Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 10 Results Show: The Motown Era

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

I am running late today – really late in fact!

In a nutshell, I was not on the same page as the Judges last evening. How about you? Did you find them abnormally harsh?   I swear the Judges were formulating their comments gathered from the rehearsal process because nothing else makes sense.

Performing on the show tonight are, Smokey Robinson and Stevie Wonder. Now that is really something – two legends together on live television. Should be a great show!

The Top 10 Vocal Masterclass article should be up late tomorrow. It’s just not happening fast enough, as I have had many disruptions throughout the day here.

The Masterclass Doors are now open for business! Enjoy the show!

Oh – and don’t forget to download the Top 13 performances on I-Tunes. And, while you are there, catch a couple of songs from one of my three CDs. (shameless self-promotion – couldn’t resist. haha)

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23 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 10 Results Show: The Motown Era”

  1. I swear the Judges were formulating their comments gathered from the rehearsal process because nothing else makes sense.

    It wouldn’t be the first time. I know they say that they can’t hear the performances properly–why can’t they wear earpieces during the performances, then? It wouldn’t damage their credibility–it might just give them some!


  2. It wouldn’t damage their credibility–it might just give them some!

    That is so funny, ReReader, and so true!


  3. Well, I am in a state of shock! I cannot believe Megan didn’t even make the Bottom 3. “Vote for the Worse” must be very happy right about now.

    Michael is a sweet guy, but it was his time to go home. Actually, I think last week he should have been eliminated – not Alexis!

    The MOTOWN theme rocked and I loved seeing Stevie doing his thing. I also think that Smokey did a nice job as a mentor.

    I still hate the obvious manipulations and I hope the Paula & Simon Comedy Hour will not return next week.

    Does anyone know the theme for next week?


  4. It was shocking to see Matt Giraud in the bottom three tonight. The only explanation for that is the fact that he performed first.

    And once again tonight they negotiated unnecessarily long to decide whether or not to “save” Michael. I think most people realize that they weren’t going to use the “save” for him, so why the pretense?


  5. Kariann,

    Amen to you comments about the Paula and Simon Comedy hour. I almost wrotething about them in my previous comment too. Since Simon is now “available,” maybe they’re trying to make the public think that they’re actually flirting with each other. It was just simply childish and annoying from my viewpoint and I hope we don’t have to put up with that for the rest of the season.


  6. They are acting rather crazy, aren’t they? I just hope that some objectivity reigns next week. I just didn’t mesh with their point of view on most of the contestants at all.


  7. I actually enjoyed the Simon and Paula hilarity that was going on last night. I know it is a serious singing competition and all, but come on! A little bit of fun here and there never hurts anyone. Kudos to Paula for that excellent Crayon idea! That was classic pure and simple!

    About Michael leaving, I admit that it was probably time for him to go. However, I just want to say one thing in his honor. I was SO proud of him tonight (as well as throughout his entire run on this show) for how he carried himself. He “took it like a man” and had a refreshingly positive attitude. He may not have had the biggest voice out of this year’s crop, but he certainly had one of the biggest hearts–and I will sincerely miss him being on the show. Let me tell you something. He gave his final performance EVERYTHING he had and even made the judges stammer in indecision for a little bit over his fate. His exit from this competition wasn’t the unceremonious “boot” that everyone expected. He gave it his all, fought the good fight, and I know in my heart that God will bless him in more ways than he can possibly imagine! I am truly thankful I will get see him on the tour!

    About Megan . . . I think she’s pretty and a somewhat decent singer, but I was floored she was not in the bottom 3 (and yet Giraud was). Go figure. Megan seems almost bulletproof this season and I just cannot figure out why. I wish her the best, but she needed to go home over Michael tonight for sure.

    About Danny, I LOVED his performance last night. A lot of the contestants did very well technically speaking, but it was Danny who truly stood out to me as delivering a pure FUN and contemporary performance! In my opinion, he has the best stage presence by far this year! He is becoming my favorite more and more each week and I couldn’t be prouder of him!

    As for Adam, while I am not a fan, I will admit that he did a great job this week and I am proud of him for showing us his softer side. If he sang like that each week, I could become a fan. Kudos to him.

    Anyway, a fun week to be sure! I look forward to seeing Cook again next week!


  8. Haha. I love the Saula antics. Those two crack me up in a big way. Show would not be the same without Paula’s and Simon’s banter.

    I really like Michael as a person. Stand up guy. But I do think the right person went home. The competition is tough and someone does have to go home.

    As for Megan, yes she sang terribly but she does bring something to this competition that some of the other contestants don’t. She’s fun and interesting which is sometimes under-rated. I preferred Megan last night over Anoop, Lil, Michael and Scott, even though her song was a trainwreck.


  9. You made some really good points, Galen, especially about Michael.

    As for Paula and Simon, I usually just think they’re silly and a little amusing, but I was especially tired on Wednesday night because I watched Idol on TIVO at 10:30 pm after a very long day. So maybe if I had watched them after a normal day it wouldn’t have bothered me. I should have been sleeping, but I just COULDN’T miss Idol!


  10. Of course the judges comments were formulated by rehearsals. They choose who they want to back this week (Adam), note the strong points of his performance (“artistry” “change up” “relevant”), then spend the whole performance show “looking” for some one who can deliver it.
    Voila! Adam delivers.

    Matt was put in the bottom three (in place of Megan) to light a fire under his voters so they can more accurately ascertain the size of his fan base next week. If he falls short in next weeks voting they will be done with him.

    Megan is still there to provide the pretty- when they get far enough along in the season they’ll drop her, too.

    Interesting that they stuck Danny between Adam and Allison and glossed right through the comments, rendering him invisible. His package edit was particularly brutal as regards his dismissal of the Smokey suggestion, and we did not see any Smokey or Berry applause after the performance. I do believe that his cheese is beginning to over ripen (that was an “it’s all about me” performance if I ever saw one) and IMO they are losing interest in him. They will damn him with faint praise from here on as he continues to do the same old same old right down to the pointing at YOU Every. Single. Song.

    Good Machievellian times!


  11. I felt bad that Matt was in the bottom three, as he was one of the strongest performers this week in my opinion. I know a lot of people love quirky Megan, but she had no business going through another week. Her vocal was painful to listen to, and if she wasn’t so “cute,” I daresay she wouldn’t even be on the show. Sorry, but when all is said and done, this IS a singing competition. It was an insult to Matt to have her safe. I also feel bad for Alexis, because having Megan safe over her was a real slap in the face (and poor Alexis didn’t make the tour either).


  12. BooBooKitty – love your user name, by the way! Anyway. retrieved your comment item from the spam folder. I have no idea why your comment end up there, but it does happen from time to time.

    Excellent comments, by the way and I agree with everything you said. Thanks so much for dropping by.


  13. Galen,

    Only a good man would know another good man when they saw one.

    I missed the results show! DRATS!!!!! It sounded like it was really good.

    Matt, in the bottom three? NO WAY! Megan and Anoop should have been there before Matt. I like them all, but IMO Matt has more to offer than either of those two do.

    I have to admit, I do like Danny’s voice. No question about it. But beyond his vocals, I’m not a fan. Yes, I hate, absolutely hate, to admit it, but I do carry a slight bias toward him, and that’s not fair to him, at all. After all, the man really can sing.

    Eagerly awaiting MCL’s critique, as are the rest of you.

    Have a good weekend, all!


  14. We had a cat once named BooBoo but she wasn’t as smart as you are BooBooKitty. Very wise post. Ive been trying not to invest myself too much in Idol like I did last year, it nearly killed me, but after last night’s results show, or should I say insults show, my self rightiousness went into overdrive. Everywhere I looked Matt wasn’t even close to being in the bottom 3. From the beginning I’ve loved this kid, he reminds me very much of an old musician friend of mine who was killed in the plane crash this past February in Buffalo, Jerry Niewood. Jerry wasn’t a vocalist but like Matt he just had “it” in him.

    The producer/judges manipulation this year is obvious
    and I agree with everything you said. Megan is a beauty and she’s on the tour, isn’t that enough. Not only are her vocals painful I literally covered my eyes this week because I couldn’t watch her. Oh well.

    I ALWAYS like all of these kids and hate to see them depart. My faves this year are Matt, Adam, Allison and Chris.


  15. I have to respectfully disagree, BooBooKitty regarding your evaluation of Danny. I’ve never thought he has cheesy at all. I also do not believe people are losing interest in him by any stretch of the imagination. You probably didn’t try calling in any votes for him Tuesday night, since you seem not to be a fan. However, I “tried” to call in a lot of votes for a good straight hour. I say “tried” because that line was the busiest I have ever experienced so far this season. After voting for an hour non-stop, I may have got through like 20-25 votes. Out of curiosity, I checked out some of the other frontrunners’ busy signals and didn’t have much difficulty getting through. Danny’s performance was fun, hip, and energetic this week. He dominated that stage and completely owned that song. In the end, his will be the only performance I’ll be paying money for on iTunes this week. I couldn’t be prouder of him.

    I agreed with nearly everything else you said though.


  16. Thanks for the kind words, skids. I feel sorry for you that you missed the show, and I hope that never happens again. I agree that Matt being in the bottom 3 was a travesty. The only reason I can think of why he might have ended up there is because he performed first that night. It seems like singers who go first have a slightly increased chance of ending up in the bottom 3 due to becoming forgettable by the end of the long show. I am confident Matt will bounce back next week though! As for Megan, I agree she really needs to go (or at least make the bottom 3)

    About Danny, you know we like what we like. Period. You either are a fan of someone or you’re not. It doesn’t mean either person’s right or wrong. It is just a matter of preference. I admit without hesitation or shame that Danny is my pick this season. However, I respect your feelings regarding him. I am not (unlike the majority of Idol fans) big on Adam this season either, and yet I admit that he gave on heck of a performance this week! Kudos to him!


  17. I am sincerely glad Megan made it through this week. The arrangement of her song really didn’t suit her (though I have to admit, I didn’t think it was entirely bad until the judges universally laid into her) – Carmen McRae’s version of that song would have suited her down to the ground. But she’s different and interesting, and the tone of her voice is something special. She also records very well; her iTunes download is light years better than her performance, which may be partly due to processing but is mainly due to the tone of her voice coming across better in the studio.

    So go on the girls, I say; take out them and Adam and the contest would instantly turn into a snoozeworthy sausagefest. Megan’s one of the most entertaining ones in the competition, and her voice has a lot of potential once she learns how to use it properly.


  18. I enjoyed the current crop of Idol contestants and look forward to MCL’s thorough evaluation of them each week. O had two technical questions in relation this weeks peformances that I’m hoping MCL or one of the other posters would be in a position to answer. First, I thought Adam sang most of “Tracks of My Tears” using his falsetto, but MCL keeps using the word “head voice.” Is there a difference? I’m guessing there is since Adam’s sounded clearer and had less trembling then when Matt G and Anoop went into their falsetto. Second, did Kris actually hit the note he was aiming for at the end of his song? It sounded to me like he just screamed the last note. I am a Kris fan, but Paula said he hit a high A or something and that sounded strange to me, but was just wondering what you thought. Thanks.


  19. In essence, head voice and falsetto are one and the same, but some people – namely counter-tenors – have a more developed falsetto and so it sounds fuller. Adam is a great example of this fact. He is are able to add depth to his head voice and create a fuller sound in his falsetto range.


  20. Has anyone heard the iTunes studio recordings of the Motown songs? Both Anoop and Adam are getting VERY positive comments. A lot of people are downloading their beautiful songs.

    I would be interested in opinions. MCL, I hope you will have time to listen to them. Thanks!


  21. I posted this in the Masterclass thread, but there seemed to be some glitches, so I’ll post it here!

    I recently found out something that disturbs me quite a bit about our current American Idol David Cook. Long story short, he wants his fans to BACK OFF! You can read all about it here:


    I’m a fan of Cook and everything, but it took a whole lot of nerve for him to tell his fans (who put him where he is today) to give him some space. I bet he wouldn’t have told them that last year when he needed their votes. It’s also interesting that David Archuleta was the one who received the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award to American Idol for Best Reality Show this year. Isn’t the American Idol supposed to receive that? Well, as far as I am concerned, last year’s TRUE American Idol did receive that award. I am convinced more than ever that America made the wrong decision last year. I can only hope and pray that American Idol learns from its mistake and chooses the correct person this year.


  22. Galen,

    I’m always baffled by people who desire fame and fortune, and then complain about the pitfalls that go along with it. When you put yourself in the limelight, you have to be willing to suffer what comes with that, and sometimes that means dealing with rabid fans who just don’t know any better, or perhaps just plain don’t care whether or not they are invading your privacy. Deal with THOSE fans accordingly, and without forcing “mature” fans to pay the price for what other misguided fans do.

    Do I think some fans carry things way too far, absolutely. But David Cook is not a young, innocent kid who couldn’t separate fantasy from reality. He’s a grown man, and certainly one intelligent enough to have known that behavior like this is part and parcel of celebrity. I for one don’t feel a bit sorry for him, or any other adult who puts themselves in this position and then wants to whine about invasion of privacy after the fact.

    Rant over.

    Do you know, what’s tomorrow night’s theme?


  23. I completely agree with you on that, skid. Cook’s behavior is very immature and he is disgracing his title of American Idol. I pray that he can get his head on straight and show his fans a little bit more respect.

    Anyway, skid, tomorrow night’s theme is supposedly Top iTune Download Songs. Certainly an odd theme for sure, but there are probably some amazing songs to choose from as well. It is bound to be an unpredictable and interesting night! I think song selection will be ABSOLUTELY key to surviving this round. The contestants need to pick songs they can connect with and are very well-known to most people. I don’t know if there is going to be a mentor tomorrow though. I would guess probably not.


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