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Last week’s America’s Got Talent Semi-Final Results Show solidified this year’s Top 10 performers, all of whom will be performing tonight for a place in the Top 4 Finale next week.

The show has discovered some exciting new talent and the variety of  excellent performances have made it difficult for viewers to decide who should and could win the million dollar /Las Vegas prize. 

The Top 10 acts are as follows: 

  • Anna and Patryk – New Hyde Park/Maspeth, New York (Dancers)
  • Christina & Ali – Idaho Falls, Idaho (Singers)
  • Fighting Gravity – Blacksburg, Virginia (Performance Artists)
  • Jackie Evancho, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Singer)
  • Jeremy Vanschoonhoven – Talent, Oregon (Stunt Bike Rider)
  • Michael Grasso – Cape May, New Jersey (Magician)
  • Michael Grimm – Waveland, MS (Musician/Singer)
  • Prince Poppycock – Los Angeles, California (Opera Singer)
  • Studio One Young Beast Society – Orlando, Florida (Dance Crew)
  • Taylor Mathews – Alexandria, Louisiana (Musician/Singer)

If I had my way, I would like to see Michael Grasso, Fighting Gravity, Prince Poppycock and Michael Grimm advance to the Top 4 Finale. 

What? No Jackie Evancho, you say?   The reason is simple – she is still very young, needs to develop and refine the technical approach to her voice and is absolutely not suited to headline a Las Vegas show. Ditto for the equally talented Anna and Patryk. 

As for the others, what can I say? They have demonstrated determination and drive and are talented at their craft but, compared to my personal Top 4, are still not strong enough to make it to the finals. 

However, based on what I see and hear tonight, my opinion may change. If anyone  fails to deliver, it’s game over.  The  nerves should be at an all-time high this evening, meaning Piers Morgan’s hand will be poised and ready to hit the X button. 

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69 Responses to “Masterclass Discussion Thread For America’s Got Talent Top 10 Show”

  1. What? You spelled out ALL the states that contestants are from, but you abreviated Michael Grimm’s state? MISSISSIPPI…LOL. Kidding aside, I totally agree with you, but I’m hoping that Michael Grimm will take it all the way. Go, Michael Grimm!!!


  2. I’m afraid you’re misinformed about Jackie headlining Vegas if she wins.Do a bit more research. She’ll appear there only briefly and go on the tour. Remember Bianca Ryan who won AGT? She appeared in Vegas but not as a headliner. The only winner headlining Vegas is Terry Fator.


  3. I still think she is too young for Vegas. And her technical approach to her voice is very green.

    She is a beautiful young lady and a beautiful singer but she needs time to properly develop her voice.

    Why are these children being pushed so early? What’s the rush? Remember Charlotte Church? Perfect example of vocal burnout.


  4. OMG! Jackie sounded just like Charlotte Church tonight. Charlotte did a cover of Pie Jesu when she was very young that was very similar. I sure hope a vocal coach like you Masterclass Lady talks some sense into her and her parents not to push to hard and to develop that voice properly.

    I thought Michael Grasso was phenomenal. He was my WOW performer tonight, though others were good.


  5. Sara – I do agree. Jackie was absolutely phenomenal. Such a gift!


  6. im sorry i dont know how anyone can deny her a spot in the final 4. i think she earned it. she nailed it tonight….no jitters like last week. low key and on target…..i do realize she is still young and improving but she is great. i also thought this was the best of her three performances

    and ONCE again……nick, at the start of the show, cleared up this ‘vegas’ problem . it is one headline show, done with the other top 10 acts……then a 25 city tour starting in oakland.

    its not like she would be headling 6 nights a week on the strip 🙂

    my pics……jackie, poppycock, grazzo, fighting gravity


  7. oh and charlotte burned out her voice with drinking and drugs. not by singing


  8. and jackie has performed in vegas before. she is not a neophyte.

    she would be bunched in with the other 9 acts from the top 10 masterclass lady, and there are plenty of adults in that group to keep an eye on her.


  9. i should add that by making the top 10 she’s already guarnteed to play vegas whether she wins or not


  10. ok i will give my reasoning for why i think jackie should win.

    first, this is america’s got talent, not america’s got sob stories.

    kristina and ally, great kids, decent singers. but they didnt deserve to make the top 10, period. they got this far simply on the systic fibrosis card, and i hate to say it, but its true.

    second, if a singer is gonna win for the 4th out of 5 years, it shouldnt be some generic run of the mill ‘there’s one of them on every talent show’ guy like micheal grimm or taylor mathews.

    i love micheal grazzo and anna and patrick but i think micheal will have a vegas show without a win, and if someone doesnt get something for anna and patrick that is a shame. she soldiered on big time after the fall last night 🙂

    fighting gravity……..seriously? i have no clue what is the big deal about this. why do people say ‘i wont sit thru 90 minutes of jackie doing opera’ but they will sit thru this nonsense for 90 minutes? seroiusly? bunch of college kids in the fakest looking thing i ever saw. even easier to figure out then some of the illusions or magic tricks on the show. there 10 ten performance was also bleh from where i sat.

    jeremy……..seemed to go more for some sorta weird dance thing rather then danger last night. i dont see this as a vegas act or an act anywhere for that matter. but at least when he was putting himself at actual risk it was entertaining. last night it was bleh.

    the dance groups…..something young beast society. once again i thought there semi finals were better. they squeaked in to the top 10 on a judges decision which i really felt should have gone to alice in the first place.

    prince poppycock. to me this is the only one who should beat jackie. he is a singer and he does the whole showman thing. i will admit i was not a huge fan but he rocked it last night. way made up for that bizarre freddie mercury impersonation 2 weeks ago!


    i have a confession to make. im a hard rock/heavy metal dude. yeah. imagine that? 🙂 give me some ac/dc or aerosmith anytime. pavorati? not likely.

    there was something about this whole season that didnt sit right with me from the start. sure, what we see in the top 10 are really good acts. but some got left in the vegas dust (grazzo for one) for nonsense like ronith, chips cooney, mary ellen, and the air guitar band. wow…….air guutar is talent? man i rock……..i could win the million next year if i go up there and make an idiot out of myself too!.

    then there was the judges decision……anna and patrick got shafted in the quarterfinals for arch attack…… act that anna and patrick would end up, ironically enough, eliminating in the semi-finals. future funk got a decision over a very talented dance group.

    howie mandel seemed to turn this show into his own personal joke…….putting thru as many bad acts as he could possibly fit. and sharon aided and abetted him.

    ahh yes, you may ask? what was the biggest joke played on us of all?

    if the producers and judges had there way, i wouldnt even be typing this. they rejected jackie’s youtube audtion tape outright. alledgedly sent it back to her with the note ‘sing something age appropriate next time’. it was hardly the first time they have turned her down. she did actual auditions in 2008 and 2009 and was pretty much told the same thing.

    so i want to make this clear……

    the producers and judges thought an accordian playing dog, a dork who tossed pizzas and a 12 year old who skips rope has more talent then jackie. yup. and they wonder why people think this show is a joke.

    they also thought 4 year old kaitlyn maer (who somehow managed to get to the top 10 despite the fact her voice was mucho childish) was better talent in 2008. huh? seroiusly? sure jackie’s voice wasnt what it is now, but surely it was better then kaitlyns 😦

    and piers has the nerve to sit up there last night and essentially say ‘yeah i helped discover her’. uhhhhhh right. you could have done it two years ago you pompous little twit….

    isnt it amazing how one minute they tell you you arent good enough and then the next they love you? isnt amazing when 2 months ago you could never dream you’d be this close to the biggest perfromance of your life……and people still telling you you shouldnt be here.

    your not good enough.
    your a fraud.
    your being pushed too hard.
    your pushing yourself too hard.
    your not ready for vegas (not a factor anyways)

    well mcl… said lsat night you thought you’d see nerves from the performers. well i would say if anyone should have had them it would have been jackie….she had to go out and be last on a show in which a large portion of the talent (whether i like them or not) stepped up there game. at 10 years old. with the odds in many places having you as the favorite to win it all. with the cries of ‘fraud!’ “fake!” “mediocre’ ringing in your ears. she didnt have a sob story to fall back on like the other contestents. her x-factor is she’s 10 and cute. but that just masks the talent and heart that lurks beneath. and she had me in tears. the guy that listens to ac/dc and guns and roses and didnt know an ‘aria’ from an ‘airball’ 2 weeks a month ago. so yeah, i think jackie should win.

    i think she’s what this show is all about. finding something your not looking to find and then watching something amazing happen. she will not do vegas. she will do a 25 city tour. with the other top 10 acts. it is pretty much like a prolonged stint on america’s got talent is all. and she will continue to develop her skills and she will continue to be a kid too.

    and she will play carnagie hall 3 months from now and the ticket prices went up instantly it seems. She will be the youngest soloist to ever perform there. obviously they arent worried she is gonna burn her voice out or that she’s a lip synching phony.

    She just has IT.


  11. Well Scott – I hear where you are coming from in how AGT picks and chooses the ‘talent’ they want on the show. But that’s just it, it is a SHOW and it some people love to laugh at others… a true talent show it is not.

    Re Jackie, I don’t think anyone is questioning her absolute innate talent. But IMHO, she is only 10 years old, needs to be nurtured by her parents and family – and not a group of strangers who “can look out for her”. I also trust MCL’s observation that her talent also needs to be nutured, not rushed to Vegas, Carnagie Hall or any place else just for our listening pleasure. She has years ahead of her…


  12. My top 4: Jeremy V., Michael Grasso, Fighting Gravity, and Prince Poppycock.


  13. Well, I have to agree with MCL in this whole discussion.

    Although Jackie is very very good, and one day will be a fantastic star, she needs to refine her voice and technique. Yes, I can see her headlining a show in Vegas, just not anytime soon.

    I really want Fighting Gravity to win it all. I just think they are phenomenal. The whole idea behind their act amazes me (mind you, I absolutely love light shows).


  14. i just dont get what the big deal about ‘one’ performance in vegas. or am i not making that clear? fighting gravity jeremy or grazzo wouldnt be getting a vegas show either. just one show that they headliine with the other 9 top acts.

    after last night if jackie cant win it i’m going for prince poppycock….he won me over with that performance, after he weirded me out with his freddie mercury impersonation in the semis 😉


  15. Scott -you make some valid points about Jackie. Last night’s performance was sheer and utter perfection and her technique has improved. Makes me wonder if her technical problems over the last couple of weeks were the result of nerves. That Pie Jesu was gorgeous.

    Am I the only one who thought that Fighting Gravity and Jeremy were off their game last evening? Jeremy still astounds me, but something didn’t quite click last night. And there was a lack of coordination during Fighting Gravity’s performance last evening as well.

    Prince Poppycock is a guilty pleasure but I still loved his Bohemian Rhapsody much better than last night’s performance.

    The only performers who truly touched me with their excellence last night were Jackie, Michael Grasso and Michael Grimm. So, it’s going to come down to votes and it is a true crap shoot for the Top 4.

    Good luck to all!


  16. Hi All,

    Wow! How can one pick from last night? I thought everyone did a fantastic job! Here’s my top five: (I know, only four make it; but indulge me on this one)

    Michael Grimm
    Fighting Gravity
    Anna and Patrick
    Prince Poppycock and Michael Grasso ~ tie

    Yes! I can count, LOL…I picked six, but if I have a tie doesn’t that count as one…Geesh! I want them all to win!



  17. masterclass i think jeremy played a bit safe due to his injuries the week before. i also think fighting gravity is running out of ideas…hence why i dont see them as a vegas act.

    so vonnie i guess jackie finally won you over 😉


  18. i dont know why grimm is so liked though. i feel like he’s a mix of every idol winner/runner-up/also ran from the last 5 years. i dont get a ‘yeah he’s the one’ vibe from him. taylor either.


  19. Hi Scott,

    I think Jackie is absolutly adorable, and yes, last night she did win me over! I too agree with her age as being an issue, 10 is awful young! But, she’s here and she is a great contender to walk away as the winner.

    As far a Michael Grimm, I agree with Howie…that’s the sound I want coming from my radio and ipod…he does remind me of Taylor Hick’s…I was and still am a serious “Soul Patroler”. So yeah, Michael should be top four in my opinion!

    Anna and Patrick won my heart last night too, those two have a huge future in dance, I can see them headlining a Vegas act…even if they don’t win or make top four, I can still see them in a show somewhere!


  20. agree about anna and patrick vonnie. that was so sad when she fell but she got up and went on like a pro…..i know she is gonna blame herself when they dont make the final 4, but imo there was just too much talent in this round for them to make it anyways.

    vonnie i think the problem is he’s TOO much like a taylor hicks. seems he doesnt incorporate his own style and emulates all the american idol stars.


  21. oh and pierce didnt buzz anyone last night…….and since the maestro is gone there was no one for sharon and howie to buzz 😉


  22. I guess I am in the minority with not feeling a lot of love for Prince Poppycock. It’s not the dramatics I dislike (I am an Adam Lambert and Gaga fan), but I just don’t think he has great vocals, and he borderlines too much on campy and silly for my tastes. Jackie had me teary eyed last night with that angelic vocal performance. I love young sopranos who have a bell tone quality without too much vibrato. Just beautiful.

    I agree with Masterclass Lady that Fighting Gravity was off the mark a little bit, as was Jeremy. I thought the top performances were Michael Grimm, Jackie, and then Michael Grasso. I hope Grasso gets some sort of professional gig if he doesn’t win. His skills as a magician and showman are getting better each week. I think he has the goods to have his own show right now.


  23. The talent on this year’s show is definitely the best it has ever been. What a show last night!!! It’s difficult to choose four to advance to the finals but these are my picks:

    Michael Grimm (I’m right there with you on his sound, Vonnie)
    Jackie Evanko (an unbelievably beautiful performance)
    Michael Grasso (am not usually a fan of magic, but I love him)
    Prince Poppycock (I laughed through his entire performance–and afterwards)

    I also really like Fighting Gravity and Anna and Patrick.

    The others were all good too, but there is too much competition for them to advance.


  24. Scott,

    No, I don’t think he sounds too much like Taylor, actually, last night I was getting a Smokey Robinson~Marvin Gaye sound from him…I love all of that soul!!!!!!! I understand completely though where you are coming from, sometimes you just don’t like to hear someone sing, happens to me all the time, LOL ~ But I do love Michael’s voice and truly hope that he makes top four.

    I went back just a little while ago and listened to Michael and Jackie again…I would love to hear Jackie sing “Ava Maria”.


  25. i think she’s saving it for the finale vonnie…..that will be the show stopper.

    provided she makes it of course. 🙂

    the finale is only an hour, each act performs once.

    if jackie draws the last spot again (providing she makes it) and sings ava maria……game over 🙂


  26. im not gonna lie im nervous as heck. i feel like my team is one game away from the superbowl or world series.

    last night someone on one of jackie’s videos on youtube said she couldnt get thru to vote cause the line was busy. im assuming that’s good for jackie because the phones were overloading with her votes.

    the problem is, how many other acts last night were getting overflowed with votes?

    i said before this is the best top 10 this show has ever had. it would not shock me if jackie, or poppy, or grimm or more then one went home tonight…..


  27. Oh Scott…That would be awful if any of them went home…but I guess it wouldn’t shock me…the same thing has happened on idol.


  28. Just read over at Mj’s, that Piers Morgan is leaving AGT to be the new host of Larry King Live…has anyone else heard this, it is supposed to be official.


  29. vonnie i dont think that is correct..well not fully.

    he has been trying for the LK job and was seemingly a cinch for it.

    but he stated that he is NOT Leaving AGT regardless


  30. ‘cnn and nbc worked out a deal to allow morgon to continue his work on the popular talent’


  31. He is going to be insanely busy with both shows on his plate! But the Howie juggles two shows as well, so I guess it can be done.


  32. MCL…isn’t Pierce on X-Factor with Simon in England as well?


  33. Hmm Vonnie. I’m not sure! If he is, then wow! That’s a lot of juggling!


  34. second, if a singer is gonna win for the 4th out of 5 years, it shouldnt be some generic run of the mill ‘there’s one of them on every talent show’ guy like micheal grimm or taylor mathews.

    Scott, I agree with you. The guys who made the TOP 24 on American Idol were as talented or more so than these two. It all depends on the devotion of the young teens girls. They should not be in the top 4.

    I watched Anna and Patryk’s performance last night several times. I am famliar with this step (? stunt) and the reason it wasn’t completed is because Patryk is too short – or more specific his legs are too short. Anna has long legs, add in the long dress and high heels and it was almost doomed. I am wondering if they nailed it in rehearsal? Usually this manuver is done with a shorter skirt. They get it perfect in 3.6 years. 🙂

    They did an excellent job and I see them appearing on both dance shows (DWTS and SYTYCD)! Then they win a bunch of World Championships along the way. I don’t think they’ll quite make it, but they have handled the pressure quite well.

    I know I am in minority here, but I really do admire Studio One Young Beast Society. They completed that routine with two days practice. Unbelievable! It would take a cheer or dance team at least a month. That would be for perfection. However, I admire the determination, even with four errors, and ended up watching their performance 6 times! I don’t like Hip Hop music, but they appeal to my dance and cheerleading side of interests.

    Prince Poppycock is already a Las Vegas act. Will he win? Hard to say, but how does he top all he has done thus far?

    I am not as impressed with Fighting Gravity as the judges are. Maybe it is more interesting when watching in person?

    Still not impressed with Jeremy Vanschoonhoven, and still don’t know how he got in the TOP 10 when Alice didn’t.


  35. MCL, there was a participant on MJ’s Blog that said just about the same thing you did about Jackie. Hopefully, her parents have been informed and will get her voical lessons. Last night, I thought I heard an angel sing. Perfection. She might win it all. Again, I wouldn’t bet money on anything.

    … way made up for that bizarre freddie mercury impersonation 2 weeks ago!

    Scott, I have been agreeing with much of what you say, but that Freddie Mercury/Queen performance rocked on. Seriously, I haven’t watched the show much before this year, and that performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” made me want to see more and more! Sharon really seems to like him. I wonder what he’s like in “real” life? LOL!

    Hi awestruck how have you been? You are so right, it is not a talent show AGT is a REALITY SHOW. These types of shows do have scripted moments and manipulation. However, I must admit I did enjoy watching it. Last night was the first time I actually taped it. I wish I had all the dance routines taped.

    OK, I will admit Fighting Gravity is inventive, but I would not pay money to see them. I am betting most of them will go back to college in a year. 😉

    None of these male singers come even close to Taylor Hicks! He is not only a good singer, but he is an entertainer (and I wasn’t even in the Soul Patrol!)

    Vonnie, you won’t believe this – I thought the same thing! I love Karen Carpenter’s version of “Ava Maria”, but was thinking that maybe that is what Jackie will sing next week. It is a song everyone knows!

    Louise, I agree with you and Vonnie – there were at least six I’d like to see go on!

    Hang on to your hat Scott, we have about 35 minutes before the show starts over here.

    Where’s ReReader? So many friends are here on this thread!

    So CNN hired Piers Morgan to take over Larry King’s spot? Sorry, but Larry can be warm and fuzzy AND is beloved by so many people. So, they couldn’t find one American journalist to take over the show? I am not impressed.


  36. Kariann,

    So glad to hear that your husband is doing well!!!


  37. JACKIE 🙂
    prince poppycock if not her..

    kinda shocked grasso didnt make it and grimm did 😦


  38. grammie if she sings it im going on record she will win. maybe easily 🙂

    i dont know why but poppycock’s performance of ‘bohemian rapsody’ just hit me the wrong way. i like classic rock…..and that is soooo not poppycocks style. stick to what you do best imo. loved his performance much better this week.

    piers used to do britians got talent too (he did it when susan boyle was there) so i think he’s gonna be dumping his british gigs. and yes, grammie, he doesnt exactly give people a ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’. however, i think he’s becoming strongly americinized. he’s not half the ahole he was 5 seasons ago 🙂


  39. I was quite pleased that Michael Grimm made it into the final four, but disappointed that Michael Grasso did not. But hopefully Michael Grasso will have a show in Vegas without being the winner of America’s Got Talent.

    If I’m remembering correctly, the final four each get to perform twice in the finals next week. Does anyone if that’s correct?


  40. So happy that Michael Grimm made top four!!!

    Grammi Kari,

    Michael reminds me alot of Taylor, not in performance style, just vocal style…they both have that wonderful soul sound. Taylor, Adam, and Jason remain my favorite all time idols. I dragged my husband along to one of Taylor’s post idol concerts, he was totally different than he was on the idol stage! He sang songs that fit his style, and was alot less animated. He had alot of energy, but it wasn’t the “Play that funky music” kind of energy. So that is what I am basing my comparison on, Michael has a ways to go to be a performer like Taylor, but the voice is already there!

    I have not heard Karen Carpenter’s version of “Ava Maria”, but can only imagine that it is beautiful…I love her voice! She was an amazing artist, how sad for the music industry that she is gone!

    Also, Cheer Competiton’s start at the end of this month…I am so excited, I cannot wait!!!


    I am sure that you are bouncing off the walls!!! 🙂 I really found it intriguing though that out of the top four, three were singers! Is this a normal for this show?


    Oh! I hope you are right about the top four getting to perform twice…that would be awesome!!!


  41. vonnie and louise, the performance show is only a one hour show, one performance each.

    vonnie, yes it seems so. and out of the 4 seasons, 3 winners have been singers and the other was a vantriliquist’ who’s dummies also sang lol.

    is karen carpenter the girl who starved herself to death?

    did anyone notice when they showed highlights from jackies performance tuesday, they showed how she staid composed on stage while the judges spoke and as soon as she got backstage she was jumping up on down like a kid on christmas morning lol.

    it is like she has an on/off switch where she can be the adult opera singer one minute and the excited 5th grader the next…..i truly think we are witnesseing something special here……


  42. Yes, Karen Carpenter suffered from anorexia nervosa, which ultimately claimed her life at the young age of 32. She’s one of the best female singers of our time, and it was tragic that she had to leave us so soon.


  43. Tom – I absolutely adored Karen Carpenter and her death was the ultimate tragedy. How this young lady suffered! And, at the same time, we were enjoying and embracng her beautiful voice.


  44. 😦

    jackie told a reporter she has a big suprise planeed for the finale.

    grimm said he plans on doing a ballad.

    thought i’d give you an update 🙂


  45. Thanks Scott! Looking forward to seeing these two singers again but I am still missing Michael Grasso. I wonder what he had planned for the Finale? Must have been a doozy!


  46. MCL, I know this is kind of off-topic but can regular exercise help improve your singing voice? Just curious. : )


  47. erin not in my case lmaooooooooo

    if i ever tried out for idol or talent i would be one of those people that gets triple x’ed or has simon insult them for 5 minutes haha

    MCL i think this is gonna be a great finale. i still think its wide open as to who will win.


  48. I just showed a few of the acts from the semi-finals to my daughters who were visiting. They loved Michael Grasso, thought Prince Poppycock was absolutely hilarious, and couldn’t believe that Jackie was really singing. I am definitely looking forward to Tuesday’s show.

    I’m wondering if Michael Grimm might sing Unchained Melody. There’s a youtube video of him doing this in a club and I think it has possibilities for him.


  49. Hi I simply want to say if talent is the question here Please look at these two places, ( see below please for link if allowed) then I dare you to say ” fighting gravity” is a talent. Please There were many more deserving performances other than them, I am shocked they made it to the ten. (I liked the accordion playing dog myself) lol.

    ( I will always love you, For the English only speaking) ( Ave Maria)

    This little child can really sing, she doesn’t need Piers, Howie, or Sharon to tell her that.


  50. Oh I almost forgot, Her brother Jacob sings as well.


  51. pittsburgh gazette confirmed that jackie is doing the top 10 tour win lose or draw, so she is doing vegas (on the tour) regardless.

    might as well be as the headliner i say 🙂

    she is getting tutored since she would have been in school 3 weeks or so ago..

    saint i really dont like fighting gravity. i cant believe people say they’d sit thru an hour of that. they already ran out of ideas, what are they gonna do make an act out of the same 5 boring performances?

    i think grimm is a really good singer but i dont see what differentiates him from any american idol contestent in the last 5 years or so.

    to me if you win AGT as a singer you should have some variety to it.

    this leaves 2 acts in my book to win it, prince poppycock and jackie.

    the prince is a showman and an entertainer along with being a singer.

    jackie has what i feel is a miracle of a voice and sings a genre not very many people her age ever would. they would sing brittney spears or hannah montana. not puccini, webber, or bach. she also has an incredible stage presense and poise that i cannot fathom.

    masterclass can you start the finals thread early? i think were all getting excited here 🙂


  52. Scott – having a busy day here. Back to teaching my singers. I will try to publish the Top 4 blog post later on tonight. I still think that Michael Grasso deserved Fighting Gravity’s spot. FG was so “out of synch” during the Top 10 show and the whole moon landing thing was pretty boring.


  53. no problem. just getting a bit anxoius 🙂

    less then 24 hours to go


  54. omg i dont know if this is real or not…..

    but jackie is gonna do a duet with sarah brightman on the results show!


  55. ok i just checked a few other sites and its for real!

    also appearing………usher, david copperfield.

    donna summer duets with poppycock (huh?)

    grimm duets with jewel

    jackie with brightman


  56. How about this for perspective? FG is not the most talented act, not even close. None of those guys has much talent in the classic sense. Yet, what they have created is very entertaining and they are only beginning to explore the possibilities. They have a chance to be a long-term act in Vegas if they play their balls right. How many more singers and magicians do we need to “discover”? Fighting Gravity for the win.


  57. ok guys time for the main event! 🙂

    still no finals thread 😦


  58. ok well i’ll just post it here….

    i think ppc blew it tonight. he tried to be jackie instead of being himself……

    grimm, won me over! terrific performance.

    jackie………ave maria…………awesome. perfect!! tears!

    fighting gravity. boring.


    but if grimm wins i’ll be ok with it…..

    imo the other two acts blew it.


  59. Glad you finally enjoyed Michael Grimm, Scott. And Jackie was wonderful. But I gave my votes to Michael.

    Poppycock sounded fine, but as far as I’m concerned a big part of his appeal was being over the top and adding humor to his performances. He is not going to win.


  60. Louise, Prince Poppycock really did mess up with no imagination in his performance. I just don’t understand – he was on a roll. $1,000,000 is a lot of money. Too bad he didn’t save one of his other routines for tonight. Like everyone else, I was waiting for something exciting to happen. It didn’t.

    How rude that Piers buzzed him. If these acts are good enough to make the Finals, not one of them should have been buzzed. This is America’s decision – not his. Sharon was right to scold him!

    I see there are others who also feel Fighting Gravity were nothing exceptionally special. I didn’t want them to be in the Finals. I didn’t know they made a mistake, but Piers sure picked it up.

    Michael did a nice job. Every time I see him, I think of a younger Bob Dylan. He has that look. I am not sure if he deserves to win.

    I love Karen Carpenter’s version of “Ava Maria”, but was thinking that maybe that is what Jackie will sing next week. It is a song everyone knows!

    I wrote elsewhere that I thought she would sing a song people knew, and Jackie picked the perfect one. Yes, it seems she should be Jacquelyn instead of Jackie! It was nearly a perfect performance. Was I right that she got slightly nervous near the end. Regardless, this little girl deserves to win. She was outstanding all season long.

    Time to run…


  61. Of the Top 4, I like Jackie the most. It’s beyond amazing that a girl at the age of 10, can sing with such a beautiful, mature voice. The most beautful take on the version of Ave Maria, that I have ever heard, though, is David Archuleta’s. He doesn’t have an operatic voice, but instead sings it with such heart and emotion. Nigel Lythgoe recently said that David had the most melodic voice of any contestant ever on American Idol. His Ave Maria is certainly proof onf that!!


  62. i dont disagree with piers buzzing him. i dont think he was very good……i think he tried to put ‘jackie’ into his act. he is not jackie, just as jackie is not ppc.

    if jackie went out there in makeup and did outreagous things, piers should have buzzed her too….

    grammie you came a long way about jackie not even having the right to be there to being the winner 😉

    its jackie or its grimm……if its anyonelse im upset 😦


  63. but to me she’s always jackie. jackie is a great name……..jackie o. jackie robinson. jackie gleason. jackie chan

    jackie evancho 🙂


  64. i have been following this all night on facebook and i want to say right now…

    i ppc wins its because his fans severely worked around the ’10’ vote rule with multiple cell phones and email addresses. one guy admitted being able to vote ‘500 times’

    you’ll excuse me but i am calling BS right now 😦


  65. I am almost afraid to say this but I will. The best performance last evening was from Michael Grimm. It was an honest, passionate performance, full of nuance and expressiveness.

    Jackie’s version of Gounod’s Ave Maria was far from perfect. She was breathing in all the wrong places and struggling with the vocals. On top of all this, I could barely hear her above the background vocals and musical accompaniment. The lower end of her voice was barely audible – breathy and lacked focus. This was a poor choice for the Finale. But, no one will care, because all one sees is this angelic girl with the angelic voice and ignores the poorly guided technique and repertoire choices.

    Fighting Gravity’s performance was much, much better than last week and more interesting. There was a coordination problem near the end, but it was still very good.

    And Prince Poppycock, I believe, overstayed his welcome. He does have a beautiful voice, but last night’s decision to perform Nessun Dorma was not a good one. He was cracking on some of those upper notes and he looked tentative throughout the performance.

    The highlight for me was seeing Michael Grasso and the other finalists combine their skills. It was pure entertainment.


  66. I love your comments, MCL–especially since I’m a huge fan of Michael Grimm.


  67. Michael was amazing last night…I love, love his voice! Win or lose, I will be waiting for his album!


    I am so glad that Michael won you over…we both have been won over by two lovely people!!!


  68. The highlight for me was seeing Michael Grasso and the other finalists combine their skills. It was pure entertainment.

    This was one comment I forgot to write. I picked a good season to watch the entire series because it really has been entertaining, especially the Top 10.

    MCL, I was right then… I wonder if it was nervousness on Jackie’s part, or a difficult song to perform?

    Scott, I always thought Jackie was talented… right from the beginning!

    Well, it’s almost that time! Enjoy the show!


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