Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 9 Top 11: Billboard #1 Hits

American Idol Season 9 Top 11

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Last week, we said a fond farewell to the amiable talent known as Lacey Brown.  Lacey seems like a lovely and talented young lady and if you haven’t yet enjoyed her performance and interview session on Ellen, you can do so here on Ellen Degeneres’ website.

This week the Top 11, known as Aaron Kelly, Andrew Garcia, Casey James, Crystal Bowersox, Didi Benami, Katie Stevens, Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynche, Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus and Tim Urban, will be performing  Billboard #1 Hits. Well, that should leave the field wide open, shouldn’t it?  I am hoping that all of the singers will have the opportunity to select songs that identify their unique artistry.

 As I said last week, ” it is anyone’s game to lose. No one is safe or secure and, given this very fact, this will make for a very interesting season.” 

However, that being said, there are a two or three singers that I can envision as the American Idol, but, as I am still on the fence about these and all of the singers, I will leave it at that.  It’s just too early in the season to crown someone and we should let the season evolve naturally and without subjectivity.

I hear that Miley Cyrus is acting as guest mentor. Oh dear! I don’t know what to make of that! Isn’t she a tad young?  (sigh).

Best of luck to the Top 11 Finalists and feel welcome to add your comments before, during and after the live telecast tomorrow evening.


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28 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 9 Top 11: Billboard #1 Hits”

  1. Well, American Idol is going after a younger demographics. Personally, I think this is somewhat a joke. Please forgive me, but maybe Crystal Bowersox can teach Miley how to sing. In turn, maybe Miley will pass along some fashion tips. Will Miley sing live on Wednesday?

    I would love to have seen someone like Carole King or James Taylor mentor the group. Then again, I guess AI feels legends can be young? *cough cough*


  2. Kariann said, . . . “but maybe Crystal Bowersox can teach Miley how to sing.” I was thinking the same thing! Can you envision Crystal taking advice from Miley!?! Or Siobhan, for that matter! Yikes!


  3. I guess when the theme was to be Teen Idol week the producers were thinking “current artist”!!! Or they weren’t thinking at all…Miley Cyrus? She’s been on the music scene for what, a whole four years now?

    Why in the world did the producers not dig deeper; Frankie Avalon or David Cassady, the list goes on!


  4. Here are the songs each contestant will sing tonight. I put my thoughts on each song choice in parentheses next to it.

    Lee DeWyze – “The Letter” (Joe Cocker – Great!)

    Tim Urban – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” (HELP!!) No, not Freddie Mercury!!!

    Paige Miles – “Against All Odds” (Cliched song choice)

    Aaron Kelly – “I Don’t Wanna Miss a. Thing” (Okay)

    Crystal Bowersox – “Bobby McGee” Janis Joplin – should be fantastic)

    Michael Lynche – “When a Man Loves a Woman” (Big song, but Mike has the pipes to do it)

    Andrew Garcia – “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” (Marvin Gaye can be tough, but IF he brings it, then he might just do great)

    Katie Stevens – “Big Girls Don’t Cry” (Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons? No!)

    Didi Benami – “You’re No Good” (Should be very good)

    Casey James – “Power of Love” (If he steps it up, then it might be really good)

    Siobhan Magnus – “Superstition” ( Stevie Wonder? – Hope she changes it up, but the girl can sing anything)


  5. Thank you so much Mindy. Where did you get these – MJs?


  6. MCL,

    Yes, I go there and keep on checking until she gets them posted.

    Is it okay with you?


  7. I am really getting too old for this show. Katie is singing Fergie’s version of “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. I just revealed how old I am by thinking it was Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

    Gosh, I feel older than ever! Oh well!


  8. Mindy – yes, thank you. I was checking MJ and was coming up empty. Also, I thought “Big Girls Don’t Cry” was going to be the Frankie Valli version as well. Welcome to the club – but it’s a good club!


  9. Ok. Just finished watching the show and I have mixed views. Enjoyed some of it but there were moments when I was just cringing, not only at some of the performances, but from some of the judges’ comments as well. Let me start of with one of Simon’s final comments (and usually I like him…) but COME ON!! To say Crystal was in a league of her own tonight AFTER Siobhan gave a stellar performance of a VERY DIFFICULT song! Not everyone can pull off Stevie Wonder! LOVED HER!! Having said that, I loved Crystal’s performance tonight as well and am still swaying between her and Siobhan for top honours in my ranking. But in my opinion both girls deserve the credit of being in a league of their own – AND feel that Michael Lynche belongs there too. The musicianship and performance style of these three artists are so much more polished than the rest! SOOOO MUCH MORE! (So you know who my top three are) Coming in at #4 in Mr. Casey James. I absolutley LOVED his voice on this song and he finally caught my attention this week. The only problem I have with him is that he is boring to watch! (well, good looking but boring) He’s as stiff as a board when he stands behind that mic stand. When he did that little riff with the guitar at the end, that was great! MORE OF THAT!! But gorgeous smile – he really did try to engage the audience, but it wasn’t enough for me. Katie is next. Don’t have much to say about her but she looked like she was having fun tonight. Pitchy at times but liked her. Now the next person on my list is Didi. I thought the judges were so hard on her. I totally get what she was trying to do and she’s right – we have ‘pigeon -holed’ her into one type of singer and so I was so pleasantly surprised to hear her sing and perform the way that she did. Am I the only one who feels this way?!!? I really liked her tonight. I loved the quality of her sound and ease of her voice. I just TOTALLY disagree with the judges on this one. Aaron is next on my list. Voice was ok – I think I’m just getting bored with him. Then Lee. I’m glad he moved around a bit more. Tim. Didn’t think he was as horrible as the judges made him out to be. (he was’t fantastic, but he wasn’t bad) It was a bit over the top but I do feel it was an ok song choice for him. I was VERY scared when I heard he was doing a Queen song! Very few people can do Queen well – especially after Adam Lambert! Andrew and Paige are my last two. Can’t really decide which one should go last. I guess it would be good if Andrew was voted off so that there are 5 girls and 5 guys on tour. I’d much rather see Paige on stage (ha! has a ring to it) than Andrew. Paige has had some unfortunate performances lately but I really think she is better than that and certainly better than Andrew. As for Miley, she was alright tonight. It is hard, though, watching a 17 year old give advice to some of the older ones – especially to Michael Lynche. Doesn’t seem right. I think the funniest moment with Miley was when Casey said “Oh, I’m a big fan of….(pause) your Dad’s!” classic! Well have a great night everyone. Look forward to reading your comments and your review MCL!!


  10. Hey Cookie Monster – I am off to bed, but I have a feeling you will like my review based on your comments. I felt like there was an echo ringing as I was reading your comments. Strange night all and all but I am tired of the over-pimping of certain artists, I truly am. Judge them based on each week’s performance- this isn’t a local music festival – or is it? hahaha. Still love Ellen – she was a little evasive tonight, but her schedule must be crazy and she must be feeling the stress of doing five plus two shows a week.


  11. I’m actually watching the show “live” for once(!).

    I liked that Lee moved around more on stage; he seemed more on pitch and confident than usual. (Although I was washing the dishes at the time, but that’s what I felt…)

    Paige, oh Paige, why did you pick the most overdone song on Idol ever? Vocally, this was all over the place. I don’t know if I even need to dissect what that means because I think everyone heard it. The judges were pretty spot on. (Even my dad, who knows nothing about music, walked by and said, “Wow, that was terrible.”)

    When I realized that Tim was singing “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” I automatically though, “Oh no! He’s singing Queen?! Mindy’s not going to like this…”

    “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” was a REALLY good song choice for Aaron. I liked him, laryngitis and tonsillitis considered.

    I don’t know if this was Crystal’s best performance, but I love her. For me, she hasn’t made any missteps. Plus, I like the glimpse of her personality we saw last night; she seems so sweet (and shy!). I think Ellen’s critique really voiced what MCL has been saying too. I’m looking forward to what Crystal has planned for next week. (People, please do not forget to vote, though!)


  12. *though = thought
    *last night = tonight

    [Random typos! I’m waiting for the commercial break to end. *sits patiently*]


  13. Ah, yes, my dear J, you are very perceptive! But I am not going to beat this thing about Freddie Mercury and Queen to death. I have made my point. I was really angry at Simon for trashing that song. It was Freddie’s homage to the 50’s and Elvis. You just know he loved the 50’s because he even did his version of “The Great Pretender.

    I would just tell Tim to watch Freddie’s video performance of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. Then he might have a clue. Maybe not. But Freddie was cool, hip, sexy, dressed up in a motorcycle jacket looking just like Marlon Brando in the movie “The Wild One” and then he got on a motorcycle. It was sheer brilliance! But since Tim’s version was so far from what the song was intended to be, I just cannot take it seriously. It was truly karaoke in the most real sense.

    Now on to the rest – in order of performance

    Lee – He did look more relaxed tonight. I wrote in my notes that he was fighting to stay on pitch. What I notice with some of these kids, is that when they move around on stage, the pitch starts to go. But I still love the sound of his voice and thought the song choice was good. The Boxtops? And here I am saying he did a Joe Cocker song! I sure am dating myself. But that’s who I thought of immediately, especially since he has that same sound.

    Paige – I just don’t know what to say. As soon as I heard she chose “Against All Odds”, I was afraid of a trainwreck. She was totally off pitch all through the song. The less said the better.

    Skipping over Tim. I pretty much covered it already. But I will say that it wasn’t just about singing Freddie Mercury. It was that the vocal and stage antics seemed amateurish.

    Aaron – I think this song is too big for his voice. Aerosmith isn’t easy to sing. I am sure some of it was the tonsillitis. He was very brave, but this week I think he tried to push his voice beyond what it can do. Last week he stayed within the limits of his range. He doesn’t have the power for this song. He has a great deal of emotion in his voice, which is appealing.

    Crystal – I loved hearing her do Janis Joplin. I could hear that in her voice from the beginning. But I do feel that she has to step up and maybe do something quite different. She implied that she may skip the guitar and do something we haven’t seen yet. I also have felt that she doesn’t connect enough with the audience. But I can’t quarrel with her vocals. She really pulled out the guts and heart of this song.

    Michael – I love his voice! I like the song choice, too. He is wonderful with that r&b, soul vibe. When he tones down the corny stuff on stage, he comes across better. I would like to see him take a few risks now.

    Andrew – Again, I am kind of at a loss for words. Marvin Gaye was so unique, that it’s hard to do any of his songs. There were pitch problems all over the place. Andrew has just lost himself. I don’t know what happened to him.

    Katie – I liked her song choice and can hear a great sound in her voice, but I still hear her as being off pitch or sharp. Something isn’t right with her vocals and I don’t know if it’s vocal technique or what.

    Casey – I thought his vocals were much more on pitch and quite good. I thought the song choice was okay. But for me, I still do not see any originality and unique quality in him. He seems very generic to me. I could hear this anywhere.

    Didi – I don’t think this song choice worked for her voice. I understand her reason for doing it and wanting to try something different, but you need to do it with a song that work with the voice God gave you. I thought she was really off pitch. I also think she doesn’t have the power of a Linda Ronstadt. This was a bit too much song for her voice.

    Siobhan – I love this girl, but I do have to say that it’s enough with the high power notes. She has too good a voice to be doing that every week. I think Simon was way too hard on her. I have no idea what’s going on with him. She and Crystal are the standouts, period. Why he has to put her lower, well I don’t know but it is beyond annoying. He really is looking like he has an agenda. I loved Siobhan’s lower register. I wish she would use it more often. It’s beautiful and strong. She does it all so effortlessly. I also loved that bit of scat singing. But she doesn’t need those power notes. It’s starting to feel like an affectation or gimmicky. Now she has practically invited comparisons with Adam. I want her to change it up next week.


  14. I just wanted to jump on here one more time to include a brief two paragraphs from Ann Powers’ review of the top 11 performances.

    She singled out the four mentioned below and gave her reasons why she thought they were the worst. But it’s her second paragraph that resonated with me. She put into words what I have been trying to say about not having a clue as to what great songs mean. They deserve that kind of respect. People here know my feelings about the contestants singing Freddie Mercury/Queen songs. But it’s not merely that none of them will ever live up to Freddie’s incomparable vocals. It goes deeper than that. Ann Powers managed to articulate it better than I ever could. These songs are part of the lives of so many people for whom they have deep and lasting meaning. Either leave them alone or sing them with the feeling and emotion and understanding that they truly deserve.

    “Those were the highlights. Let us not speak at length of the off-tune and miserable Paige Miles, the frowny Didi Benami, the Tom Cruise-in-Risky-Business-channeling Tim Urban, or the utterly lost Andrew Garcia.

    These would-be stars showed so little charisma that it seems odd to accuse them of arrogance. Yet their vanity showed in their failure to exhibit any sense of what these hugely beloved songs (from the likes of Marvin Gaye and Queen) meant to their original audiences, or have come to mean over the years.”


  15. IMO, having Miley Cyrus as a mentor was a waste of time and very disappointing to most of the contestants. Aaron was in 7th Heaven, and it was cute when he expressed his love for Miley. Katie wants to hang out with Miley. And Tim has a new love.

    Miley looked like she was having fun, but mentoring the contestants? No way. She and the producers went over the tapes of previous performances, and she was able to quote the judges’ critiques and advice almost word for word. Anyone can go back and check. LOL. This worked especially well for Lee, although he didn’t seem impressd with her. He did follow her (the Judges’) advice.

    I think Siobhan did a really nice job! Not as good as last week though, which gave Simon the opportunity to be negative. He does this to shake up her fan base. It is obvious he wants a Crystal/Siobhan Finale. Crystal really nailed Janis Joblin.

    Miley was in complete awe of Siobhan. Yes, I laughed. I also laughed at Casey comment about her father. I wonder if that was scripted? She tells Crystal that she can hit those high notes. No kidding?

    It is my wish that Idol comes up with some real mentors; people that they can look up to and appreciate the advice. Miley’s comments were all scripted, and in ways helfpful.

    It is obvious Idol is trying to attract a younger audience, yet 10 of the 11 songs most of the older audience knew. I agree, Mindy (and others) Tim should have stayed away from Freddie Mercury/Queen songs. This may have cost him the spot on the tour. Ann Powers has it right. However, I think Didi is safe, and if the Latino vote got out there, Andrew is safe.

    I just don’t know what will happen tonight. The small print at the end of the show says the final decision is left to Idol management. If the votes are close, Tim will go home over Paige. They just don’t like him at all.

    Stay tuned…


  16. Just to say I’m another (old!) person who thought Katie was singing Frankie Valli! I couldn’t quite imagine it somehow! We don’t get the show until tonight but it’s interesting to read all your comments.


  17. Hi Lynne! I recently saw Jersey Boys, so I know many young people are familiar with the music. I thought it was the Four Seasons song, too!

    I do think Katie has improved over the past several weeks, but that’s not the song I expected!


  18. I’m with all of you about Frankie Valli! 🙂

    After watching two hours of Idol last night, at the end I was honestly bored. Unfortunately, I am SO disappointed in the show this year. I thought Crystal was the best of the night. Shiobhan was good as usual and I really do love her, but I wish so much that she would stop doing the scream at the end of each song–once in a while is okay, but not in every song!!!

    I thought Lee showed improvement as a performer–and I really liked his song choice because I’m a Joe Cocker fan. Casey sounded good, although he did nothing original with it. Michael was also good, but none of these guys excited me!!!

    The song that Tim sang was also performed by Taylor Hicks and it was my least favorite of all of Taylor’s performances. I clearly remember that Simon didn’t like it then either. I didn’t think Tim sounded bad but I wouldn’t be disappointed to see him leave tonight.

    In my opinion, Paige was by far the worst of the night. Based on that performance, she should be the one who goes home. Andrew wasn’t much better. I’m getting the vibe from Andrew that he thinks he has such a huge fan base, that they will continue to save him and he doesn’t have to pay attention to the advice that the judges are giving him.

    Aaron does have a pretty good voice for a 16-year-old kid, and I’m sure he’ll have a musical career some day, but I just don’t see him winning Idol. I feel the same way about Katie. She sounded good, but did nothing for me.

    And last is Didi–I don’t know what to say about her. I like her, but I didn’t think that was a good song choice at all.

    So all in all, it was really a blah night for me!


  19. If the vote is real close, I think they may select Paige over Tim; however, Idol loves a controversey and having Tim on the show (and tour) would be a sort of Sanjaya effect. He does have a fan base that adore him. For me, he wasn’t boring, takes risks, and handles the criticism well.

    Siobhan and Crystal remain my favorites with Casey coming up third. I wonder if it will be Paige going home?

    For those familiar with opera… was Siobhan’s wails off key? There is much discussion about this, and I cannot tell one way or another. Thanks!


  20. I think Siobhan’s performance would’ve been just as good (or depending on who you talk to, better) without the rock wails she threw in at the end. *sighs*

    Kariann1 – I feel that Siobhan was sharp on a lot of the very last run (way-ay-ay…!). The notes that capped off the “scatting” section (the sustained G5 and then the Bb5 that she moved into) sounded much more on key, though.

    Mindy’s more qualified on issues of pitch, though. 😉


  21. Well, there is a huge debate going on at the main Idol board, and I was curious because so many of you here KNOW your music! Thanks, J!!


  22. The New York Times again published a review of last night’s show . . .


  23. All right, I have listened to the performances again, with my eyes closed and focusing only on the vocals. Here are a some of my thoughts.

    To my dearest J,

    I am not as qualified as either MCL or you when it comes to vocals. On this particular performance night, I truly was sorry to have such a sensitive, pitch perfect ear. It got painful at times.

    Tim – He does sing pretty much on pitch, which just goes to show you that this doesn’t automatically make you a good singer. I am frankly appalled at the total and complete lack of respect and appreciation on his part for what this song is really saying. Not a clue. Even his vocals are just ordinary. He totally loses the lower notes. Freddie Mercury songs are incredibly hard to song. He wrote them and had the voice to pull it off, but it’s a dangerous road for any mere mortal. I thought Tim was total Vegas lounge act all the way. I honestly would urge people to look at Freddie’s live in concert performance of this song or his video. He was paying tribute to those who came before, the courageous artists who went through hell in the 50’s to stay true to their vision of a new sound called rock and roll.

    Lee sounded good, but he did move around a bit more and that’s when he lost pitch. I think he’s getting there, but I still believe he can do better.

    Didi started off great, but lost the pitch when she hit the chorus. She can’t push her voice to go beyond its range and doesn’t have the power for this song. Actually, listening to it was better than watching it. Did she understand what this song is about? Her affectations while performing, didn’t ring true for a song in which a woman is telling a guy – you’re no good! Some some passion and get attitude and a little edge.

    Casey’s vocals were much more on pitch this time. But again, I just don’t hear anything that would make me get excited.

    Mike really doesn’t go off pitch. This wasn’t his best song choice, but he always delivers solid vocals. I think he needs to get out of his comfort zone and take more risks.

    Aaron was quite courageous with that Aerosmith song. I have to give him a break, because he was battling laryngitis and tonsillitis. But even with that, he was better than some of the others! He started out strong, but kind of lost it in the higher notes where more power was required. But again, it’s hard to critique given the condition of his voice. I like him and think he has real potential, but Seacrest should forget about any comparison to David Archuleta.

    Andrew lost pitch because he was dancing and moving around. He just really did take the life out of this song. Maybe Marvin Gaye should go on the list of those that shall not be sung ever on this show. He is not an r&b soul singer. But at this point I don’t know what kind of singer he is and I don’t think he does either.

    Paige was almost unbearable to listen to a second time. I don’t know what to say. You don’t need my pitch perfect ear to know that was just bad.

    Katie started out really well. But she seemed to lose her pitch again. I thought she did sound really sharp. I liked the song choice, but this girl could really benefit from some vocal technique. I think that’s what the problem is now. Unfortunately, Miley didn’t have much of value to offer her.

    Crystal sounded great doing Janis Joplin. But sorry Simon, you are wrong. Pink’s version of the song isn’t better than Janis Joplin. She was a true original. The girl could rock with the best of the guys and sing the blues like no one else. What made her performances so spectacular, was that she let her emotional pain come out when she sang. She was a tortured soul. I knew she wasn’t going to be around very long. I honestly wasn’t surprised when she died from a heroin overdose. But she left a legacy of unbelievable performances. Crystal did her proud.

    Siobhan – I have a message for you, sorry the caps everyone – NO MORE HIGH SCREAMING NOTES!! PERIOD!!
    I am frustrated with her after that performance. Just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. It wasn’t right for the song, felt awkward and inappropriate and it was just unnecessary. I didn’t love this song choice. I think there were a lot of better choices. I was hoping she would change it up this week and do something more like “House of the Rising Sun”. Simon slammed her for that performance and I am wondering if that’s why she hasn’t done anything like it since.

    This girl’s voice is just too good. She doesn’t need the over the top high notes. The scat singing was fantastic. She should have left it at that.

    J – we are in agreement. The scatting was on pitch and sounded great. But those notes you mentioned on “way-ay-ay” were absolutely off, off, off! If she had a decent mentor, they would have told her to leave that part out. I have nothing against Miley Cyrus, but this girl isn’t capable of providing the necessary advice and guidance that might help some of these young people. They deserve better.

    Kariann –

    A final shout out to you! You are spot on in saying that Miley’s comments sounded canned and were planned in advance. She did go over the performances with the producers. Great observation on your part!

    I don’t know who will go home, but it should be Andrew, Paige and Tim in the bottom. Paige probably deserves it for giving a truly poor vocal performance from start to finish, but if there is any justice in this world, Tim will go home after destroying the Rolling Stones and Freddie Mercury in two successive weeks.


  24. Dearest Mindy,

    I agree with you on Siobhan. I was really digging her performance, especially the scatting, right up until she let out the (randomly inserted) rock wails. On one hand, I understand her—people who can sing notes that high know that hitting them provides a natural high/adrenaline rush/amazing soaring feeling like no other—but I get the same feeling from singing notes that are high but less high than those.

    Best tidbits in your post: “Just because you CAN do it, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.” AND: “He does sing pretty much on pitch, which just goes to show you that this doesn’t automatically make you a good singer.”

    Also, I completely agree with you about Didi’s affectations. She’s such a beautiful girl, but she was doing this weird facial expression where the skin between her eyebrows was wrinkled the whole time. It was really weird. I think she needs to rehearse her facial expressions in front of a mirror. It sounds silly, but I think every singer has been told to do that one time or another. That facial expression really didn’t express the emotion that Didi was going for.


  25. Well, the results are out, except for the West Coast, methinks.

    I don’t have time to do a full survey. But I didn’t love anybody but Crystal last night. I liked Siobhan and Mike. Lee and Aaron were good. The could fall off the face of the earth and I wouldn’t notice. I don’t think I will go see this tour. Which is too bad because if Crystal or Siobhan win, it probably would be worth it.

    Why is Crystal so good? She doesn’t have a Siobhan or Adam Lambert voice? She isn’t as beautiful as Carrie Underwood. She doesn’t go crazy mixing up the melodies. Still, she is able to make the songs unique with small vocal lilts, emphases, phrasings, and plain darn HEART. The music is within her and it flows out into ours. I want to thank Ellen for giving her some of the best advice I’ve heard on the show – to let us give her love back. She just told her Crystal basically to relax and bathe in the audience’s response – let it become a reciprocal relationship. I love them both. They are both old souls.

    Did anyone else love how Ellen was flirting with Ryan (kissing his hand?). It was so cute.


  26. Mindy, I think most of these ‘kids’ don’t research and know the meaning of the songs they sing. I hope that now they know they are on the tour, they will take the time and put passion into their performances. Tuesday night was painful. Thanks for the shout out! 😉

    Some seem to be hiding behind their guitars. Although they may not be comfortable without them, genuine attempts should be made to include a few performances which prove they are deserving of being in this singing competition. In particular, I want to see Casey show us he can be more than just stiff and non-connecting. He’s a good looking guy with a nice voice, but I want more. I am looking forward to seeing what Crystal has in mind for us next week!

    Mike should be really pleased with the Soul and R & B theme coming up with Usher mentoring. It is time for others to push the envelope and this theme will challenge them.

    Thank you Louise for the link!

    She [Janis] was a true original. The girl could rock with the best of the guys and sing the blues like no one else. What made her performances so spectacular, was that she let her emotional pain come out when she sang. She was a tortured soul.

    This is just worth repeating. One critic chimed in that this was the best version he has heard of Kris’ song, next to Janis Joplin. I wish I had a link. I was thinking she might consider doing some Dusty Springfield or Gladys Knight in the near future.

    I did love when Crystal asked Ryan to join her on the rug. It was reminiscent of the past, and reminded me of Stevie Nicks.

    She just told her Crystal basically to relax and bathe in the audience’s response – let it become a reciprocal relationship.

    J. Turner, I have never heard any Judge say this to a contestant. What great insight from Ellen to Crystal. I also liked her comment, “I want more of Siobhan.” I think this is a major conflict with many fans loving both young ladies. Now, I hope the rest of the contestants can step it up and salvage this season.


  27. I hope this works, because I am not good at links. This is Freddie Mercury’s video of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

    I love you forever, Freddie! R.I.P!

    Tim, this is for you!


  28. I have their concert on tape, Mindy and I love it! He was a genius and wonderful performer.

    Latest news:

    Usher will be mentoring the Top 10 on Tuesday (8/7c FOX) as the kids take on R&B/soul songs. He’ll return on Wednesday (9/8c FOX) to perform his new single, “OMG”. Also set to perform–Diddy & Dirty Money will be on hand to perform their single, “Hello, Good morning”

    If that isn’t enough, Justin Bieber (kid who couldn’t sing on “We Are the World”) will also be performing on Wednesday.

    So, for the third week in a row, Idol has decide to appeal towards the tween/teen audience and forget about presenting the real Legends in music! I am getting a bit disgusted with this approach and will not record the performances. Just my 2 cents over here. Ugh.


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