Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Show: The Music Of Michael Jackson

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Tonight’s Top 13 show is a first for Idol. For seven straight years, the American Idol Final Group consisted of a Top 12, one of whom was eliminated each week.

So it will be interesting to see how Idol re-organizes its format to accommodate the extra singer. Will they eliminate two singers at one point in the competition or, my personal favorite, decide to have a Top 3 showdown for the American Idol Season 8 crown?

I will be away from my computer for most of the day tomorrow, so my Top 13 Vocal Masterclass article will probably not be available until the end of the week.

However, I will be commenting here in this blog topic and twittering my progress on the VM Top 13 article.

Can’t wait to see the show! Enjoy and don’t forget to come back and comment.

UPDATE:  MSN TV News interestingly ranks the Top 13.  Not sure I agree with some of the placements. What say you, readers?

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29 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 13 Show: The Music Of Michael Jackson”

  1. OMG. Adam Lambert is incredible. How on Earth did they find this guy? He is a complete star on that stage. He totally has that “thing”. Matt & Alexis still to perform.


  2. Okay…this is my ranking:

    1. Adam
    2. Alexis

    Same as last week. LOL.


  3. I agree… Adam and Alexis are my top 2!


  4. Now, I understand why the judges might select who is going home – if this is the plan. They are fearful that Alexis may not get enough votes because she’s got the #36. So, maybe they feel if she is voted in the bottom two, they can save her this way.

    So, it seems it will be a Bottom 3 SING OFF, right? So, they can put Alexis back in there. I think she did a GOOD job and doesn’t deserve to go home. I have been voting for Anoop, but the judges made their feelings about him known. I am so disappointed.

    Why Anoop picked “Beat It” is beyond me. He has the talent to be in the TOP 10. I hope this has nothing to do with his religion and the fact that Murdoch (conservative Christian) owns the station. The judges slaughtered him.

    Also, I had the feeling Jorge was telling us that he didn’t pick his song. Then I feel Paula did the zipper mouth thing and he backed off. Does anyone else have some negative feelings going on here?

    Oh, and Kris is supposed to keep his wife hidden?

    I did enjoy Adam’s performance and Alexis did better than some of the judges thought. I am in agreement with all of you. He is already a professional and is thoroughly entertaining!


  5. Well, I didn’t have the greatest Idol night ever tonight. Unfortunately, bad weather caused me to lose signal a lot throughout tonight’s show, so I didn’t get to see all of the performances. However, I was blessed to see everyone I REALLY had looked forward to seeing, and I am very thankful for that. So, anyway, here are my thoughts on the show!

    1. Lil Rounds–“The Way You Make Me Feel”: Lil came out and started the night off with a solid (and dare I say “safe”) performance. There were no FANTASTIC moments, but there were no real bad ones either. The fact that she went first is definitely a liability to her, and I am a very little bit afraid that she may just not have stood out that much in the end. Did she do good enough to make it through to the Top 10 though? I THINK so based on her fan base, but if she didn’t have that foundation, I would be worried about her.

    2. Scott MacIntyre–“Keep The Faith”: First of all, I do disagree with the judges to some extent regarding song choice. I agree with them that the song is a little bit obscure and not very memorable. However, I truly did enjoy Scott’s performance. He has a very soothing voice and you can feel the emotion emanating from him. “Keep The Faith” has an excellent message, and I think it was actually a perfect fit for Scott’s personality. I’m a little worried about him because he went so early and didn’t stand out that much. However, like Lil, his fan base will probably keep him alive another round.

    3. Danny Gokey–“PYT”: THE BEST PERFORMANCE OF THE NIGHT BY A MILE! Danny completely owned that song! He changed it up in a brilliant way and effectively showcased his flawless vocals! His performance was hip, contemporary, and just a blast to watch and listen to! I love how comfortable he appeared on the stage, and (contrary to Simon’s opinion) I thought his dance moves rocked! I love how he was bold enough to even approach the judges’ table right in the middle of his performance and hold his mike out to them. This guy has guts and I like that! He’s in it to win it, and I wholeheartedly believe that he is our next American Idol!

    4. Michael Sarver–“You Are Not Alone”: Here’s the thing. I liked the song, and I liked Michael singing the song. He seemed very genuine throughout the performance, and I think I prefer his soul side more than his country/rock one. Still, in the end, I can’t really say it was outstanding. It was just a very solid performance that I believe will keep him safe this week.

    5. Jasmine Murray–“I’ll Be There”: First of all, I LOVE the song, and I was so happy that Jasmine was brave enough to not only take it on, but do so in style as well! I thought she sounded terrific tonight, and she more than proved that she deserved her Wild Card save. She has big, powerhouse voice and she is definitely my favorite female singer this year!

    6. Kris Allen–“Remember The Time”: Well . . . I wish I could “remember” this “time” in the episode, but unfortunately about right in the middle of his performance my TV lost its signal due to the horrific weather. I had one fleeting thought rush through my mind right before I lost signal though. It was something like, “I think he would’ve been better off without the guitar.” In all fairness, that’s about all I can say though.

    7. Allison Iraheta–“Give In To Me”: Completely missed it unfortunately . . .

    8. Anoop Desai–“Beat It”: Yay! My signal returned! So, just how did Anoop Dog perform? Well, let’s just say he didn’t get a bone from the judges tonight. “Beat It,” as much as I love song, just was the WRONG choice for Anoop by a mile. He’s not gritty enough and really doesn’t raw power in his voice to pull it off effectively. However, on a positive note, I am actually not worried about him at all this week. Here’s why. He picked a song that everybody knows and has a very catchy, memorable sound. His innate popularity and well-known song will undoubtedly score him enough votes to survive. Better luck next week, Anoop . . .

    9. Jorge Nunez–“Never Can Say Good-bye”: Ugh . . . I lost signal again!

    10. Megan Joy Corkrey–“Rockin’ Robin”: Well, the good news is that my signal returned. The bad news is that I kind of wish it would’ve stayed off until Megan finished her performance. Okay, I’m sorry. That was probably a bit harsh, but she just picked such a cheesy song! She looked so second-rate compared to most of the other performers tonight. That’s too bad she keeps making odd song choices. I’m afraid it could cost her dearly this week.

    11. Adam Lambert–“Black or White”: I’m afraid judging by how everybody seems to have already crowned Adam as this year’s winner that what I have to say may not be very popular. Okay, we know Adam has a killer range. He’s shown us that time and again. However, I am getting very tired of his shrill, screechy, and blatantly over-the-top performances. Can you imagine listening to him on the radio? Honestly, if he keeps singing so high (and, yes, shouting), he would hurt my eardrums listening to him. His performances show off his powerhouse range, but I’m afraid they are just not very pleasant to actually lilsten to. In fact, they often come across a bit manic even. I want him to do well in this competition, but he is becoming a bit of a one-trick pony. I want him so badly to just sing something a bit softer and less over-the-top sometime. He’ll be safe for sure, but if he stays this wild, it may lose him votes in the end. He just needs to crank it down a couple RPM’s, you know?

    12. Matt Giraud–“Human Nature”: I was very happy to see Matt back on his piano. He was very “in the zone” tonight and delivered an enjoyable, solid performance. Aside from the fact that there were some parts I couldn’t make out what he was saying, I thought he did a commendable job. Not worried about him tomorrow.

    13. Alexis Grace–“Dirty Diana”: Well, first of all, I hope Alexis fans are doing their part and voting, because this whole “dial 36, not 13” thing could cost her some votes. That isn’t really fair to her. However, she did get to go last though, so that may prove to be a benefit. Overall, I found her performance to be just okay. I know this girl can sing, but I just wish she would sing something less old-fashioned and bluesy. I want to hear her sing something with a more contemporary pop sound or something. Aside from the radical pink hair, she just is sort of boring to me still.

    Overall, I enjoyed Michael Jackson night, but I would’ve enjoyed it if someone stepped up to the plate and gave “Thriller” a try! I don’t blame them for being scared though! Anyway, Simon’s ominous words at the end of tonight’s show certainly have me squirming a bit! What OTHER new surprise could Idol have in store for us still? And what was that Ryan said about it being a change that will completely change the way the show works?! Be afraid . . . Very afraid!


  6. Oh boy Galen. I guess we have to agree to disagree on Adam. I love him immensely. Yes, he can sing high….but his technique is superb. The technique is so spot on, that it can’t be described as shouting, as you have stated.

    But hey, we can all still have fun here even if we don’t agree!


  7. Absolutely, IdolGirl. Agreeing to disagree is fine with me! Look, don’t get me wrong. I like Adam, I really do. I just personally wasn’t as crazy about his performance tonight as others. I just wish he would sing a ballad once or something to show a different side of him. Honestly, though, I do admit that Danny is my pick. I still have high expectations for Adam though, and I predict he will go far in this competition.


  8. Yeah, Adam is over the top in his performances. But I’m okay with that. It’s a performance. Sometimes, performance can be FUN. It doesn’t always have to be infused with artist-sensitive type stuff. I’d like to see him put some real feeling into a song too – but I’m loving his PERFORMING.

    I don’t think that means he can’t be a recording artist. Lots of recording artists are more mellow on the album than they are on stage.


  9. Well said, IdolGirl! I hope you still feel the same way after I finish, though….
    I really had to agree with Galen re Adam…Yes; he has incredible range. Yes; he has superb technique. BUT, I think he does border on shouting, and he is turning quickly into a one-trick pony. I see him going far in this competition, but I can’t help but wonder if that’s based on his already formed fan-base…and his previous experience on stage. He knows how to perform and work the crowds. Something that Taylor Hicks knew well. And no, I’m not going quite so far as to compare Adam to Taylor–I already said Adam has talent. 🙂

    I am a bit scared for Kris and Jasmine tonight…both, I think are talented people, and will be amazing in weeks to come…But Jasmine’s performance, though technically very good, was a bit boring. And Kris…well, he had some issues.

    Not scared for Anoop at all; I totally disagreed with the judges. Really quite liked him tonight. And realized for the first time that I actually can like Matt Giraud! lol

    Was blown away by Danny again!! This guy truly is so talented! I was also tickled by what he said about dancing; can identify completely there! 😉 lol


  10. Good points, kelsey. Oh, I completely agree that Adam would be an amazing recording artist. In fact, Adam could probably be voted off tomorrow (not that he will) and easily score a record contract! I just don’t know if I would really enjoy anything he came out with if all of his songs sound the way his performances have been sounding so far. That’s just me though. We all have different tastes in music, and Danny Gokey just happens to be more up my alley than Adam. In the end, we like what we like, you know? I sincerely do wish the best for Adam though.


  11. I agree with everything you said, Stone Rose! I admit that I did actually enjoy Jasmine’s performance, but I may be a bit biased. I’m a sucker for that song. LOL


  12. MCL – I hope you’re enjoying the David Archuleta links. I’ve sent you Zero Gravity and Save The Day so far. Get ready for another treat!

    Here’s “My Hands” performed on March 7, 2009! Your original criticism on this song was not being able to understand the lyrics. Well, they’ve changed it up a bit. Patricularly watch for the crowd interaction and just wait for the ending! I think the lyrics and the concept are much easier to understand when it’s done like this. I have no adequate words to describe this video so I’ll just wait for yours. Once again, enjoy and share your thoughts!


  13. In the beginning, I really liked Adam and he is talented, with great stage presence, BUT he is too shrieky for me now. If he ever sings a ballad we’ll see how well he can sing.

    I think the judges were too hard on Anoop. I thought the crowd interaction and movement were pretty good. I enjoyed it. We know nobody can touch Michaael Jackson so I don’t see the point of Paula’s comment. It had nothing to do with the performance that just happened.

    Scott was awesome. No, it’s not a very memorable song, but Simon was a bit harsh on it. Scott said he learned the piano part in two days. All I can say is WOW!

    And I LOVE Kara DioGuardi as a judge. She alwats has intelligent, easily understood comments that singers can apply in a real way.


  14. I love the accusations of “one trick pony” re. Adam. Umm, let me see Scott – boring MOR ballad every time. Allison – uptempo rock song every time. Alexis – wannabe rock chick every time. Megan – quirky slightly out of tune mid-tempo slightly every time. Lil – solid r’n’b every time. Etc. etc. The midwest frauen are not going to get Adam. That’s a given but I suspect that as the weeks go by, he might just be the one who shows more versatility than anyone.


  15. I totally expected Adam to come out big with an MJ song. There was no way he would do a quiet ballad last night. He CAN and WILL sing “real pretty” soon enough. Then, when he does, the haters will then say, oh, he has a girl voice, or he is too theatrical. The fact that he is a performer and has great stage presence (not to mention crazy vocals) is a good thing. All the successful artists who do concerts put on a big show. Otherwise a concert is a snoozefest. Top last night: Adam, Allison, Danny, Matt.


  16. Adam is what the music industry looks for. Some of the other favourites lack that extra edge. I see Danny is a big favourite and he does have a good voice; however, it’s not something that we have not seen before. Record companies look for that extra something special, which is what Adam has. I LOVED the extra emphasis he put on the word “equality”: You could tell that the song meant something to him.


  17. Good Morning everyone:

    Just about to rush out the dooor, but had to thank you for your great comments. I hope to finish my Vocal Masterclass article no later than tomorrow. Just having a busy day here – away from the computer. (boo hoo).

    Also wanted to say that Adam will surprise you – he is a chameleon and can wear many genre hats!

    Overall, it was a great evening, though!


  18. I realized that my previous post looked rather obnoxious with all my capital letters. I didn’t mean for it to. I was just trying to emphasize. I will have to find another way.

    I was thinking this morning about how Michael Jackson was a perfect theme week for Adam. Adam doesn’t seem to be the sensitive artist type – he’s not raw, which is what I know a lot of people want. Maybe he’ll surprise me, but so far, I think he’s a performer. And so was Michael Jackson. When you watched Michael, you were watching a performance. The visual was just as important as the audio. And I think that’s what Adam presents as well.

    If anyone is curious about Adam’s true singing ability, there are a ton of somewhat more understated performances on youtube. His performance of The Prayer is especially nice. His voice sounds beautiful.

    Incidentally, Galen, Danny Gokey is right up my alley as well. I *really* like both of them. Danny shocked the heck out of me last night. I didn’t know he had that in him, but I was impressed.

    I would not mind an Adam/Danny final two at all.


  19. I thought it was a highly entertaining show. It felt like each singer infused their songs with personality (even though the judges didn’t agree!) I’m anxious to read your critiques, MCL, as I detected some vocal issues. Lil and Megan both sounded a little “pushed” (there’s a technical term for you, ha ha) or forced or something. Maybe more resonance is needed? Some singers sounded a little “airy” (what causes that?). Maybe more focus in the mask is needed? Please, MCL, hurry back to your computer!

    I heard on Fox News that TWO singers are going home tonight. I don’t want to see anyone leave! And I’m dreading the “twist” as promised by Ryan. I hope, hope, hope that the judges don’t get to choose one of the singers to go home (or stay) because it really should be up to the public vote, imo.


  20. Hi 🙂 wanna assure some of you that Adam is no one trick pony. he may fall out of some of your graces right now but he will be back in no time even what you are rooting for this season is sheer talent and ability. like Sara says, he will be the one who shows versatility and yet stay true to himself at the same time. Adam has still a mountain to climb and im doing whatever i can to help him along the way!


  21. It was a pretty decent show last night.

    I thought Allison was great, but she also won me over by choosing my favorite Michael Jackson song. (I wish Adam had sung that one, though. Or “Dirty Diana.”) I know MCL isn’t too fond of her vocals, but since I lack her classically-trained ear, they sound great to me. I love a raspy-voiced rock singer.

    I adore Anoop, but that was the WRONG song choice. His voice is so fantastic on the YouTube clips of the Clef Hangers, but I have yet to hear the same brilliance on the show.

    Adam was terrific, but I still would have preferred him singing a different song. His range is insane, but I’m not entirely sure that I like the tone of his voice. There’s nothing inherently *wrong* with it, but I just don’t think it’s my cup of tea. It would be like trying to explain why I don’t like the color pink. Now I understand what a friend of mine means when he says he doesn’t like U2 because he hates the sound of Bono’s voice — it’s not that he thinks Bono can’t sing, he just doesn’t like his tone (I think he’s crazy, but different strokes and all that). It’s the same kind of thing here, I think. Adam sure is fun to watch, though. Performance-wise he’s miles ahead of everyone else. And I thought he was adorable when he listened to the judges’ feedback.

    Danny sounded fantastic, but I was not a fan of his dancing (to put it mildly). It was a welcome change to hear him sing an up-tempo song, though. I much prefer him on songs like this than I do songs like “Hero.”

    Would it have killed the sound techs to plug in Kris’ guitar? Despite a really shaky middle section, I really liked it.

    Alexis picked a great song, but I don’t think her voice is as big as the judges (or Alexis herself) seem to think it is. Good performance, though.

    Matt *could* have been really great, but I thought he really oversang last night. He tried to do too much vocally and wasn’t quite up to the task (unlike, say, Adam, who doesn’t crash and burn when he oversings because he’s got the chops to pull it off). A little restraint would go a long way, Matt! And I know next to nothing about vocal technique, but for heaven’s sake, relax your jaw!

    Nobody else really registered on my radar. And I wish they could fix the issues with the sound mixing, because I could barely hear the band. Having the band a little more prominent in the mix could have REALLY helped out Allison and Alexis. Those songs need a loud, wailing guitar on them or they lose some of their impact. Overall I feel like the band has been pretty toothless this season. Get on that, Ricky Minor!


  22. This is complete and total speculation, because, of course, I have no idea why Adam picked the song or what it meant to him.

    But I found it entirely appropriate considering the recent spread of Adam’s photos around the internet and news outlets.

    It wasn’t all that long ago that racism was prevalent and accepted. And of course, we still see some of it today, but the gains we’ve made as a country have been tremendous overall compared to where we used to be.

    So to me, the song highlighted the fact that although we’ve come a long way with regard to civil rights and prejudice in a racial sense, we have not come nearly as far with the issues that were a huge part of Adam’s recent AI experience. I felt that the song was a subtle reminder that not too long ago, race was an incredibly controversial issue, much like the sexuality issue currently is in our society. Perhaps the song was chosen to say that sexuality really isn’t the controversial issue that people think it is….much like race is not as big of a deal to us as it once was. I also tend to think that he emphasized the word “equality” because that is what he deserves, as a human being.

    Whichever side of the sexuality issue someone falls on, humanity should be the primary concern. Even if someone believes it’s wrong, there was no reason for Adam to be made into such a public spectacle this week. Human dignity should have prevailed, and sadly, it didn’t.

    Like I said, this is complete and total speculation. Perhaps Adam will find this post while he is googling himself and chuckle over the fact that someone has put this much thought into his song choice. But regardless of whether he meant the song to portray that message, that was what I got out of it.


  23. The more I think about it, the more I see in his song that could be symbolic.

    The lyrics mention news outlets and dirt being kicked at the person…..certainly that could apply to Adam as well.

    I certainly don’t want him to become the poster boy for the cause if that’s not what he wants…..I’d rather focus on his singing and performances.

    But I think he made some legitimate points, whether or not he meant to.


  24. Erin, I thought you expressed your opinion about Adam extremely well. It’s funny because I feel the exact same way about Danny (and I just mean his voice, not his story line, etc.). There are moments when he sings where I enjoy it, but I am just not a fan of raspy or gruff vocals when he tries to belt. I did think he did a great job last night, but he isn’t my cup of tea vocally (just as I don’t like Rod Stewart or Kim Carnes). To me they sound hoarse and like they are straining vocally. I have spent many hours with vocal coaches, and anything that sounds too “throaty” makes me cringe… But, that is just my personal preference! I am hoping I can get on the Anoop bandwagon. I like his personality, but so far for me he has been more of a letdown than a draw. I typically like big Diva voices, but something is turning me off about Lil. Can’t put my finger on it yet. Perhaps I need to hear her sing with more of a pure, gentle head voice. I feel bad about Jorge, cause I think he can sing but just is too young and inexperienced right now. For me, the best were Adam, Danny, Lil, Allison, and the worst were Megan, Jorge, Anoop, and Scott (sorry Scott, it was an average vocal, too forgettable, and Matt out performed him on the piano).


  25. There is so much more manipulation going on this year, I wonder if AI cares about ratings. What a mess.

    I see the set-up as Paula is calling it. It is obvious this is what TPTB want.

    Danny = Good Boy
    Adam = Bad Boy

    “The midwest frauen are not going to get Adam. That’s a given but I suspect that as the weeks go by, he might just be the one who shows more versatility than anyone.”

    Rama, I think you’re talking about me. LOL! Is that right? I am a Grandma from Michigan. As a Baby Boomer, I listened to and loved Elton John. David Bowie wore some outfits that would look mighty pretty on some women I know. ;o) I think Adam will surprise us.

    I do hope Anoop will be safe tonight!


  26. Well, I’m definitely cheering on Jasmine also! She’s from my area, so I feel that Mississippi is finally (and well) represented on American Idol! lol


  27. Hey everyone:

    I am back and thank you so much for stopping by and adding your colorful commentary. Off to watch the show.

    I added another topic for the Results Show: https://masterclasslady.com/2009/03/11/vocal-masterclass-discussion-thread-for-american-idol-season-8-top-13-results-show-the-music-of-michael-jackson/


  28. I thought Megan was much improved on her Wild Card performance. That girl has an incredible tone to her voice, and if she can improve her technique could be a one of the few genuinely original artists to come out of American Idol. Oh, and the ‘caw caw’ was truly awesome. 😀

    Jasmine, Jorge and Scott were the weakest, I thought.


  29. Boy, I can’t seem to get out of here or keep my mouth closed today, but I have to comment on Adam Lambert.

    In my opinion, Adam Lambert is many singers rolled into one. He has the shomanship and range of Freddy Mercury, the clarity and crispness of Steve Perry, the “rocker” attitude of Steven Tyler, the dynamicism of Micheal Jackson, and most importantly, the beauty of Elvis Presley.

    If you look closely at photos of Elvis, not only did he exude raw sexuality, but you can very much see the feminine characteristics of his personality as well, and the combination of those elements helped to draw people toward him like a magnet. Aside from his stellar voice and vocal ability (which really showed itself as Elivs got older) Elvis was truly beautiful, and Adam is too. Not just good looking, but beautiful. Deos anyone understand what I mean by that, or am I explaining it in a way that is just to hard to figure out?

    Adam is not perfect. He will have his good moments and his bad moments, but he is, many things rolled into one, and because of that, many people will be able to relate to him on many different levels.

    I think Adam Lambert has all the elements to be HUGE; really, really, really huge. And I think that people may be surprised when the extreme sensitivity that is well hidden within this man comes to the surface and shares itself with all of us.

    No one trick pony, this young man. Take a good look at him, study that face. Deep feelings, deep sensitivity. Not a shallow or superficial bone in this man’s body. That’s the real Adam Lambert.


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