American Idol Season 7 Tour in Wilkes Barre, PA on September 8th, 2008

Hello Wilkes Barre, PA!

Hard to believe that there are only four more shows left in this Top Ten American Idol Tour, including tonight’s performance at the Wachovia Arena.

So celebrate away and don’t forget to come back here and share your memories. Video links, photo links and personal recaps are most welcome in this Wilkes Barre, PA blog topic.

Let’s fill up that comment section below with some memorable pictures and recaps and, of course, video links to all the individual performances.

You can also email me at Looking forward to hearing from you!
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19 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in Wilkes Barre, PA on September 8th, 2008”

  1. With an even heavier heart than yesterday here is Angels from Wilkes Barre. Once again David, thank you for the lovely “streeeet”. btw, did I say this before…I love this song!


  2. Hi MCL long time lurker here. Hugh David Archuleta fan.

    Here is WYSYLM

    Here is Stand by Me

    Also I was talking to Richard last week and asked him about the Beautiful Girls part in Stand by Me and he said he doesn’t want to take credit for it because him, Jeff and David all discussed it so it was a collaboration. (you asked a while back who came up with the idea) Also I asked about the In Denial and Richard said that he thinks that was all David. It makes me very happy that David changed the lyric. It tells me that David is a deep and compassionate human being that cares for everyone. Just my opinion.


  3. Here in WYSYLM is some pure Archuleta perfection and the stunning close up visuals just add to the experience. If I had my way the last “you’ would never end. Seriously, will there be a post tour support group?


  4. Gemzone: Aha! So it was the talented triumvirate of Archuleta, Archuleta and Parkinson! I suspected so, but great to have it confirmed.

    And, I never felt comfortable with the “suicidal” lyrics so I am glad David found a great subsitute for this word. Good for him. It’s such a great upbeat song and to have such a depressing word like “suicidal” in the poetic mix seemed strange.

    David has such a generous heart – his spirituality and sensitivity shines through in every performance and every “meet and greet” Truly special.

    Janey – will get to the links later on this evening. 🙂 Thanks again


  5. MCL, I asked this question it the previous thread but I think I’ll repost it here so you don’t have to leap from thread to thread.

    September 9, 2008 at 12:45 am

    MCL, After this morning’s “medical emergency” and subsequent recovery I found myself with this question. Suppose David had been a student of yours in the early months of this year. In your professional opinion, might there have been any indication to you at that time that David would be able to achieve the magnificent level of vocal and performance skills we have come to witness and enjoy?


  6. OMGosh David! The longer “laaaaa aaaate” in the unforgettable hunkerdown position is one to remember. Here’s Apologize:


  7. Delivered by a very emotional Janey79

    Uploaded by allieandannmarie

    Performed by Archuleta Artistry


    David sounds strong and powerful in this video. It’s a very good audio indeed. Hard to see his adorable face, but you can hear his beautiful, distinct voice. Nice pirouette on the word “street”, Janey – just like you said.

    Love the playful run – ascending and descending – on he word “call”, during the second take of the refrain.

    And he is practically bouncing off the piano bench during the “oh -ya” section, and, wonder of wonders, that was a exquisitely sustained note on “ya” at the 2:08 mark. Oh – be still my heart. What a talent! I have never heard him linger so long on the “a” vowel at this point =wow!

    Also, the sustained “a” actually lends rhythmic variation to this part of the song -another indication of the many artistic surprises David has up his sleeve for each performance.

    And he is bouncing up and down at the keyboard – look at the energy he expends during a performance! It’s technically as well as visually correct. You need to have a sense of bouyancy in the lower half of your body to really take advantage of the complete strength of the diaphragmatic muscles for proper support.

    And of course his ending is just magnificent – an ascending and descending melisma on the word “angels”, followed by a vocal pirouette on the word “instead.” Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. No one in the pop music business can come close to this level of vocal achievement –


  8. Delivered by a very very emotional Janey79

    Uploaded by heathermae627

    Performed by Archuleta Artistry


    The slow dramatic walk up the stairs gets me every time. Through the manner in which he walks – slow and methodical and pensive – he internalizes the perfect mood for this song. The atmosphere has undergone a metamorphosis – one that is completely separate from “Angels”.

    The upper notes of those perfect 5th intervals are a little under in pitch – that “eh” vowel is just not as centered as it could be. But, who cares? The rest of the song is so perfect that he can afford a small technical glitch here and there.

    And now the rhythmic walk down the stairs – the choreography in this song is so meticulously formulated in this number.

    Ooo – and the hunkerdown “too late” segment is the bomb, Janey! He increased the sustaining power during pivot points in his songs in the Wilkes Barre performance. Lucky audience.

    And the audience is going wild – they want to see their David acting all angry and disturbed – what a contrast to the Archuleta angel that we know and love. Super duper.

    Oh – and I liked viewing the final few seconds in a horizontal position! haha, Very creative camera work. It’s okay – I’ve done the same. Great minds and all that.


  9. Delivered by Gemzone

    Uploaded by allieandannmarie

    Performed by Archuleta Artistry

    Stand By Me

    Once again we get a glimpse of David’s heart warming smile as he responds to the cheers and love coming from the audience.

    And now it’s time for his “meet and greet” song. Pure fun and an opportunity for David to relax and enjoy the affectionate aura of this concert experience.

    Oh man, that sustained “darling” is just the ticket isn’t it? And he knows it – sweet little flirt that he is!

    And before you know it we enter the “beautiful girls” segment – arranged by the talented triumvirate known as Archuleta, Archuleta and Parkinson. This last fact was confirmed by “Gemzone” through a conversation he had with David’s arranger, Richard Parkinson.

    This arrangement was indicative of collaborative inspiration and musical talent and gives us a glimpse into what is in store for us as David moves strongly forward in his musical career.

    Once again his ending is vocally secure and the acrobatic effect he achieves with his voice during the final “stand by me” is nothing short of extraordinary. And – he really holds onto the final ad lib “oh” that he vocalizes at the end – like he wants this moment to last forever. So do we, David, so do we!


  10. Delivered by Gemzone

    Uploaded by allieandannmarie

    Performed by Archuleta Artistry

    When You Say You Love Me
    And now, David’s final number! And what a gem of a number it is. It speaks to who he is as a person – kind, giving, caring, loving, appreciative.

    And therein lies the reason why this number resonates so well with the listener. The words sung by David are true and sincere – they come from the heart and mirror so well the essence of this young man.

    And this is an excellent video of this performance – very intimate. And those arm sweeps and sustained vowels – some expressively emphasized more than others – add many dimensions to this performance. The dynamic levels in this song are just exquisite – perfectly portrayed through David’s sensitive delivery of this song.

    And that last sustained fly – the arms out to his side – sounds so full and liberated, like he really could fly. Listen to the “ah” vowel – how well he maintains it, thus avoiding the “eye” diphthong in that word. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

    And how he caresses that last “me” with his voice – adds multiple notes to express his loving intentions.

    And those “oos” have certainly evolved haven’t they during the course of this tour? They are more prolonged, more expressive, and more sensitive. Awww David – you are such a gem.

    And a couple of more vocal caresses on the words “love you” – beautiful !

    Bravo times a zillion. This song, if he recorded it, would be a huge hit – along with “Angels” and “Stand By Me”.


  11. janey79 Says:
    September 9, 2008
    MCL, I asked this question it the previous thread but I think I’ll repost it here so you don’t have to leap from thread to thread.

    September 9, 2008 at 12:45 am

    MCL, After this morning’s “medical emergency” and subsequent recovery I found myself with this question. Suppose David had been a student of yours in the early months of this year. In your professional opinion, might there have been any indication to you at that time that David would be able to achieve the magnificent level of vocal and performance skills we have come to witness and enjoy?

    So, Janey, did the paramedics come in time? haha I think you had a relapse today though! haha

    Okay – enough of the fun! Well, this is fun too.

    To answer you question: there would be no doubt in my mind that David could and would become a huge star. His talent is truly extraordinary; he is a vocal phenomenon. I have never seen or heard a singer perform a soulful style of pop music with the technical and musical gifts that David obviously has. He is a vocal prodigy – but, what makes him more special is his warm and engaging personality. He is real.

    You know, many students travel through my studio – but in my 30 years of teaching, I still can count on the fingers of two hands those that were born with the gift.

    And, of those, only one has become a star – Patricia O’Callaghan. She has performed all over Europe, the USA, but, is now enjoying a wonderful career here in Canada. A couple are moving in that direction, but not quite there yet. And a few others chose other professions -makes me sad, but they have achieved success in their chosen careers so that comforts me. And some are still training with me – they are young but show promise.

    So, In addition to David’s talent – timing, perserverance, fate all came together to introduce this young man to the music world. Thanks heavens for his loving and supportive, Mom and Dad, his family members and friends and for his arranger Richard Parkinson – they have guided and mentored him in the very best way possible.


  12. Only three shows left! In his latest and ?last vlog from the tour (with a little help from the Lovely Mr. David Cook) – David himself says the tour end will be bittersweet:

    As I watch this video appropriately set in Detroit’s “space tunnel”, I imagine David walking down that tunnel and then taking flight out into the stratosphere of music history. Bittersweet?? – I can not wait to watch him fly.


  13. Thank you Janey for keeping up with the links!!!!!

    Thank you Gemzone for your information on the “talented triumvirate of Archuleta, Archuleta, and Parkinson” – there is never a me, myself, or I from these men.
    You will never hear them give much credit to themselves for anything, it is always “somebody else” — well, just WHO is this somebody else, I would like to meet somebody else —somebody else is immensely talented.

    Thank You MCL for all of your time and wonderful reviews- – just like each night it is as if you are hearing David singing the songs for the first time, each of your write ups are fittingly unique.


  14. Some Jason!

    A lovely Over the Rainbow, uploaded by vehementlovex

    And a teensy clip of Daydream, also from vehementlovex.


  15. I can’t seem to determine the location of this performance. But what difference does it make? The quality of the video is stunning and the performer and vocals pure bliss. Surely you won’t want to miss this.


  16. Thanks MCL and Janey. I always love to read the reviews musically here. It is …the reason why we love David…his musicality. On FOD, a fan met Jeff at Wiles Barr, and he asked her if she noticed anything different about Angels at the concert and he mentioned all the things you did here. So, someone is paying attention to David’s singing changes. I love it. I hope you can continue to do this when David goes on performing. Love ya


  17. LynnsLocum – that’s an interesting tidbit re his father noticing the changes in David’s exquisite performance of “Angels” And, I will continue to follow David’s career.

    Won’t it be exciting to hear how is voice further expands and develops as his body matures? We are in for one exciting ride.

    And, Janey – beautiful video link. Thanks so much

    Rereader – will have a listen to Jason later on today. It sounds like he is feeling better, though, so that’s super.


  18. ArchieFanDoc – that “tunnel” video is priceless, isn’t it? David and David are such great friends – like brothers, really. I love them both so much.

    And, it’s been my pleasure to write these reviews during the tour and I thank you – all of you – for your support, encouragement and love.

    The readers make it all worth while and your commentary was – and will continue to be – a valuable contribution to this site.


  19. Delivered byReReader

    Uploaded by vehementlovex

    Performed by Jason Castro

    Over The Rainbow

    Now, let’s see if Jason is back in full voice. That cold was a nasty one, wasn’t it? This is a great audio and, actually, the video is quite up close and personal -a little blurred, but still good!

    And Jason sounds splendid in this performance. The audience is taking it all in, cheering him on and on.

    He has established a nice, lilting tempo for this song; therefore, the separation of the words in his phrases are not as obvious to the listner. The momentum of the melody is fluid and consistent – exactly what is necessary for the lilting arrangement of this song.

    He is still spreading that mouth on those vowels, but, at the very least, he is sustaining them to fuller effect. We no longer hear the ends of his phrases dropping off the vocal radar, as was the case in his earlier performances.

    A teensy bit of Daydream (37 seconds)

    This may be a snippet of video, but I can sense the healthy sound of Jason’s voice. He is still a little congested, but his voice sounds more resonant and secure.

    His head voice – on the word “way” at the 20-second mark – sounded effortless and centered. He grabbed the pure “eh” vowel and dropped his jaw and, just like that, his voice moved forward in a spinning fashion.

    Great showcases in Wilkes Barre Jason! Stay rested and healthy! Bravo and kudos on your exceptional improvement over the course of this tour.


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