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So You Think You Can Dance

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The producers of this season’s “So You Think You Can Dance” show have discovered an unfortunate way to eliminate a dancer each week: injury

Two weeks ago, Alex was eliminated due to an untimely injury and, last week, Ashley followed in his footsteps so to speak. 

I don’t know what is happening behind the scenes but I suspect that many of these injuries come as a result of dancers being forced to adapt to new genres.  In the real world, professional dancers follow a specific genre at this stage of their career, be it ballet, jazz, hip hop, jazz etc. 

That being said, I hope to enjoy damage-free Top 6 performances tonight. I will be switching back and forth between So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Got Talent Results Show, so, if I miss anything on the former or latter, please fill me in! 

Best of luck to the Top 6! 

Enjoy the show and please come back to comment!  Any dance instructors out there? We need to hear from you! 

UPDATE:  Another dancer injured? This is getting beyond ridiculous. And I love Billy! 

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24 Responses to “Dancing Masterclass Discussion Thread For So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 Show”

  1. My poor Billy. I’m sad. I agree, all the injuries are probably happening because of the styles they are having to perform and the dancers not being use to them. It’s hard to get your body to adapt on the best of days…now having to learn a new style in 1 week..yikes!

    I enjoyed tonight’s show! I really liked the Step routine…so neat. But like Nigel said, I wonder what it would have been like having Billy dance it too.

    I really hope he is able to dance next week.


  2. I don’t know what is happening behind the scenes but I suspect that many of these injuries come as a result of dancers being forced to adapt to new genres.

    MCL, I don’t feel this to be true. I think a lot of accidents are just freaky. A dancer could have done a particular move 100 times, but the last time they land wrong and twist an ankle. All dancers warm up, so that can’t be it either.

    The biggest challenge AND most exciting is when the dancers are put out of their comfort zone. This is what I like best about SYTYCD. For example, there aren’t many complicating moves to a waltz; however, seeing a street dancer do an outstanding job at the dance is rewarding.

    It is possible the choreographer may add a difficult move to a rather simple dance, and an injury occurs. However, I don’t see any connection with the dancers being forced to adapt to new genres.

    This season has been unusual, but I don’t know if Nigel will find a common thread with the three injuries.

    I know Jose is adorable, but he should have been eliminated weeks ago. The producers know he is well-liked and good for ratings, so it seems like they are catering to him with simple routines. It doesn’t seem fair to me. Jose cannot be compared to Legacy as Legacy showed tremendous growth. I hope Billy is given the opportunity to return and not be sent home!


  3. Kent is growing on me more and more as he becomes more comfortable–it seems to me that when he is uneasy he mugs for the audience, but the more comfortable he becomes on the show and the stage, the more he becomes what he is dancing.

    The injuries thing–I know that dancers injure themselves all the time, and that much of the time they dance injured in one way or another, but sometimes they just can’t. It’s freaky that there were two injuries in a row that will takes weeks or months to heal, but I don’t think it’s all that unusual–several All Stars (dancing in their own genres) were also injured so far this season. Happily it sounded last night like Billy’s injury should heal up in a reasonable amount of time–he might have to dance with a knee brace but that is not all that uncommon in RL, when costuming allows. I sure hope he’ll be able to come back next week!


  4. Well, I think that three dancers injured three weeks in a row is pretty suspicious. I have to wonder if they are making time to for warm-ups.

    I understand that this is the nature of the beast – the injuries and all – but maybe the producers have to be more realistic at how much the dancers’ bodies can endure in one week. Fatigue = faulty technique.


  5. I didn’t watch regularly last year (or earlier seasons)–did they always do so many dances each week? It seems like an awful lot to learn week after week.


  6. MCL and REReader, there are many asking the same questions you are.

    Yes, we’ve seen injuries before on the show. (See: season 6′s Noelle and Ashleigh, season 4′s Jessica.) It comes with the territory — you don’t execute awe-inspiring lifts and ceiling-high jumps without knowing there are risks involved. But the fact that Billy’s knee problem marks the third injury in a row on this season of SYTYCD makes it impossible not to ask: Is the show simply working its cast too hard this year?

    As we’ve seen in seasons past, dancers weren’t required to perform solos during the performance episode until week 6 and didn’t have to tackle two-partner pieces in one episode until week 8 or 9. But, surely in an attempt to amp up the action during this game-changing season, SYTYCD‘s producers have altered the seemingly set-in-stone schedule: By week 3, season 7′s contestants were dancing solos and a partner routine. By week 4, they were dancing two-partner routines. And by week 6 — this week — they were dancing solos and two partner routines. Add on top of all that the choreographed group number that airs during every Thursday results show, and you’ve got four numbers per week per dancer, at least two of which will likely demand death (or at least injury)-defying moves. Really, looking at that kind of schedule, it seems inevitable that a handful of dancers would succumb to a sprain, twist, or fracture. [continue]



  7. Oh, that’s very interesting, Grammie. Actually, to follow the writer’s argument–the fact that these dancers ARE accustomed to working themselves hard may make it harder for them to realize that they are asking too much of their bodies.


  8. This is from the Wall Street Journal:

    SYTYCD: What’s With All the Injuries?
    What’s changed since previous seasons that is making this season’s contestants more susceptible to injury? While some commenters on blogs speculate that the choreographers are pushing the dancers too hard, a better explanation may be a shorter preparation time. Dmitry Chaplin, a past contestant (and “Dancing With the Stars” pro) who choreographed two routines this week, tweeted that one of his couples “did their best for only 2 days of training!” Two days isn’t a lot of time to learn a dance in a style you’re unfamiliar with. And, when that dance is only one of three you are doing in a given week, the schedule can be brutal. (Fox had no comment.)

    Several of the contestants took to Facebook this week with messages about being “up early to start dancing” (Robert Roldan), “poor sore feet are taking a beating” (Lauren Froderman) and “looooong rehearsals today” (Adechicke Torbert). Under so much pressure to learn and perform, are the contestants finding time for sleep, dinner, downtime… not to mention stretching and proper warm-ups?

    In a phone interview, Dr. Ron Noy of Prestige Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in Manhattan compared the dancers learning unfamiliar dance styles with running a marathon if you’re not a runner: The less preparation, the higher the chance of injury when your body is doing something new, he said.



  9. Grammie, what an interesting article! I have to completely agree with it!

    I was so surprised with tonight’s result show! No dancers going home and TWO going home next week. Yikes.


  10. Thank you for the article Grammie Kari! I am glad that the SYTYCD producers are addressing the issue. You can only “push” these young dancers so far. And they need to have time to stretch and warm-up properly plus equal time to just REST.

    Learning new dances from all these quirky genres in less than a week is madness times 100!

    Don’t you find it strange that Alex Wong experienced his injury after his intense Hip Hop dance routine? He is a refined ballet dancer. It’s like telling an opera singer to sing pop or belt out Broadway tunes to perfection in less than a week’s practice. The approach is totally different and the technique as well.


  11. MCL, I agree. I’m an athlete, and I couldn’t imagine particpating in a triathalon or a 10k run, without proper training first or after one week of training. The same has to be true for dancers and of course for singers singing outside their natural genre. So tough.

    I found it weird though, that Billy was cleared by Doctors but chose not to dance…he chose to rest (which is fantastic idea on his part) but now he has had a weeks rest compared to the other dancers. I wonder how (if at all) if this will impact him next week?


  12. Billy was cleared by the doctors to perform in the sense that they would have said that it wouldn’t cause more physical harm for him to dance on it–but that says nothing about whether the knee would actually support him during the particular routine he had to do. If Billy felt that he was going to end up sprawled on the floor, he would have been an idiot not to sit the week out. I don’t hold it against him. (And no, he’s not my favorite, actually!)


  13. Okay – now I understand the Billy talk on Facebook. I missed the judges’ comments and had no idea that this is what happened in terms of Billy’s situation. I really love Billy plus I think he expected to leave.

    Given what happened over the last two weeks and also that he has been in the Bottom 3 two weeks in a row, I think he felt that he was bowing out gracefully while escaping further injury to his knee.

    The judges didn’t want to penalize him or jeopardize the remainder of his dancing career. And, he does put a great deal into his routines, more so than some of the remaining dancers.


  14. That is VERY true. I don’t think he knows how to give 80%.


  15. Hi ReReader! How are you? I am doing much better and am eager to catch up on Jason Castro news! xo


  16. Hi everyone! From my reading, I gather that Billy was cleared three hours before the start of the show. Also, the producers did NOT ask him to do a solo dance. Looks like Nigel is trying to cause unneccessary conflict. Also, Jose hasn’t been in the last two group numbers because of a unannounced groin injury. Hmmmm…something doesn’t sound right.

    MCL, didn’t Alex experience his injury while attempting the 8 jumps in the Bollywood number?

    I am not entirely pleased with this season. I have watched it from the beginning and there are so many things different than what it was. There is more manipulation and favoritism, and Mia is more critical than ever. I actually miss Mary Murphy! Nigel just doesn’t seem to like Billy, and he’s letting it be known. Adam is doing fine. I do love seeing Dmitry and Pasha on the show!

    Well, I have decided that Lauren deserves to win!


  17. Grammie – yes, Alex did injure himself during his Bollywood rehearsals. I meant that, because of the intensity of the Hip Hop number followed by his rehearsals for the Bollywood number, his body just “gave out”.

    And, like you, I also sense that there is not a whole lot of “Billy love” this season. And Jose with a groin injury is another reason to ask: “What is going on this season?” I still can’t get over Mia’s reaction to Adechike a couple of weeks ago, lamenting that she missed Alex instead of giving valuablel critique to Adechike.

    This is my first season watching the show and already it smells like an American Idol agenda. They want Kent to win. (shrug). Me? I’m with you. I want a Lauren win.


  18. MCL, it saddens me that this is the first season for many people. SYTYCD has been my ‘Summer Guilty Pleasure’ for a long time. After going to my Grandson’s Pee Wee league baseball games, I would look forward to the tradition of watching my favorite dance show. It helped me with the withdrawal from Idol! 🙂 I developed a few “crushes” from the show, and was so excited to see them on “Dancing With the Stars.

    I have also seen favorites appear in dance and musical films, TV awards shows, and other dance programs. I still love to watch my tapes from Seasons 1 and 2. The All-Stars concept is nice, but I still miss the couples approach (male/female contestants). Just wanted you to know the show has been much, much better. My favorite design was the revolving judges. Nigel has always been a permanent fixture, but others would come in and judge. At one time, Nigel seemed very fair.

    What Mia did to Adechike was horrific! (I am sorry to say it reminded me a bit of Simon, only he smiles as he puts the dagger in the contestant’s side.) If she felt he was a lazy dancer or had other problems, she could have approached him privately. You are right, why not give valuable critique and set a goal(s) for Adechike? I have lost much respect for Mia. I found her apology to be empty and prompted by audience reaction. The woman is an amazing teacher and dancer. I do not like seeing her at the judging table.

    Let’s hope no more dancers will be injured. I would like to know if Jose is really injured. It is my belief that he should go home based on his dancing skills. If Billy lands in the bottom three, he will be going home.

    I suppose this mess will garner ratings for the show at the expense of the dancers. I just hope the rest can stay healthy! Yes, Lauren for the win!


  19. MCL – I haven’t been watching SYTYCD, so you’ll have to forgive me for veering away from this fascinating discussion. David Archuleta’s next album, “The Other Side of Down”, will be released on September 14, 2010. The single “Something ‘Bout Love” is available on iTunes right now. Looking forward to the new album and your thoughts on it. I think “Something ‘Bout Love” is a great song. A special fan edition of the upcoming album is available to preorder exclusively at davidarchuleta.com.

    What do you think of Chords of Strength?


  20. Hi ReReader! How are you? I am doing much better and am eager to catch up on Jason Castro news! xo

    I’m so glad you are doing better!!!

    Jason’s going to be on the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” on July 29th and 30th–he’s got lines, and he’s going to be singing “Love Uncompromised” on the show too. For fun, he performed for the troops at McChord Field in Washington State last week, and had a chance to fly with the Patriots Jet Team. He put together a great video of his flight–I saw you encouraging him on Twitter while he was putting it together!


  21. It is good to hear Jason is getting exposure in all areas of the entertainment field. He’s just such a sweet and talented young man.

    Kirsten, I have a CD of Season 7’s Group Performances, and David’s powerful voice really does stand out in the Group numbers! How sad the group numbers have been lipsynched for the last two years. I may be in the minority, but I loved them!

    Bizzee, last year my daughter fractured a bone in her hip and had a small rod put in. She has healed marvelously and has participated in two triathalons this year. You do know what training is involved, in between taking care of two little ones.

    Has anyone heard how the SYTYCD Tour will be this year?


  22. Hi, grammie!

    (When I wrote “for fun”–I meant the video is so fun to watch!)


  23. ReReader – I m so happy to hear this news about Jason. I truly miss him and I have to remember to PVR these shows. Honestly, if American Idol ran a new season of Season 7, I am sure the ratings would be through the roof.

    Feeling good here and feeling thankful for a second chance.


  24. REReader I know that! I have been on Twitter maybe 25-30 times. I don’t know exactly how to use it, but I try. I adore Jason and have two CDs of his Idol show performances. What a doll babe he is. ;o)

    So happy you are feeling good, Roseanne!


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