Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 10 Performance Show: The Motown Era

American Idol Season 8 Top 10. Picture courtesy of AmericanIdol.Com

American Idol Season 8 Top 10. Picture courtesy of AmericanIdol.Com

Wednesday’s Top 10 show will focus on music from the Motown Era.  There should be something everyone, don’t you think?   Well, we shall see soon enough.

I am still so upset about Alexis Grace’s elimination last week.  She would have been a wonderful addition to this Top 10 and was actually one of the singers that I was looking forward to seeing on tour.

So much for the Top 36/Wildcard format!  It’s a trainwreck AI people -please make it go away next year! 

 I want a gender – balanced Top 10, plus more variety in their individual styles.  I feel that only a handful of remaining singers have truly established an artistic identity – the others leave me confused.

I will be commenting here in this blog topic and twittering my updates as I take notes for the Masterclass article.

I will also update this topic with song spoilers or other important news pertaining to the Top 10 show as soon as the information is available.  So, send me stuff!   I’m waiting!

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41 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 10 Performance Show: The Motown Era”

  1. I, too, am very disappointed by Alexis’ elimination. I really thought Michael should’ve gone instead of her. He has no star quality whatsoever & is really boring.


  2. Finally! After a very boring, long day yesterday I am so excited about Idol tonight! I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s performances and look so forward to seeing even more stellar ones tonight!

    MCL, I agree with you that I do prefer a Top 24 format, but I have my doubts about always making it a point to gender-balance it out. To be blunt, I don’t think gender should factor in at all. If you want to make the Top 12 (or 13), then you should be judged on talent ALONE. I actually like this year that there is so much disparity between the number of guys and girls. It feels like Idol is not trying to pointlessly maintain some kind of gender balance and is focusing more on who is truly supposed to be there.

    I also agree that Alexis should’ve been on the tour. I mean absolutely no disrespect, but Megan Joy should’ve left LONG before Alexis. As much as I like Michael Sarver, he probably should’ve left as well before her. Still, in the end, I have every confidence that this show will work itself out. No one has gone home yet who I thought truly had a chance of winning the finale, so the game is still on!

    Oh, and you know that song from the Disney Tarzan movie called “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins? I was listening to that today, and I could not help but think how it would be awesome for Danny Gokey to sing that! Not only does Danny have a somewhat similar voice to Phil Collins, but I believe he could put his extra touch on the song to make it his own. In my opinion, it could be another “Imagine” performance if he did it right! That song would also resonate with him on a very emotional level I am sure due to the tragic loss of his life. Some songs just fit a singer like a glove, and I think that amazing song is meant for Danny to sing!


  3. LOL, when I said “tragic loss of his life” up above, I actually meant to say “tragic loss of his WIFE.” Sorry about that! Reading it back, I realize it sounded like Danny Gokey was dead (God forbid)!


  4. Woohoo. Idol night! Can’t wait.

    Adam Lambert, tear up the stage for us! Or maybe tear out our hearts with a tender ballad!

    Go idols!


  5. Still no spoilers? Darn!


  6. They’re out MCL. Reports say they were all good, but that top 2 are Adam and Allison. Adam tears out your heart and Allison tears up the stage.

    Bottom 2 were Lil and Scott apparently. LOL. But who knows. Gotta see for myself!


  7. hahaha Paula looks like a ballerina


  8. LOL. I laughed when I saw the tutu. Gotta love Paula. She’s too cute for words. LOL.


  9. What is wrong with the judges tonight! Relax already. They are really being needlessly cruel to these singers.


  10. MCL, Adam Lambert is such a superstar.

    You are always so right. I remember when you posted that vid of our Cabaret Idol before the show even started. Your instincts are always so bang on.

    Adam Lambert tonight showed why AI is amazing. Every once in a while they find a superstar.

    He really touched me tonight.


  11. Just want to add one more thing:

    Congratulations Adam. Fast becoming my favourite Idol of all-time.

    Beautiful head voice, gorgeous inside and out, relevant and you have something to say, I love you!


  12. Thanks Idol Girl. He is truly a star.

    However, I was disappointed in the way the other singers were treated tonight. I mean, they were not THAT terrible.

    They all can`t be Adam Lamberts and should be judged accordingly.


  13. I thought for the most part, we saw some excellent performances tonight!

    While I love Adam, this wasn’t my favorite performance of his, but it was still very good. I’m still listening to his “Ring of Fire” from last week!

    Danny really surprised me tonight… excellent performance! And Allison was awesome too. How can she only be 16?

    Great night!


  14. What a terrific night! Smokey was a wonderful mentor!

    1. Adam
    2. Anoop
    3. Allison
    4. Matt
    5. Kris
    6. Lil
    7. Danny
    8. Scott
    9. MIchael
    10. Megan

    As Smokey and Kara said, “Ohh, Baby, Baby” is a very difficult song to sing. Anoop did a wonderful job (minus some mistakes).

    Adam did a terrific job and I loved his looks!

    Allison did an awesome job.

    Megan go home. I am really missing Alexis right now!


  15. Hi MCL!! I absolutely loved Adam tonight!! And you know what else I’ve noticed about him besides INCREDIBLE TALENT AND PERFORMANCE FACTOR? He is so gracious!! Before accepting any applause for himself, he turned to the other musicians and shook their hands and thanked them. He thanked the judges. He thanks everyone!! I love this guy more and more! I missed the first half of the show so I can’t really comment on many of the singers but the ones I did see (from Lil on) rocked! Lil was all over the place but I still loved her voice and her look. I loved Danny – he was a lot of fun. There’s something about him that draws me in. I love his smile!! And he is a good performer too. And I have to say I absolutely loved Allison tonight. Her look kind of bothers me… but she brought the house down tonight! And you have to remember that she’s only 16! But Adam was my favourite.
    Apr 1 – DAVID COOK IS ON!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!


  16. I have been waiting for Adam to go subtle & he finally did!! I was very impressed & I actually thought this was his best performance so far. Other standouts tonight were Allison, Matt, & Danny.

    Who should go home: Megan, Michael, or Scott


  17. MCL, how do we quote other posts? Is there a bold feature?

    I agree that Alexis should have been there, not Meagan or even Michael. This TOP 36 has been a diaster!


  18. I thought Adam’s performance tonight was spectacular.He never ceases to amaze and surprise.I think we’re witnessing the birth of a superstar,and I couldn’t be happier.Besides having an incredible voice and stage presence,he’s gracious too !


  19. I really cannot tolerate Adam. He has a strange voice, some beautiful notes, some not. The goth performances, even tonight, he looked to “camp”, They are pushing him hard. I personally would not take my children to an AI concert if he won and tell my kids that this American Idol is not an example of what they should become. He projects lots of bad vibes and they are not clean. He should have kept his bold lifestyle to himself. It is telling every kid in america that it is okay to live like that. This is a family show, I believe. I seriously do not think he will be able to get the crown. Sorry. He is sleezy


  20. Wow, Sandy, are you for real? this is 2009. Hopefully your kids turn out okay in spite of your homophobia.
    Adam’s song was lovely, very heartfelt and moving performance…just beautiful, classy and pure talent.


  21. well, everyone has a right to their opinion, so I respect sandy’s although I don’t share her views. I can see why some people like adam’s voice while others don’t – it is not a mainstream voice and he is not a mainstream performer. He’s not the typical ordinary voice you hear on the radio ALL the time and I think that is what draws me to him. I am a HUGE lover of musical theater and I think that’s another reason why I love Adam. I feel that those whose strength lies in the musical theater genre have such an incredible talent – more so than a rock singer or folk singer etc…They are well rounded and can add that emotional factor. They usually have powerful voices and large ranges. MCL I don’t know if you can help me out here with what I’m trying to say…. I know you appreciate the musical theater performer and hold these performers in high regard.
    In terms of Adam giving bad vibes and not being clean – I said in an earlier reply, he has been so polite and gracious throughout this entire competition – starting from the audition rounds all the way to tonight. He is soft spoken and polite. And I don’t feel like he has forced his “bold” lifestyle on anybody but rather he is just being true to who he is. And it IS ok to be true to yourself and not be what you think others feel is normal. This is a family show with Adam. Notice the support he has from his family? There’s nothing rude, offensive, or sleezy about him. But that’s just my opinion.


  22. For real. It’s 2009. It’s comments like these that remind me that Adam is inherently an underdog, even if the judges praise him (deservedly so, I might add).

    Adam, we heard you baby. We know what those lyrics meant to you (masquerade, clown). Completely moving and relevant.


  23. wow this is the first time ive seen such a comment on MCL’s page and i’m really disappointed.


  24. Sandy, I hope you wrote that to get a rise out of people. How are Adam’s vibes “not clean”? How is he supposed to keep his lifestyle to himself? Should he have stayed in the closet? Should he be in jail? Do look into Iran as a place to raise your children. They will let you practice Christianity, and they hang their gays, which is so very convenient for you.


  25. Interesting night. Does anyone else think that Adam looked like a young Kurt Russell? Especially Kurt Russell as Elvis – and I’m talking John Carpenter’s ‘Elvis – The Movie’, not ‘3000 Miles to Graceland’. The resemblance struck me right off. Beautiful rendition of Smokey Robinson’s ‘Tracks of My Tears’. Along with MCL – I’ve been opining like crazy he do a simple ballad: just a stool, a mic and that glorious voice. I got chills listening to him tonight. Truly transcendent.

    I really loved Allison Iraheta’s ‘Papa Was a Rolling Stone’ too. She nailed it – top to bottom. Best performance I’ve seen her give to date. Everyone else just kinda fell in behind them. Anoop was OK – but he missed some of those notes…..and trying to compete with Adam’s higher register isn’t the best idea. Anoop’s voice is lovely all on its own. Lil missed the boat as well. VERY badly done, in my opinion. She was more than just a tad behind the orchestra. By the way – did you notice the ‘technical’ talk from the judges tonight? ‘Head’ vs. ‘chest’ voice, use of falsetto (which I’ve yet to catch Adam doing – Randy please take note!). Wonder if they read any blogs? 🙂


  26. I logged on here to comment about Idol, but first of all I have write something about Sandy’s comment. Everyone does have a right to their own opinion, however, reading Sandy’s opinion just makes me really sad. I personally don’t feel that any of us have the right to make judgements like that about other people’s lifestyles. If Adam makes you uncomfortable, Sandy, you have the option to turn off your TV. Hopefully most people don’t share your views.

    But on to my comments about Idol, as I’ve said before I’m trying to be objective about each week’s performances (even though Danny has been my favorite), and for me last night’s best performances were from Adam and Allison (and neither of these contestants have been my favorites to win, but they definitely stepped it up a notch last night). I, too, can’t get Adam’s performance out of my head. He was terrific! I also thought Danny was really good, as well as Matt and Anoop.


  27. I’m interested to see what you have to say about the vocal performances, MCL. I was puzzled (but not surprised) by the judges’ comments.

    Adam- superior job but not a fan of almost 100% falsetto rendition. Nothing against Adam.

    Allison- unique voice. Still sounds like she belts a little too much. I hope she’s using good vocal technique because it’d be a shame to develop physical problems when you have such talent.

    Danny- same as Allison (though not as unique, imo)

    Anoop, Kris, Matt- perfectly nice, but perhaps not in the same ballpark as the top 3. I do like them, though.

    Lil- I didn’t love the song choice for her (I should throw in a “dawg” for a complete Randy impersonation, lol). Sounded a bit under pitch for the entire song. I feel like if she could just relax from the neck up (and sing with more support), her voice would sound better.

    Michael, Scott- nice guys. Lucky to be in the top 10.


  28. Sandy – you are more than welcome to visit here, but please refrain from such derogatory comments in regard to Adam or any of the singers.

    Adam’s personal life is just that – personal. He has no control over what people plaster all over the message boards and I feel sorry for him in that respect.

    I mean – if you want to talk weird – look at Elton John, Mick Jagger and the majority of our superstars. Their personal loves do not diminish the fact that they are superb, exceptionally talented performers.


  29. Perfectly articulated CookieMonster. I could not have said it better myself!


  30. They probably do! 🙂 Hi there Randy, Simon, Paula and Kara! :):)


  31. Well-said MCL.

    Part of the reason why I love Adam is who he is as a person. I’ve only seen nothing but graciousness from him. Posters like the one above can only hope to be 1 1 millionth of the person that Adam Lambert is.

    In light of the lyrics of the song, and what it must have meant to Adam, the poster’s comments are completely off-base. Quite sad, really.

    Anyway onto review of the performances. This is my ranking:

    1. Adam Lambert. “Tracks of My Tears”. This performance was exquisite. His voice is so beautiful and clear, in addition to the stellar artistry that he possesses. He took us with him to another world once again, and it was obvious that the words of the song meant something to him. Smokey’s standing O is a moment that I am sure Adam will never forget. Adam is going to be a huge, huge, huge star and he is running away with this competition.

    The judges must be so excited to have found this gem. I am incredibly impressed with Idol this year. Adam will probably end up my favourite idol when all is said and done.

    2. Allison. “Papa was a Rolling Stone”. I am keeping Allison’s age in mind here. For someone who is only 16, this girl is awesome. Sure, it wasn’t vocally perfect but this girl has a spark. Did I care that she did not hit every note perfectly? Nope. She is great on stage and fun to watch.

    3. Kris. Okay so I am mixed about Kris. I think he is VERY talented. He isn’t karoake and has a good voice. My issue with him is that he lacks the spark/charisma that is so important in performance. I’m just not interested in him! However, there is no denying his talent and I think he is under-rated in this competition.

    4. Matt. Matt has charisma and is likeable. He could use some mentoring and vocal training though. I loved the first part of the song, but it kinda went off the rails for me when he stepped away from the piano.

    5. Danny. I want to like Danny. I really do, but this just didn’t work for me. It was kinda awkward and old-fashioned and maybe was just the wrong song. Danny is a good singer, but we’ve seen this before.

    6. Megan. Vocally this was a train wreck, but I would rather watch Megan sing bad than be put to sleep by the four below performances. At least she’s spunky and interesting.

    7. Anoop. Some nice singing, but I was bored. Immensely.

    8. Lil. I normally like Lil, but this just didn’t work for me. It didn’t even sound like Lil.

    9. Scott. I like Scott as a person, but this was just boring.

    10. Michael. I really like Michael as a person and wish the judges hadn’t been so harsh on him, but this performance just did nothing for me.

    Okay, so there’s my diatribe.

    To sum it up, Adam is the star of season 8. I think it’s pretty obvious to most people watching that he is something special. There is no one else like this kid.


  32. How can you even make these statements? What decade are you living in? If you’ve even bothered to do some research you’d find that he is not only incredibly talented and respected, but also humble, kind, giving and genuinely nice. I would think those are qualities you’d want your children to have. All his performances are not “goth”, and how do you know how he’s living? What will you do if one of your kids comes home and tells you they’re gay? Are you going to disown them? Drag them to church to have them saved? Maybe you need to get out more and see what goes on in the rest of the world, because your little corner seems to have blinders on.


  33. I just found this site.

    Let me express my opinion! I can’t get enough of Adam!

    I believe all these contestents have good voices but good doesn’t always translate to charisma, stage presence and artistry. The ability to “hear” the music and transfer these emotions to the audience, is a gift. Adam has the gift. THis peformance was tender and beautiful. I love this guy!


  34. I simply adore Adam’s musical instincts. Last night’s performance was soooo soothing and tender. Can’t stop listening to it.


  35. As some of you here knows I am not an Adam fan but I have to say that he brought tears to my eyes with this preformance. I still lean toward Kris but last night Adam was the best. Who would have thought that Adam could be so tender, Loved it.


  36. I was very impressed with Kris. He was my favorite of the night. I just love his vibe. I loved what he did to his song.

    Although Adam is my favorite, and I enjoyed that performance, I don’t think I loved it as much as some people did. I honestly think that the visual was my problem. I cringed when I saw him standing with the rest of the Top 10, because I’ve seen pictures of him with that look before, and I’m not a fan of it. I think I may be in the minority though, because many people have mentioned that they noticed how handsome he is. For a “stripped down” vocal, I would have preferred to see him in an even MORE natural look – like he was during his audition. He looks GOOD without all the makeup, in my opinion. (He looks good with it too, but I wouldn’t mind a little change.) At any rate, that’s all a matter of preference, and mine is not the only opinion out there!

    I DO think that I was hoping for more with that performance. I have loved Adam’s performances so far, but I have yet to see anything in his AI performances that will match his Youtube videos. I am waiting to hear his voice sound like it does in his YT vids.

    Regarding Sandy’s comment above:

    I can understand what she means about him not having a clean vibe. He IS very sexual when he performs, and that’s uncomfortable for some people. I don’t have a problem with that, if that’s what she meant. I disagree completely with her comment that he should have “kept his bold lifestyle to himself.” I think he HAS kept it to himself. Sure, his photos were spread all over the internet, but he did not do that on purpose. He’s not making his lifestyle part of an agenda ON THE SHOW or in any media interviews. He’s just living his life, and the media (and votefortheworst) can make of it what they will.

    Adam has as much right as anyone else to live his life and then let America decide whether they support him on the show. Everyone is free to have a moral code – but you can’t expect the rest of the world to live up to yours.


  37. Kelsey,

    You last sentence in the comment above, “Everyone is free to have a moral code – but you can’t expect the rest of the world to live up to yours” was very well said.


  38. Thank you.


  39. Sandy, now would be the perfect time to teach your children about individualism and tolerance for all. He’s not an example of what they should become? He’s polite, gracious, talented, handsome and exudes happiness. Watching his performances on AI and how he relates to the celebrities, contestants, judges and musicians, I see no bad vibes. Perhaps your prejudices are coloring your perception of him. Heaven forbid one of your children break out of your cookie cutter view of the world. Please, help your children make this world a more positive place by showing them that we can all get along. I can’t wait to see Adam on tour, to meet him, get his picture and give him a hug if possible. He’s a beautiful person!


  40. THis peformance was tender and beautiful.

    There is no doubt that Adam is talented and a great entertainer. This would be a very boring season without him!

    I also found Anoop’s performance very tender and beautiful. No, he’s not Adam. ;o) however, I still think he’s awesome!


  41. Say saying hi to you guys!


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