September 13th, 2008: The Top 10 American Idol Journey Ends In Tulsa, Oklahoma


A warm hello to all the Tulsa, Oklahoma fans!

Well, the summer long American Idol Live Show has come to an end, but, for those of you attending the Tulsa concert, the party is just beginning.

I am sure you are in for quite a blockbuster this evening. It’s closing night and I expect that all the singers will be pumped, excited and quite emotional during the course of tonight’s program at the BOK Center in Tulsa.

It has been a personal thrill to offer critiques for the performances throughout this tour and an even greater thrill to have had the opportunity to meet the singers in Toronto.

I would like to extend a very strong and emotional thank you to my wonderful readers, especially those of you who have been so kind to provide me with video links and commentary through every stop of the tour.

My journey wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting were it not for your presence on this site each and every day. The sharing experience has been truly memorable and I am deeply indebted to all of you for your enormous show of support.

However, this is just the beginning. Personally, I am very excited to watch these singers establish their individual careers, so as to promote them in every way imaginable.

Of course, this will be a bittersweet farewell for all of them, but, undoubtedly, they will be relieved to finally have the time and luxury to refuel their bodies and spend time with their loved ones.

Although one curtain comes down, another will rise -and another after that one and so on. And we will be there to share every level of musical advancement with them.

Therefore, here’s to the future and here’s to happiness and good health to all.

And, for the last time this season, I am asking you to load this blog entry with performance memories and video clips. Your photos can be emailed to me at

You can also email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!
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  1. Trying to sound coherent and make sense is not even a possibility so I’ll just post the videos as they come up. In record time from Tulsa, here is Apologize:


  2. Ha Ha Janey — came here to post Apologize after doing so for the FOD crowd — when I saw that one comment had been posted — I just knew what I would find!!!!!!


  3. MCL, A slightly better audio and video of Apologize:


  4. Sorry MCL and readers, the above Apologize from xxbreanne is not from Tulsa. I warned you earlier about my inability to make sense….am I forgiven?


  5. It is so hard to believe they have come to the end of the tour! The season went by quite quickly, but the summer was a blur. I am so happy I got to attend my first Idol Summer Concert. What a wonderful experience that was!

    Will they be able to find 12 equally talented singers for the coming season? I certainly hope so! I also hope that AI strives for making it a better show.

    Thank you MCL for all the work you did for us! You are a class act! Thank you also to all the terrific people who have come here to share their opinions and provide us with additional information on the Idols!

    This was fun!


  6. Good morning everyone:

    I am off to Church services but will be back later of course. I added these links in the Media Blitz column but thought I would include them here as well.

    Reports from Tulsa! More Fan Stories and Pictures from Fort Wayne
    By Jenny

    I would like to believe that the majority of David Archuleta’s fans is the exact same way: polite, not so pushy (nobody tried to break through a very thin, not-at-all-being-there fence. I’m so proud of you, people!), supportive of David …Fans of David –

    Cook heats up BOK Center
    Tulsa World – Tulsa,OK,USA

    … finalists David Archuleta, Syesha Mercado, Jason Castro, Brooke White, Kristy Lee Cook, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, Ramiele Malubay and Chikezie…read more


  7. Even though the the audio portion of this video is not the best, the stunning Archuleta Artistry shines through. Here from Tulsa is Angels:

    While waiting for last night’s videos I spent a few minutes comparing David’s performances from the tour’s first stop in Glendale,AZ to those from Evansville, IN. MCL, would you like me to post the links? I was amazed at the differences. Angels, in particular, is now the song it was always meant to be…a showcase of everything David has to offer, runs to die for, artistic emphasis in key and surprising places, and a heartfelt message of hope for the ages.

    Glendale, Angels:


  8. Thanks Janey for the “comparison”

    — I was so impressed when I heard the tour Angels out of Glendaie Arizona – who knew at the time that we would be on this site — listening to it over and over and over and over and over, how can it possibly keep getting better?!

    — and to now have it culminate in this performance of perfection.

    Such amazing growth in just two and a half months, we have heard his voice obtain a deeper richer tenor, while at the same time hitting new heights, all the while being exhausted, and afflicted with cold and allergies.
    He is just something else.

    — I just cannot wait to hear what is in store for us in the future!!

    David so graciously thanks the people for all of their support –
    No, Thank YOU Mr. David Archuleta.


  9. Hi Everyone! I found a great video of “Apologize!” He is such a kid, I just love him! I love how he thanks everyone at the end – a class act until the end!


  10. Another great video! David Cook “Hello” and “TOMF!” Enjoy! 🙂


  11. MCL, I’m speechless and shaking after listening to this version of Angels. From Tulsa with unbelievable audio:


  12. Bizzee- finally – Cookie crumbs. Looks like I am in for a huge treat later on today. I have soem relativesin town, so a little pre-occupied, but will check back every so oftena nd then write my reviews later on tonight.

    Janey – you tempt me with your comments and your links.

    And, like Archiefan said, thanks for providing the “Angels” links for comparison. I have been meaning to do so, but you beat me to it!


  13. MCL, I’m looking forward to your comparison reviews, I’m sure you have the links you need but it not I’d be honored to help.

    And may I add my deepest appreciation for your tireless contributions to my David Archuleta summer of love. I can’t begin to express how your thoughts and comments added to this very emotional experience for me, your words always so touching and heartfelt. There is no greater champion of David Archuleta than you, Masterclasslady. May God continue to bless you and keep you.


  14. Hi, MCL! I’m finding hard to believe the tour is over–I can only imagine the sense of unreality these young performers must be experiencing.

    Here’s some Jason from Tulsa…

    Almost complete Over the Rainbow and Daydream, both found by Castrocopia and uploaded by breezyinok. Jason changed the words to Daydream!

    I hope to find a Tulsa “Crazy”, but until I do, here’s Jason’s final “Date Night” of the tour, which he taped between his set and the finale…that’s something special!


  15. (Oh, I meant to change “almost complete”–they are partials, really! Sorry!)


  16. WYSYLM – with added footage of banter pre and post — this is something else:


  17. Hi Master Class Lady:
    It is my first post here, but please allow me to tell you how much I respect and admire you for your wonderful critiques and your beautiful writing. I would like to submit a video of David Archuleta’s WYSYLM from Tulsa. Thank you for being such a great champion of David, whose voice and character are beyond anything I have ever experienced.
    I have followed your chat’s on FOD, but it was Janey who brought me to your site. Thank you MCL, and thank you Janey:


  18. addendum — see what David can do when allowed to go beyond the PRE-programmed banter!
    Ha Ha David – he was honored to “open up” for Cook “two or three times”.


  19. WOW – Marc5 — check out the time of our simultaneous postings!!!!
    Janey where is you 6:57 WYSYLM??????? You slipping!

    MCL – thank you in advance for what I am sure will be absolutely wonderful, enlightening, and tear producing reviews of this last show.
    Thank you for the last few months- it has been a blessing.


  20. archiefandoc and marc, thanks for posting WYSYLM! David seems to hold onto each note a little longer than usual, perhaps not wanting the moment to end?

    And MCL thanks for pointing out in your last review David’s the new found emphasis on the “ooooooos”. He’s turned an otherwise simple transition into a memorable-what will he do with it-David was that for me?-part of the song.


  21. Oh my goodness! I just came in the door and I don’t know where to begin here. Heeeeellpppp!

    I guess I will start at the very beginning. I have to phone some vocal students and then will be writing my reviews ASAP. Some may have to wait until tomorrow morning, as it is later than I expected it to be.

    However, I was having some very intriguing discussions about 9/11 with visiting family members and it was hard to let go of the topic. That day is still such a difficult one for everyone and my hearts and prayers go out to those who have unjustly lost loved ones through this horrendous crime.

    So, some sweet music from these talented singers is defintiely needed. Thanks to all of you for your love and support. A group hug to all!


  22. Delivered by Janey

    Uploaded by rekcutx

    Performed by David Archuleta


    Now what did little David have in store for us during his last performance of Apologize?

    Darn, the video missed the dramatic ascension to the top of the stairs. But he is physically enhancing this song – uising his arm sweeps to emphasize the “turn around” lyrics at the .28 second mark.

    And listen to how he perfectly centers his perfect fifth intervals at the 23 second and 31 second mark – when he says the words “way” and “say” respectively. He really grabs the pure “eh” vowel in that “aye” diphthong and resonates his voice in complete fashion in his vocal masque. This intervalswas causing him a few problems from time to time, but tonight – perfect! Just perfect!

    And his head voice is as spectacular as always – brimming with clarity and ring. And now the rhythmic walk down the stairs where he pauses to add some pretty cool vocal riffs to the melodic line – a melisma here, a vocal pirouette/turn there -and it adds so much dimension and range to this supremely artistic performance.

    And then he continues to move further toward his traditional “hunkerdown” position. That was well worth the wait, wasn’t it? His vocalized “ohs” sound sorrowful and despondent – the nuances coming from his voice are just magnificent.

    Then , as he moves smoothly and easily toward the “too late” passage , he slowly bends his knees and lowers his body to expressively communicate the emotional core at this point in the song in a physically strong manner. Do you feel his pain? I do. It is so transparent. He makes the words come alive through his vocal artistry. Such a gift he has, this young man! And, I believe he adds a couple of extra notes to the word “late” – for good measure and just because he can. Haha

    And, as he moves toward the finale of this song, listen to the vocal twist he renders on the “late” word – a double pirouette – almost as a postscript to this part of the song (2:18-2:19 mark). Wow. And then, as he continues the final portion of this song, he encounters a little crack in the vocal veneer – a little tension perhaps. Does it really matter when the rest of the performance is so extraordinary?

    And he doesn’t seem to care either, he just remains in the zone and keeps pumping out those mad vocals as if it is as easy as eating an ice cream cone (I love ice cream, who doesn’t? And I love my David!)

    He ends the song with physical and vocal punch – a really, really strong presence on that stage. And how lovely to see his smiling, appreciative face after the song is over! The audience is wild for him and he is just genuinely taking it all in and talking with ease to them, expressing his appreciation to all of them for their support since the show started.

    We thank you Mr. Archuleta – from the bottom of our hearts!


  23. Kariann – thank you so much for you kind words and for taking the time to provide commentary on this site. Let’s see what next year brings for American Idol, but, whatever the result, these singers will remain truly special in my hearts.


  24. Here is SBM Tulsa, enjoy!


  25. Delivered by Janey79

    Uploaded by mamezamd

    Performed by David Archuleta


    Thanks to Janey79, I watched his first performance in Glendale ,Arizona : before I reviewed his last performance in Tulsa Oklahoma. He has grown immensely as an artist throughout this tour.

    His Glendale performance was outstanding, but he definitely adopted a more cautious approach with this song. Also, his tempo was much, much slower – again reinforcing the more deliberate style that David was implementing in this premiere performance o f this song.

    However, he still added some remarkable vocal “trills and chills” in this performance, most notably toward the end of this song. The last refrain was truly stunning – “it may take me” was perfecto and the ending was as strong as I have ever seen and heard from him.

    Now, fast forward to September 13th in Tulsa, Oklahoma and look at what we have here. A masterpiece! And angelic masterpiece that left no page unturned.

    Listen to the heartfelt passion in his voice at the beginning of this song– his liberated and expressive soulful style of singing. It just melts your heart, doesn’t it? Pure gold – better than even!

    It’s too bad that the audio is so darn fuzzy, but the video, on the other hand, is wonderful. And his face is beaming and elated – he looks like he is truly in his element and, of course he is! Singing is his passion and communicating his emotions through his enormous vocal gift is what makes David so very special to all of us. We get a clear picture of what is inside David’s soul when he sings – the goodness and the kindness of spirit is always front and center in his heart. This is why his voice touches us so much – he makes us feel in the deepest way possible and permits us to not be afraid of expressing and/or showing those feelings.

    And, as he moves into the “oh ya” section of the song, his voice transcends to greater heights. He cohesively grabs each vowel and, once again, emotes enormous feeling and passion. The beauty and power of his voice on those pure “oh” and “a” vowels are magnificent.

    His final refrain is my favourite part of the whole song and, I suspect, yours as well. He always has tricks up his little sleeve, doesn’t he? And he is bouncing up and down on that piano, so as to better access the powerful breath support from the lower half of his body.

    Wow – he does a little vocal pirouette on “waterfall” – that’s new. And then, the tour de force – “it may” – both upper notes pouring from his mouth with determination and enthusiasm. Look at the smile on his face – it’s brief, but it’s there. He’s happy that his vocal risk paid off.

    But wait, what’s this. During his 2nd “I’m loving angels instead”, he initiates a lovely melisma on “angels”, which he has done before BUT it’s what follows that excites me. It is something I have been waiting for in this entire tour. He sings a resounding, reverberating HI B on the last “angels” – glory be! That was a slam dunk, David! I knew you were saving the best for last – the last “angels” in the last performance of this song. It does not get better than this!

    And look how his body collapses once the lights go down – that boy was really working on that stage to give the very best of the very best of the very best of performances. And, I can say without a doubt, that nothing was left on that stage after this song – nothing.

    I am truly amazed at the depth and maturity of his talent, but what impresses me the very most is his determination to raise his personal bar time and time again. His work ethic is exemplary. What a gift he has been to all – and a blessing!


  26. Janey79 – love this better video of “Angels” That’s Becky’s video from FansOF David.Com and she is going crazy. Well, at least I know what her voice sounds like. hahaha Sweet Becky. I love her!

    Great video and audio quality! Exceptional


  27. Okay everyone, it’s a wrap for tonight. I am bushed and it’s late. First thing tomorrow, I will review Cookie and Jason, followed by David’s performance of “When You Say You Love Me”.

    Marc- welcome to the site and I am so glad that you found this site through our Janey. Your kind words are mos appreciated and I hope you continue to stop by often. And, I just saw that you sent me “Stand By Me”, so that will be added to my review “to do” list tomorrow.

    Thanks all. xo


  28. Delivered by Bizzee24

    Uploaded by rekcutx

    Performed by David Cook

    Hello and Time Of My Life

    It has be a very long time – too long, actually -since someone delivered some video links of David Cook. So, thank you Bizzee for sending these final performances my way. It is very much appreciated.

    We start with David’s outstanding rendition of “Hello”. Every time I see this song title, I think of the article that I wrote at the very beginning of American Idol. Here is the link:

    What a great song to open his set – when you factor in the “hello” and I love you” he imparts to his audience. A greeting and a feeling all lumped together into one fantastic song.

    And, it is so good to see his strong and genuine presence on stage once again. This is a very good video and the audio is pretty decent as well.

    His voice sounds extremely well-focused and look at the great bend in those knees. As I have said so many times, the relaxation in the lower half of the body is extremely important – not only for your vocal technique, but your stage technique.

    There has to be a sense of bouyancy coming from the lower half of your body. This allows the singer to effectively access his or her diaphragmtic muscles with continuity and strength.

    I love how he waves his left hand fingers before his upper vocal delivery of the passionate “I Love You”. He employs so many wonderful nuances throughout this performance – we hear every side to David’s voice: the pure gentle vocals, the passionate raw vocals, the rock-inspired edgy vocals. Wonderfully done in such a technically secure manner!

    Oh my – that’s quite the pause at the 3:32 mark! It gave me chills just watching him respond to the love and adoration of the fans. What a sweetheart he is! He is clearly overwhelmed by the cheering of the crowd – that and the fact that this is the last performance of the tour. Bittersweet feelings, for sure.

    And he encourages the crowd to help him with the last line – for the last time. Very touching indeed.

    And, just like that, he segues into his beautiful rendition of “Time Of My Life”. He is singing it a little faster and I like it. It has more flow and the momentum is certainly stronger.

    I love how he encourages the crowd to wave their arms when he sings the refrain. It really is the “time of their lives”. Is this the most perfect song ever? Perfect because David’s expressive vocals are associated with this song!

    And as he starts to walk across the stage to meet some fans, he enters his second take of the refrain and all I have to say is “wow! He totally reinvents the melodic line, allowing his voice to resonate in the upper recesses of his vocal range. It’s beautiful, just beautiful!

    The head voice purity in this part of his range is such an admirable vocal trait for a rock musician. He always keeps his technique front and center and how I respect him for this.

    He really knows how to involve his audience in his performance – he brings them along with him in such a genuine and accommodating manner. Truly special. He has total command of that stage.

    And, before you know it, he is moving toward the end of the song, his voice embracing that upper note on the word “life” (7:35 mark), sustaining that nasty “eye” diphthong on the purer “ah” vowel and bending his knees to access that last bit of air so he can hold that note for as long as possible. Sweet bliss! Love this guy! When is his CD being released? haha

    What a great, great performance and how he loves his fans. He is truly having the time of his life, but we are having a better one, David, because of you and your remarkable gift of communicating in such a real way with your audience.

    Bravo bravo bravo! Now, let’s cut a CD!


  29. MCL, I’m so sorry you felt overwhelmed last night. Take your time and savor each of these last few videos from Tulsa. Your words are worth waiting for!

    You’ve already reviewed this performance so there is no need to do so again but I wanted you to have this video. It includes the all important stairway ascension that I know you love. Enjoy!


  30. Perhaps we should have a look at the final moments of the tour. Would could possibly be going through their minds as they perform for the last time together?


  31. Love the last PDSTM link, Janey! That’s a keeper for sure, but, goodness, couldn’t they have thrown confetti down from the top of stage instead of that annoying “gooey stuff”? I was laughing as I watched them try to remove it. Too funny!

    Thanks so much. Looks like they are all happy and ready to move on, don’t you think?


  32. Oh, yes, more reviews coming later on in the day.


  33. And here’s one more for the books: Jason singing both Crazy and Daydream, complete and with between song talk, uploaded by heartjason.


  34. hrm, so i was having login issues but it was only with firefox…?!?!?!?

    anyway, i wanted to drop by to thank you MasterClassLady, your site and your reviews have been the highlight of my summer.

    also this youtube account
    has all of the archu-performances for tulsa.

    david really took all his performances to another level in tulsa, amazing.


  35. Tom I was just stopping by to drop off WYSYLM from Becky at FOD but I see you beat me to it.

    Becky’s videos are near perfection with stunning visuals and wonderful audio. The final “yououou” is especially lovely.

    Again, MCL I know you have a version of this, but really can you have too many?


  36. Janey79 – re Comment #13 – thank you so much for your kind words. However, I feel like I am in very good company with all the other phenomenal people who support David Archuleta. What a loving and caring group and you are at the top of this list.

    Your video links, accompanied by your humorous and inspiring commentary, were one of the highlights each and every day here at MasterclassLady.Com.

    Thank you so much, Janey. God bless you and yours.

    Love MCL


  37. Delivered by Rereader

    Discovered by Castrocopia

    Uploaded by breezyinok

    Performed by Jason Castro

    Over The Rainbow (partial)

    Is it just me or is Jason breathing in a deeper fashion tonight? I rarely hear Jason breathe during his songs, so maybe he wants to finally take advantage of that air for his vocal support.

    He establishes a nice, relaxed tempo – a little slow, perhaps, but, let’s see if he can phrase his music more efficiently with that increased air supply.

    However, he still sounds pretty congested and what I thought was increased inhalation is the sound of chest congestion. The poor kid! He is really fighting a nasty virus. And,yet, he sounds very good -the nasal congestion is actually contibuting a brighter timbre to his vocals.

    Wow – that was short – just under 2 minutes. I will post some more about Jason in just a bit. There are longer versions of both “Daydream” and “Crazy”


  38. Delivered by ArchieFanDoc

    Uploaded by Susanna0825

    Performed by David Archuleta

    When You Say You Love Me

    Listen to the cheers after “Stand By Me”. David is giggling and excited and just enjoying the moment, relishing the results of his enormous musical efforts on this stage for 2 and a half months. He is so spontaneous in his dialogue with the audience, just having a great time with his fans.

    And, as he introduces this beautiful number, he tells the audience that he loves to do songs with messages and this song, through David’s prodigious vocal instrument, certainly delivers the message loud and clear.

    He looks so relaxed and truly angelic as the song begins its short introduction. What a beautiful picture this is. And then, he starts to sing and the picture takes on another dimension of beauty, one that is truly spiritual and transcendent.

    He grabs every word and applies his expressive vocal and physical technique to communicate the phrases in a meaningful and inspiring way. The words, once buried deep within his soul, are now transported to his appreciative and loving listeners. They have found a new home and now the bond is firmly established between donor and recipient.

    I have always smiled when he, unconsciously or not, took a quick breath before the word “breathe” at the 2:5 1 mark. It seems so appropriate considering the fact that he says: “I can hardly (inhale) breathe. Normally, I caution my singers to avoid taking a breath before the final word in a phrase, but this time, it just seems to work, considering the context in which the breath occurs.

    And look how expressive he is with his arms and hands – all of this adds so much credence and authenticity to this landmark performance. And, the physicality of this performance encourages him to vocally soar when he sings his first “fly” note. It is like a fly ball – his sustained voice moves through the air at break neck speed and we are all wearing the catcher’s mitt.

    And now, he is really pumped as he moves toward the final quarter of this song. Oh my –loved the vocal pirouette on “words” – that’s new! And he is now rhythmically conducting the emotion from his body as he moves toward his landmark “alive” in all its resplendent glory. How absolutely magnificent he sounds and those arms – out to the side – is a picture I will never forget.

    And now those heartfelt “oos” that seem to significantly increase in warmth and tenderness in tonight’s performance. Beautiful, And when he sings the final line: “Do you know how I love you?” you can see the heart warming sincerity in his face. And , he is near tears, but restrains himself, but I can sense that David is suffering a brief sense of remorse that this stage of his career has ended.

    But, where one door closes – or in this case, a curtain – another opens and we are in this for the long haul aren’t we Archie fans? You betcha!

    He thanks everyone once again for their support and then someone throws a huge sign at him – asking him out to dinner. It’s a hilarious exchange – true David all the way. I love it. It doesn’t get better than this.

    This is the kind of song that I feel that David is destined to sing in the future – a song that exposes the stellar beauty of his voice. He is a mature, sophisticated vocalist and he needs to find songs that speak to his enormous talent.

    Great arrangements of covers – like “Stand By Me”- are something else for him to consider down the road. Basically, a song with style and substance and let’s not forget that beautiful rendition of “Think Of Me”. Let’s get this song on the radio and make a number one hit of an Andrew Lloyd Webber song. Even ALW wouldn’t have envisioned this.

    Bravo Mr. Archuleta. The Archuleta Artistry is now a worldwide phenomenon.


  39. MCL DO LIST: Stand By Me: David Archuleta
    Crazy: Jason Castro
    Daydream: Jason Castro
    Anything else the readers send my way haha

    To Tom Suzuki – hello again and thanks for your kind comments. And i will visit the TUlsa YoTube page many, many times. Thanks for sending the link. It was very thoughtful of you.

    Janey79 – thanks for this extra version of WYSYLM. No such thing as too many versions of that or any song by David.


  40. Um um…hey guys, are you here with me? marc, archiefandoc, readers near and far?…

    MCL, if you’ll bare with us for just a moment, we’d like to take this opportunity to give you, Masterclasslady….

    !!!!!!!! A STANDING OVATION !!!!!!!!

    A Full 2 minutes…just for you!

    Bravo Masterclasslady! You reviewed everything we threw your way with tireless energy and enriched our musical experience with your knowledge and expertise. To borrow a phrase from a very wise 17 yr old…if we thanked you now until forever, it wouldn’t be enough.


  41. I second Janey MCL…BRAVA!!!

    Thank you for your wonderful work and your tireless support of our David. You are both…Master Class!!


  42. Thank you so much, Masterclasslady, for your insight and expertise. Your reviews have been so positive and fair and helpful throughout the AI Season. It has truly been inspiring and an education to read your praise and your suggestions to the contestants. I’ve especially loved hearing what you’ve had to say about David Archuleta. He has won my heart by the exquisite music that he shares with us – both from his vocal chords and from his heart.

    A standing ovation to you for your wonderful work!

    (I’m aka daisychain)


  43. I extend that standing ovation into the wee hours of the night!

    MCL is one classy lady all around.

    I have learned so much these past few months. I am enjoying listening to music again and now with a whole new perspective.

    While we wait for David’s and Richard’s contemporary “Think Of Me” to make it back on iTunes and then radio play — back to figuring out how to download MUSIC VIDEO = Crush off of iTunes!!!


  44. Janey, Marc, Daisy (you are new, aren’t you? Hello and welcome!), ArchieFanDoc:

    What a beautiful way to start my day. Thank YOU all so much from the bottom of my hearts for this wonderful morning greeting.

    You have all been so thoughtful and so supportive and so you deserve a standing “O” from me – a long and hard one. A blogging site neads consistent, informative and caring readers and you definitely fit in to all of these categories.

    It’s been so much fun to read you commentary and view the video links each and every day. But, now we begin another journey with David – watching him emerge as a bestselling recording artist and enjoying the development and transformation of this young adult into an established adult.

    Every aspect of his being will change – his voice, his physique, his interpretive skills, all so presently refined and sophisticated, will move to greater heights. How exciting that we can watch this process unfold in the coming years!

    However, one thing will never change, because it doesn’t need to change – his lovely, gentle, caring and sensitive persona. This will always remain at the core of his identity and this is the reason we love him so.

    Thanks again everyone – from the bottom of my hearts! Love MCL!


  45. Oh thank you, MCL, for the wonderful commentary and musical notations of David ARchuleta’s last performances. I held onto every word you wrote here.
    I loved Angels and WYSYLM for the very reasons you explained here.
    I noticed one comment at the end of #38 where you mentioned “let’s get Think of Me Andrew Lloyd Weber song by David on the radio and make it a number one hit”. I once commented on this in a letter to David which I’m not sure he’ll get to for a while. But I felt so strongly about this after his performance of Think of Me that he could easily take one of ALW’s songs and make it a hit. That would be a first for the music world. And to have David do that would be phenomonal. So, please, get the word out to David that this would be a great move!
    Isn’t it exciting to think of all the possibilities that are now open to David musically?!


  46. Good morning MCL and readers. Here is a not to be missed mix of the best audio and visual videos of David’s Angels from Tulsa. Thanks to ronaldsf for this incredible addition to our files.


  47. Thanks, MCL–I add to the standing O! What a season, and what amazing performers, and what WONDERFUL reviews and analyses you provided us with!


  48. Hi Everyone (and MCL)!

    I want to add to the standing “O” for MCL!!! What a ride this was, and I am so glad I hoped on with everyone (although, I didn’t post often – my name is the reason for that..ha!)

    I eagerly look forward to next season and to what our Idols from this season have in store for us…yippee!!

    Thanks Everyone! 🙂


  49. I just found this video! It gave me the chills! It’s a great “wrap up” of everything and this whole entire year/experience for the Idols! ENJOY! 🙂


  50. Hey there Janey, Bizzee, ReReader and LynnsLocum:

    Thank YOU all so much for being such gracious and supportive readers. You have all been just wonderful and your company during this Idol journey has been such a memorable experience for me.

    This site has grown so much because of your enthusiastic participation in the daily blogging events and I will be forever grateful.

    Bizzee- that video is beautiful and I will add it a bit later as a separate blog topic. It deserves to be seen and yours is still stickied as well. It is truly special.

    Janey – that extra link of Angels is gorgeous. MMMMMMmmmmmmm

    Rereader- I haven’t forgotten about Jason’s other two numbers. I was busy with family visitors so I will review them tomorrow. My eyes are starting to close here.

    And, Lynn, let’s hope that “Think Of Me” becomes a numero uno hit! It has to be part of the plan – this song arrangement is spectacular and a Broadway song hitting the Billboard charts with David’s stamp (and Richard’s as well) would be so thrilling.


  51. Haha, MCL, don’t worry about it! I think it’s nice that I still have something about the tour to look forward to, instead of back!! You have to take care of yourself, you know…we care!


  52. oh rats! Did I miss the KUDOS and STANDING O’s yesterday? Well, I hope all of you regulars know how much I have appreciated MasterClassLady this year! She is all three in one: master. class. lady. Someday it would be a pleasure to meet you, Rosanne. You are a ray of sunshine in the often dark and mysterious world of the recording industry. Thank you so much!


  53. And I must add my support to the idea of David recording the exquisite “Think of Me”. He didn’t get enough credit for that on AI, did he? TOM would be a MEGA HIT! Can we start a campaign to get David to record it?


  54. ReReader – I thought I would get to Jason’s performanes tonight, but I just crashed on my bed – ended up watching “America’s Got Talent. It should be done tomorrow though.

    Thanks for your caring patience. 🙂


  55. Woops – Scriptype. Almost forgot to say thanks to you as well. What a lovely “Masterclass” sentiment. It is greatly appreciated.

    I am glad that you have enjoyed my articles and I hope that other readers will click on over to your site and read your fine work as well.

    It would be a pleasure to meet you and, with any luck, it will be while attending a David Archuleta concert. I know you love him so, as do I, so here’s to the future and all that it holds.


  56. Oh, MCL, I just know that someday we will meet at an Archuleta Artistry concert! That would be a dream come true. My blog is: I’ll try to do more with it as you suggest. Your phenomenal work ethic here on MCL is my inspiration!


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