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Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr Tribute – You Were There

This beautiful video of the late Michael Jackson singing to the legendary Sammy Davis Jr. brought both a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Sammy Davis Jr. was dying of cancer at the time and Michael’s poignant performance is just exquisite in so many ways. Nothing more needs to be added to […]

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David Archuleta’s Performance On The ALMA Awards

First of all, I would like to thank my adorable 3.75 year-old granddaughter and 34-year-old daughter for giving me a lovely cold virus. Their generosity is truly remarkable in that it has forced me to stay away from the computer and this website over the past couple of days. But, we are a close and […]

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The Jay Leno Show: Shoot Me, I Loved It!

TThe critics couldn’t wait to pounce on Jay Leno, could they? Heaven help us all if someone comes up with an innovative and creative vision for Prime Time Television! Let’s continue to stick to the boring and mundane television series in the 10:00 P.M. time slot, forcing many to watch reruns of Frasier and Seinfeld […]

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Katharine McPhee: Say Goodbye Now Available On ITunes

This is a beautiful song by an exceptional vocal artist. Katharine McPhee’s career deserves greater attention and, hopefully, her new album – due to drop in January 2010 -will catapult her career to the level that she so deserves. Below, you will hear a song from her upcoming CD! Copyright © 2008. MasterclassLady.Com. All rights […]

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Updates For The Week Of September 13th, 2009

I will be away visiting my daughter and her family for most of this week. She and her husband are expecting another baby at the end of September, so this is a very exciting time for all of us. The picture in this blog topic was a quick photo from our last visit and that […]

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Barbara Padilla * 2nd Semi-Finals * America’s Got Talent 2009 HD

A special thanks to “rodca” for tweeting me this video. Isn’t Barbara Padilla wonderful? And such a backstory! It’s too bad that she had to abbreviate this beautiful version of Gounod’s “Ave Maria” because of the televised time frame. Why is she spreading her mouth on the word “hora” at the 3:46 mark? Not good! […]

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Ellen DeGeneres Selected As Fourth Judge For American Idol

One of my devoted readers, Kariann, sent me this interesting development in the ever-evolving format of American Idol. First, the good news: Ellen will be great for ratings and will add a wonderful comedic element to the show. Second, the bad news: The focus will be shifted away from the singers and the show will […]

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The Fall Season Has Arrived. Hello Out There! Anyone?

So much has happened over the course of the summer and, although it was tempting to keep this blog active and running, I’m afraid that my “real life” experiences interfered with my blogging duties. However, now that the Fall season has begun and my schedule has been finalized, I can now get back to the […]

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