Happy Glamoween Everybody!

Adam Lambert: For Your Entertainment Halloween will never be the same.

We have inherited a new spokesperson for this very popular holiday – Adam Glambert aka American Idol Season 8 runner-up, Adam Lambert.

His fan base, lovingly known as “The Glamberts“, have propelled this extraordinarily talented young man to superstardom.

His eccentric and campy persona, coupled with his sublime, innovative vocal talent, has allowed him to emerge as a singular, distinctive and iconic artist.



And, as Adam loves to play “dress-up” when he sings, he is the perfect mascot for Halloween 2009.

According to his “official website,  Halloween is Adam’s favorite holiday and he will be celebrating this festive day dressed as a Glampire

 Oh my, I love this guy. His unconventional, campy behavior would be off-putting were it not for the fact that this young man is extraordinarily gifted as a musician and extremely gracious as a person.

His new single, For Your Entertainment, from his soon-to-be released CD of the same name,was just released today and is streaming merrily and contagiously over on Adam’s official website.  And, if your are fortunate enough to live in the United States, you can immediately order the single and a Collector’s Edition directly from Adam’s site.

The title track is a great song and a smart pick for the first single. The song is radio-friendly and extremely commercial. Yet, as Adam himself promised, the recording is electro-pop, reminiscent of the disco era but with a copious twist of synthesized sound , thus creating an unusual, throughly entertaining, toe-tapping ambience.

The CD promises to be an eclectic mix of music and I am thoroughly happy to be sharing this bit of news with you. A singer who can deliver all the goods from any genre is finally making a mark in the entertainment world.  This  is enormous cause for celebration!

Pre-order Adam’s “For Your Entertainment” CD at Amazon.Com

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92 Responses to “Happy Glamoween Everybody!”

  1. He’s an amazing talent and I can’t wait to hear what else is in store for us. I’m hoping he’ll include some songs on his album that are less “produced” and more pure so we can revel in his extraordinary vocal talent. He’s one of the most exciting performers to come around in a long time.


  2. Thank You MCL!!!


  3. MCL, you should also see the cover of his single! It really is Adam at his most Glamourous… 🙂


  4. You made me cry. So true. So true. The new single reminds me of way back when, when I used to go out dancing all night. But it sounds so modern. So now. I love this kid. And I really love the goosebumps and good feelings that go with his music.


  5. I am super excited for the album!!! It can’t come soon enough!!!


  6. It’s an amazing song. He is headed for very big things. The important thing in the entertainment industry is to stand out and boy does he ever. You can only shop at his doorstep for the stuff he’s selling. From what I’ve read he stuck to his eclectic artistic vision. I think that is what will make this a smash album.

    I think albums are made or broken at the vision stage, even before a note is recorded. If u offer more of the same you will be easily swallowed up. A unique design at the outset is risky, but it’s really the only way to play and is the difference b/w mediocre and brilliant.


  7. I love you, Master Class Lady! I’m a long-time vocalist, too, and I really respect your expertise. So glad you recognize Adam’s rare talent!


  8. MCL, couldn’t agree more and really like this part “A singer who can deliver all the goods from any genre is finally making a mark in the entertainment world. This is enormous cause for celebration!”

    Thanks for the great article.


  9. I love Adam’s single. It is great to hear about all the big names that have given heim songs and worked with him. They must all see the extraordinary talent he has too. He is finally getting to do what he has wanted to and I look forward to all the great music he will give us.


  10. Please cite your basis for saying Adam Lambert has campy behavior. Certainly you’ve been around enough gay people to know the difference between camp and not, haven’t you? I have yet to see any campy behavior from Adam so please be more cautious in your social sterotyping. The boy has enough to hold up to and doesn’t need yet another illegitimate label put on him for morons to go around repeating just because they read it here.


  11. Oh hell, I just noticed “eccentric”. Nice. Like how, exactly specifically. Like eccentric in his strategic skills getting thru Idol? Eccentric in his business sense? Eccentric in his bravery in living an openly gay life style? Eccentric in his down to earth, grounded personality? Eccentric in being the only Idol articulate enough to interview repeatedly without flubbing and having nothing interesting to say? You owe Adam Lambert an apology. Please keep your blog to the subject you say you know about: vocals. Stay away from talking about people’s core beings.


  12. JRZGRL1 aka BootsLady October 31, 2009 at 2:30 am

    Hello Media Bias. I think you have some good points about stereotyping and typecasting. However I also think that you seem a bit angrier than you need to be. I spent a lot of time on this site right after Adam lost when there was a LOT of Adam-bashing going on (which was weird considering he LOST). Rosanne is our friend. And For Your Entertainment is brilliant. As is Adam. I’m a singer & I know what talent this guy has when it comes to vocal skill. But he brings his own unique, vibrant, amazing personality to everything he does. Loving it. Have you heard the Lady Gaga demo track for “Fever”? That song is going to change the way people look at popular music. I’m excited – this CD is going to one of the best if not THE best I’ve ever bought – & I have a CD collection that is pretty extensive. It’s a happy day.


  13. Wow – I never knew campy and eccentric were naughty words, media bias! I use them all the time around here and in a loving sense.

    Genius =eccentricity. All the great artists I have known are eccentric – from Broadway pop diva Barbra Streisand to classical pianist Glenn Gould. It’s comes wth the territory. Creative, inventive minds visualize their art and act in a way that is unconventional and that is what makes them brilliant. I embrace this -not stereotype this character trait. It’s exciting for me as an artist and as a teacher and, trust me, I have my eccentric way of going about life as well. Ask me if I care. I don’t! That’s me – it’s who I am and everyone has to deal with it.

    I have taught several students who are extremely eccentric in their behavior, but it is what makes the whole evolutionary process of their artistic developement so exciting. Their vision is unique, as is their talent.


  14. I love you Lady Masterclass, but this song is pedestrian at best. A lot of Adam’s fans have been out of touch with the pop music scene for a while, so they get a pass. However, I expect more from a musical critic. Please stop elevating this song just to perpetuate the hype.


  15. MCL, I have followed your AI commentary since s7. You were so awesome when commenting on Cook, Castro, and Archie. I have to admit that sometimes I have not like how you described Adam Lambert. No doubt you do respect his vocal prowess but I have always felt that you disrespected his style and personality. You called him “cabaret” idol and now are using words such as “campy” to describe him. He certainly appreciates camp but he himself is not camp at all. These terms do not actually convey anything positive. In fact you say only his voice excuses his behavior. I don’t know. I really think you should stick to critiquing is voice and singing from the tech point because you come off poorly when you venture beyond that.


  16. Oh my goodness people, relax! Adam himself describes the album as “campy” right here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/33520450/ns/entertainment-gossip/

    And when I said that he has the talent in addition to his eccentric and innovative stage presence, I did meant this in a VERY positive light. If he was all “gimmick” and no vocal talent, I would dismiss him in a heartbeat. But he blends both integral elements exceptionally well and that is why he is destined for superstardom.


  17. Geeeez, some of you fans need to stop being so over-protective! Don’t make other fans feel the need to be so careful in the words they choose. MCL is right. Adam is campy and eccentric and that’s a very GOOD thing! Eccentric means unusual,different,not the norm. In other words…outside the box. Again, a GOOD thing. Adam loves camp and I’m sure we are going to see more of it in the future. It’s one reason we love him. Nice column MCL.


  18. Thanks Val! It’s Halloween! Everyone is allowed to be a little unusual today, I guess. 🙂


  19. Nice comment. I think that at one point (maybe the concert tour book) Adam even thanked his family for “putting up with [his] many eccentricities.” He’s also said “I have many eccentric friends.” (in one of his interviews). Adam certainly doesn’t think that eccentricity is negative–it’s a positive as you rightly suggested. Artists are eccentric–that’s what makes them artists. I’m not eccentric! Guess that’s why I’m a lawyer!! LOL.


  20. MCL – thank you for being so supportive of Adam. I believe some of the posts with such strong reactions come from months of reading some of the most hateful bigotry that you could imagine. We tend to act or overreact like a lioness defending her cub.


  21. @Thompson – please re-read MCL’s 2nd to the last paragraph. This was a very smart marketing move. Part of his criticism during the idol process was whether he would be “radio friendly”. This song is very much so. The rest of this album will be far from “pedestrian” (your word, not mine – I happen to love this song and have not been “out of touch” with the pop,rock or classical music scene.)


  22. As a huge Adam fan I am pleased that MCL has always appreciated the mad talent that is Adam and has always supported him, even back when he first appeared on AI.

    Seems like some of Adam’s fans are a tad too sensitive and/or are reading things into MCL’s remarks that just aren’t there.


  23. I agree with Media Bias. You do not “get” Adam Lambert. He is an intelligent businessman as well as being a gifted singer. Many of his actions are intentionally designed to be controversial as the Details Magazine layout with the naked woman with her breast in his mouth. “Eccentric” and “Campy” are adjectives that are not primary descriptive words identifying Adam’s persona. He is more like a kaleidoscope constantly changing and giving you different views of who he is. He is a multi dimensional and complex person, but fundamentally he is highly intelligent and spiritually evolved, not “campy” or “eccentric”. What exactly about Adam puts you off or is unconventional? I read your critiques a few times and found them to be trite and subjective. Adam never once had competition on the stage of American Idol, he overshadowed everyone. For anyone who claims to be musically educated to suggest otherwise is just playing to the largest audience and not being real. You do not “get” Adam, “but” I get you and I am not impressed. You cloak a whole lot of negativity in an article you claim is about someone you like. What do you do when you dislike someone?


  24. Hi MCL, I’ve been checking in every once in a while to see what you had to say about Adam’s latest. Will you be doing a more in depth critique like you did for the songs during Idol? I would love to read that on both songs and Kris’ releases.

    Ignore the ignorant who have no idea of your history with Idol. How else could you possibly describe a grown 27 year old man who professes loudly for everyone to hear that he loves to play dress up? As Adam would say “Camp is fun!”


  25. Kerry – please do not tell me who I like or dislike. You have blinders on if you think I do not appreciate Adam’s talent. Please refrain from this kind of negative commentary or I will be forced to ban you from this site.


  26. I think you all have overlooked the positive things that MCL has said about Adam (below)…and during his run on idol MCL was very gracious in her praise and enthusiasm for Adam, she has always comented on his amazing talent, in a positive way…I loved your take on the single and on Adam!!!

    “extraordinarily talented ~ innovative vocal talent~ distinctive and iconic artist ~ Oh my, I love this guy ~ this young man is extraordinarily gifted as a musician and extremely gracious as a person.~ A singer who can deliver all the goods from any genre is finally making a mark in the entertainment world”


  27. It is your prerogative to ban whoever you choose. Your choice of words put me off. Throughout Adam’s journey many a writer used overt and subtle means of demeaning Adam because of his sexuality. It may not have been your intention. Maybe you are just old and we have different views about what is conventional. What exactly did you mean about “unconventional, campy behavior? Was it a euphemism for being gay”? If I am wrong you have my apology.


  28. eccentric – campy? After visiting Webster – that would be the dictionary. . . . I would say that MCL is spot on in the usage. In my opinion eccentric and campy is not necessarily ‘off-putting’ I like that cup of tea in tasteful amounts. But with Adam – push me to the limit, bring it on, trip me on the glitz – I’m ready to be entertained!!!


  29. Kerry – no, I did not mean that his performing demeanor was gay-related. What I did mean was that he was unique in his approach to his vocal music – outrageous, creative and so much more and this is what I love about him. However, that and that alone is not what lured me toward Adam’s music – it was his vocal talent. It is exceptional. I truly adore Adam.

    And, I am older than you but I am not dead. I have enjoyed the friendship of numerous gays and lesbians, the majority of whom have been extremely supportive to me in my music endeavours. Two, in fact, were instrumental in the successful direction of my musical career.

    And, by the way, apology accepted. Thank you.


  30. ReReader – yes, those lyrics are pretty suggestive and not exactly my taste as well. The music is excellent though, although I won’t be teaching this song to my students. 🙂


  31. MCL, I enjoyed your article. As an Adam fan from his AI audition, I don’t think the majority of his fans are as “sensitive” (a.k.a. rude) as some who have posted here. As you mentioned in your article, Adam is “extremely gracious as a person”. Somehow I can’t imagine him selecting and dissecting a few words out an extremely positive and supportive article and based on pure conjecture, pronouncing them proof of a hidden negative agenda. Some fans might benefit from following Adam’s example regarding gracious behavior.


  32. MCL, your comments about Adam are, as always, wonderful and truly appreciative of his incredible talent. For those of you who think MCL is “dissing” Adam by using the words “eccentric” and “campy,” have you ever seen the photos of Adam dressed in drag or the videos of his performances for The Zodiac Show? They are definitely campy, which is exactly what Adam was going for. He is not shy in the least about being extreme, and that’s one of the things that make him wonderful. Put all that together with a truly beautiful persona inside and out, and Adam is a unique, beautiful package in every way.


  33. I feel the need to jump in here to defend MCL against some of the truly inappropriate and offensive attacks regarding her comments about Adam.

    I was here during last season’s Idol and MCL was one of Adam’s biggest supporters. She championed him from the very beginning, even making note of him as one to watch early on in the competition.

    I have learned so much from MCL’s critiques of the vocal performances of many singers. She is generous enough to share her incredible wealth of knowledge with the people who share her blog. This is a very special place. To see her words being nitpicked and twisted to mean something that they clearly do not, is extremely disturbing to me.

    MCL is a visionary, dedicated teacher and artist. She knows a great voice and talent when she hears it. She has been a tireless champion of many other great young singers. I cannot find one single thing that she has said that is even remotely offensive and critical of Adam. To somehow interpret her comments that way, indicates a possible hidden agenda and a desire to look for something that is simply not there.

    Why not take her words at face value? Why not share in her joy at the launching of this great new talent? Sometimes, I think it’s better for people to just take a breath, pause and think before they lash out at someone who has given nothing but joy and the love of voice and music to so many of us.

    I haven’t been posting regularly for a while, but had to come here because I knew MCL would be touting Adam’s new single release. I will be forever grateful that I had the privilege of participating in this marvelous site.

    Thank you, MCL. Words cannot really express the depth of my gratitude for your continued devotion to the pursuit of excellence in voice. You are one in a million!


  34. Master Class Lady says…
    “Every once in a while, a superstar/icon emerges from the shadows, brightening and fortifying all that is good and real in this wonderful art we know as music. Taylor Hicks is that special artist. He illuminates the stage with his charismatic presence and soulful voice.”

    My point is just when is Hicks becoming iconic? Do you really believe what you wrote? I am coming from a place that questions your veracity because I have a brother that is a musical prodigy that has been taught piano by one of the finest teachers from a top Russian music conservatory and violin from a Juilliard graduate. He plays 7 instruments and is a composer. He is only twenty and his name will soon be known worldwide. I am exposed to real musical talent daily. When you say such a thing about Hicks you demean anyone you praise. I prefer brutal honesty to ass kissing to attract readers. I just do not respect your reviews because you diminish everyone talented when you praise those who are not. I am just suggesting to you that you would be even more popular if you would be a bit more authentic. You obviously can discern what is talent and what is not and you choose to be a relativist rather than an objectivist


  35. Kerry,

    Beauty of music goes beyond being able to sing a perfect note…look at the current top 40! Have you ever heard any of them sing live…not as good as the studio version! Taylor Hicks, may not be able to sing like a well trained opera singer, or have that perfect voice like Adam, but he is a gifted entertainer…after seeing Taylor live, he is the whole package. He loves music, has a talent to entertain his audience, a genuine personality, and gracious.

    Someone may be exceptionaly gifted as a musician, but be boring and put-offish…they are not going to go far in the music industry. Personality plays as much a role in your music taste as does hearing that perfect note or great voice!

    What sounds I like may not be to your liking, what you like may not be to my liking…thank goodness, because that is what gives us a colorful world of artists. If you had to be perfect to be an entertainer, I would say that the music world would be very limited on it’s singers and musicians!!!

    So it’s not politically correct to tell someone who they should like and who they should not…I hope I’m making sense here…not trying to offend anyone one, just trying to say “we are each entitled to like who we like!


  36. Thanks everyone for your extremely supportive commentary. I am glad that this site has been an enjoyable and informative experience for all and I hope that it continues to be so. You are wonderful individuals, intelligent and articulate, and I truly value your insightful commentary.

    I believe that the naysayer(s) in this blog topic have more of an issue with me than anything else. To go to the trouble to find past articles and discover what they perceive as flaws in their subjective eyes, makes me roll mine.

    Taylor Hicks was a victim of the Idol machine running wonky. They didn’t support his win and, as a result, was he left fending for himself. I guess the naysayer is forgetting the huge turnout at his hometown visit – the largest in Idol history. Taylor is different and with the proper marketing would have been a huge star. How else would one explain Carrie Underwood’s success? Great voice, but limited stage experience, but the Idol machine had their sights set on turning her into another Shania Twain and they succeeded.

    So, keep sifting through those past articles, Kerry – nitpick away! The rest of us are moving forward. End of discussion.


  37. Masterclasslady – I believe that you have always been supportive of Adam Lambert. Choice of words and how someone else interprets them is always subjective. I had no issues with your use of camp or eccentric. Overanalyzing every single word written, as some like to do, is not necessary. It’s not that deep, as Adam says. Your point about Adam being ‘a singer who can deliver all the goods from any genre is finally making a mark in the entertainment world. This is enormous cause for celebration!’ – is the most important part of your review. And I wholeheartedly agree!


  38. I would like to ask some of the reflexive commenters here to please read the whole article before leaping to Adam’s defense. First, of all the recent AI contestants, I think Adam is one of those who least need defending–he seems to be solidly rooted in himself, experienced in the business, and well able to dismiss unwarranted criticisms without undue angst. For another, it is not an insult to use Adam’s own words to praise his approach to music–quite the contrary.

    Furthermore, if you have been reading MasterClassLady’s careful, reasoned, and helpful blogs for any length of time, you must know that even when she criticizes (which, I must repeat, she did not here) it is from a place of a caring teacher, and is well-worth paying attention to–in the general way of things, there is nothing more harmful to any artist than to be surrounded by uncritical acceptance.

    And MCL–hee hee! Most prudent. I do recognize that the song does seem to be a good step in defining himself and distinguishing his true style from his AI covers.


  39. Thank you so much Lili and Rereader for your eloquent commentary and for taking the time from your busy lives to do so. It is deeply appreciated.

    As I said above, the negative commentary is totally directed in my direction and these readers are trying painfully hard to find fault in every detail of my writing.

    This blog topic was supposed to be a celebration of Adam and we should continue do so. I truly love this “artsy-fartsy” guy and all that he represents to the music world. He is going to be such a huge, huge star – the sky’s the limit.

    Thanks again, ladies! 🙂


  40. ReReader – a quick sidebar! Is it true about Jason’s engagement?


  41. Oh, MCL how right you are!!!

    “Taylor Hicks was a victim of the Idol machine running wonky.”

    AI had a Daughtry win in mind the whole season and was totaly miffed when he lost Thus, I’m afraid taking it out on Taylor…and my memeory doesn’t serve me as well as it should anymore,and you did mention the largest hometown visit in the history of idol, but have they since had record voting as they did the year Taylor competed? As I recall, the phone lines were jammed more than one time and all to the tune of the one Taylor Hicks! If AI would have gotten behind him, I agree he would have been huge, instead they left him hanging and this becoming one more of the reasons why I will not be watching this years idol. I think it has already been said by one of the judges that this was going to be a ladies year!!! who will be the chosen one???

    Sorry MCL to go off topic, felt I needed to defend you and my Taylor!

    Okay Carry on with the Adam chat!


  42. Yes, it is! Isn’t it wonderful! There are some lovely twitpics of the proposal here — it makes my heart smile just to see the joy on Jason’s face!


  43. MCL…I have a question for ya! What is your take on the lyrics in Adam’s new song “For Your Entertainment”? I find them a little creepy!


  44. Vonnie – thanks for all the Taylor love. Yes, the lyrics are creepy and very suggestive, but, hopefully, this is not indicative of Adam the person, but Adam the artiste! Cabaret artists, in general, tend to push the envelope when it comes to risque material – it’s a dark medium.


  45. Yippee! Very excited for Jason. Must add a blog topic ASAP!


  46. (You’ll want to check out some of his tour bootleg–lots of it on Castrocopia!)


  47. Thanks RR – will do so later on this evening!


  48. I hope so too MCL!!!

    I so want to hear that haunting beautiful voice (Mad World)…I know that Adam is the kind of artist that you don’t want to put in a box, but I like the boy next door Adam!

    I do love Taylor!!! of all the years of idol, my favs are; Taylor, Jason, and Adam.

    Have a great evening MCL, and thank you for all that you do for us American Idol fanatics!


  49. MCL and Vonnie, it seems to me that you entirely missed the double entendre clearly evident in Adam’s “For Your Entertainment”. Yes, on one level there is a definite S&M flavored sexual context but most fans also immediately recognized that the lyrics were also a metaphor for Adam’s relationship with his fans, many even calling the song his “mission statement” and a warning. If you thought he was “soft and sweet” he’s “about to turn up the heat” and he asks us “Can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?” Oh yeah, Adam baby, I’m ready! Bring it on.


  50. I don’t think anyone who has seen Adams pre-iodol stuff ever thought of him as soft and sweet, as well as I don’t think any of his AI fans thought that he would be any different than he is now after idol…I am not at all shocked by Adams song or current Details pics. I guess if you search hard enough you can find any meaning to the song that you want…I don’t see this song being a mission statement!

    I understand Adams wanting to present himself in the Bad Boy manner…I just don’t want to see him sell himself out! He has an amazing gift, there are many artists who let there voice speak for them and are doing extremely well…Josh Grobin!!! I’m afraid that if he continues with this kind of lyric alot of his fans will be turned off…Brittany Spears??? I for one will not listen if he continues down this path, I love Adam and wish him all the best, but I will not follow!


  51. Masterclasslady, I’m curious. I read your review above and you didn’t actually comment on the vocal itself. Have you done so elsewhere and I missed it? If not, would you care to share your thoughts? I would love to hear them! I’ll share my two cents for what it’s worth.

    I think Adam is a brilliant improviser. His Idol and pre-idol music have proven this. However, in this song he doesn’t begin to riff until the last :50. I don’t get it. Also, do you think the verse is just a bit too low in his range? I understand it’s within his range, but to my ears it sounds like his voice works best a couple steps up. Lastly, this is really subjective, but for me the vocal doesn’t feel authentic. His singing usually evokes some kind of emotion in me, and well, this track just doesn’t.

    I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. Everyone seems to be raving about it. I think as a pure dance track, it hits the mark. I just confused by the vocal and kinda bummed about it. I need 11/23! 😀


  52. Did you see that there are 30-second snippets of all the songs on Adam’s album here? http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_ss?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-music&field-keywords=adam+lambert

    Have to stream them, but it gives you a taste!


  53. I just had to come back and add – now that I’ve listened to the :30 previews of the other tracks, I am ecstatic about the album and the vocals!!


  54. Tracy,

    What about the other songs, do they sound more like Idol Adam? What about the lyrics, is “For Your Entertainment” the only one with a creepy vibe?

    I want to listen to the album on-line but, I have…dial-up!!! By the time I download the ablum, it will be a decade old! 😦


  55. Spell Check!!! Album~~~Also, I meant snippets, not album! It will still take days to download the snippets!


  56. Good Grief, MCL has never been unkind to anyone.

    Artsy Fartsy..hahaha.. I call myself that… and I have been called eccentric. greatest compliment ever. If I were braver I would be campy too!


  57. Galen,

    Congratulations on Danny’s new single…Wahoo! Here’s the info of where it supposed to debut.

    “Danny Gokey’s new single “It’s Only” will debut Friday morning (11/06) at 7:15 CT on FM106.1, a Milwaukee, WI country station.”


  58. Hi MCL…didn’t know where to post this! Danny’s new single “It’s Only” debut on a country station this morning!


  59. I’ve been away from the Internet for a week, just came home this evening and listened to the Album snippets … I was so disappointed, I just had to come here to see what MCL was saying. I have been an avid Adam fan since ROF, reading every blog, purchasing every song and video, I attended the tour … all because I love Adam’s vocals. But on these snippets, I can hardly hear the vocal under all the beats and instrumentation. Where is Adam? I found trying to listen past the music to get a glimpse of Adam’s vocal to be hard work … and that’s not entertainment! I hate to say it, but after months of devouring everything Adam, I’m about ready to turn in my Glambert number and cancel my album pre-order … 8-(


  60. Sorry to hear Karen. I absolutely love the snippets I have heard. I think his vocals come through loud and clear. Did you use good headphones? There is a mix of music for everyone and can’t wait to hear the whole album.


  61. Lynn, it must just be my ears and musical preference … but just to be sure I went back and listened again (on my computer, but with good external speakers) and still feel the same. I also went back to a number of his Idol performances and studio versions, and then I listened to snippets from some of the other albums that are above him on the Amazon Bestseller List. It is clear to me that I prefer those tracks where the music is “behind” or “under” the vocalist, as a background … where the voice comes thru to my ears first, with the instruments “under” it … when the background music comes to the foreground and hits my ears first, and I have to listen “through” it to get to the vocals, it gives me a headache from the effort. Never thought I would say this, but listening to Want was almost a pleasure because the vocal shines thru, no wading thru beats and instrumentals to get to it!

    I actually came away from the Idol concert with the same disappointment. I could hardly hear Adam (or any of the other Idols, for that matter) through the pounding beat of the band … I didn’t spend $200 a ticket to listen to an unknown band! I told myself then that I was probably getting too old for live concerts if sound volume was the major attraction, so instead of planning on going to Adam’s solo concert I resigned myself to only getting him on recordings … and now it looks like even that isn’t going to work for me. 8-(

    I guess I don’t have anything against music with a strong beat, but then I am listening to the instrumentals and usually the voice is irrelevant, it just merges with the instruments and it all runs together. But anyone with even a mediocre voice can do that as long as they have a decent band. I think Adam is better than that.


  62. So here’s my two cents about the clips:

    I agree that for many of the clips, Adam’s voice sounds processed. However, I don’t mind a certain amount of it. I agree that a handful of songs sound overprocessed. But I like around half the songs, including the two beautiful ballads (Broken Open and Soaked), in which his voice shines through, sounding barely processed. So while I don’t think I’ll love every song, I’m confident that I’ll enjoy around half the songs on his album.

    I saw Adam and the other Idols on tour, and I was pleased to hear their voices loud and clear. I have been to other concerts where I couldn’t even hear the singer. That was not the case with the Idol concert. Even the concert videos on YouTube show off the contestants’ voices. I much prefer hearing Adam live than on a recorded album, that way I can hear his voice totally unprocessed.


  63. Gosh how do I put this without offending someone. I think Adam has tons of talent but after being a fan of his since the audition rounds I must admit I find that he has become tiring, off putting and a bit creepy. That techincally proficient voice is being utilized to promote an image that I find questionable and it does seem for him that the image is as, if not more important than the music. His pre-AI performances and his post AI performances and press have showed that he has a more than passing interest in pursuing the Lady Ga Ga , Katy Perry over the top theatrical presentation laced with very overt sexuality. Personally not my cup of tea and find it beneath his talent level. On a personal level I find it hard to connect with someone who presented himself in a completely differnt light while on the show. One thing every AI winner or heck most any of the finalists projected …indeed had was a true feeling of genuiness …of opening up in an innocent and guiless way who they were as a person Adam on the other hand in retrospect and even during the final weeks it seemed his whole persona was crafted on guile. He does tho seemed to have cast a spell over many of his glamberts who feel he can do no wrong and who cannot possibly believe others might have a diffent opinion.

    Now as for the music. So far I have never been able to judge a cd based on 30 second bits so I will save my judgement on the cd when it comes out but it does seem that there might be a bit too much sonic compression used which is very popular today but I find not to my liking. As for the first two singles he has released…not very impressive …the movie theme was just an overstuffed cliched mess with a vocal from Adam that was at turns beautiful and shrill. FYE is just an ok track not bad but nothing really great or groundbreaking. Except for the glamberts I’d say for most listeners the jury is out.


  64. rickylee,

    I posted this in the other thread MCL has posted about Adam…I agree so much with everything you said!


    I agree! I too care about lyrics, and this one just gives me the creeps…sorry Adam!

    I’m not sure that I will purchase the album, I am a fan of Adams, loved him on the show.

    I wish that AI would give these guys a lot more freedom to show the kind of artist that they will be after the show, because frankly, it would probably change alot of people’s minds about who they vote for.

    I was not expecting Adam to be a candy striper, but I also don’t think I was expecting “For your Entertainment” either. I too am clearly not Adam’s target audience.

    This is only my opinion: But what a waste of an absolutley gorgeous voice!!!


  65. Those 30 second snippets of Adam’s album are probably not the best quality files. Hang on before making a judgment about whether his voice is too overprocessed.

    Also, hear Whataya Want From Me, streaming here: http://perezhilton.com/2009-11-13-new-glambert-3

    I hear very little voice compression/manipulation in this one.


  66. I’d also like to share that my experience with the tracks from Adam’s albums that we have in full (Whataya Want From Me, Master Plan, and For Your Entertainment) is that the overall sound and the forwardness of his voice depends a LOT on your equalizer settings. I’ve found that the “Electronic” settings in iTunes really bring his voice to the fore.


  67. Okay! I have re-newed faith in Adam, I just listened to “Whataya Want From Me”, from his album…loved it! This is the Adam that I love! I’m not sure why this song wasn’t his first single instead of FYI…So as instructed from gunbogirl, I will hang on before making any future judgement about purchasing the album! I can say that “Whataya Want From Me” will be on my ipod!!!


  68. Spell Check, Please!!! Sorry~~~gumbogirl


  69. I just listened to “Whataya Want From Me” and now have renewed faith in Adam’s debut cd. I really wish this had been the single. It’s so much better than FYE. This is what Adam is all about. You can hear that voice, the urgency and emotion of the song. I hope this is an indication that I will like the other songs just as much.

    I have not been impressed at all with FYE and TFM. I didn’t think either of them did Adam’s incomparable voice justice. FYE is way too synthesized and over processed for my taste. I can see its appeal as dance music with a catchy beat, but it’s not the Adam I loved on AI. TFM is an overblown power ballad that loses much of Adam’s great vocals.

    I am determined to withhold judgement until I hear the cd in its entirety. I am not sure if I should buy it from itunes or get it in the store or what.


    I think I understand where you are coming from. I have been feeling more than a little uncomfortable with the whole concept of Adam’s album. I don’t like the cover at all. I wanted to see Adam unadorned, in all his gorgeous handsomeness. I like understated Adam, in a classy suit with his hair combed back and very little makeup. But Adam seems determined to push boundaries and go to the limit. This is his career and future, so he can do what he wishes. But I do feel kind of lost. Where is the Adam I fell in love with on Idol? Was that just a sham to get us to vote for him? What about those mindblowingly great vocal performances, like Mad World, Tracks of My Tears, If I Can’t Have You? I was listening to a one of a kind voice, unlike anything I had heard.

    It appears that Adam is definitely going for the Lady Gaga, Katy Perry in your face sexuality. I know that’s not for me. But I will still keep an open mind. There may be enough on this cd to make me want to listen. I know Adam feels he must be commercial, but he has gone way out there.


  70. rickylee,

    I must make a correction to my previous post. Of course, I got your name wrong. It was a typo, but I am sorry to mess up your name.

    Thanks for writing such a long, thoughtful post. I am one who doesn’t just blindly follow someone on faith. I have to think about the music I am listening to and see if it works for me. It’s a good thing to have doubts and questions. Once we hear Adam’s cd, then we can all make up our minds.


  71. Gee Mindy…the beginning of your post is almost identical to the beginning of my post on Nov 14…???


  72. Adam’s album is streaming on his MySpace page: http://music.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=music.artistalbums&artistid=12062273&albumid=14237058

    Wow! I think you’ll enjoy his voice! (Nothing is as dancy-synthy as the single FYE.)


  73. Vonnie,

    What can I say? Great minds think alike! I don’t even think I read your post before I wrote mine. Now that I have gone back and read it, yes, it is indeed virtually identical to the beginning of yours.


    I have just finished listening to all of the songs on Adam’s album. It’s interesting that your two favorites are the two that I liked the most – Soaked and Broken Open. I thought Broken Open was another Ring of Fire. It was haunting, beautiful, with mindblowing power falsetto notes.

    I am happy to say that there is much to like among all the songs. I already heard Whataya Want From Me. I loved it. I made a few notes of the others that I really liked – A Loaded Smile, Pick U Up, and Sleepwalker, Aftermath and the first two I already mentioned. I am still on the fence about Strut. I listened to it twice. Sometimes I find it helps to give the songs more than one listen.


    Yes, now that I have listened to the songs on Adam’s MySpace page, I am really excited! I agree that none of the others has as much of that dance synthetic sound that I don’t love. There are a number of songs on which Adam’s brilliant voice shines. I am going to listen a few more times to get a better sense of how I feel about each song. I know that I loved A Loaded Smile. I jotted that one down as soon as I heard it.

    I will definitely be buying Adam’s cd. He has more than enough in it to satisfy me. I knew that he would have to be a little more commercial than maybe I would like, but I am okay with that. If I had my way, every song would have as little background instrumentation and as much of Adam’s pure voice as possible. But I think this is a very worthy and exciting debut album.


  74. Mindy…I have pre-ordered Adam’s Cd on i-tunes, cannot wait to get it! I have dial-up so listening to snippets is virtually impossible. I did however, sit and wait the 20 minutes or so to download Whataya Want From Me, I was very pleased with that song…still not sure why they picked FYI for his first single, cause from what you are saying, there’s others more worthy! Wouldn’t you just love to hear Adam sing with the accompaniment of a Baby Grand, maybe some soft strings, and that beautifully haunting voice…AAHHHHH!


  75. Vonnie,

    You will not be disappointed! I am not saying that you will love every song, but I am confident that there will be more than enough to make you happy.

    Oh, what would I give to hear Adam sing with just a baby grand piano, a few soft strings and THAT VOICE! Yes, that is what I want in my heart of hearts. Unfortunately, that is not what sells these days. I could not agree more about Whataya Want From Me. That should have been his first single. Think of it as a teaser for what is to come on this album.

    Once you get the cd, I look forward to hearing your thoughts. I have already listened the songs I loved after my first listening. I intend to go back to Adam’s MySpace page and listen to them again. I have at least six that I absolutely love, but the others are also good in their own way.

    Adam is the one singer who really doesn’t need that overproduced, synthesized stuff that is so popular these days. But I realize that they have to include some of that to make the album commercial. I can live with it, but I will always prefer Adam will little or no accompaniment.

    I guess I should get over to itunes and pre-order it.


  76. Sorry, another typo in my previous post. In the third paragraph it should read – I have already LISTED the songs I loved.


  77. Mindy,

    I will most definitely let you know what I think of Adam’s CD…I can’t wait! I have went from not wanting to buy it, mainly because of FYI, and then I heard “Whataya Want From Me”, NOW, I want that CD! I will be at my local coffee shop on Monday downloading my CD!

    I really am hoping that Adam settles into his new found fame and relaxes! Meaning; I hope he finds out who he is as an artist outside of the “theatrical” Adam. I’m not completely convinced that this style and overprossesed voice is what Adam should build his career on! Does that make sense? Would love for him to do a softer side of Adam CD…complete with our baby grand and soft strings, singing all of the “Mad Worlds” and “One” songs that he can find!!!

    I would love to see him expand his horizons and be creative in the way he markets himself…he is so capable of crossing all genre’s of music!


  78. Vonnie,

    You are absolutely reading my mind! You said everything I have been thinking. Yes, you do make so much sense when you say that this style and overprocessed voice is not the real Adam.

    I happened to see a clip of Adam’s rehearsal footage for his American Music Awards performance of FYE. I found myself thinking, where is the Adam of Mad World, Tracks of My Tears and One? Where is the stripped down, spare image of Adam without all the makeup and crazy outfits, just sitting on the stage in a classic, elegant suit, hair combed back off his face, just Adam and very little accompaniment. That is the Adam I want to see.

    The only thing I can think of is that Adam felt he had to be as commercially viable as possible, while still including some songs that would show off his incredible vocals. I listened to some of them again and I have to say that songs like Soaked, A Loaded Smile, Sleepwalker and my personal favorite, Broken Open, really do show off Adam at his very best. There are some thrilling notes that run up and down the scales. Some of the album feels like filler, but there is enough there to make it worthwhile.

    I would really like to see the scaled back Adam, just the way you described it. There is no Mad World here, but there are a few songs that are haunting enough to stay with you.


  79. Mindy…you and I in the outside world, would be absolute, Best Friends! We do think exactly alike!

    When I listen to Mad World and One on my i-pod, it shakes me to my very soul. What a voice!!! As I have said here before, why can’t it be all about the voice…there is no other artist on the scene right now or even in the last decade or maybe even longer who can compare to him vocally, I know I’m gonna get pounded for that comment, but I truly believe he stands alone. What I would pay to go see him in a solo concert without the gimmicks, that baby grand, soft strings and him sitting on a stool, in soft lighting…just singing, AAHHH!


  80. Vonnie,

    You sweet thing! It’s so true, isn’t it? We really do think alike. Online soul mates for sure!

    You will not get pounded by me for your comment about Adam being in a class by himself. I don’t think anyone has come along in even more than a decade that can even come close to him vocally. That’s why I was so excited when I first heard him. I am sure I said this in one of my many posts here during Idol, but it bears repeating – I have lived long enough to know a once in a generation voice when I hear it. I compared him to Elvis and Freddie Mercury! I have never done that before, ever. That’s about as good as it gets.

    I guess the pressure to be successful in today’s music market precludes Adam from doing what he does better than anybody – sing his heart out on that stage with very little accompaniment. It’s such a shame. He has a truly unique gift, a rare instrument. It moved me to the very depth of my soul. But I fear that we will never see that Adam again. I pray that it won’t be true.

    You are a kindred spirit and it’s a delight to chat with you!


  81. Oh Mindy!!! After last night on The American Music Awards…I’m afraid our Adam is gone!

    I stayed up to watch and really wished that I hadn’t! My question; Why? He could have had the world by the tail…but now!!!

    I’m so disappointed!


  82. Now is the time for a reality check folks. Yes Adam has vocal a stage presence gifts but folks this is the type of music and performance he likes ….this wasn’t an aberration…he has said that he in control of his career direction and image this is the type of stuff he was doing in clubs pre-Idol. I actually think that his stint on AI, by forcing him to tone it down brought him to near greatness but now left to his own devices and excess …well it shows that as a creative artist his compass is taking him in directions that most people are not going to follow. This performance and his post Idol press are painting a very depressing figure who seems desperate for attention at any cost including his once promising career.

    Adam and 19 should be very happy there is such a thing as pre-ordering because after this I think he has seriously damaged his sales potential. I have noticed that over the last few weeks with every “edgy” interview in the press and with his actual recordings becoming available online the ardor from his fans has been cooling. Where once hundreds of his fan would blog on a site featuring an Adamn article and praise him now just a handful do …not a good sign as your release date nears. Judging from the reaction online…after the AMAs the …the negative reaction is about 9 out of 10 with most of those saying they no longer are going to buy the cd after being big fans. What a sad mess he has created.

    Apart from the concept of the AMA appearance the actual singing would make a first time viewer wonder what all the was about, it even made me wonder after months of not hearing him sing wonder what I liked about his voice in the first place. Was it out of tune/pitch..don’t know the technical terms..wide goat like vibrato…and again very shrieky…just seemed like all his worst mannerisms with little of his redeeming qualities.

    The whole AMA was mess also…can anyone just come on and show us singing chops instead of a bunch of needless spectacle to hold our attention or divert us from the fact that many the acts cannot sing live. Just watched Susan Boyle on the Today Show and how refreshing after lastnight …standing alone on a stage in daylight no production value at all and using that beautiful voice to hold a crowd rapt with attention. Now that is a cd I will be buying today and giving as gifs this christmas.


  83. For those of us who were able to sift through all the hype, we long ago saw the Adam many of you witnessed last night. We knew well the Adam that likes to glorify himself in the performance, and cares little about the song. Last night’s performance was exhibitionism at its finest, and nothing more. All the vocal prowess, talent, and skill in the world means nothing if one has no control over how self indulgent they allow themselves to become and then try to pass it off as “entertainment.” I’m insulted that Adam considers me so stupid that he thinks I can’t see the difference. His performance had nothing to do with him wanting to entertain us, and everything with him wanting to “amuse” himself. Say what you will, but actions speak louder than words. And they certainly did last night.


  84. skid…HI!!!

    rickylee and skid…I so agree with your posts, what a sad day! Adam made a choice last night as to what audience he wants to target and play to. His venue’s will be very small and limited. He could have very easily been the break through artist of this decade, but I don’t see that happening now. I had pre-ordered his album, but I don’t want it now!


  85. During last season’s AI after reading about Adam pre-Idol, I was convinced that the person viewers had come to adore was not the Adam they would see after Idol was over. Last night’s performance proved my theory. I don’t think I’m a prude, but how is that entertainment?


  86. Hi louise…I guess I hoped he would have seen the difference from pre-idol to post-idol. Meaning; His following was nothing pre-idol compared to the mega fans post-idol…why would he choose to go backwards???

    Had he stood on that stage and delivered a “Mad World” song…today the headlines would have been so much different. I’m afraid he’s going to have a long road ahead of him now!


  87. Let’s just say there was very little that I enjoyed about Adam’s performance last night, as his vocals took a backseat to the visual imagery going on, and as a result, they weren’t as strong. Too bad, as I would’ve enjoyed hearing an amazing vocal performance. Oh well, at least he’s singing “Whataya Want From Me,” one of my favorites on his album, on Letterman, airing on the 25th. That should be a better display of his vocals.


  88. Vonnie,

    I am devastated just as you are, after watching what unfolded on the AMA’s last night. I feel so betrayed. Some here are kind of saying I told you so. Well, maybe they are right. I just don’t know what to think right now. That’s why I waited to post my thoughts. I think I was in shock.

    I guess the Adam I fell in love with on Idol is not the Adam we will be seeing. He did have a choice and he made the choice to be vulgar, obscene, self-indulgent and just stupid. His vocals were off pitch throughout most of the song. I don’t know that I have ever heard him sing this badly. With all that clutter up choreography, how could he concentrate on his singing? He blamed it on sound issues, but that is only part of the story. What on earth was he thinking? Has it all gone to his head?

    I think Adam has forgotten that he had yet to sell a record before he performed as the last act on the AMA’s. It was a golden opportunity for him to showcase his stellar voice, that incredible talent that has given him such a huge following. This was his chance to show everyone who and what he was. If what I saw last night is any indication, then count me out. If Adam just played it down on Idol and then thought he could come out and do whatever he felt like doing, well all I can say is that he was sadly mistaken. I think this performance or debacle, which is what it really was, could hurt him enormously. Why risk offending many people who just might have checked out his album? This wasn’t even a performance, it was a trainwreck of the first order.

    I am sitting here in stunned disbelief. Maybe Adam’s ego is out of control or the hype has him thinking he can push the boundaries as far as he wants. I don’t know that I will ever feel the same about him.


  89. Mindy,

    I wish I knew what to say…The I told you so’ers who didn’t want to see Adam succeed on AI, will come out of the wood work now, and that’s fine, I don’t blame them.

    I really don’t want to give up on him, I’m hoping that he will see the er of his ways and try to redeem himself on the next couple of shows that he has coming up, however, if he does not redeem himself and continues to defend that mess as “artistic”, then I can’t remain a fan…I will move on to my next two favs, Jason and Kings of Leon!!!


  90. Vonnie—HI TO YOU TOO! And thanks for welcoming me in a positive light! You are one of the very few who would….lol!’

    Mindy—I can’t speak for anyone else here, but can tell you that it isn’t that I want to say “I told you so.” Really, it isn’t. But by the same token I’m not going to lie and tell you that there was not some small degree of satisfaction in this. There is a sense of vindication after reading over and over and over that…..”We didn’t get it.” But feeling vindicated doesn’t mean wanting to be vindictive. Know what I mean?

    It was fairly apparent to me very early on in the competition that Adam was “performance” more than “musically” driven. What always baffled me was how others couldn’t see it. But as I stated at the time, and have always felt to be true is when people defer to their emotions rather than letting objective judgment be their guide, it often leads to them overlooking the obvious. That’s just the way it is. Having said all this, let me say too, that I’m not trying to take away from Adam’s vocal abilities and skills, because his singing prowess has always been apparent to me. But honestly, I was not at all surprised by what he did at the AMA. That, I believe, is his nature. He said himself that he was going to “shock” people, so that tells me shocking, and not entertaining, is what was foremost in his mind. Now had his intent been to run the risk to shock for arts’ sake; that would have been one thing. But his final gesture to his audience told us this was undoubtedly done for personal reasons; which to me is what is really sad about the whole thing. Here again, we have a situation where emotions took precedence over objectivity. And in the end, I think it will prove itself to be more costly for him then he thought.

    I can’t help but revert to my original thoughts….that this was nothing more than exhibitionism and self-indulgence. As one writer put it, “I felt like I was watching the beginning and the ending of his career simultaneously.” Sadly, he may be right.


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