Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 11 Performance Show: The Grand Ole Opry

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Tomorrow’s Top 11 show will focus on music from the Grand Ole Opry. And, in preparation for the performances, I found a comprehensive list of available Grand Ole Opry songs over at Idolforums.Com.

I don’t know how accurate this list is, but let’s have some fun and try to figure out who will sing what on Tuesday’s show.

Personally, I feel there is something for everyone, but I could truly do without another version of “I Will Always Love You”. It would have to be a pretty special performance to make me “gah-gah” with delight and ecstacy.

I will be commenting here in this blog topic and twittering my updates as I take notes for the Masterclass article

I think this season’s singers are extremely talented, but, I miss the “heart and soul” that was Season 7. I think the Top 24 format was a good one and it was during the semi-finals that we began to become familiar with the singers’ persona and artistic potential.

It’s still early in the competition, but I distinctly remembering the warm, cozy aura that permeated from the Season 7 singers  at this point in the competition.   Why couldn’t the producers leave well enough alone?

Update: Some song spoilers for tonight’s show at Joe’sPlaceblog.Com

Major Update: No Megan? What mess! MJsBigblog.Com

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70 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 11 Performance Show: The Grand Ole Opry”

  1. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one here who is missing Season 7, MCL! Even though I like Danny and some of this year’s other contestants, I have yet to see an “Archuleta” or “Cook” this season. You know what I mean? There was just such a good feeling about last season that I can’t really explain other than by saying that God truly blessed and had His hand on that season. I also do not like how there is no Idol Gives Back this year. Just because our economy’s a little slow doesn’t mean that we can’t give ten dollars (or even less) to help someone in much greater in Africa. Ah, well, thanks MCL for providing that song list. I’m going to head on over and check it out!


  2. Hey MCL.

    I agree with you on the previous format. It allowed us to get to know the contestants better.

    Galen, I think we do have a gem this season in Adam Lambert, so I disagree with you on the talent. LOL. I think that last year was a fantastic season, but this year we have something completely different to celebrate with Adam. His vocal ability is astounding and he is incredibly entertaining. Can’t get enough of this kid. Seriously, who do you know that can hit notes like that, who also has a tonne of charisma to boot? I think the judges are super excited about him because they recognize how rare he is, both in and outside of the Idol world.

    Can’t wait till tomorrow!


  3. For a reason I can’t really explain, I just couldn’t get interested in Season 7 of American Idol. David Archuleta and David Cook were really good, but my favorite was Michael Johns. Season 2 and Season 5 were my favorite years of all. But so far I am very enthusiastic about this year’s contestants. I think most of them show a lot of promise and I predict that it’s going to be a very entertaining season.

    But one thing I’ve learned is that you can’t always count on terrific contestants early in the season being able to maintain that talent to the end–remember LaKeesha, LaToya, etc. Both of them had spectacular performances very early in the season, and while they continued to perform well, they just couldn’t keep up that high performance level each week. So fans of Adam and Danny need to keep that in mind. I hope they both make it to the finals, but it’s impossible to predict so early in the season.


  4. Galen I agree with you so much. Loved last season because of David Archuleta. He could make me feel everything he sang. This year as I watch it all feels very karaoke to me. And sorry to the Adam fans but he leaves me feeling sick to my stomach. I agree that he has a nice voice but his facial expressions and the way he flicks his tongue grosses me out. In my opinion he is way to over the top for an American Idol. I am sure he is a nice guy just not someone I can enjoy watching or supporting. I hope that I haven’t offended anyone. 🙂


  5. You totally hit the nail on the head, gemzone. I agree 100% with everything you said. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like this current season and have hope for its contestants. Danny is my favorite by a mile and I have enjoyed all of his performances since Hollywood. However, when you compare this season to last season, it just doesn’t measure up in my opinion. I mean no offense to any of the singers this season (or their respectable fans), but to me NO contestant has a voice as awesome as David Archuleta’s was last season, nor are there any that display the creativity of Cook (Danny may be getting there though). I don’t know. Maybe I’m just living in the past, but this season doesn’t have the overall “magic” that last season had. Even that new way-too-fancy mansion the Idol contestants are living in just seems out of place somehow. I love how Idol cannot do Idol Gives Back, but they can afford that completely unnecessary mansion. It seems like there are all these big changes this season, but the show left a most vital ingredient behind in Season 7: Heart.


  6. Hey Gemzone. I’m not offended at all that you don’t like Adam. I don’t expect everyone to “get” him, but all I can say is that for those of us who do “get” this kid, there are good reasons why we are very, very, very, excited about him. I agree that Danny is talented and do like his voice; however, we have seen this before in a different incarnation. I don’t think anyone can say that we’ve seen an Adam Lambert before. His phrasing and technique are outrageously good and he also has so much charisma.

    It’s that combination of ability and bringing something new to the table that makes Adam completely irresistable for me.

    Again, not offended that you don’t like him. LOL. I agree that he is “over-the-top”, but it completely works for him because he perfectly marries outrageous vocals to outrageous performance.


  7. Top O’ The Morning to all of you. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

    Thanks again for the great commentary and I can see that most of you are still homesick for Season 7, as am I.

    However, without Adam on this show, I am afraid Season 8 would be a bit of a “yawnfest”, although I do love Scott and Megan as well.

    Let’s see what tonight’s show brings us. Hopefully, there will be better themes down the road – can’t say I am too excited about tonight’s theme.


  8. I completely agree about the top 36 format. Because only 3 from each group got through it was difficult to get attached to any of the contestants, knowing there was only a slim chance they’d make it. And we’ve seen so little of the top 13 (now 11) it feels like we’re only now starting to get to know them. I don’t think it’s the fault of the contestants themselves (though some of the boys are a little too similar in style for my liking; it would’ve been good to have more variety) but the way they’ve messed around with the format this year.


  9. I know that people might disagree with me, but once again I loved Adam. He is going to push the Idol boundaries each week and keep it interesting. It was smoking and hot, and I agree with Randy: Like Nine Inch Nails doing country.

    On a side note, can we scrap country week on this show? It’s never good. LOL.


  10. Wow – that was quite the show. Everyone was good. Kind of scary, actually. They are all fighters.


  11. Matt was terrific!! Didn’t care for Danny’s song choice but his voice was awesome as always. Adam’s performance was scary IMO but he’ll still make it through to next week.


  12. That’s what I love about this season, MCL. Everyone is really talented and it will be difficult to see anyone go each week. As much as I like Danny, I have to say that my favorite tonight was Anoop. It was such a huge improvement from last week. And my second favorite was Matt. I think the more I see him, the more I’m going to like him.


  13. LOL Erin on saying Adam’s performance was scary. I loved it. No worries.

    I was completely mesmerized by it and the vocals were crazy good once again. It was dark, mysterious and just superb. He is so not karaoke. There is only one Adam Lambert.

    I think the judges might have been intentionally pulling back with the praise on Adam. They have to so that fans don’t hate him (since I think they want him to win).

    I can only hope that America takes to this remarkably talented singer. He’s definitely not safe/mainstream and that is pretty much the only thing that worries me.

    Overall though I think they did a good job tonight. I really liked Kris, Matt, Megan and Anoop. Danny is just too safe for me.


  14. “I know that people might disagree with me, but once again I loved Adam. He is going to push the Idol boundaries each week and keep it interesting.”

    At first, I thought it was strange – but as IdolGirl mentioned, It was dark, mysterious and just superb. After this performance, I can say Adam is the most unique contestant to appear on the show!!

    I LOVED ANOOP’S PERFORMANCE! For me, it was the best of the night!

    I didn’t really like Danny’s choice. Out of all the songs he performed, he selects this one. Sotty, but I just am not into it.

    Most vulnerable tonight was Michael and Scott. I don’t see them sending a girl home.

    This theme was perfect for tonight! Randy did a nice job as a mentor. Yay!


  15. Adam is going to have to come down to earth very soon. I think he is a very creative artist, but he has to start connecting with middle America or he will be in danger of losing voters. He is a fabulous vocalist, but, right now, the vocals are bing obliterated by the artsy stage persona emanting from him every week.



  16. That’s what I’m afraid of – middle America. I don’t want Adam to change one iota. He just emanates art and I pray that he does not lose that. If I want karaoke I go to a karaoke bar. LOL.

    Please Adam, stay true to yourself.


  17. Wow; tonight was…something. I think most of the contestants gave good, solid performances…a few of them were pretty far out…sorry all Adam fans-but that was just creepy…unfortunately, there really wasn’t anything that grabbed me and said “STAR” with any of the eleven. The closest ones would have been Alexis, Kris and Matt. There is usually one very strong, solid country singer each season; but not this one. The most country person we have would ‘seem’ to be Michael, but he really isn’t. Or, he doesn’t ‘seem’ to be after tonight. 🙂
    I expect to see Megan, Michael, and Scott in the bottom three.


  18. Wow! What a night! I can honestly say that I sat glued to the TV for the whole two hours and thoroughly enjoyed EVERY moment of it! This was definitely the best country-themed week in perhaps Idol history! I thought Randy Travis was a brilliant and down-to-earth mentor, and you can tell from tonight’s performances that he did his job well! Now, on to my evaluation of tonight’s performances!

    1. Michael Sarver–“Ain’t Goin’ Down Till The Sun Comes Up”: Poor Michael had the misfortune of going first tonight, so obviously he needed a very solid performance to stay memorable by the show’s end. Did he pull it off? Yes and no. Yes, he did an okay job of singing his song and delivering an authentic country performance. I was also truly impressed by how he managed to remember all those words. However, the problem is that I could not make out one complete sentence of what he was saying. That song is a very fast song (dare I say too fast), and I don’t think that song choice did Michael any favors tonight. Because I was never able to grasp hold of the lyrics, the entire performance failed to make an impression on me and quickly became forgettable as the night progressed. I like Michael a lot and I certainly hope he makes it through this week, but going first and being forgettable is often a fatal combination on this show. I’m worried about him.

    2. Allison Iraheta–“Blame It On Your Heart”: There seem to be a lot of Alexis and Lil fans respectively, but after tonight I am inclined to believe Allison to be the most talented female this season. A thought kept running through my mind as I watched Allison nail her saucy and fun performance. It was something like: “Man, she reminds me of Kelly Clarkson back in Season 1!” And, well, considering Kelly won it all, I think that Allison is a too easily overlooked contender who could possibly have a shot at the crown. I’m liking her more and more each week.

    3. Kris Allen–“To Make You Feel My Love”: Okay, without a doubt, Kris’s performance tonight was WAY better than last week’s. I do not like it when he performs with his guitar. I can’t really explain it, but he looks sort of awkward with it. However, with the exclusion of his guitar and the solid delivery of an excellent ballad, Kris Allen was anything but awkward tonight! For the first time, I really took notice of him as someone who could really soar in this competition. I like how he gets better and better each week, and I certainly hope that trend continues.

    4. Lil Rounds–“Independence Day”: In a strange way, this was perhaps the most clever song choice of the night due to its patriotic undertones. Since the show is called “American” Idol, patriotic songs (regardless of how they are delivered) can never be a bad thing. That said, Lil’s vocals were, as always, very strong. However, she just didn’t blow me away, you know? I think some parts of it were definitely bordering on forgettable, though I am sure her fan base will pull her through this week. I am with the judges though. She definitely needs to go more R&B next week.

    5. Adam Lambert–“Ring of Fire”: Okay, I realize that so many people on here dearly LOVE Adam, so I tried very hard this week to try and like his performance. However, I am sad to say that when all was said and done, Simon ABSOLUTELY said it best: “What the *heck* was that?!” I am sorry, everyone, but that was bordering on painful! My mom even commented something like she couldn’t wait for the performance to end, and I wholeheartedly agree with her. Adam has so much talent, but it’s like he doesn’t really know how to use it in a way that makes him appealing. I know some people absolutely are fawning over him, but he will not last till the finals of this competition if he doesn’t as MCL said “come down to earth” very soon. I sincerely hope for his own good (and for his fans) that he does just that.

    6. Scott MacIntyre–“Wild Angels”: I LOVED this performance! I thought the song choice was right on the money, and I could feel the emotion surging through Scott as he sang this. To be perfectly honest, I thought this was Scott’s strongest performance so far of the entire season! Oh, and I completely disagree with Paula about the piano! Scott NEEDS to be behind it whenever possible. Why? Well, in case the judges may have forgotten, Scott is legally blind! Having him meander around the stage without the security of his piano will most certainly detract from his overall performance. Even if he were just to sit in one spot, that would be a lot more boring than if he just played his piano. Here’s how I see it. Scott – Piano = Good. Scott + Piano = Great! That said, I would like to see him really push himself vocally sometime soon. He has the voice, and I look forward to seeing him use it to his full potential!

    7. Alexis Grace–“Joleen”: First of all, I think Alexis actually made the right song choice! I prefer seeing her sing these type of songs more than her usual stuff. Kara seems to always be nudging Alexis to “dirty up” and acquire some kind of “edge.” Well, here is the reality. Alexis (no matter how pink her hair is or what outfit she is wearing), is just not an edgey person. She’s a sweet, loving mother for goodness sakes! She needs to keep performing like she did tonight, because it is more true to herself! When you sing a song, you pour out your heart and soul into it. If Alexis’ “heart and soul” doesn’t match the image she is trying to convey, then she is going to lack authenticity. I liked Alexis’ performance tonight quite a bit, and I hope she continues to perform with this new, improved, and duller “edge”.

    8. Danny Gokey–“Jesus Take The Wheel”: My favorite singer this season sings one of my all-time favorite songs! Yeah, to say the least, I was LIKING it! How gutsy it was to take on a Carrie song! That’s one of the reasons I like Danny. He has a sort of boldness about him that translates into spectacular performances! That said, I will try and be unbiased and fair by saying that I don’t think tonight was his strongest performance so far. “Hero” and “P.Y.T” both top it I think. However, if this is Danny’s example of a less-than-exceptional night, then that is fine with me! He stilled soared above most of the others! Way to go, Dan “the Man” Gokey! Oh, and I actually liked the “parachute” jacket! LOL

    9. Anoop Desai–“Always On My Mind”: Yes! I was very proud of Anoop tonight in what was his most powerful performance so far! He 100% proved that he deserves to be where he is in this competition! I knew Anoop could sing very well, but my opinion of him skyrocketed tonight upon hearing him hit those awesome notes throughout his ballad. He is truly a force to be reckoned with, and I believe that he will be safe for quite a while if he keeps singing like he did tonight!

    10. Megan Joy–“Walkin’ After Midnight”: Okay, I am going to give a little grace here. Truthfully, I was not very fond of her performance, but I adamantly admire her perserverence in spite of her illness. She looked like she feeling awful up there tonight, and yet she pulled off a decent performance. That is something I know I definitely couldn’t do! That kind of endurance doesn’t build character. It reveals it. God bless you, Megan, and I pray you are around to deliver a performance when you are feeling better!

    11. Matt Giraud–“So Small”: Okay, Danny is definitely my favorite still, but to be perfectly honest, I think I enjoyed Matt’s the most tonight! I absolutely LOVE “So Small” and I thought it was nothing but sheer brilliance how Matt made it his own! Whether or not Matt wins this competition, he has quite a career in music ahead of him for sure!

    I still miss Season 7, but I realized for perhaps the first time tonight that this season is PACKED full of talent, and (as much as I want Danny to win it all) ANYONE is good enough to become the next American Idol! As for tomorrow, I look very forward to seeing Carrie Underwood! God bless, everyone!


  19. I’m a little torn in that I’m rooting for Adam to win. And so I completely understand the sentiment for him to “come down to earth”

    But at the same time, I think staying true to yourself is extremely important. And so I give him major props and I respect him so much for doing that- even if it means that he may not win this competition, he’s definitely won my respect (which probably doesn’t pay out as much as this competition). And he’s someone that I think in many ways we all strive to be, so sure of himself and who he is, and unafraid to show it.

    And another point, from the view of a huge Adam fan. I love that he takes us on a huge rollercoaster, and I feel like he’s helping me stretch my personal boundaries of music. I love that I have no idea what to expect from him every week. And that maybe I won’t like it at first (like this week), but upon each repeated listen, there are so many little nuances in his performance, that absolutely astound me. I started out thinking his performance was the worst of the night, and now I think it was the second best, after Kris’.

    And it sounds much better if you don’t watch the video at the same time. Haha. There’s something about the way he performed this that slightly squicks me out. But stripping that away and just listening to his vocal blew me away.


  20. You know, I am a big fan of Adam’s cabaret and Broadway performances, so I wasn’t sure what to make of his performance at first. But, I listened to it again, and then watched it for a second time to digest it. His point of view and self expression was exotic and mesmerizing. After all the crap he has been going through with “being to Broadway” and the “scandalous pictures”, I say, good for you Adam! You sang it the way YOU wanted, knowing it would turn some people off. He clearly doesn’t care if he wins or not at this point. I think staying true to himself is more important than trying to be something he isn’t comfortable with, even if it means he is eliminated. He won’t win, and I don’t think I want him to because he will be miserable being boxed into the bland, pop, manufactured 19 entertainment music (think Bo Bice or Taylor Hicks). I just wanted him on the tour, and hopefully he will be.


  21. Good morning! I decided to check in to see what the buzz was and add my two cents. I voted for 2 hours last night because Adam deserved it, and I MUST see him on the tour! As soon as he started to sing, I said to myself, oh boy, Simon is going to HATE this. He pushed the envelope and took a big risk (which is why I love him). He took an iconic song from an iconic artist and put his own spin on it. Yes, it may have offended some people. But, Adam is making it clear that he will not be boxed in or made to conform to what Joe the Plumber may want an AI artist to be. He sang it exactly the way he wanted to perform it. I am sure he knew that Simon may hate it. I am not even sure he wants to win at this point, and we better be ready for more of this risk taking. I say, good for you Adam! To he** with the haters or those who can’t appreciate alternative music. He is the ONLY reason I will buy tickets to see the tour, and I applaud him for his guts and mad skills. Sure, I miss the cabaret Adam, but it is more important to me that he stays true to himself.


  22. This is my first time on this blog. Masterclasslady you are so knowledgeable about music. I have to say That Adam Lambert is truly BRILLIANT. He is the reason I am still watching this show.


  23. Modag (my only doom and gloom) March 18, 2009 at 11:12 am

    My first time to post as well and I am so reved up this morning on caffeine and Adam Lambert I just had to respond. First of all, I have watched all seasons of AI but have never really gotten excited about a singer’s performances. Yes, there have been many really good ones but most I have forgotten by the next season. One of my favorite things to do for season 7 was to read the MCL comments and critiques and that’s really all I was going to do this year for season 8. I love your non-biased look at the whole performance and many times it gave me an insight into why a singer did not sound as good as they could have, breathing technique, etc.
    But then came Adam Lambert and “Satisfaction” followed by “Black or White” and now I’m totally hooked. If not for him I would not be watching this show. I grew up listening to the Stones, Billy Idol, Grateful Dead, etc. Even to this day Billy Idol’s haunting “Eyes without a Face” stops me dead in my tracks when I hear it played.

    To make a long entry a bit shorter I totally agree with Kammy that Adam Lambert’s “Ring of Fire” was BRILLIANT. What a voice! What a performer! This 60 year old southern grandma can’t wait to see what he does next! While the other performers are trying to find their comfort zone Adam’s already there!


  24. ROCK ON, Modag; you 60 year old southern grandma, you!!!!

    Adam Lambert. We’ve not seen the likes of what real creativity can do for music since the Beatles or Elvis. We’re about to!

    A glittering diamond. I just love him!


  25. I can’t decide whether I loved the performance or hated the performance. I desperately hoped that country week would be the time that he showed us the beauty in his voice instead of just the amazing notes and all of that. I love the amazing notes, but I was ready for something beautiful this week.

    And that was definitely not beautiful. I loathe Eastern music, to tell you the truth, so I was predisposed to hate it from the beginning. I loved it because it was such a risk, but the whole thing was scary and uncomfortable, especially because I knew it would alienate people.

    And I think Adam knew it, too. The way he replied to Ryan’s question about it being “signature” makes me think that he knew it wasn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

    The weird thing about American Idol is that you have to be creative but still liked by Middle America in order to do well. And I think that’s hard. I don’t know how much I want him to be liked by Middle America, because then he might not be ADAM anymore, you know?

    I think I’m rambling now. I don’t really know how to express my exact feelings on it all. *sigh*


  26. I have to agree with most of the posts here. Adam’s performance last night was one of my faves in Idol history. It was mysterious, mesmerizing, hypnotic and dark. I was glued to the screen during this fantastic performance.

    Simon is really good at judging mainstream artists, but someone like Adam goes over his head. I would put Kara in the same category.

    Adam’s vocals were simply breathtaking last night. He took us to another world with him on this performance and exudes art. I LOVE this kid.

    Kudos Adam for staying true to yourself. You are completely believable when on stage and always look like a star. No karaoke from you Adam (thank God!!!).


  27. My goodness. It seems Adam can do absolutely no wrong! He could get up there next week and sing the “I Love You” song from Barney and his fans would still swoon and think he is the greatest thing that ever graced the Idol stage. Look, I do respect all of your opinions, and you are certainly entitled to them. I just think there is WAY too much hype surrounding Adam right now. He has the potential to be amazing, but he comes across as someone who is not willing to take advice and tone down his performance style sometimes.

    I can understand how people would think it would be wrong for Adam to change the way he is comfortable performing. However, this competition is not a place where you go out and try to be artistic and self-indulgent. The goal of this show is to find the next big contemporary recording artist. Adam is a truly INCREDIBLE performer, but I honestly don’t know about him as just a singer. Take away the wildness of his performances and the way he works the camera, and do you think his voice alone could pull him through. If he ever makes it to the radio waves, then he is going to have to sell his songs on VOICE alone.

    As far as him being so resistant to changing his style once in a while, I just don’t understand what the big deal is. It is when we as people step out of our comfort zones and try something new that we grow into stronger individuals. The same goes for Adam. I want to see some courage from him to try something new that may actually turn out to be better than what he typically does. I want to see him grow as an artist, but he cannot if he refuses to (I’ll use the phrase again) “come down to earth.”

    I’m very sorry if I made anyone mad by writing this, but this is just my take on Adam. I expected so much from him, but he is really letting me down the last couple weeks. I hope for the best for him, I really do. I just don’t think he is going to get there if he continues to perform as he is now.


  28. Well some peeps overly indulge themselves in the same mainstream boring stuff.


  29. Hello, Kammy. You and I are in complete agreement after last night. While many might argue that Adam is not chosing the “safest” route to an AI win, I found his performance mesmerizing and I applaud him for the courage to be himself. It may well cost him the win, but America knows who Adam Lambert is, and I suspect he will have a strong, vibrant career regardless.


  30. Galen,

    In essence, you answered your own questions. The keyword of your message being “contemporary” which Adam no doubt is. Whether we like it or not, or agree or not, much of ones’ success in music today DOES have to do with more than just singing, and much of it IS based on performing and theatrics. That’s just the way it is.

    And perhaps Adam’s goal is not to win Idol, but to be seen by those who can understand what he is trying to do and what he is all about. Those that have the means to really help him get to where he wants to be.

    I can easily see how some groups/bands might already want him as their front man. He’s got panache, and we all know, any group is only as successful as the man leading the way……and that man has to have some style and some flair in today’s industry. Gone are the days of just standing on stage, planting your feet on the ground, and just belting out a tune. Sadly, just having a good voice isn’t enough anymore. If that were the case, David Archuleta would have been last year’s winner.

    Look around you; any genre. Today, it’s more about the bright lights and glitter than it is about the voice. Adam’s got it all, and, he’s got the potential and the ability to really help to change the face of music.

    Michael Jackson’s voice alone wouldn’t have pulled him through either, nor would have Garth Brooks.

    The times, they are a changin’.


  31. And just think. Adam has all THAT and and an astoundingly good voice. His vocals were spot on yesterday.


  32. Yes, skid, I know what you mean. Sadly, it seems as though the times are a changin’–and I pray it isn’t a change for the worse. Oh, and David Archuleta SHOULD’VE won last season!

    Now, about Adam, you respectfully said Adam’s goal may not be to win American Idol. However, I have to admit that something about that bugs me. The point of entering American Idol in the first place is to WIN it! Granted, there have been many contestants who failed to win and yet still achieved success. However, WINNING should always be the goal. Judging by last night’s strong performances, I am convinced that most of this year’s contestants are giving their all to WIN the Idol crown. If Adam doesn’t care about winning, then I just don’t really want him on the show.

    That said, I believe Adam is incredibly talented. But I’m sorry that I have to disagree about one thing. I understand that theatrics, glitter, and all that may be important in live performances. However, I still stand by what I said about a singer’s VOICE being their most important asset. Listeners will be completely unable to be entertained by Adam’s incredible theatrics by just listening to him on the radio. His pure vocals will have to carry him there.
    I have every confidence that he can pull that off, however, from what I have seen on Idol lately I am beginning to have my doubts.

    Hey, we’re all entitled to our own opinions though. As much as you like Adam, I probably feel that way about Danny (though I will still admit when he has a less than stellar performance). In the end, I guess it all comes down to taste.


  33. Galen, thing is we also think Adam does have the best voice. He can sing circles around the other contestants. Who do you know that has a range like that?



  34. Modag (my only doom and gloom) March 18, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    I have read that Adams friends say he is a fierce competitor and when they play board games, etc he always has to win it all and usually does. Adam said he has a “strategy” and I have to believe he does. If he had sat down on a stool as Kris did and belted out a country song with perfect pitch soaring vocals and then next week did a “Ring of Fire” type performance many viewers might feel betrayed that they voted for him. Is he teasing us? He can’t play all his cards at once and those who have a “strategy” usually do well. I think David Cook had a stragey too and his band members even said he had many more gears to shift to. I have listened and watched the Youtube of Adam singing “Is Anybody Listening” many times and that is a voice we haven’t heard yet from Adam. Also his friends say “you haven’t heard anything yet, just wait”. I hope the voters and fans have the patience to give him a chance and to vote and wait for “his moment”.


  35. One thing that Simon was bang on so far this season is that Adam is someone people are going to talk about. Love him or hate him, he is creating a lot of buzz.

    Happily loving Adam at this end of the world. 🙂


  36. Galen,

    I don’t think that it’s that Adam can do no wrong with me. I don’t like all of his videos on youtube. But I have been pleasantly surprised by everything he’s shown me so far on American Idol.

    This competition is really whatever you make of it. Who knows what Adam’s goal is in this competition? I don’t really think there’s a “right” or “wrong” way to take the competition. Sure, winning the competition is nice- but would you really knock someone who was just there to learn as much as they could? I doubt winning is NOT a goal of Adam’s- I think it all comes down to what are the different goals that these contestants have to get out of the competition. I think that having the primary focus of this competition to win- is absolutely terrible. I personally think that the primary focus should be to grow as an artist. And to me, Adam has done that. His performance this weak as theatrical and over the top as it was, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him do anything quite like that- he’s stretching his voice and his boundaries in ways that he wants to stretch his voice and boundaries. I don’t really think he’s playing it safe/staying in his comfort zone. He’s just growing in a direction that some may not want to see him growing in- he has a vision of what kind of artist he wants to eventually be- and we all have our each individual visions of what a good “all around artist” is, and those two things may or may not overlap.

    I also don’t think there’s that much hype around Adam. There’s an equal amount of hate. I think what Adam is generating is a ton of controversy- which doesn’t necessarily equate to hype.

    I hope I’m not being too confrontational, or stubborn. I definitely recognize that Adam has his faults. Ironically, the first time I watched his performance I thought it was absolutely terrible. But upon listening to just the vocal, was when I fell in love with his rendition. He infuses the song with interesting nuances that I would never have imagined in the song. 🙂 Anyway, this will probably be the last I’ll say on the matter. Feel free to respectfully disagree with anything I brought up.


  37. Adam is the most unique and creative artist that has ever set foot on American Idol. His performance last night was nothing less than SPECTACULAR! I grew up with David Bowie etc.. I am 54 years old.

    Let me just put it this way, I think it is time for Elvis to hand over the crown to ADAM.

    I don’t mean to offend anyone, but Elvis shook the world during his day, then along came ADAM who I think is in a totally different league!

    Adam has amazing flawless vocals, creativity, is a most unique individual and I personally cannot get enough of listenening to him or watching him perform!

    This man is one of a kind!!!

    In my humble opinion he is headed for Super Stardom!




  38. I said all this in my iTunes review and multiple boards, but I’ll say it here as well. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I just have to say that anyone who didn’t like, or at least appreciate, Adam’s performance are pretty narrow-minded. “Oh, it was just too different, it was too scary, it was horrible, it was indulgent,” etc. All wrong. Yes, it won’t appeal to the mainstream public, but you can’t deny it was definitely the most memorable performance on the show, the most interesting. Adam even made the other version of the song his own. People might think that he should’ve done something more country, but then, it would’ve been boring because it wouldn’t have been Adam. He showed us what REAL talent is. He hit notes that I’m still surprised a human can hit, and if anyone thinks Adam still shrieks or screams need to listen to music where the singer actually does that. Adam SINGS really high, thank you very much. It’s completely different. His vocals were ahead of our time, and people can’t accept this new and fresh sound he’s given us. People are still in shock after his performance. People are still talking about it. All I can really say is, if you didn’t “get” his performance or didn’t appreciate it, I take pity on you. If you would like to state some VALID reasons of why this performance was not what I said, feel free. You may disagree with what I say, but I stand by what I feel. And I feel Adam is the real deal and the future of music. Best performance and singer I ever did see.


  39. Paige, I laugh at people who say it was indulgent. Me thinks too many people indulge themselves in the same boring mainstream fluff. Talk about self-indulgence!

    No offence to any posters here cause I love all of you immensely. I’m just tired of hearing the same dumb arguement. It can be easily flipped, ya know.

    Much respect to all.


  40. You know, I do believe that all of the other singers should really just go home. If Adam has this much unwavering support, then I think that no other contestant even stands a chance of winning regardless of how great they are. My goodness, I seriously have never seen anything like this. 90% of the posts here have been all about Adam. There are 10 other singers in the competition, you know! LOL

    Anyway, I really hope that America gets it right this year. And I wish the best to Adam and THE REST of the contestants as well.


  41. LOL Galen. I know you are not on my side of the fence, but that just made me laugh in a good way. Adam is certainly causing a stir, isn’t he? LOL.

    I honestly don’t know what will happen this season, but I can’t help but love Adam.

    Simon hit the nail on the head when he said that Adam would be someone that people would talk about. I don’t think MCL has had this many posts so early in the season. LOL.

    Here’s to the rest of the season. 🙂


  42. Adam’s performance last night has certainly caused a little controversy on the blogs today. Many people either seemed to love it or hate it, but not much in between. In response to Paige’s comments above, I can say that I definitely “appreciated” Adam’s performance. I think there is no doubt that he is one of a kind and extremely talented, and his performance was very original, but having said that, I wouldn’t purchase his music. It’s just not something I would enjoy listening to for very long, nor would I ever want to attend his live concert. Although some people probably think I’m being narrow-minded, I think it just boils down to a different taste in music. I never enjoyed heavy metal, don’t like country (except for Willie Nelson), nor do I enjoy rap.

    I just think we need to respect each other’s likes and dislikes. Just because you think Adam is the most talented guy since Elvis, it doesn’t mean that someone else is wrong who doesn’t feel that way. As a matter of fact, I think almost all of the Idol contestants this season are very talented–each in their own ways. The person who made the biggest impression on me last night was Anoop. I had no idea that he could sing so well. This contest is just beginning!!!


  43. Very well said, Louise! I couldn’t agree more. I really don’t want to get into big arguments about Adam, so I’ll just leave it at this. I’m not crazy about him, but I know a lot of people are and I respect that. I sincerely wish him the best and I definitely admit that the guy is very talented. Oh, and ILoveIdol, I certainly can’t deny that whether people love him or hate him, Adam certainly does generate A LOT of discussion!

    Now, I also agree about Anoop, Louise. My favorite is still Danny, but in all fairness I have to give props to Anoop last night. He picked himself up after a very bad performance last week and came back with lots of style! In fact, I think I may actually download his performance off iTunes!

    There are A LOT of people I like this season, and I wouldn’t be upset if most of them ended up winning. Anyway, I look forward to tonight and I hope that America makes the right choice in who goes home tonight.


  44. Paige I respectfully disagree with your post. Adam to me is self indulgent and leaves me feeling sick. And I am anything but narrow-minded. In fact have been accused of being to open-minded by people in my church. I believe that everyone has a right to their opinion. That said for you to tell me that because I personally can’t stand to watch Adam (I think he has a great voice) but can’t watch him at all makes me narrow-minded kind of rubs me the wrong way. Oh and don’t pity me I am pretty happy with who I am and what I like and don’t like. I pray that this is not the future of music but sadly I think that you are right. It just means that I won’t be listening to it.

    Oh for me it was Kris that I enjoyed the most. Maybe I am just to old. Just turned 50 and loving the mellow music now. 🙂


  45. I don’t think MCL has had this many posts so early in the season. LOL.

    How right you are. I just logged on and I am astounded. And all because of Adam? Well, keep it coming Adam. Go nuts on that stage.


  46. I so totally agree with Paige!

    Gemzone, I am 54 years old and still love Rock more than ever. It’s energizing and mesmerizing. 50 is not old, unless you want it to be.

    Personally, I think that Adam is the wave of the future. I for one absolutely love him!!!

    I would venture to say that you weren’t an Elvis fan either, were you? He was a rebel and did his own thing.

    Adam has just raised that bar several notches!!

    However, if you prefer mellow music, that’s your thing and I respect that.

    I on the other hand love music that excites and energizes. Keeps the world (especially the music world) from being boring!

    Pulls you in and makes you feel alive!




  47. LOL. I think we’ve all officially lost our minds.

    I like everyone here, even if we often disagree.



  48. I agree, ILoveIdol. Yes, he is causing quite the stir. He’s the most talked about contestant I’ve seen yet, probably.

    And Galen, yeah, I only talked about Adam in my post. I would just like to say that I thought everyone did amazingly last night. My other favorites were Kris, Matt, Alexis, and Allison. I can’t predict who will go home tonight. It was a great night last night, wasn’t it?

    Gemzone, I know we all have different tastes and I should’ve put that in my post. It’s just every hater of that performance I’ve heard today never manage to say anything intelligent or just specify exactly why the performance wasn’t up to par. I know that not EVERYBODY would be narrow-minded, but the majority of them are. I’ve seen too much of it today to think otherwise.


  49. And thank you, Luv! I absolutely agree. 😀

    Also, I would just like to say, I didn’t say Adam is the most talented guy since Elvis. The only thing I’d REALLY compare Adam with him is that they often look alike.


  50. Oh boy. Anyone who had doubts about Adam last night MUST listen to his itunes recording. It is so amazing. This voice needs a contract, stat.


  51. Because each contestant only has approximately three minutes on the Idol stage,they have very little time to make a lasting impression.Simply having spectacular vocals doesn’t secure a win.You must be able to entertain as well.Possessing the unique ability to do both is rare.Elvis did,the Beatles did and Adam does ! He has charisma,an amazing stage presence and vocals that are out of this world.With or without a win,Adam is on his way to superstardom,he’s about to set the music world on fire !


  52. I didn’t say that YOU said Adam is the most talented guy since Elvis. I was just trying to make a comparison of a singer who was BIG since it seems that some of the writers here think that Adam could be BIG too. And perhaps he will. And I’ve noticed the physical resemblance with Adam to Elvis too.


  53. Judy, you should listen to Adam’s ROF studio version since you are a fan.

    The head tone is breathtaking. So gorgeous. Even non-fans will appreciate it.

    When Simon said people would talk about Adam, did he have any idea it would be on this scale? LOL.


  54. Thanks, Galen! That totally sums up how I feel also. Glad I didn’t have to put it into words; you did a much better job than I would have anyway. 🙂


  55. Tavares….. I agree,the studio version is gorgeous . Simon’s instincts were right on about Adam,the look on his face the other night after Adam performed was priceless LOL

    I was hoping Alexis made it through last night,she had great potential.


  56. I sort of disliked Adam’s performance at first, but listening to it over again I now believe it’s actually his best performance so far.

    It’s not that the song was bad, or the performance was bad as such – what I think rubbed many people the wrong way, was that it was absolutely not what people sat down for and expected to hear on the country night. He didn’t even try to sing country, which he knows isn’t what he’ll be famous for, so he just did his thing all the way. Simon called him indulgent, which is correct, but it was awesome and ballsy nonetheless.


  57. Galen,

    Thanks for the respectful reply. Hopefully continuing in that vein….Yes, David A. should have won last year, but he didn’t, and again, that only helps to solidify my point. David Cook, good voice, good performer. David Archuletta, EXCEPTIONAL (Idol’s best ever) voice, very little performing experience. You tell me what won out. Sad, but true.

    As for whether or not one should try to get on Idol with the sole goal being to win, I think that is strictly up to the individual. In the majority of cases, it seems that the exposure has meant more than the win, so yes, I can see why many of the contestants would want to at least make the top twelve to be noticed, but not necessarily to win. In my opinion, doing the best one can should be the goal. If the win comes with it, all the better. If not, the experience itself is victory enough.

    And if I made it seem as though I did not think a singer’s voice was their most important asset, I did not mean to. I would very much agree, but again, I’m willing to accept (begrudginly of course) how things work in the music industry today. And again, I have to revert back to a Michael Jackson, or Brittney Spears type artist, whose voices alone would not have garnered them the success they achieved had people not “seen” their performances. People get reeled in by what they see, and they so fall in love with that, that they are then willing to listen to that artist more than they would if they had only ever heard just their voice. We can even apply this theory to the Beatles and Elvis. Can you deny that their live performances were a BIG part of their success, and that after people saw them they craved them even more? That’s because when hearing them on the radio, they could “envision” what they were hearing? So I would say, especially in today’s industry, that a stellar voice will sustain you, but if you can perform, really perform, then you will have your share of success too. It just won’t last as long. Success vs. longevity. Two entirely different things.

    And as much as I love Adam Lambert, and I do, I just have to say, as talented as he is, as much as I think he has the ability to change music as we know it today, Adam Lambert is NO Elvis. And he never will be.


  58. Galen,

    Thought I needed to say that the last paragraph of my previous post was not directed at you. It was just a general statement to other things I have read in some of these posts.

    Just wanted you to know that I wasn’t trying to be snotty, or start an argument with you.


  59. Oh, no problem, skid, I didn’t think you sounded rude at all. In fact, I thought you were very respectful and made some good points. I do agree with you that an Idol contestant should focus more than anything on simply doing his or her best each week. WINNING the competition should always be second to that. They do kind of go hand in hand anyway though. If you want to WIN the competition, then you are obviously going to do your personal best each week.

    Though I may not like it, I absolutely cannot deny that what you said about the Cook/Archuleta thing was true. I also agree with you that Archuleta had the best voice of an Idol contestant to date. I have actually seen a few of his live performances though, and I am very pleased to say that he is much more comfortable on stage now and is becoming an exceptional performer.

    And, hey, I completely agree that the performance side of a singer is vital. Of course, the voice is the most important asset, but it certainly helps to have excellent stage presence as well. I will definitely admit that Adam has the best stage presence of any Idol to date, owing of course to his vast theatrical background. To be honest, he is not my favorite singer (Danny is), but I respect him 100% as a performer. I will also try each week to be more open to him and will try my best to like his performances more. As I have said before, he may not be my favorite, but I sincerely wish him the best.

    Anyway, thanks for your polite and in-depth response, skid. It is nice to be able to disagree and debate with someone about your favorite show without it turning into a vicious confrontation. God bless!


  60. My goodness, there are a lot of new posters here! Welcome to all!

    “Adam Lambert is NO Elvis. And he never will be.”

    This is indeed true!! I will say that Adam is the most polished performer we have seen on AI. He is also an enteretainer. Regardless of what some people think about Taylor Hicks – he is most definitely an entertainer.

    Well, at least that’s how I see it.


  61. Modag, welcome! I am also a Grandma (of four little ones). Also, there is another special Grandma aroun here! ;o)


  62. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person here who grew up in the Motown era!!!

    In reference to Kariann’s comment, “. . . Regardless of what some people think about Taylor Hicks – he is most definitely an entertainer.” I completely agree with you. When I saw him in concert, I definitely left with a smile on my face and felt completely entertained. I’m just sorry that his music hasn’t been more popular with the general public.


  63. Louise, I think if AI and their management teams had pushed Taylor’s CD, the sales would have skyrocketed. How many times did we see him on the show the following two years? How much advertisement did he get for his music?

    The way I see it is that Taylor was not TCO, and AI wanted to prove the fans made a mistake. He deserved so much better.

    Oh, I have been lucky enough to see several MOTOWN acts in the early years. The social implications cannot be overstated! Much of the music is still relevant. Music to fall in love; music to mourn the death of a relationship; music to promote social issues; silly lyrics; and music to shake your booty and dance, dance, dance.


  64. I feel extremely disheartened that Taylor was treated so poorly by American Idol. Wasn’t it Nigel Lythgoe, who was then the producer of AI, who stated that Taylor’s homecoming in Season 5 was the largest ever attended in the history of American Idol – at that point in time? So, what happened after that? So much buzz after the show and the Ford Company loved him. Jay Leno was drooling all over him. etc. etc. Very strange and really sad.


  65. MCL and Kariann you have both made some very good points about AI not helping Taylor after he won Idol. I had actually forgotten about that, but what you say is definitely correct. They treated him as if he was a joke instead of the winner of their show. Did you know that he has a new CD that just came out in early March? I’ve heard one song from it and I really like it, and I’ve ordered it and should receive it in a few days. I saw him interviewed on TV last week and he mentioned something about all of the Idols being together recently. This leads me to believe that maybe he’s going to be on the show at some point this season.

    I don’t think the Ford commercial that he did right after he won helped him–it was on TV constantly and I heard a number of people complain about how sick of it they were. I think that was enough to turn a lot of people off from wanting to purchase his music–without giving his music a chance.


  66. Lots of stuff to comment on here. Perhaps I’ll start by writing to the posters who grew up in the “Motown” era–you’re not at all alone. There’s a lot of us who LOVE Motown, and are extremely familiar with the music, even though we may not have actually “grown up” in that era. That’s probalby why many of us who have mentioned Taylor Hicks so connected with him–he was a student of Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, Ray Charles—people we loved to listen to, and that alone drew us to him like magnets. When we add to that the fact that he was the first contestant who could actually PERFORM as well as sing, and his pleasant and infectious personality, well, he was a winning combination for many of us right from the start. I personally loved Taylor, and was glad he won. Having said that, there’s no question the PTB had little interest in Taylor winning, and would have much preferred a more marketable Chris D. or Kathleen M. win, but Taylor prevailed. They should be ashamed they treated him so badly, especially since he brought more viewers and votes to the show then they ever had before he showed up. Love him or hate him, the guy brought in ratings, and whether they wanted him to win or not, they should be thanking him for the boost he gave their show.


    This has nothing to do with AI, but I just wanted to comment on your name. Years ago I met a man named Galen, and yours is the first time I’ve seen that name since. Not a very common, but nonetheless, a very nice name. Even though I didn’t know him, well, and haven’t seen him in years, he has such a distinct first (and last) name, that seeing that name again made me think of him. (Just wanted to share that bit of useless info/trivia with you.)

    I’m glad to read that David A. has gotten more comfortable with performing live, but I do think in his case, as more and more people hear him, and REALLY listen to him on the radio, he very well might be one of those performers whose voice alone will generate real interest, and who people will want to go see based on just his voice alone. IMO, he’s one of only a handful of singers today who could get away with that. I dare say, most others could not. Most others voice alone just isn’t enough to carry them through. But as long as he’s marketed correctly and gets the exposure and guidance he needs, David A. is good enough to have that happen to him.

    Ok, I’m done rambling now. And I agree, it is nice to be able to have these discussions, disagree, and not have them turn into full blown wars as they often do on message boards.

    P.S. I like Danny’s voice, but there’s just something about him that doesn’t ring true to me. I won’t go into what I (personally) believe that to be, other than it sticks in my craw enough that it makes me “distrustful” of him. But yes, he does have a nice, soulful voice; and I could easily see him as being “crowned” the winner of this year’s show.

    Nice chatting with you!


  67. Thank you for sharing that interesting tidbit regarding my name with me, skids. I admit that “Galen” is not a name I hear a lot about either! Anyway, I’m glad I could make you think of your friend.

    About David Archuleta, I COMPLETELY agree with every word you said, skids. When I said that he is becoming an exceptional performer, I didn’t really mean that he NEEDED to be a great performer in order to be successful. As you said, all that David needs is his amazing potent vocals to achieve monumental success. I was just commenting on how I was thoroughly impressed by how significantly he has improved as a performer since his Idol days. Already possessing an amazing voice, his better performance skills are not necessary, but definitely an added bonus!

    MCL, I completely agree with what you said about Taylor Hicks as well. He is constantly being made fun of on the show and seems to be unfairly labeled with the title of “worst Idol winner.” The bottom line is this. Taylor Hicks may not be a Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson (few are), but he has been more successful in his career than people give him credit for. His sophomore CD just came out and there already a few singles on there that are doing reasonably well. I agree that Taylor is a blast to watch perform and I would not hesitate for even a nanosecond to go see a concert of his where I given the chance. You know what I hope happens? I hope sometime down the line that Taylor comes back to visit Idol. When he does that and the judges and Ryan are all acting real nice to his face, I hope he makes a very direct comment about how he is made fun of the show–on live T.V.–With struggling for words and the judges looking like deer in headlights. That would be one of my favorite Idol moments ever!

    Anyway, I’m very excited about Motown week. I’m not overly familiar with those type of songs, but I look forward to some surprises!


  68. Wow. Sorry about that last paragraph. I was in a hurry and made a lot of grammar errors! LOL I’ll re-read it before I post next time!

    Basically, I just wanted to say that if Taylor is ever asked back onto the show as a guest, then I would be so happy if he made a comment about how badly they have talked about him since his season ended. The judges (mainly Simon) needs to realize that a big mouth can get you in a very uncomfortable and awkward position. You can say what you want about how unsucessful you think Taylor is, but the truth is that he if far better off and reached more of his dreams than 90% of the rest of the world has. I call that successful.


  69. Galen, I hope Taylor will be on this season! I would like him to look directly at Simon and say, “I thought you all forgot about me.” Then chuckle and say how happy he is to be back.

    “I saw him interviewed on TV last week and he mentioned something about all of the Idols being together recently.”

    This was for the opening of the “Idol Expereince” at Disneyland. There are some great photos out there of all seven Idol winners. I would have loved to see that.

    The MOTOWN tribute theme will be on shortly. I am so excited! Then I will go back and see how the music was handled by previous contestants. I loved Smokey at the Finale for Season 6. Just awesome.

    I won’t say I am so excited to see what Adam will sing. LOL! I am hoping that Anoop has another excellent performance like last week!



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