Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 11 Results Show: The Grand Ole Opry

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Why is the day moving some fast? Am I getting slower as I get older? Probably!

Well, that was a great show last night, wasn’t it? All the singers performed exceptionally well, some better than others, grant it, but still they all came out fighting in new and different ways!

The funniest moment of the night for me was when Paula suggested to Scott- who is visually impaired – that he needs to move around the stage and connect with the audience a bit more. To which Scott replied: “I could move the piano closer to the edge of the stage”. hahaha Good one Scott! A comedian as well as a singer/pianist = triple threat! You rock that stage, Scott!

So, who is leaving tonight? This is going to be a heartbreaker as all the singers really displayed enormous potential and growth during last evening’s show.

Also, tonight, Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood will perform. I thought Randy was exceptional with all of the singers and he guided and mentored them patiently and meticulously.

The Masterclass Doors are now open for business! Enjoy the show!

Oh – and don’t forget to download the Top 13 performances on I-Tunes. And, while you are there, catch a couple of songs from one of my three CDs. (shameless self-promotion – couldn’t resist. haha)

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33 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 11 Results Show: The Grand Ole Opry”

  1. I’m currently in shock; can’t believe tonight’s results. So off; so wrong. This is as bad, worse, than Michael Johns or Chris Daughtry IMO.
    “I’m going to go cry now.”


  2. I, too, was shocked by tonight’s elimination. Alexis was my favorite of all of the females. I would never have predicted her elimination this soon.


  3. Wow. I’m shocked. Alexis was my second fave contestant, with Adam #1. The top 10 just got a lot more boring with only 3 females left.

    I loved this girl’s stage presence. Will miss her.


  4. I am appalled at this result. Alexis did not deserve this elimination and I feel she has more to offer than Allison or Michael. What a travesty!


  5. I loved Alexis in her first 2 performances of the season, but last night wasn’t her best. She had been one of my favorites, but can’t say I was surprised by the results tonight. I had a feeling she was in trouble, and she didn’t perform the song well tonight either.

    Must say though that I’m very happy Adam is still around. I loved his performance yesterday.


  6. Well, the tour attendies has been decided, and i’m not too suprised. I personally will pay to go see the whole thing for Danny Gokey (American Idol Season 8)! I’m not too “Wowed” over the “Alexis going home” thing, I actually was slightly hoping Sarver would stay. But, I could’ve thought of someone else who could’ve went…(hint: Rockin Robin “waves hands to the side in a crazy manor”)! I also think Adam Lambert’s “Ring of Fire” should’ve gone out, with his weird Egyptian version….

    –But, one more thing….Barack Obama doesn’t have my vote anymore (like he had it before)! If he cancels anymore Idol Shows, I will get very very angry. When he said “Yes We Can”, he better not have ment “Yes We Can, cancel Idol for a dumb speech nobody listens to or cares about, nor will care about unless their lives are a complete waist and they are surrounding themselves with constant quotes from a single U.S. President!!!!”

    P.S.–George Bush never cancelled Idol!!!!


  7. You have got to listen to Adam’s Itunes version of Ring of Fire. It’s really good.


  8. I don’t think Alexis deserved to go. She didn’t do so great this week but it would be nice if the judges had saved her.


  9. LOL Gage, I have to admit that your post made me laugh. I know he is the president and all, but I too am getting just a little bit tired of Obama just screwing up the Idol schedule on a whim. Bush didn’t do that because he was a major Idol fan!

    Anyway, about the results tonight, I definitely admit that I am a bit shocked. Alexis really did deserve to be in the Top 10. However, I have to say that I was glad Allison and Michael made it through. There’s just something about Michael that I really like and Allison is honestly my favorite female this year. That said, I feel sorry for Megan being sick and all, but she should’ve left this competition long before Alexis.

    As for the Judges refusing to use their Save on Alexis, I have mixed feelings about that. Based on her past performances, I can understand them saving her. However, “Joleen” certainly wasn’t one of her greatest ones, so I can also understand why the wouldn’t save her. In the end, I have to admit that I’m glad the judges still have their save. I don’t want them to jump the gun if you know what I mean.

    As for Alexis, I truly and sincerely wish her and her dear family the best. I pray that God will continue to open doorways for her and usher in new opportunities for her to achieve her dream. She may not be the American Idol, but she will always be remembered as someone who was truly a contender. Most importantly though, she will be remembered as a wonderful mother to her child. Not even being the American Idol can compare to that accomplishment! God bless you and keep you, Alexis. I am sad to see you go, but eagerly await the blessings your future has in store!


  10. I am so disappointed that Alexis was eliminated! That leaves just three girls on the tour. What is even worse is the way the judges were hovering together and whispering about her performance. She’s not a professional and this really affected her performance.

    Why must they be so mean-spirited? This was worse than what they did to Jasmine and Jorge.

    I thought Michael would be eliminated. I am so happy for Anoop- what a sweetie!


  11. I understand how the judges huddling together may have thrown Alexis off, Kariann1. Good point. However, in all fairness, I don’t think the judges had much of a choice but to huddle. They had to actually DISCUSS whether or not they were going to save Alexis and the only time they had to do that was during her actual performance. It was a bit rude though, I will admit. I don’t think it is was necessarily cruel though. This Judges’ Save rule really is at its core an act of considerable mercy. I mean in previous seasons a contestant that had the lowest number of votes was off the show without even the slightest chance of staying in the competition. Now, at least they have some sort of hope.


  12. Awww, poor Alexis! She sounded as though she were on the verge of tears during her whole performance; she just wasn’t there vocally. The original performance was really much better than I think people give it credit for. I think the judges should evaluate a contestant by the sum of all of their performances as a whole and not just a single performance (especially a reprise in a very emotional setting).

    I’m really disappointed with this season so far. I feel that so many talented contestants from the top 36 should have been in this top 13, and now, one of the more talented top 13 contestants has been eliminated.

    I really don’t recall ever feeling so disinterested about the outcome of a season before. Except maybe back in Season 3… Even that season was more interesting, though.


  13. A few comments about Idol this week. People are really polite here so I feel I can voice my opinion.

    1. Personally, I would have picked either Lil Rounds or Michael Sarver to leave last night. Alexis should not have gone this early.

    2. I think for Alexis it was more an issue of song choice this week. It wasn’t her best performance at all. It was very good and she’s amazing but a different song may have worked better. Her Jolene was just a tad boring.

    3. It was cool to see Scott jamming out during the Top 11 Group Performance. We finally got to see him do something more up tempo and fun. He could do more of that and wow some people!


  14. Here’s a link to a YouTube version, for as long as it lasts:


  15. I agree with nearly everything you said, Kirsten! I also think that Alexis left WAY before she should have, and I agree that song choice did her in. I also would’ve had Lil Rounds go before her, but I have to admit that Michael Sarver is growing on me. In place of Michael Sarver, I would’ve had Megan Joy Corkrey go home. To me, she should’ve left a couple weeks ago. Alexis so deserved to go on tour this summer, and (I hope Megan is feeling better) but Megan really needs to go. I was shocked that she wasn’t even in the Bottom 3! All I can think is that she got some sympathy votes for being sick, which in all honesty she may have deserved for being such a trooper.

    I agree wholeheartedly about Scott as well. He should NEVER leave that piano and I pray he never does. He is more alive behind that piano than if he were to dance around the stage and work the camera masterfully. He is a truly brilliant performer and LOVED his performance this week!


  16. I should have added that he has amazing pitch control, given that he is singing in a minor key along with all the half-steps to trip him up.


  17. I’m going to bring something up that may be a REAL stretch. As many of you know, there was a lot of media coverage the last few days about Idol being fixed. A paper reported that Idol already had it’s four top picks and they included Adam, Danny, Lil, and Alexis. Now what if that was actually true! Don’t you think that Idol would do something to make it look like it wasn’t true? . . . like maybe eliminating one of those contestants early to make it look like it couldn’t possibly be fixed, hence the early elimination of Alexis. Just a thought . . .


  18. I don’t know, Louise, if I think it was rigged. It’s very easy to get sucked into the idea of some sort of conspiracy (believe me, I’ve been there more than once myself). I guess without any sort of hard evidence, I just give Idol the benefit of the doubt. Innocent until proven guilty, you know? Frankly, if I ever found out that this beloved show is rigged, then that would crush me. I would not have anything further to do with it nor I bet would the majority of America. Also, I have to be completely honest, as much as I liked Alexis overall, this week was in a way her weakest performance and not very memorable unfortunately. Therefore, it’s not too incredibly hard to believe she got the lowest number of votes. What surprises more than anything is that her fanbase didn’t pull her through. I learned two things from last night’s show. 1) Alexis had a smaller fanbase than I thought she had, and 2) Michael Sarver has a much larger fanbase than I had given him credit for. All in all, no, I don’t think there is some Idol conpiracy going on.


  19. I think you’re probably correct, Galen. I know there have been conspiracy theories every year, and the year that Taylor Hicks won convinced me that Idol doesn’t pick the winner. It was obvious they weren’t too happy with his win. So let’s say that it’s not “fixed,” but I think everyone must agree that the judges, especially Simon, try to influence the voting public.


  20. Tennesee is a smaller state than Texas (Starver). I like Alexis too, and she was really a troooper and not cry like Jasmine did. However, I might want to comment that I like her style in the audtion until she changed her look. She looked happier and wholesome then. She didn’t smile too much during the past weeks, but I like her attitude with the critique she got from the judges about Jolene–a sweet “okay.” it is best to be cool, because hey, she might be snatched for a record deal. she does have a great stage presence. Oh, okay! i do like the cute pink in her hair, it made her look “current,” Randy’s new buzz word….”current.”


  21. I lke Scott too. I always cringed when he is on because i was afraid he would goof up and make the audience uncomfortable. But yeah, he is really upbeat these days, and I love his humor. From a handicapped to another handicapped, I give my kudos (I am very deaf). anyway.


  22. where is masterlady’s critiques? I enjoy reading her critques for each singer in such a professional way. let me know. thanks, group.


  23. Well, as an old-timer here, I have always written what I feel. My heart is just breaking for Alexis. I just read this article in the post:


    My opinion, this “Judge Save” is the worse scheme AMERICAN IDOL has ever come up with. What was done to Alexis was sadistic. Please read the article and understand why I said this.

    I have watched every season since the show began, and this is the WORSE season ever.

    Oh dear, I am such an emotional person….

    (Probably no one will read this, but I wanted to share my feelings. Thanks.)


  24. Well, Kariann, I read it and am just as appalled as everyone else around here. Truly, Alexis was one of the singers that I was looking forward to seeing on tour. Presently, there are at least 2 singers in the Top 10 that have absolutely no star quality for or appeal to me. There – I said it!

    I will continue to review them objectively, because that’s what I do and it is only fair and right. However, now that Alexis is gone, the light on this American Idol Season has become significantly dimmer.


  25. Hey, I am just as sad to see Alexis go as anyone, and I admit that I found that article a little bit unsettling. However, can I be completely honest? I enjoyed last night’s results show very much. I LOVE the idea of a singer who is about to be voted off given one final chance to perform amazingly to save him or herself. In the end, I do not blame the judges for not using the save. Alexis did a really good job, but there were a few shaky parts in her performance as well (though that’s understandable with all the pressure she was under). Here’s the reality of the Judges’ Save. Everybody will HATE it until it is actually used. Then, everyone will LOVE it and say how thankful they are that the judges saved so and so from going home that week. It is a one-time, season-changing tool, and I do not blame the judges for not using it prematurely. Still, I know being denied the save must’ve been hard for Alexis. I feel sorry for her and wish her the best.


  26. I feel so out of the loop – I have been away on vacation and have had little access to this site😦. I did manage to catch AI though (…no vacay would stop me…). As much as I’m sad that Alexis is gone, I think we do have to remember who was the cause of this (the American people…).
    Of course the judges could have saved her, but personally, I don’t think her performance was strong this week. In past weeks, they have been. But if the judges are “saving” the contestants based on one performance, she did deserve to leave this week. But, if the judges consider past performances, then I echo everyone’s statements, that she deserves to stay! Do I make sense? I feel like I’m rambling! But I definitely agree that she deserved to be in teh top 10 (if you look at all of her performances!)

    As for the whole Obama thing, who cares if AI is being pushed aside cuz of him! Look on the bright side: having AI on Wed/Thus this week allows us to not have to wait as long to see the following weeks episodes!!🙂


  27. Galen, maybe if it had been a guy and he was treated this way, I might not be as upset as I am. Poor Alexis was practically begging for them to let her stay. She was so vulnerable and did her best to hold off the tears. However, that New York Post interview revealed how cruel and cold my favorite TV program has become. I don’t need the manipulation or over done drama.

    It saddens me, and at this point all I can do is not vote.

    One thing about President Obama’s speech is that AI won’t be competing with the Result Show for DWTS,


  28. MCL, I know that you will continue to review the contestants objectively! I love reading your reviews.

    Someone was mentioning the joy Jason exhibited when he left. I remember Phil Stacey going out in a “blaze of glory”! But seeing what happened last week to Jasmine and Jorge, and then this week with Alexis, makes the AI experience a bit painful.

    I know there are many who feel as I do.


  29. In the past, the contestant being eliminated always got to sing one last time and then the show faded to a commercial. I think that’s what they should continue doing this time even though they have this “save” feature. In other words, the judges shouldn’t have to say that they are NOT saving someone. The only time “save” should be mentioned at all is when they decide to use it. Otherwise, it makes it doubly humiliating for the contestant leaving to be told that the judges also agree with the audience that they should no longer be there. Does that make any sense?


  30. In reference to my previous comment above, in my next to the last sentence I should have said “American voting public” instead of “audience.”


  31. I felt sorry for Alexis also, Kariann1, but I feel sorry for ANY contestant who has to go home each week. I also don’t remember Alexis begging. In fact, I respected her very much for not doing so. She held her head up high, held back the tears (mostly), and remained calm and composed.

    Also, about that article, you have to remember that it was just ONE article in ONE magazine. Writers of such articles are very prone to put their own spin on the information they are writing about. Quotes can be taken out of context, opinions can be portrayed as fact, etc. I was slightly bugged by that article, but not enough to make me label American Idol as cruel and cold. A show that helps people achieve their wildest dreams is one that I just can’t call cruel. I am sure that Kelly Clarkson, Rube Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, and David Cook would wholeheartedly agree with me as well.

    About the voting, why would you stop? The fact that Alexis went home prematurely is a warning to me that I need to vote MORE to keep my favorites in the running. The truth is that it wasn’t the judges or the producers who failed Alexis. It was the American people who are to blame the most.


  32. “In other words, the judges shouldn’t have to say that they are NOT saving someone.”

    Louise, I like your approach. Last week when we saw Jasmine and Jorge leave, we didn’t see any of this hovering together and talking about the contestant. Really, we had no idea how it would be handled. I just feel it is more manipulation and control from the judges with drama thrown in.

    Well, now we know what to expect, and so do the contestants. :o(

    Galen, some people have thought about not voting as a way to show their objections to the way things have changed and the “mistreatment” of Alexis. I do want ANOOP to go as far as he can in the competition; therefore, I am up in the air about this.

    Thank you for those expressing their thoughts on this matter!


  33. “The truth is that it wasn’t the judges or the producers who failed Alexis. It was the American people who are to blame the most ” – that’s what I said!🙂

    And If I were American, I would be voting non-stop for my favourites. I think they should open this voting up to non-Americans (specifically, Canadians!!) I know, MCL would like that too! Ha!



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