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American Idol Survey Good  Sunday, everyone.  It’s a beautiful day here and I am enjoying both my renewed health and the gorgeous, sunny weather.  Truly a blessing from God!

However, I also realized that it was time to add a new blog post about American Idol, giving you an opportunity to post updates about American Idol past present and, especially, the future.

I am sure many of you have already seen the spiffy American Idol ad for the new season. It was aired this past week during the So You Think You Can Dance Results Show and it was quite the spectacle.

I think this is a first for American Idol in that they have never ( I hope I’m correct here) aired a commercial for the show prior to the preliminary auditions.  However, these are desperate times and desperate times calls for desperate measures.

I truly hope that the producers get their act together and produce a quality show this season. Yes, Rickey Minor is gone, Simon Cowell’s gone, Paula Abdul is gone  – but that, to me, means a fresh new start.

They need to borrow a page from the “So You Think You Can Dance” people and start populating the show with creative singers possessing consummate vocal skills. Anything less will produce another snooze fest, similar to last season and Season 6.

Personally, Season 7 was the best season – the singers were diverse, enormously talented, extremely personable and very passionate about their music. And experience counts!   I would love to see singers, who have been meticulously honing their craft under the radar, be given the opportunity for discovery through the American Idol process.  Season 7 did all this and more and this is why the Season 7  American Idol Summer Tour was such a success.

And, “can” the guitars. Enough already! Generally, it takes away from the art of singing and singing truly is an art when developed correctly.

Okay, I’ve had my say.  Time to add yours and/or any American Idol news that has surfaced throughout the blogosphere.  Have fun but, remember to be respectful and intelligent in your commentary.  Together we can change the face of American Idol here at MasterclassLady.Com.

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17 Responses to “American Idol Updates Courtesy Of MCL Readers”

  1. Hello there. I agree completely. The show needs to return to focusing on vocal talent. I barely watched at all this season. I’m somewhat biased, but I also agree that Season 7 was the best for all the reasons you mention.


  2. So good to see you up and well again. God has again answered the prayers of many. I always enjoy your insightful comments MCL – especially about David archuleta. Keep ON! And you are totally right – Season 7 was, is, and will be the BEST!!!! Take Care! God Bless! 🙂


  3. Dear MCL,

    Good to see that you are back and getting stronger every day.

    I too enjoyed Season 7 and agree that the overall talent was strongest that year.

    I still have my recent favorites – Siobhan, Katie, Mike, Alison, The Two Davids, Syesha, Melinda, and so many more from earlier seasons.

    I will be attending the AI9 Live! Concert and will try let everyone here know what I experience.

    Wishing you the best!


  4. Thanks everyone. The statement: “It feels good to be alive” never resonated so strongly with me. Taking things slow and easy and appreciative to all of you for your love and support. Feeling blessed here. xo


  5. Have to agree that Season 7 was my favorite. Though it was the first season for musical instruments,there was a balance and the SINGING was the most important component. I’ve remained a die hard David Archuleta fan but I’ve also been supportiven of the other stars that year. Many of them remain supportive of each other. It’s been fun to see David Archuleta LIVE and see his growth as an entertainer. I hope they make it more about Singing and less about the judges.
    Glad you are feeling better MCL.


  6. I’m very glad to read your post, not only because you said something that resonates with me, but because you are posting again. Hope you are feeling better and better.

    I used to think that I loved season 7 just because David Archuleta was on that season. Since, I realize that I adore that whole group. Love seeing that they stay in touch. Love keeping up with them as much as I can. And David is just a joy to follow.


  7. MCL, It’s so wonderful to see you back and on your way to a full recovery.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your comments about experience. There have been some very impressive teenagers including David A. and Allison, but lowering the audition age to 15 is a mistake. Experience and maturity do matter when it comes to negotiating the complexity of the American Idol experience.

    Regarding instruments, I think that auditions and Hollywood Week at least should be instrument-free. Instruments could be introduced later on in the season once the performers’ vocal talents have been well-established.


  8. Thanks Heidjoy, KathyH and Sue. Nice to hear from you and your comments are very much appreciated.

    Sue – have they definitely lowered the age for Season 10? Not good. Plus your comment about introducing instruments later on in the season once the vocal talent was well-established was bang-on! Could not agree more. Thanks for your input.


  9. Yes, the age has been officially lowered. Here’s the language from the AI site:

    You are 15 to 28 years old on July 15, 2010 (which means you must be born on or between July 16, 1981 and July 15, 1995). If you were born before or after this window, you are not eligible to participate
    this season.

    I just think it’s too much for a 15 or 16 year-old to be expected to demonstrate a comprehensive vision for the kind of creative artist he or she wants to become. I can just see Kara endlessly intoning, “But, I just don’t know who you are….” That high expectation really undercut Katie and Siobhan, and all but the most precocious 15-year-old is really going to have no idea whatsoever.

    I’d rather have more seasoned performers like Chris Daughtry, Melinda Doolittle, and of course, Adam Lambert, who have been making the rounds, but for whatever reason haven’t been discovered. I think it makes for a much more interesting show.


  10. Thank you for the new thread, MCL! It is good to hear you are recovering nicely. I was sad to hear two of the Canadian tour sites and Buffalo, NY were canceled. Does this mean you won’t be seeing the Idols Tour this year?

    I have this opinion about the judging situation for Season 10:

    a) I would like to keep Randy on the promise that he will be a better, more helpful judge. Randy’s own show, “America’s Best Dance Crew” has the best judges in Reality Competittion television. They provide criticism but not cruelty. They tell the dance crews what they can do to improve their performance. They are relaxed and don’t try to make the show about themeselves.

    b) I would like Ellen to judge ONLY the audition sessions!

    c) I would like Kara to be a mentor for ONE theme, possibly having to do with Girl Singers!

    d) I would like Gloris Estphan or Shania Twain become a permanent judge.

    e) I would like Brett Michels or Harry Conick Jr. to become a permanent judge.


  11. Hi All,

    Melinda Doolittle was here in Rochester on July 8th performing at a festival. She was FABULOUS. She went out into the crowd two times
    singing and dancing with various people, she was having a blast. The most incredible song she sang was ” Home ” which of course she perfomed on Idol, the crowd went crazy. She is really a seasoned perfomer in so many ways. A totally enjoyable experience, love that girl.


  12. Hi Vonnie,

    I never did get back to you. I was traveling a lot both in the States and overseas. I just got back this weekend.

    I was really interested in our conversation about Adam and his image. When you mentioned that you hadn’t had access to Adam’s pre-Idol performances during the AI season, it made a quite a bit more sense why you were surprised by Adam’s post-AI choices. I expect that the viewers who most enjoyed his more conventional performances of songs like “Tracks of My Tears” and “If I Can’t Have You” probably felt the same way.

    Personally, I really started following Adam after the “Ring of Fire.” I was just captivated by his performance, which more than any other during his AI run gave us a glimpse what Adam was all about – mesmorizing vocals combined with a raw sensuality that didn’t follow any labels. Then I started looking for his pre-Idol performances and discovered how much he loved the dramatic. This is a great clip about his Zodiac performance of his original song “Crawl Through Fire.” It’s just a riot to hear him wanting to come on stage with a flaming headdress.

    I’m still waiting for Adam to come to Southern California on his Glam Nation tour, but he truly is amazing live. The only time I felt he sacrificed his vocals was during his AMA performance. But, I’ve been watching a lot of the videos of his more recent performances, and he’s just incredible. This is a performance of Soaked.

    I’m seeing both his Costa Mesa concerts and most likely the one in San Diego. I’ll be sure to come back and give a report.


    I hope that you don’t mind me reposting this. I just added these comments late last night to the blog entry for the Memorial Day weekend thread, which has now moved off of the main page. Maybe you could delete my post there. Thanks! 🙂


  13. I just saw this interesting article about the possibility of all of the AI judges being replaced . . .


  14. Louise, I read that article and I wonder if some things being put out are just to keep us talking about the show! LOL! This year, Nigel has been a major disappointment on SYTYCD. What he did with the show the first four seasons was really, really good. Now, it seems he’s falling into American Idol messiness. I do agree Idol needs major changes, but I want the best and I am not sure Nigel can do that now.

    I do see TPTB turning Season 10 into a bit of a Soap Opera. We all want to have a focus on the contestants, and I think they’ll be back at the mansion. I think there will be scripted moments a bit like a Soap Opera. I think they will go after more experienced singers, but hope there will be a few diamonds in the rough. I am also thinking they will try to find a young African American teen guy(s) to put in the TOP 10. We haven’t seen many succeed on Idol.

    Chris Iaask certainly has the qualifications needed to be a GOOD judge. I don’t look at him as a replacement for Simon, but rather a NEW judge. I don’t know if Kara will become the tough judge now or not. I have suggested that Ellen leave the show as a judge, but take over the duties for Idol Gives Back. How can she have her own show, run a recording company, and be a judge on Idol? I think Randy will stay put.

    I do agree the show needs some uniquely talented contestants. Will they be able to find an Adam Lambert, Taylor Hicks, or Siobhan Magnus? I don’t know. Whatever TPTB do, I hope it is enough to save the show. I hate to admit I am addicted to watching the American Idol. LOL!


  15. I am also thinking they will try to find a young African American teen guy(s) to put in the TOP 10. We haven’t seen many succeed on Idol.

    How right you are, Grammie Kari. I’ve often wondered why this has never happened before? Actually, a Hip Hop artist would make sense as well.


  16. That’s a good point to mention MCL,. Now on SYTYCD has Hip Hop numbers every single week (sometimes two) but the songs they dance to aren’t always Rap music. It’s fun to try to predict what American Idol will do. Some of Janet Jackson’s songs are considered Hip Hop, and she doesn’t Rap. It would make sense that they may be seeking out a young black kid to fill a demographic they haven’t had. Maybe they put in the 15 year-old rule chance because they already have someone in mind?

    I know this is all speculation, but I believe there will be some changes to shake up the place. Now, I could handle one week of Hip Hop music, but the rapping would get to me. I just don’t think it is singing. Remember Blake Lewis from Season 6 – another unique talent? He managed to get in the Beat Boxing with a Rap artist in the Finale. Could this be a new direction they may take?

    It’s only the end of July, we have more than 5 months to guess at what will happen!



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