Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 8: Group One Results Show

American Idol As you read this, I will be flying high in the sky toward my vacation destinatiion. However, thanks to the magic of WordPress.Com, I was able to prepare this article in advance. WordPress took care of the most important part – the publication of this blog topic.

Group One Performers last night were: Alexis Grace, Ann Marie Boskovich, Anoop Desai, Brent Keith, Casey Carlson, Danny Gokey, Jackie Tohn, Michael Sarver, Ricky Braddy, Stephen Fowler, Stevie Wright and Tatiana Nicole Del Toro.

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23 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 8: Group One Results Show”

  1. Well, for the most part, I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s show. Yay! Danny Gokey is officially in the Top 12! I enjoyed getting to hear his amazing “Hero” performance again as well. As for the other two Top 12 singers, I think that American was right on the money. Michael Sarver has proven (not just based on last night’s performance, but is previous ones as well) that he absolutely deserves to be in the Top 12. Alexis Grace was also the best female who performed on Tuesday night, so it makes perfect since for her to be in the Top 12. Now, here are my thoughts on those poor contestants who got left behind:

    Anoop Desai: I four people had made it through this round to the Top 12, I believe wholeheartedly that Anoop would’ve been the fourth. He is very likeable, funny, and has a very good voice. Anoop may be down for the moment, but I suspect he is far from out. He is a sure candidate for the wild card round.

    Tatiana Del Toro: I really did feel sorry for her tonight (because I knew she didn’t stand a chance of beating Danny out of the Top 12). I can’t believe I am saying this, but I sort of hope Tatiana is given another chance. Her head is certainly up in the clouds a lot of the time, but underneath all of that I sense someone who has a good heart and WANTS this opportunity perhaps more than anyone else in the Top 36. God bless her.

    Ricky Braddy: Based on vocal technique, he deserved a slot in the Top 12, but unfortunately he is a victim of the zero screen time beast. We never really got to know him as a person, so America never was able to connect with him. Now, that is not Ricky’s fault nor is it America’s fault. To be blunt, it is the producers who are to blame. However, allowing every contestant equal screen time is quite frankly impossible, so maybe even they are not to blame fully. Perhaps it was just not meant to be. Still, I wish him the best, and just maybe (and I’m afraid that’s a BIG maybe) we will see him in the Wild Card round.

    Ann Marie Boskovitch: I personally have liked this girl since Hollywood Week, though I have noticed few others tend to share my opinion (including the judges). I’ll still stand by my earlier evaluation of her: she has an excellent voice and looks very professional on that stage. Still, I doubt she did enough to get a Wild Card. So long and God bless, Ann Marie. Keep singing!

    To All Of The Rest: Admittedly, they are not likely to be back via the wild card. For whatever reason, they just blew their chances in American Idol Season 8. Still, I believe that the closing of one door is the opening of another. I hope that all of them can be proud of how far they went in this competition and never give up in the pursuit of their dreams. With God, ALL things are possible. Never give up!

    Tonight’s show was a blast and I LOVED seeing Michael and Carly again! They are an amazing duo on the stage, and for just a moment, I recaptured a bit of the magic that was Season 7. In a strange way, seeing them on the stage tonight and all of the right contestants making the Top 12 gave me hope for this season after all. So far, this new format has not been the stink bomb I thought it would be (though I still prefer the Top 24 one). I hope it continues to work in the next two rounds. Oh, and I also do very much enjoy the addition of Kara DioGuardi to the judging panel. She adds an extra spice to the panel that I think is definitely more an asset than a hindrance. This was possibly my favorite episode so far this season, and it left me in a great mood!


  2. Thank you Galen for your analysis. Agree that so far voting had it right. I do hope the judges bring Anoop back for wild card as well as Ricky — I did not catch if one wild card from each group – or if judges can pick from any group.


  3. I was sad that Anoop didn’t make it this round, but the 4th place votegetter will have a Wild Card spot. Then again, who said Anoop was 4th. If there was 20,000 votes separating Michael and Anoop, then we know the margin was even less separating Danny and Anoop. AND WHY DID RYAN WANT US TO KNOW THIS?

    I believe it is possible the voting went like this:
    1. Michael
    2. Danny
    3. Anoop
    4. Alexis

    So, the Top Girl goes to the TOP 12 regardless of the number of votes she has received! I do see Anoop in the TOP 12, especially with his fans all fired-up.

    JMO, Alexis did a better job singing tonight than Carly. (Sorry Carly fans.)

    Kara did a good job judging. Now, let’s see what Adam will do next week.


  4. Kariann…You can check the busy signal analysis over at Dialidol, not always conclusive but a pretty good indicator. I’m not sure how the Wild Card show is going to work and how they decide who will perform for the final 3 spots but do know that the judges will pick the 3 they want.


  5. I was disappointed in one thing last night, and that was the fact that Ricky didn’t make the top three. I really believe he deserved a spot up there based on how he performed Tuesday night.
    I do like Michael Sarver a lot, but truth to tell, he didn’t sing as well as some of the others…to me, with him it just comes down to the fact that he’s such a nice and likable guy.

    One thing a previous commenter said started me thinking: They never actually said that Michael was the top guy, did they? I personally believe that Danny was the top guy; and just because only 20,000 votes separated Michael and Anoop, doesn’t mean there wasn’t a smaller margin with another in there between those two.
    But all that is just speculation at the moment.

    I do agree with Galen, I thought this new format was going to be the end of American Idol; but it appears it is not so bad as I had thought.
    I am curious about how they come up with the wild card round. Do the judges pick three from each group of twelve to make a new group to perform that night; then letting America vote on those top three?
    If anyone has some hard facts (is that possible with A-I?!) I’d love to hear!


  6. Hey everyone:

    Just relaxing here in Florida, but wanted to thank you for your great commentary.

    REally hope that Rickey is given a second shot at the Wildcard Round. Could he pull another Clay Aiken? Not that he is like Clay – stylistically – but the circumstances may work out to be similar.

    Do you love the comment threading option? Now all of your comments can be addressed on a more personal basis. 🙂


  7. The only thing I like about the new format is that the ones that move on to the top 12 get to sing again. We hear the “best” performances and they get to experience being on stage again which can only help them feel more comfortable… bodes well for better performances in the weeks to come? Do you think?


  8. StoneRose, you made some excellent points and really got me thinking. You are absolutely correct! Ryan never directly mentioned whether or not Danny Gokey or Michael Sarver was the top male contestant that week. Just because Michael Sarver was the first to be put in the Top 12 does not necessarily mean that he had more votes than Danny. In fact, after pondering this for a little while, I do believe that Danny had more votes than Michael. Here’s why:

    Ryan definitely made it quite clear that there were only a mere 20,000 votes between Michael and Anoop. Now, I think from that interesting tidbit of information it is probably safe to assume that Michael Sarver was directly above Anoop in the rankings. The possibility that within that mere 20,000 vote difference that another male contestant would fall between them is not very likely. Also, the way Ryan said it made it sound like they were right next to each other in the rankings. Now, if that is the case, and Michael Sarver got the most votes of any male contestant, then it makes sense that Anoop would be directly behind him in votes, thus putting him in the Top 12. Here’s an illustration to try and explain my reasoning. I’ll try not to be too confusing. LOL!

    If Michael Sarver got the most votes out of the males, and Anoop was right behind him in the rankings, then that means Michael would have been put in the Top 12. Now, Alexis would still of course make the Top 12 as the highest ranking female. However, here’s where this scenario doesn’t seem to make sense. If Anoop was so close in votes to Michael, and Michael was the male with the most votes, then Danny Gokey would not have been selected at all for the Top 12. Anoop would’ve been chosen instead, because being ranked directly behind Michael would mean he had the second most votes of any male contestant. So, in this case, the Top 12 finalists would’ve been Michael, Alexis, and Anoop. No Danny.

    Now, here is what I think happened as it seems to make the most sense. This time let’s assume Danny Gokey acquired the most votes out of the male contenders. Obviously, Alexis still makes it into the Top 12 as the highest ranking female. With a male and female in the Top 12, the next slot in the Top 12 would be awarded to the next highest vote getter–which would have to be Michael. Since Anoop was trailing just a little bit behind Michael, he was not granted admission into the Top 12. In this scenario, we get the accurate Top 12 trio of Danny, Alexis, and Michael.

    You see, if Michael Sarver was the highest male vote getter and Anoop was directly behind him in the rankings, then that means Anoop would have been chosen over Danny (which obviously didn’t happen). Therefore, I think it is relatively safe to say that Danny probably got the most votes out of the males, while Michael Sarver came in second. I hope I did an okay job of explaining that and didn’t make anyone’s head hurt. I know mine kind of is! LOL

    Oh, and MCL I hope your fun in the sun is turning out to be an experience! God bless!


  9. Thank you, Galen. You know, that makes sense. To me, then the order was:


    Michael picked up those extra votes from Simon’s plea, and because his sing-off song was so pretty. He wrote it himself for his wife (Tiffany). I am sure Kara would love to see it recorded.

    Looking back, I do believe the judges (except Simon) over-reacted on Danny’s performance. I hope he comes back with something terrific.


  10. My understanding from articles is that the 4th place vote-getter from each round goes to the Wild Card round. Then some others are also going to sing. That would definitely be Anoop. However, I think Paula may want the public to hear again from Ricky. He does have a great voice!

    The same night (Thursday) we are told who the remaining three contestants are. That will be our TOP 12. I do perfer the TOP 24 format. Anyone else feel this way?

    MCL, I hope you are having fun! We are going to get 5-7 inches of snow on Saturday. :o(

    Right now, I believe it will be 7 males and 5 females in the TOP 12. Although, let’s see how the other rounds go.

    I can’t wait to hear what Adam will perform. At this point, I haven’t found anyone to vote for; however, I can see Adam in the TOP 4. AI needs something different, and this guy would fit the bill. LOL!

    Awestruck, didn’t we get to hear David, David A., Jason, etc. three times before the TOP 12? It just seems we knew them better. I don’t like this format because someone like Ricky didn’t get the chance to build up his fan base.


  11. Kariann1 I agree. I don’t remember seeing Ricky at all. I feel his vocals are one of the best of the males this year.


  12. Kariann1, I agree with the order of contestants you provided. That makes the most sense to me as well. Also, I didn’t realize that Michael Sarver wrote that song for his wife. That’s really awesome! The guy not only can carry a tune, but he also can write them as well! Kara’s not the only one who hopes he records that song eventually. I do too! I still like Danny the best, but so far Michael is my second favorite and I’m definitely a fan.

    About how the Wild Card round is supposed to work, I kind of hope that the judges will choose for themselves who are to be in the wild card round and not just let the votes decide. With their objective opinions, that would even the playing field a bit by effectively taking the popularity factor out of the equation. This would allow people who have not acquired a massive fan base yet (like Ricky) a chance to be chosen. If they are going to do a wild card round and give power to the judges, then I think they need to go all-out and give the judges TOTAL power over it. The votes should not factor in. The contestants should be judged purely on how they performed. That’s just my two cents worth on this.

    Oh, and does anyone have a list yet of the next group of 12 set to perform? I saw them briefly at the end of the results show, but I can’t recall all of them. All I remember is Adam and Nick/Norman. Maybe I’ll see if Idol.com has that info up yet. It’s been a bit slow to update this year . . .


  13. Oh yes, Galen the Wild Card contestants will be chosen by the Judges. There may be as many as 6-7 depending on the time constraints. I also believe TPTB are having interns check out the blogs. Right now there is a lot going on about Anoop and Ricky, so I do see them in the W/C round.

    I agree with Simon, I do see Alexis as the dark horse so far, with TOP 3 potential. Some say she reminds them of Dolly Parton, but I think she is more of a Debra Harry type. Beautiful but fierce. ;o)


  14. Hi everyone!

    Having a beautiful time here in Florida. Just relaxing in the sun today and then off to dinner in the evening.

    Thanks to all of you so much for your wonderful comments.

    I hope to add a blog topic about Ricky. Love him! He should be in the Top 12, so I want the Wildcard to happen very dearly for him.

    Bye for now – will check back later


  15. Yes, I believe you are correct Galen. It would be interseting to know where Anoop and Ricky stood re vote totals. I would almost bet that they were tailgating the other top 2 males.


  16. Thanks, Galen!
    Yes…there’s a whole lot of logic in the way you wrote it up. And don’t worry, you weren’t confusing in the least! 🙂


  17. Thanks! I’ve been trying (with very little success) to figure how all this will work. I just couldn’t make the facts (or fiction) that I had add up! Yours sounds like a good solution. 🙂


  18. I cannot believe the flurry of debate regarding Danny, his church, and the Sophia Foundation. Well, now I know why we didn’t hear from Ricky earlier. TPTB wanted to make sure the viewers formed an attachment for Danny and Michael because they KNEW Ricky would outsing them!

    It is not fair at all. I do believe Anoop will be TOP 12 – TOP 10; however, I just don’t think there is any room for Ricky. I am now feeling a great dislike for the way Danny has handled himself, and won’t say much more.

    Wednesday should be exciting – especially seeing Adam perform! Take care everyone!


  19. Wow. Did I miss something, Kariann1? What is all this about Danny, his church, and the Sophia Foundation? I guess I’ll have to look it up. However, before I even do that, let me just say something. I knew it would only be a matter of time before all sorts of rumors and dirt started showing up about Danny. After all, people just can’t wait to get ahold of something that makes someone in the spotlight look bad. It happened to Archuleta last season after all (you know, the whole stage dad thing that was blown way out of proportion), so I am not in the least surprised that Danny is now the subject of gossip, gossip, gossip. Here is the bottom line . . . Danny ABSOLUTELY deserves to be where he is at. He more then proved that last week (not to mention every time he opened his mouth so far this season). He is completely deserving of all the hype around him, which I hope translates into a lot votes. He seems like a kind, Christian guy who has had a more difficult year than most of us probably had combined.

    Also, I agree. I like Ricky a lot, but (I’m sorry) Danny deserved to be in the Top 12 more than him judging by their performances last week. Blaming Danny for Ricky not being in the Top 12 just isn’t fair. I am so very tired of people slamming Danny and accusing him of playing some “dead wife” card. I sincerely hope that those people never have to go through what Danny is still going through to this day. If that ever happens (God forbid), then I think a lot of people would change their attitude toward him VERY quickly. Until you have walked in someone else’s shoes, it is just plain rude to judge them.


  20. Thanks Galen; exactly what I wanted to say!!!

    I could comment on several issues going about; but I’ll try to restrain myself. I’ll just say this; when you have lost someone so dear and close to you, as Danny has–in fact, as many of us have–you don’t use that to gain advantages. You don’t talk about it to get attention. It just becomes a part of you, and if you are truly sharing who you are, then it is going to come out.
    And the whole thing about his church having the same mailing address and being ‘affiliated’ with the Sophia’s Heart Foundation-thus implying that it is a shady organization….well, to my knowledge it takes 2-3 years for approval to set up a non-profit organization, or you can go through your church to save that time. This seems to be what Danny did. There is nothing shady about that.

    I still hold to my original opinion that Ricky deserves to be in the top 12….though, I also believe that Danny does deserve the lead on him. But like Galen said, to blame Danny for others not making the top 12 is ridiculous. It all comes down to the votes. Yes, some may get more camera time than others, but that is not Danny’s fault. He is an amazingly talented guy, and I wish him all the best in this competition and life.


  21. If the fourth vote getter was the wild card there would b no need for a wildcard show. The judges will pick who will be on thewild card show. And it will be a competition for those spots.


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