for ONLY our favorite person (rather than several) – they sealed Pia’s fate.

    “She just didn’t touch me”; Pia is gorgeous, super-talented, and almost everybody liked her but she had that WALL up – and she remained emotionally inaccessible. I know that shouldn’t matter but it does. (David Cook talks about “the wall” in the middle of this interview. http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1578012348?bctid=1578613966)

    Pia could have grown beyond this – just like David did. She could have moved into more people’s #1 spot if she had stayed longer.

    Why on earth would the judges say “Only vote for only your number one favorite” so early in the season?


  75. Dial Idol’s Voting Numbers for this week.
    Look at the bottom 3.

    Paul McDonald

    James Durbin

    Casey Abrams

    Scotty McCreery

    Haley Reinhart

    Lauren Alaina

    Pia Toscano

    Stefano Langone

    Jacob Lusk


  76. Edmond,

    That wasn’t what they were showing on results night, because I checked it out. They had people in the top three as save in green. The others were all yellow. I assume that this is an updated record of their numbers.

    Also, whatnottosing.com has already addressed this bizarre result that contrasts so glaringly with the result. I don’t know that I want to go into a detailed explanation of what they said, but it appears that they think everyone voted for their second favorite, assuming that Pia would be safe. I would recommend that people check out the site for their explanation. They also said that there may be more to say about it on the weekend.


    You beat me to it! I just saw the great news about Pia meeting with Warner Bros/Electra records today. I am with you in hoping that she gets signed to a recording contract. That’s all I ever wanted. I knew that she wasn’t going to win Idol, but sincerely wanted to see her get a recording contract to have her chance at success. If something good comes out of this godawful mess, then it will not have been for nothing.

    Pia did say that she was feeling lightheaded while she was singing for the last time. Her emotions just seemed to overwhelm her. It was the show’s medic who helped her backstage. She has been gracious in her interviews, which is what I would expect.

    I also read about the dinner they had for her last night. The other contestants were very emotional about her departure. They are feeling the pain, too. One of the producers supposedly paid tribute to Pia by saying that this isn’t the end, but the launching of a career. I am touched by the support that Pia has gotten from her fellow contestants and the Idol alumni and so many celebrities. I think that will help her enormously.

    The fact that the other eight contestants showed how much they cared and were so distraught themselves, is a testament to who they are. They weren’t thinking about themselves and didn’t seem to feel deprived of any attention. They know that this was about Pia and next week, it will be about them once more.

    I have had other favorites, as I have taken pains to say on numerous occasions. So it’s obvious that I care about them, too. I wish all of them the best of luck going forward.

    I think that Michael Slezak really said it all for me in his recap of last night’s show. He was at his biting, sarcastic best especially when it came to the judges. He ripped them a new one. I think he probably put it into words better than I could. The judges totally abdicated their responsibility by blatantly cheerleading for the contestants without giving them some constructive criticism. You can’t grow and progress with this kind of feedback. I also think that it’s a real disservice when the judges don’t hold some of these contestants to account in being true to the spirit and message of the songs they sing.

    When a song has a line like – “I shot a man just to watch him die” – that’s not a happy, feel-good kind of song. Facial expression and stage movements and the singing itself should express the darkness expressed in the song. Otherwise, it loses its meaning . That to me is not entertaining. Also, when a song has a line like – “take another little piece of my heart” – smiling would not be the most appropriate facial expression. Performing is not just singing notes with no clue as to what the words mean, what the story is that one is supposed to be telling.

    If we want to discuss the art of performing and being entertaining, then the things I mentioned above should be a part of it. I think the judges were remiss in not at least mentioning some of these things to the respective contestants. Also, issues with pitch, breathing problems, phrasing and interpretation should all be things that the judges address when critiquing the contestants.

    The judges left the impression that everyone was great, while Pia and Stefano were singled out for criticism. Pia was told to work on her stage movements and study other entertainers and Stefano didn’t make Randy “jump up and down”, whatever that is supposed to mean. On a night when no other contestants received even a hint of a critical word, that could be construed as these two being deficient or not as good.

    While I am grateful that I don’t have to listen to judges insult and degrade these young people, the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction. I have been editing and diluting my critiques for fear of upsetting some people who are emotionally invested in their favorite. I don’t like that feeling. I try to give both positive and constructive comments about the contestants. That is the standard that MCL has set for herself and I try to follow it. She did point out some of the issues in the performances, things that the judges should have brought up. They can start off with the good things, always giving some positive feedback and then go into a few things that the contestants can work on to improve.

    Finally, if this isn’t a singing contest, then maybe we should have the contestants do acrobatics, dance or juggle. As far as what is boring versus what is entertaining, that is subjective and open to individual interpretation. There are some generalizations which are being made with which I am not comfortable. There are some of us who can just close our eyes and listen to a gorgeous voice and not care if the person doesn’t move all over the stage. Pia’s performance of “I’ll Stand By You” was powerful and filled with emotion and feeling. If anyone listened to that and didn’t think it was entertaining, then I don’t know what they were hearing. That girl poured her heart and soul into those words. I loved all of her performances, but I think that one really belies these comments about being a robot or boring or not conveying any emotion.


  77. Edmond,

    I am sorry but my response to you doesn’t make sense. I meant to say that they had Pia in the top three as safe that night.


  78. i seem to be perhaps a minority of one. i am not disappointed that pia is gone. she didn’t move me. at all. and i’m glad casey was saved. he does move me. although
    he moved me more during hollywood week. i’m not a teenage girl. i have been more
    drawn to the boy singers, and i’ve voted only for the boys. i wasn’t swayed by what the judges said. i’ve simply had my boy favorites and i have voted for them.


  79. I have to weigh in and say that with the way the show is set up now with the voting system, a girl doesn’t stand a chance to win. I’ve felt like this for years now and this year is going either open AI’s eyes or signal the show’s demise, because I can guarantee Simon won’t make that mistake with X-Factor. Starting with season 7 with the Davids, Michael John, and Jason Castro that REALLY brought in the manic texting tweens and the show has been feeling the effects ever since. 5 girls voted off in a row shows that there is an inbalance now with the voting system.


  80. Mindy,

    I totally agree with you regarding the judges. They have failed to give all the contestants constructive critiques. No one can tell me that everyone except Pia and Stephano have had all perfect performances. I feel Pia, Stephano, and James are the best singers of the bunch. As much as I do enjoy Scotty’s performances, Randy made me so angry when he was just rejoicing how great Scotty is, and that he’s the one to beat. I’m starting to miss Simon. Sure, at times he could be a little rude, but he was always honest, and gave the contestants constructive advice that would help them grow. I always found it sort of funny how after a performance, Simon would say many times word for word what I was thinking. That always blew my mind!!!


  81. EdmondWayne – those DialIdol final standings seem really suspicious. Pia was no where near the bottom when I checked their site before the Results Show. She was 3rd highest in placement and was projected to NOT be eliminated along with Scotty and James. All the other singers were in jeopardy. Does DialIdol think we wouldn’t remember this?


  82. Hello everyone. I didn’t cry. I shed all the tears I will ever shed over an American Idol contestant last year. Having said that, Pia’s elimination did make me sad. She is a very good singer. I’m not going to say “great” because I don’t think she’s great yet. But she could be with some work. I hope she will break through. Performing on tour will help her although I would like to have seen her get more than 2 songs. I am also sad because she was one of only 3 women and she was BY FAR the strongest singer of the 3 women (with all due respect to Haley, whom I like better than Lauren or Pia). But losing Pia really does make it almost certain that a guy will win. Lauren is no Carrie Underwood.

    Now I’m going to be be a bit of a cynic. A few people have said how bad they feel for Pia. Come on, guys, it’s a reality show. These kids know what they’re getting into, or if they don’t, their parents should. It’s anybody’s game from week to week. Does anyone think that Kris Allen should have beaten Adam Lambert? But Kris did win. Idol is a weird show & the voting process is even weirder. And Adam’s doing just fine now, thank you very much.

    I think Pia will be fine too. She’s got a lot of talent.


  83. Wow…I don’t come on for a day and there are all sorts of comments! Ha! Just reading through all of them…who knows what to expect from here on out.

    There is a new show starting up. Now, I cannot remember the name of it, but what happens is the judges turn their backs to the singers and listen to purely the content and quality of their voice. I think this has it’s advantages and disadvantages….and we can definitely all come up with them. But basically what I’m trying to point out is that, unlike Idol nowadays, this show focus on vocal talent and it is hoped that the most talented person will win. Anyone know the show I’m talking about?


  84. MCL–The above is Dial Idols’ listing under the heading of– raw numbers voting. It is still up on their site. Other headings of course have Pia on top. I’ve always watched their headings for raw numbers because they tend to match up to reality taking into account text, and now online, voting. If Grandma is your fanbase then you will be high on the busy signal list. But if your fans are texting then the raw numbers listings tend to put you in the correct light. I love Stefano and am baffled by his numbers each week. They boy knows how to sing. I was not a big fan of ‘stiff as taffy’ Pia. Love you and your blog.


  85. Hi guys,

    The numbers EdmondWayne posted are the actual vote totals that DialIdol tallied; the scores on the front page combine everything (vote totals, busy percentages).


    Jacob has been at the bottom every single week based on these numbers – very interesting…


  86. Thanks for your show of support, Edmond. Glad you are a regular on this blog now. I never saw the raw stats. Strange. Why weren’t they available before the Results Show, I wonder? And they had Jacob in last place – not Pia. Would be interesting to see a breakdown of their stats to get a clearer picture about how close the votes were.


  87. Every week, huh tomboy? And still he remains. Smells fishy to me.


  88. OK, I always seem to want to come back & make a follow-up comment. So here it is. At the time the save was used for Casey, it was not the right thing to do. I agree. His performance of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was pretty awful. But I just listened to his performance from Wednesday night (“Have you Ever Seen the Rain?”) & I like it a whole lot. He was connected to the song & I love the ending. There is some great singing in there. Any fragment of it, in my opinion, beats what the winner of last season did. I hope Casey can continue to improve as the show continues.


  89. bizzee247 I think it’s called “The Voice” starting on NBC in a few weeks.

    EdmondWayne. From my observation I think the best thing Stefeno could do at this point is to Look Jimmy Lovine in the eye and say “This is what I’m going to sing, this is how I’m going to sing it. Stop trying to change who I am, or get out of my way” I think his produces/marketers (sorry meant mentors) have “helped” him so much they have taken away his musical instincts and replaced them with thiers.
    I don’t think he’s the only one they have affected that way. I know other’s have been pleased with the help the “mentors” have offered And yes there is a lot of talent on the stage this year but, as I said earlier on another site, I’ve had the feeling I have been watching a Interscope info-mercial lately on Idol.


  90. MCl-Thank you and it was your handling of David A that drew me in to your blog. I’ve just been silent.
    Bizzee247–it is called “The Voice” and it will be great fun. You are absolutely correct in the assessment of Jimmy I this season on Idol. I had such respect for him in the music industry in the decades leading up to Idol. Each week they have shown us in clips how Jimmy I literally sucks the soul out of Stefano. And then I have to watch Ryan Seacrust manhandle him right there on stage the way he did Tim last year. So funny. Stefano needs to calm down on stage during his actual performance. Ease and Grace. We all need to tweet him Wednesday to simply breathe in Ease and exhale Grace. He is not being mentored to do so.


  91. I’m so proud of Pia for her composure throughout the interviews she had today. MJ described Pia as “relentlessly positive and upbeat.” All these interviews I’m watching are such a confirmation of what I believed about Pia’s character and how she carries herself. She is so sweet, genuine, and classy. I love her!

    http://mjsbigblog.com/pia-toscano-reporters-conference-call-and-more.htm [Reporters Conference Call recap]
    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xi1bv4_pia_shortfilms [Pia on the Tonight Show]


  92. MCL – I think I watch Idol now just so I can join this great blog here — all other blogs should try to emulate yours.

    J – Thank you for pointing to http://mjsbigblog.com/american-idol-alums-weigh-in-on-pia-toscanos-surprise-boot.htm

    What a HOOT!


  93. DialIdol tracks phone calls – and indirectly by checking busy signals – is anyone trying to look at texting? I could not find any information on this.


  94. Passion for a contestant seems to be key this year so if there is a way to track the EMOTIONAL response to the performances (especially, the extreme responses – LOVE/hate), we may have an indicator of the winner this year.

    I appreciate that most working adults do not have two hours to spare on a Wednesday evening and that if what we hear is true that the voters are mostly female “tweeners”, we may never see another woman win.

    So who is most like the last three winners?

    I don’t think it is appropriate for me to link to or quote other blogs (that is up to MCL), but if you search the web for “Idol Top contestants ranked by estimated ITunes sales” — you can find some statistics on how many downloads each contestant had. It seems that James, Paul, and Scotty have a loyal and consistent following as far as downloads and their related ratings go. Of the remaining contestants, Lauren seems to be the only young woman who has any following in this population.

    The rest of this is for we “GEEKY” types:

    Some very technical and complex analysis concerning the phone switching and loading that can be done to route the phone calls is available. I am not YET convinced how the AI10 machine could use that to skew or even affect the data for the “busy signal” approach that DialIdol uses.

    The AI10 machine may be able to “adjust” how the phone calls are “balanced” but I don’t THINK the machine can affect the text votes except by refusing to include numbers over a certain level from a specific source. I plan to try to find out how the power text applications work this year to see how that may be affecting the outcomes.

    If we have any “techies” listening, I would be interested if you would point to the data or analysis for either the phone or text polling.


  95. I apologize for turning this thread.


  96. And as for Jimmy I. turning Stefano each week–Last week they brought in a special producer (Ryan Tedder) to work with Stefano. But the disorganization at American Idol lead to that producer working with the wrong person for almost an hour before anyone(even that person, Pia) speaking up and correcting the situation.

    “When we started, I thought I had Pia Toscano, who had apparently picked me, and then 45 minutes into the session, I get a phone call saying that there’s been a mistake, you’re doing the wrong song with the wrong artist. So they switched everything, which was tedious. I had to totally switch gears…I’ve only seen a couple episodes this season, but I did catch Stefano doing “Tiny Dancer” ……”

    Dear MCL- Yes someone is doing their level best to lay traps for Stefano.


  97. Melissa McEwan has made some good points here about how American Idol staging and framing may be affecting the votes:

    We may not like what she has to say, but it is my opinion that we need to be able to evaluate differing points of view.


  98. MCL–If we are turning this into a discussion on racial and sexual bias then I may have to leave. I am a white euro-decent gay man who has lost his last three promotions to younger black women. I say this so you will know why I may be gone. Let’s talk about the demographics of the posters right here.


  99. MCL – If you need to withdraw my last blog, I will understand. My Best to All!


  100. Thanks for the name of the TV show…that is it: “The Voice”. Looks interesting, I think I will tune in and compare it to American Idol.

    I think another problem with American Idol is that people are beginning to get tired of it (except for the faithful like us 🙂 ) But in all seriousness, it has been 10 seasons now and people are beginning to lose interest. They changed the judges this year to help draw viewers back, like myself, but I still don’t think it was enough. The producers need to figure something else out to draw more viewers back and to ensure it stays a vocal competition.


  101. Idol producer confirms that Pia was never a frontrunner (vote wise)

    VIDEO INTERVIEW (scroll down): http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/realityrocks/422461/nigel-lythgoe-pia-toscano-was-never-a-frontrunner/;_ylt=Ahk4mm.9.Kh6jZoY113XmHzNwSUv


  102. It’s official – Pia is getting signed!


    Less than 24 hours after her shocking early American Idol exit, season 10 finalist Pia Toscano has scored a record deal, UsMagazine.com has exclusively confirmed.

    The 22-year-old New Yorker — booted from the Fox series Thursday — will record her debut album under the Interscope Records imprint, which is chaired by Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine.

    “Pia is being signed to a deal with Interscope Records who are rushing her into the studio to record an album ASAP,” a source familiar with the contract talks tells Us. “Starting [Thursday] night after the show, Interscope told her they wanted her and first thing [Friday] morning Interscope brass started calling every top songwriter and producer in town to get an album together and rush release it.”

    As for the contract, the insider says, “Papers are being finalized. It’s basically a done deal. She’s signing. They rushed everything but she’s so excited.”

    Though Idol fans are still coming to terms with her dismissal, Toscano — who will hit the road this summer for the Idols LIVE! concert tour — is taking her bad news in stride.

    “You don’t know for sure why things happen, but you know, it did!” she told reporters during a Friday conference call. “It was my time to go on the show and I’m excited to see what my future holds.”


  103. Amazing news! This is what I wanted – to know that Pia will have a secured career in the music industry despite such an early exit. I was scared that she’d be forgotten at such a low placement, but I guess all of the buzz surrounding her shocking elimination has been a benefit, after all. I hope the album sells well, and she becomes one of the more successful contestants after the season ends. With a voice like hers, she deserves it!

    I suppose we should move on, knowing that Pia will be fine. This initial travesty will have a positive outcome, so we should be optimistic about the next few weeks. Hopefully the judges will come return with better critiques, and the worst singers will end up leaving from now on. It’s anyone’s game, but I hope American starts voting for talent rather than looks.


  104. No, that was not a good source and she isn’t signed, at least not right now.

    What is confirmed at this point is that Iovine wants to get a single out for her, but 19E has not given the green light for that yet.


  105. I believe that Vance is correct. US Magazine seems to have jumped the gun on this one. I don’t see how they can do this while the competition is still going on.

    As far as that interview with Nigel, all I can say is that this is exactly what I would expect him to say. What is he supposed to do – come out and say publicly that Pia was among the top vote getters? That would only make this all look even worse for them. Then he went with the standard propaganda line that Pia didn’t connect with voters as well as people thought. This guy is the ultimate spin doctor and a snake oil salesman. I wouldn’t believe a thing he says. They are also not going to change the voting.

    I checked out the final results on whatnottosing.com and they pretty much tell the story. At least that site is neutral without any bias, just their own excellent track record of accuracy based on their statistical methods. What struck me is that the two contestants who scored the lowest were Jacob and Stefano, who were in the bottom. Pia scored the highest. As the site said, write it down for history because they have never had a result like this ever. Every week I have checked on the numbers at this site and you can pick out the bottom three just by looking at the three lowest rated contestants.

    I think that they are right in saying that there was some anomaly in the voting this time. Their theory about everyone assuming that Pia was safe and then voting for another favorite, a second favorite, sounds as reasonable as anything else. I will also say that Pia has consistently been ranked in the top every week on this site.

    On MJ’s blog, she posted a wonderful video of Pia’s appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Friday night. I didn’t realize that they actually sing a lot of songs, but when they edit the show we only see maybe one or two performances. What was great is that she managed to show snippets of all of Pia’s performances so we could get a little bit of everything. What I noticed immediately is how relaxed Pia was, smiling and laughing and looking happier that she ever did on Idol. When she sang, I was also struck by how great her vocals were. As J mentioned, her voice was starting to show some signs of wear and fatigue in recent weeks. None of that was evident in her performances. She really got into it and seemed so much more animated and lively. Her rapport with the audience was amazing. They were crazy about her and loved her singing.

    I wish we could have seen this Pia on Idol. She did say in one of her post-exit interviews that she suffers from stage fright and is extremely shy. That may have been why she seemed kind of distant to some people. It’s a shame that she didn’t get the chance to relax and show everyone this other side of her. I was impressed and really happy to see her having fun on stage! I think the shock is over and she realizes that it’s not the end of the world. I am sure that the support from her fellow contestants and everyone else has lifted her spirits. She is going to be all right!


  106. Mindy–In response to your earlier note directed to me. Dial Idol keeps each week posted as a record of what happened in the voting for that week. Try using their drop down menus to choose the season or week.


  107. I think it’s fabulous that Pia is getting signed. She has a great voice & deserves a shot at the “big time”. I’ll look forward to seeing what she sings on the album. I’m sure it will be fun.


  108. For those skeptical of DialIdol, DialIdol actually supports that Pia was among the lowest vote getters. You cannot rely solely on the DialIdol score that shows that a contestant may be safe, because DialIdol is only as good as the data that it receives, and when it receives a lot of bad data like it does right now, you have to draw your conclusions. The vast majority of Pia’s busy signals came from several area codes that produce inflated busy counts for multiple Idols, and by observing past data, most could be thrown out, leaving her with barely any busy signals.


  109. This is completely utterly “off-topic” but just as a matter of “OMG can someone really sing like that” please listen to Diana Damrau sing an A-flat 6 in Strauss’s “Fruhlingsstimmen” . It comes a a little after 5:40 in this recording. The sound quality isn’t the best – it’s a live performance – but I checked it out and it really is an A-flat 6. Diana Damrau played the Countess Adele in the Met production of “Le Comte Ory”, one of Rossini’s last operas. Juan Diego Florez & the magnificent Joyce DiDonato were also part of the production. It was absolutely lovely.


  110. Addendum: MCL, if you think this is completely out of line, please feel free to remove my post. But I just felt compelled to share :).


  111. Edmond Wayne,

    I don’t know what you are referencing when you tell me that I directed a previous comment to you. As far as DialIdol, no I haven’t checked out the numbers you mention. I was speaking about whatnottosing.com. Their data shows that Pia was consistently rated in the top. Are you questioning those results? Because this site has accurately predicted the bottom three every week.

    If Pia was in the bottom on DialIdol, so be it. Must we go on and on about this endlessly so that some people can prove a point? The bottom line is that Pia was voted off. So any further discussion is moot.

    Moving on, I have been thinking about Stefano. My feeling is that Jimmy Iovine is not helping him witht his constant pushing. I think that is one reason why Stefano is trying so hard in this performances. Jimmy is making him feel that he has to kill himself to get it absolutely perfect. Why I don’t know. I just wish Stefano would bring out the piano and listen to his own instincts. If he can just relax, then I think his performances would be more fully realized.


  112. Mindy, whatnottosing has stated explicitly that it doesn’t predict who is going home. Scoring high is in no way an indicator of how safe a contestant is, and all it is an indication of the reaction across the Idolsphere.


  113. Mindy PERMALINK
    April 8, 2011 8:23 pm
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    That wasn’t what they were showing on results night, because I checked it out. They had people in the top three as save in green. The others were all yellow. I assume that this is an updated record of their numbers.
    Also, whatnottosing.com has already addressed this bizarre result that contrasts so glaringly with the result. I don’t know that I want to go into a detailed explanation of what they said, but it appears that they think everyone voted for their second favorite, assuming that Pia would be safe. I would recommend that people check out the site for their explanation. They also said that there may be more to say about it on the weekend.


  114. BLOG TOPIC: “Is 19E Standing in the Way of Pia Toscano’s Record Deal with Interscope?”

    The topic links to THIS article: http://www.popeater.com/2011/04/11/pia-toscano-record-deal-american-idol/

    Interesting, informative read. The American Idol contract really is a nightmare, isn’t it? If I’m not mistaken, many past contestants have hired lawyers to find ways out of it because it really forbids the eliminated contestants from doing much of anything.


    [Also, Pia sang “All in Love Is Fair” on the Regis and Kelly show this morning. Check it out! :D]


  115. Vance,

    May I ask precisely what is your purpose in continuing to address me about Pia? This is not a battle of egos here. It’s not about someone proving that they are right or know everything or are superior. It’s starting to become quite bothersome.

    I don’t need you to explain to me about whatnottosing.com and its purpose. I understand it perfectly. I know that they don’t predict the outcome. Why did you feel the need to lecture me and remind me? It’s like you are trying to start something here and I am not about to let that happen. I explained why I look to that site for their ratings and do not intend to repeat it again.


    Why did you post back what I wrote days ago? Again, why this persistence about continuing something that is done. If Pia was in the bottom on DialIdol, then why wasn’t she in the bottom on the show? Also DialIdol has been wrong in the past. But that begs the real question. You like Stefano and have made it clear that he is your favorite. So why not talk about him and his chances in this week’s show?

    Now I am finished. I have made it clear that I do wish to be provoked nor do I wish to continue going over the same issue.

    If either of you addresses me again regarding Pia being voted off, then I will simply not answer.

    As someone else said here last week, there are eight contestants who are still in this competition. I am more than willing to discuss their prospects this week, what they may sing, what they should do to improve their chances, etc.


  116. Sorry, I meant to say that I do NOT wish to be provoked!


  117. Mindy, I have not continued to address you about her. I have made three comments prior to this one, and only one of them were directed at you, although I will stop since you do not want continue along with this.

    I apologize for lecturing you about whatnottosing’s purpose. I sometimes jump the gun when I see some content of a post and forget the content of previous posts. I was confused by this: “I was speaking about whatnottosing.com. Their data shows that Pia was consistently rated in the top. Are you questioning those results? Because this site has accurately predicted the bottom three every week.” And that explains why I did that, and upon looking back at your other posts, I see that are you are implying that there is a correlation with poor performance scores and Bottom 3 positions, and not that the site is the holy grail in predicting the ability to get votes, and I apologize for mistakenly believing that you did. I will try to be less impulsive and read more thoroughly before I leave replies.

    I think that everybody in the competition besides Scott, is in considerable danger in the coming weeks, as I believe that the judges tendency to praise without criticizing the performances have resulted in a much more even distribution of support. I believe that Scott is exempt from this, because he is the type that the core demographic of American Idol voters like. Although, I would personally prefer Paul, Scott, and Stefano to be the next three eliminated, Scott will probably stick around for far longer than I want him to.


  118. Vance,

    After your kind reply I wanted to come on here say thank you for going back and checking my comments. I hope that my concerns didn’t offend you, either. We are all members of this community.

    For myself, I really want to move on and turn my attention to the remaining contestants. I feel that Pia deserved some words, just a few moments to discuss what happened and why, express some feeings and that’s it. I can’t change the result.

    I am wondering if anyone is truly safe now. I can imagine that the contestants will be nervous this week, knowing what happened. I do get the sense that Scotty is the one who seems to be the strongest. I think that people seem to love his charm, charisma on stage, how genuine and unaffected he seems and that bass/baritone voice. I have a feeling that he has a big fan base who will be loyal to him.

    I am wondering about the two girls who are left. I think they will feel the pressure the most, given the fact that it’s been all girls. I can’t say if this latest result will give them help in the voting or not. I just don’t know.

    Again, I just would like to thank you for reaching out and being so generous. I appreciate it very much.


  119. Mindy –you are certifiable. MCL–I can’t take her anymore. I’m out.


  120. EdmondWayne, if you’re reading this —

    That was uncalled for.


  121. Every year I must caution my readers about decorum on this forum. I hope that Mindy, EdmondWayne and Vance will settle their differences amicably.

    EdmondWayne – I do not like to see commenters forced to leave this community because of petty differences. Everyone gets caught up in the heat of the moment and wishes they could change what they said and to whom.
    Take a little breather and please come back. I can assure you that, over the next few weeks, the “Pia” topic will be very old news and everyone will have moved on to something new.


  122. EdmondWayne – one final note. Please stop the name calling. It is fine to agree to disagree, but to label someone as “certifiable” is beyond rude.


  123. Well, I would like to put last week’s events as well as some of the discussion that has occurred on here, behind us and move on to this week. Take a deep, cleansing, breath….wash your hands of everything and here we go….:-)

    This week theme is Elvis week! Hm…oh the possibilities with this one (P.s. someone could have already discussed this elsewhere, but I didn’t see it). This week’s mentor: Adam Lambert! this will be exciting! It will be different without PIa, but there are still 8 other contestants remaining so let’s focus on thiis


  124. Well…disregard that last post…I was reading an article from last year. Oh my, I’m embarrassed…..*BLUSH* My sincere apologies!!!


  125. The theme is “songs from movies” NOT “elvis week” – …I should really check dates of the articles before I post comments.


  126. ^ Thanks for the update, bizzee247! That makes sense. Pia said she would’ve sung “Somewhere” from West Side Story, so I figured the theme might be something along the lines of movies or musicals.


  127. MCL.

    I just came on here and had the misfortune to read that comment from EdmondWayne. While I am certainly not perfect and should not be above criticism, there is nothing that I have ever done here that would make me deserving of that comment.

    That is it. I am done. Sorry, but I can’t subject myself to that kind of insult.


  128. Well I’m definitely not going to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, but I just want to say that Mindy, I will miss you. I enjoyed reading your posts as you continually brought a different perspective to things. I wish circumstances didn’t lead to you leaving us, but alas, I can completely understand why you feel the need to – absolutely no one is deserving of that comment.

    I hope you will come back to us soon though.


  129. Jessica Turner April 13, 2011 at 2:31 am

    This has always been such a peaceful place. MCL has many lives outside this blog and American Idol. She doesn’t need to be a peacekeeper or a cat herder. Mindy, I hope EdmundWayne will apologize and retract. No one deserves that comment.


  130. Mindy,

    Posting on this kind of forum is challenging because it is public. Anyone can come in and respond to any comment that one of us makes. That could be anyone in the entire world. It’s not an enclosed community. Just as in the real world, an unknown person can walk into a conversation, misunderstand us, and misrepresent us. And, yes, a person with little investment in the community can overstep the line and make hurtful remarks. This unfortunately happens a lot of message boards simply because they are open and anonymous.

    Therefore, if you get enjoyment from sharing and discussing your thoughts and observations with Rosanne and with the cast of regulars, who have worked hard to create an atmosphere of friendship and community, I don’t quite see why you’d let the comments of one person just passing by have such a strong impact on your own participation.

    Last week, as I was driving my car to work, I was rear-ended. The driver behind me wasn’t paying attention, didn’t see that the traffic had slowed in front of him, and rammed into me. My car was quite damaged and I was sore for a couple of days (just fine now). It happened. Now, the question arises whether I’m going to retreat to the safety of my home and no longer drive anywhere knowing that I could be hurt again or whether I’m going to take that risk, jump in the car, and enjoy what the world has to offer. There’s always a possibility I’ll be rear-ended again, but I’m not going to let that stop me for doing what I want to do and going where I want to go. Mindy, I’d say, “Grab the keys, turn on the ignition, and drive!”


  131. Mindy, I second Sue’s remarks. EdmondWayne’s comment says nothing about you, no matter what it may seem like on the surface; however, it speaks volumes about him. Don’t let him or anyone else define who you are. You are a valuable and special person in God’s eyes, and his, quite frankly, are the only ones that really count.


  132. Sue- you are brilliant! I hope Mindy takes your advice and comes back.

    I have been called all sorts of things. Didn’t stop me from writing or expressing my opinion.


  133. I have been thinking about Scott this morning for some reason (because Idol is tonight??). I know this is a Vocal Masterclass & we want to talk about the ways that these singers can improve. I totally agree that Scott needs some work. At the same time, though, I would buy Scott’s CD if he sang with the microphone on the top of his head. I like his voice that much.

    I am sorry to hear that Idol may be able to prevent Pia from making her own CD. I hope there is a way out of that because Pia deserves a chance. Her voice will translate well to the recording venue & in the meantime she can work on her performance skills.

    Finally, Mindy, COME BACK PLEASE. We need you. I need you. Thanks.


  134. Darlene, just out of curiosity, where did you read that Idol may not let PIa make her own CD? I’ve been reading the forum, but can’t seem to find it. Can you pass along the link? I’m really interested and yes, that would definitely be sad if that is the case.


  135. Thanks, MCL. I hadn’t actually researched the link(s) – had just skimmed through this thread & seen that issue mentioned. I just read the link & the phrase that made me chuckle just a little is this one:

    “If you start having singers who were voted off charting before the show has wrapped, then the entire process loses credibility, my source contends.”

    Like it hasn’t lost some credibility already? But I guess at the end of the day it really is all about money.


  136. Hey, got this from MJsbigblog:

    –Those of you wondering why Stefano Langone hasn’t busted out the piano on one of his Idol performances yet? Last night he tweeted to a fan, “I’m not pulling out the piano unless its my music! Jus the way it is”–

    I don’t know about you, but it makes me disappointed in Stefano. It’s like he does not want to make an effort to try and compete on the show…to try to win.

    But then, I cleared my head, and thought, it is his choice of wether or not he wants to play his piano. It is his business, not ours, or his prerogative to feel he is not comfortable playing it. I’m conflicted. What do you guys think?


  137. Kes,

    I’m left scratching my head over Stefano’s comment as well. American Idol is all about doing covers and making them one’s own. I would think that Stefano would benefit from taking full advantage of showcasing both his vocal and instrumental talents. The whole point of this show is gain enough industry and public support so that one could perform and record one’s original music AFTER the season is over. It seems like Stefano’s approach is short-sighted.


  138. Yeah, Sue, that is what I really feel about the comment. It is short-sighted. I dunno, he is still too guarded and needs to open up, and I’m starting to feel like not using his piano is his defence mechanism, or something. But people back at Mjsbigblog are really going after him this time, lumping his comment similar to Jacob’s. I want to defend, but I feel just as bothered about it as they do, and think it is still silly for him not to use it, even though he has every right to not use. I mean, who are we to say he must use the piano? The first few seasons of idol never needed instruments as a way to prove yourself as an artist, right? Boy, I just…I just feel like giving up on the kid. I don’t think he gets it. *sigh*


  139. Well, Kes, it is his prerogative, and while it is hard to understand, things that I find hard to understand are often perfectly logical if I’m able to get myself into the other person’s shoes and see things from their point of view. Which is typically difficult even with people I know, because we all assume everyone sees the world the way that we do! But I’ve found, when I’ve pursued their “why”, if I can get them to articulate what makes them feel that way — that is, the underpinning of their world perspective — then I can easily say, “Oh, I understand! It would never have occurred to me that you would see it that way, but now that I know how your brain works, it makes perfect sense.”

    Obviously, this is impossible to do with someone I don’t know. So why Stefano associates the piano only with his own music, I have no idea. Peculiar, but interesting. However, from a strategic point of view, maybe not the best choice. In the interest of furthering his career, this may be an idealism he would be best forgoing. But youth tends to be stubborn this way. I know I’ve stood on principle in instances where it didn’t benefit me in other ways, and in most cases have been glad to do so. But there have also been a couple of times when I’ve looked back on it and realized just how self-righteous I was being.

    But if he is comfortable with that choice and is willing to risk going home for it — well, more power to him.


  140. Mindy,

    Sue said it beautifully!! Come back and join us!


  141. Thanks for the link Darlene and MCL. 🙂 Just read it….I hope she gets to make her CD, she is so deserving!

    I’m a little beside myself with Stefano too. I would love to see him at the piano. But I wonder if maybe he views the piano as his “safety net” and feels that if he does use it, it may be a negative for him. Perhaps he is so comfortable being at the piano that it may not do him justice. Therefore he wants to venture out and try other things. Just a thought…


  142. I don’t know the answer to this question so I’ll just ask away. Could it be that when referring to “my music” Stefano didn’t mean original vs. cover but rather he meant his arrangements vs. Jimmy Lovine’s? Could it be that the direction Lovine and his producers are pushing him doesn’t lend itself to his piano style?


  143. I can’t ignore the beautiful comments from people on this site. I would feel that I was disrespecting the heartfelt support. I am beyond touched at the response. I honestly did not expect it at all. If I may, I would just like to say a few words to each of you.


    I honestly was so moved by your comment. I see myself as being maybe too passionate and intense at times. Thanks so much.


    You gave me a reason to smile with your analogy about getting back in that car and driving! I really cannot argue with you! You make so much sense and somehow put things in perspective. There is no disputing the wisdom in your words. You are right about getting in that car, turning on the ignition and driving. Even though I am embarrassed at all of this and feel so bad for causing any disruption on MCL’s site, it’s important to realize that one isn’t perfect and infallible and then move on!


    You always have my back. You are a very special person.


    You brought tears to my eyes. I would miss you, too.

    I love the people on this forum so much that there are no words. I am in awe of all of you.

    To my dear MCL,

    I always strive to be the best I can be, so as to live up to the standard that you have set here. I regret that I let you down. I consider this site to be a place where we can share our love of music and voice.

    Thanks for your kind words.


  144. Dearest Mindy,

    Is it safe to say that you’re back? I dearly hope so! 😀 You hold a very special place in my heart, and I know that many MCL readers feel the same. I’m a little tongue-tied at the moment, but I heartily agree with Sue, Jeanne, and everyone asking you not to let anyone’s words get you down, ever!

    As First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Remember this any time you begin to feel this way, and use it as motivation not to give in. You control your emotions, and that gives you power over other people’s words. Don’t forget this. Much love! <333


  145. I don’t think I’m watching the same show that the judges are! I didn’t find Paul’ssinging great at all!! I’m sorry, but I DON’T GET IT!! I’m getting just irritated with Randy.


  146. Rosanne,

    I just want to cry! Lauren’s performance wasn’t that special either, and again the judges priase her up and down. I’m frustrated beyond words!!!!


  147. Oh, my dear Mindy —

    You ARE passionate and intense — that is part of what makes Mindy Mindy, and quite honestly, sometimes I wish I had that kind of passion. As for TOO much? We all are TOO much of whatever we are at some times, and you are no exception. But you nevertheless have to be true to who you are. Finding the right balance is a lifelong project.

    You didn’t let anyone down. You responded to the hurt, that’s all, and you did it with a certain dignity that you should be proud of. I hope, along with J and everyone else here, that you have rethought your position and will stick around. But your immediate reaction to EdmondWayne’s words are understandable.

    I hope EdmondWayne realizes that nothing good is achieved by belittling other people in any way. While I would be sorry to see anyone leave this site, I respect the decision of those who decide to. But I don’t think there is any point in slapping anyone’s face on the way out. Feeling good at someone else’s expense is childish and unacceptable.

    I really want to hear your thoughts on this week, Mindy! See you on the next thread!


  148. Dearest J,

    Oh my goodness, I have tears in my eyes. If I ever thought that I had let you down, that would be unbearable. You are my mentor, my inspiration, and my personal role model. You are really doing it, singing as your chosen career, and that is something that I admire and respect.

    You have all truly touched my heart so much. I can’t stay away. You are all such extraordinary people. Thank you for the acceptance and love. I am a work-in-progress and will keep on trying to be the best person I can be.

    I love you all! 🙂


  149. Dearest Mindy,

    Now I’m getting teary-eyed! I copied your comment into a .txt file called “Keep Close to Heart,” which is a collection of kind words people have written to me. When I feel sad or discouraged, I read those quotes and remember that I am loved, and it humbles me.

    Thank you, Mindy, and everyone for sharpening me. God puts certain people in our lives that we may grow through knowing them, and I am blessed to know you all! 😀


  150. Mindy – Hugs to you. 🙂

    Now my poor car…. the repair estimate is $4,966! Of course, the other guy’s insurance will pay for it, but that was a rather expensive analogy. LOL. Luckily, I got off better. I was a little stiff the day after the crash, but I got a message. That took care of it.

    Unfortunately, I missed almost all of last night’s show. I’ll have to catch up by reading everyone’s critiques. Out of the two performances I saw (Jacob and James), I enjoyed Jacob’s more. His was restrained, while James’s came across as, in the words of Simon, “self-indulgent.”


  151. Oh, I meant I got a “massage!” I was at a conference and saw that a massage therapist had set up a booth. She worked the tension right out of my neck and shoulders.



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