American Idol Season 7 Tour in Washington, DC on August 14th, 2008

Hello Washington DC!

Did the Verizon Center rock with the sounds of our amazing Top 10 Idols? I know the answer to this question – a resounding “yes” and more.

So, please stop by and add your photo links, video links and recaps in our commentary section or, if you are really shy, you can email me your Idol memories at masterclass

C’mon, make Washington proud. Let’s get this blog topic hopping and I promise to review as many of the video performances as possible.
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14 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in Washington, DC on August 14th, 2008”

  1. MCL NOTE: I deleted the old thread. Seemed simpler.

    From Frogcooke

    Angels from Vox over at fansofdavid:




  2. Well time to give my other David some blog time: (now that Frogcooke has come down from Cloud 9 and started beating me to it again!)

    I don’t want to miss a thing:

    Billie Jean:


  3. From Frogcooke

    David Archuleta

    Angels from Vox over at

    Boy, that dry ice really engulfs him, doesn’t it? But, not his voice – it’s brimming with expressive artistry.

    I love how he grabs every vowel in all of his lyrics, such as in the words “angels” = “ehngehls”. Usually, when we speak the second syllable of this word, we ignore the “e” vowel, clsoing quickly on the “l” consonant.

    However, intelligent singers like David understand the importance of every vowel, as it keeps the the melodic line fully exposed and fluid throughout the song.

    And, as he reaches the final refrain, he decides to stay with the origina melody and ignore the upper note on the word “it” – good call. This is a difficult vowel and that P 5th interval between “wherever” and “it” is very tricky vocally.
    Lots of difficult vowels and that “r”consonant needs to be dropped to assist the vocal process.

    In the end, his passionate vocal performance supercedes any technical glitch in this song – it always does. In fact, David never allows a song to become too technical and/or studied – to him it’s all about the emotion and how he will best communicate this to his audience.

    Stand by Me, uploaded by LonelyNoMore:

    This song always is a showstopper in my opinion. His liberated soulful style is a true joy to watch.

    I can’t imagine that he ever gets tired of performng this song, as it allows him to unleash the charming, playful and flirtatious aspects of his personality.

    Great showcase! Strong ending as always. What more can be said? I’m running out of adjectives here and we still have many more performance venues to visit via the internet. 🙂

    When You Say You Love Me:

    He doesn’t seem to be as breathess in his spoken intro.. I noticed that during “Stand By Me”, he seemed to reduce the energy he exerted during the upbeat portion of the song just a smidgen.

    I thought I was imagining it, but, maybe, he purposely reduced the energy in the movements to give himself more breathing space for “When you Say You Love Me”. Just a MCL theory.

    At any rate, he confidently and expressively begins this song and he has the audience in the palm of his hand and that voice just pierces their heart and soul. He has so much respect for his audience and, quite obviously, the reverse is true.

    This is a great video – nice and close on that adorable Archie face and his voice is pure gold. It resonates to the farthest corner of the Verizon Center. and my speakers are resonating with the beauty and brilliance of his voice

    One last word of advice: Don’t raise your head, David, on those upper notes. Bend and squeeze the butt, always thinking down when you move up in your vocal range.

    Very moving performance.


  4. addendum:

    MCL – is “bend and squeeze the butt” a Masterclass level voice technique?

    Frogcooke – thanks for coming back from Cloud 9 and doing your quick postings – I can now sleep in a little longer being on the west coast.


  5. ArchieFanDoc – I have been using this technique forever and, for the life of me, I can’t remember when I developed the idea.

    I think one of my singers – many years ago – came back from a choir camp in Toronto and imparted it to me and, ever since then, it’s been a life saver for my students.

    It works so well – it’s one of the first things I teach them and it never fails. Actually, one of my classical singers, who has since moved away, told me that, when she started lessons with other voice teachers she slowly started to lose her ability to sing easily and effortlessly within her upper range. I guess her University teacher never instilled my “bend and butt squeeze” technique.

    But, eventually, she remembered what I taught her and tried it once again. Her “high note” problem was instantly corrected. And to think she went several years without using this technical skill.

    However, the diaphragmatic breathing skills must be firmly developed for this technique to really take root. Both go hand in hand.


  6. againstthedyingofthelight August 15, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    Archiefandoc, that Billie Jean you linked to in your post was not from the D.C. show. How do I know this? Well, Cookie performed in a SUIT last night! (You do have the right performance of “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing”, however.)

    MCL, you may be asking yourself, why was our friendly rockstar dressed to the nines on stage last night? Well, evidently David had the opportunity to speak in a staff committee session at the UNITED STATES SENATE about cancer awareness/ cancer research!

    I’m still not sure why he didn’t change before the show, though. Perhaps he was just being ironic? Or maybe he just wanted to provide more visibility to the cause. Either way, I have to say I expected him to at least tear off the jacket and tie at some point during the set!

    Anyway, here is a chunk of the actual performance of Billie Jean from last night. Gotta say, it’s quite a contrast to see such a tortured, angsty number performed in a Brooks Brothers ensemble!


  7. I will be away from my computer for a bit, but I cannot wait to see Cookie all dressed up singing Billie Jean and the rest.

    So happy is involved with cancer awareness. Who better to be the spokesperson than David Cook. Music and Politics – a very potent combination indeed.

    Bye for now.


  8. againstthedyingofthelight August 15, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    Ok, I posted the beginning of Billie Jean above, and now here is the end:

    There are other videos of the whole song out there from last night as well as some of his others, but only these two and the excellent clip of “I Don’t Wannna Miss A Thing” posted above by Archiefandoc show off the suit!


  9. Delivered by ArchieFanDoc

    Performed by David Cook

    Billie Jean Part One, uploaded by kaatje77:

    The beginning of this song focuses on his resonant lower range and he should choose more songs that allow him to do so. He sounds and looks very relaxed. However, his upper notes are noticeably strained during this performance.

    And since this clip runs only 1:15, we only hear the first verse and one refrain. Let’s see what Part 2 gives us.

    Billie Jean Part Two uploaded by kaatje77:

    This starts at the superb instrumental section and Cookie definitely kicks it up a notch. He is such a passionately committed performer and, even though his voice was not as healthy as I have heard in the past, one thing always remains the same -his expressive artistry. It is magnificent. Bravo!

    Delivered by ArchieFanDoc

    Performed By David Cook

    I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – uploaded by LonelyNoMore44:

    What did he pick up from the floor of the stage? Crazy fans hahaha Gotta love them!

    Hey, I’ve got to tell you – I love my Cookie in a suit. Is it just me or is he singing with even better technique? Sometimes clothes can make a difference. He has a resplendent timbre to his voice – extremely rich and resonant.

    Woops, a little technical glitch on the upper note of “ever”. Darn those “eh” vowels – if only the singers would keep their mouths circular and add a little of the “ah” focus when sustaining this vowel, then the tightness in the throat would be alleviated.

    Nice wave to a now medic-attended fan during the second verse.

    However, those high notes are a struggle for him tonight, but he is so darn good with his audience. He loves them to pieces and the reverse is ever so true. Witness the singalong when he throws the mike out to them. Excellent showmanship – one of the best we have ever seen from American Idol.

    If he was busy all day in the Senate speaking on behlaf of cancer research, I am not surprised that he is vocally exhausted. But, darn he looks good in that suit – wait, I already said that! Sorry, can’t help myself.

    He is really skimming the surface of those upper notes – oo, he needs a rest. Glad there is a break in the schedule today. And, he does cut off from his final upper glissando more quickly than he normally would. He must be hurting – that throat is awfully raspy.

    However, still a great performance. Now go beddy bye, Mr. Cook!


  10. againstthedyingofthelight August 16, 2008 at 10:22 am

    Ok, MCL, I know I said I was bored of this tour, but this may be the best version of “Hello” I’ve heard yet. The contrast between his “pretty” voice and his “snarly” voice is very striking. Particularly on the last chorus, the way he snarls “or is someone loving you?” but then drags out forever the “saying…” and the final “hello…”, as he allows for interspersed audience applause.
    And, yes, you can still see the suit!

    The word is that, even though the Senate is not in session, David did get to talk to Ted Kennedy yesterday. Perhaps he was in town anyway, despite the recess? That must have been quite an honor for David, and quite moving for Senator Kennedy that David’s brother shares his own condition.


  11. Oooo – will listen to this a bit later. Have a musical engagement and lots of company today.

    Thanks for the add “Against”!


  12. Some Jason from DC!!

    Over the Rainbow, uploaded by evanescencefan133 (shaky video, excited fan!)

    An almost complete “Crazy”, uploaded by Jomery

    And a partial Daydream, uploaded by Suze109 (audion is very fuzzy)

    And for fun–a charmingly introspective “Date Night” vlog; scroll down to beneath the “gydget” app, and there it is.


  13. Delivered By: AgainstTheDyingOfTheLight

    Uploaded By:AIS5KP

    Performed By: David Cook


    This is supposed to be a stellar version of “Hello” according to AgainstTheDyingOfTheLight, so I finally had time to watch and listen!

    OOOOOO — Cookie looks so handsome in that suit. I like the new, refined Cookie – could be a new look for rockstars. Love the sung “I love you”, instead of the stop and talk that he used to do.

    Wow, he is performing vocal pirouettes isn’t he? All that innovative twisting and turning on the vowels. I love it!

    And, my goodness, that head voice on the word “saying”? Brilliant! Just. Brilliant! How great was that? Cookie has now entered an another realm of vocalizing- a higher and more refined one!

    And that a cappella voicing of the final “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?”. That was just stellar! (shiver) Goosebumps here.

    Thanks “Against” for sending me this link.


  14. Delivered By ReReader

    Performed By:Jason Castro

    Over the Rainbow Uploaded By evanescencefan133

    It seems like forever since I have seen my Jason. Let’s see what he has been up to vocally.

    He sounds very strong in the opening of this song. Still fragmenting the phrases, but his voice is really transparent in this video. His upper vocals sounds gorgeous. There is a lovely flow to this performance, even though he still breathes a little too often.

    But, he is really trying to hold on to the end of those phrases – good for him! His voice doesn’t fade away at the end of his phrases, which is a huge improvment.

    And his head voice – excellente! Stellar work Jason. I loved it!

    Crazy (incomplete) uploaded by Jomery

    Once again, we are hearing a vocally rejuvenated Jason. Boy, his vowels sound pure and focused. Awww – I am so excited here. There is such improvement to enjoy in the performance of this song.

    Jason is really, really grabbing every vowel in every word and, as a result, the melody line is so fluid and musical. His voice is omnipresent throughout – seamless and pure.

    And his “aye” diphthong in the word “crazy” is so pure – he grabs the “eh” vowel and his upper voice just soars forward as a result.

    Unbelievable performance, Jason! Spectacular!

    Daydream(partial) uploaded by Suze109

    Okay, the audio recording is really muffled – lots of static – and was only a 1:08 in length. But Jason looked very relaxed and, considering how well he performed his first two numbers, it seems that this one was just as outstanding.

    What a superb set. I am truly impressed. with this yong man’s progress.


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