Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For Canadian Idol Top 3 Performances Featuring The Music Of Bryan Adams

Hello there Canadian Idol Fans!

Well, it’s been one rocky road during this season’s Canadian Idol journey. However, I am looking forward to the mentoring presence of Canadian rock legend, Bryan Adams.

And, considering that our Top 3 finalists are all male, I am expecting that it shoud be a pretty decent show tonight.

Canadian Idol is certainly on a determined mission to find their next big rock star, but, given the Top 3 lineup, I don’t see any rockstar potential in any of them, with the exception of Drew Wright. In my opinion, Theo possesses a classical pop style of singing, while Mitch is obviously leaning toward a more Celtic or folk style.

However, Theo adapts extremely well to every genre of music, so I expect him to do very well tonight. And, Drew just keeps on growing and growing and his voice, when he selects that right song, is truly beautiful and pure.

So, we shall see what happens in a little while, but, in the meantime, I would like to invite the East Coast viewers to post your spoilers after the show is aired. They are greedily welcomed!:)

Thanks everyone!
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19 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For Canadian Idol Top 3 Performances Featuring The Music Of Bryan Adams”

  1. Songs: (it was a pretty good show overall – Mitch wasn’t great, though)


    1. Heaven
    2. (IDK)


    1. Cuts Like a Knife
    2. I’m Ready


    1. Heat of the Night
    2. When You Love Someone


  2. Thanks Tomboy. Off to watch it now!


  3. I actually don’t know what I think of tonight’s show. It was weird for me. I think the problem was song choice. They could have picked much better songs.

    Theo’s last song choice was terrible. I wasn’t crazy about Heaven. It was too much “something” again, and I kept comparing it to David A.

    I didn’t like Mitch again as usual.

    Drew sounded pure and pretty on the second song, but he too could have picked better songs. At least the first one was changed up.

    Overall, Drew was best but that’s not saying much.

    I have to re-watch to give a better assessment.


  4. Hmmmmm – strange night for me. I really liked “Heaven”, but, like you say Idolina, David Archuleta’s heartfelt interpretation is hard to beat.

    But Theo added some wonderful nuances and dynamic touches to this song which I really appreciated.

    Drew – not bad. I loved his second song, the first not as much.

    Mitch – the vocals are just too weak for me. Nice guy and all, but, the voice needs immediate technical assistance.


  5. Hey MCL. It’s that pretty pure tone that Drew showed off in “I’m Ready” that has me voting for him. Natural pretty stuff given to him from the Heavens. He sang first though, and that’s never good for votes, but I’m busy dialing.


  6. Vote away, Idolina. He is going to need the votes. Obviously, the judges want a Mitch/Theo finale. Weird. Very weird.


  7. They really did throw him to the wolves MCL by having him sing first. And what was with the ho-hum comments on “I’m Ready”??? Drew sounded amazing on it. If he goes home, I am done with the season. I know that’s bad, but it’s true. Let’s hope he can hang on. CI board posters think Mitch is guaranteed f2 b/c of singing order and regional voting, so it’s between Drew and Theo to fight it out. I wish they had put mitch singing first tonight.


  8. I want to see a Drew/Theo finale, but, unless soemthing magical happens with the phone lines, I am really skeptical.

    I thought Drew sang circles around Mitch and, honestly, if this is what the judges want to hear on the radio, then good luck.

    Let’s hope that Collingwood does Drew proud. I am really worried for Theo as well.


  9. Hi MCL, this is my first time writing on here. I love your comments and have followed them since ‘American Idol’ this past year. I am an avid David Archuleta fan, and Theo Tams fan, and I wanted to make a few comments. First I think it does both Theo and David a real disservice consantly comparing them. They aren’t even on the same show. Both singers have extrodinary talent, and have so much to offer, and by constantly comparing them, I think it takes away from both of them. I think Theo’s version of ‘Heaven’ was beautiful, unique and he owned the song. Archie’s version was amazing also, but again, completely different sound.

    One of the elements of Theo’s voice and delivery that I love so much is his deeper register, and the way he can ascend into his head-voice so effortlessly, and, even though I adore Archie, his lower register and head-voice are still areas he is working on, even he admits that.

    I am really hoping for a Drew/Theo final two, I really am. I don’t like the sound Mitch has or the way he sings, but, obviously someone does. If either Theo or Drew are sent home tonite to spare Mitch, it will be a real travesty.

    I really like Drew, and Drew and Theo (also Amberly) were my favorites from the beginning. The one thing I notice with Drew, though, is that at times he doesn’t “own” the song they way Theo does. Sometimes it seems like Drew is “going through the motions”, and not necessarily feeling the song. Theo is intrinsically intuitive with his music, and his style, with a strong awareness of the writer’s intent behind the song – probably because Theo writes music himself – Drew, on the other hand, hasn’t yet captured that essence. I’m sure he will, although, this isn’t something you can learn, either you know it, or you don’t.

    At any rate, I have enjoyed your comments and critiques for quite some time now, and wanted to share a few of my own with you. I hope the best for all three singers – they are all terrific guys – but I certainly hope that Canada chooses Theo as ‘Canadian Idol’ this year. 🙂


  10. You make some very good points, Chad. I, too, love the Masterlady’s comments. She is always spot on with her assesments. I, too, don’t get why people compare David and Theo. They are both very different.

    I hoping for a Drew/Theo finale with Theo taking the prize. I cannot stand the tone of Mitch’s voice but suppose some people do or he wouldn’t still be on the show.

    Keep posting your amazing comments, MCL!

    THEO FTW!!


  11. Now I am officially done with the season. Mitch in the final 2 is just such a joke. Putting Drew singing first did it. He had the best sound for the radio of the 3 remaining singers. I hope Theo wins, but I’m not watching. Bring on American Idol!

    Don’t blame MCL for the David A comparison. That was my fault. I started it and she was just responding to my comment.


  12. chad85, you hit the nail on the head for me with your comment about how Drew doesn’t “own” his songs at times. I REALLY do like Drew; he has a lovely tone and sings in a very genuine manner. His vocals have been consistently secure. Yet, for some reason, I find that he fails to keep me fully interested throughout some of his performances. As you said, though, I’m sure he’ll improve with this over time and continue to grow in his interpretative ability. (And to his credit, sometimes, the band is just too loud!) Drew and Theo are definitely heads above the majority of the contestants this year. Drew alone is MILES ahead of Mitch, who is just not there vocally.

    I always enjoy Theo, and trust me, I am not a blind listener who loves everything that certain singers put out. What I love about Theo is that he always manages to hold my attention somehow—whether it’s because of his artistry, sincerity, star power, or whatnot. He has such a real passion that makes his performances so alive, and I always feel it. He better win!

    Out of curiosity, is anyone watching Australian Idol this year? I’m watching it online. There’s some real talent on the show this year!


  13. Yes, Idolina, I agree. What a crazy show this year.

    However, on E-Talk, vocal coach Debra Byrd said that Drew was her favorite performer last night. Isn’t that great?

    What a shame that he is not included in the Finale along with Theo. However, we will see him in the group performances, so that’s great.

    Also, hello Rex and Chad and thank you for stopping by . Your comments are very much appreciated and, just so you know, Idolina and I have been very supportive of Theo during the Idol run.

    You are both correct – both Theo and David are very different artists -and both deserve our support.

    Thanks again for your commentary and drop by again! 🙂


  14. Hi Teriyaki – didn’t see you there. No, I am not watching Australian Idol. I am sort of “into” America’s got Talent and I can only take so much of these reality shows.

    But, now you have me intrigued about Australian Idol. will have to check it out.

    Thanks for stopping by.:)


  15. MCL: “I am sort of “into” America’s got Talent”

    I know I’m posting in the wrong place, but would love to know your thoughts on the singers on this show tonight.


  16. OOOooo – I should add a Materclass Discussion thread for “America’s Got Talent”.

    Will do that tomorrow – it’s late.

    Hazelnut: I thought the singers were pretty good. I think Elvis aka Joseph is a sweetheart, but, he was really nervous and his vocals fell apart..

    The country singer – can’t remember her name- was very good.

    I love the potential of the family ensemble (Tauble family?)

    The school teacher was excellent but his attitude? Awful. so, that really turned me off.

    Did I cover everyone?


  17. Thanks MCL..I think that covered it.I agree with those assessments! I was partial to the music teacher too, but also dismayed by his reactions. I suppose tomorrow night we’ll hear from the little 4 yr. old.

    I have become addicted to your blog! 🙂


  18. I, too, am dissapointed that Drew went home over Mitch but I guess the vote is what it is. I don’t like the tone of Mitch’s voice but I concede that ther are people that do or he wouldn’t be in the final 2. You know, I think Drew will be just fine. He’s had enough exposure that he should be able to have a good career. The finale is next week and I’m very excited about that. Theo will win this, I’m fairly certain about that.


  19. Hazelnut – I can’t wait to hear the 4-year-old. Should go over really well in Vegas! haha This child must really be something, huh?

    I’m addicted to my blog as well. I am loving the whole vibe that is being provided by you and all the readers this year.

    You make it an exciting adventure each and every day and, as well, offer wonderful ideas in which to expand my topical base and keep the news current and interesting.

    Thanks so much – I can’t say that enough – to you and all the readers.


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