Video Of The Moment:David Archuleta’s Reactions While Listening To CRUSH Premiere On The Radio

This has to be one of the most endearing videos of David. You can barely hear his song, but his verbal and physical reactions are absolutely adorable.

This young man is so unaware of the impact he is making and will continue to make on the music industry. His humble and generous spirit is a blessing in today’s sometimes jaded society.

Enjoy -and learn from his modest behavior as he listens to his “soon to be” number #1 Billboard hit.
Special thanks to be888 for sending me this link
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17 Responses to “Video Of The Moment:David Archuleta’s Reactions While Listening To CRUSH Premiere On The Radio”

  1. the lurker in me wishes i was a fly on the wall when david hooked up with the rest of the top 10 for the NASDAQ closing bell.

    i can just hear him asking with that earnest look on his face “did you like it?”


  2. Thanks MCL for this video!! What a wonderful song for a wonderful boy! The world is his.


  3. Thanks for this video MCL. I’ve been watching and listening to CRUSH all day long. But this was precious because you could hardly hear the song but could hear some of what David was saying, appreciate what he was feeling and he was so excited and awed. What a dream come true.
    I’m with you Tomsuzuki………….wish I was a fly on the wall at the NASDAQ closing bell. You probably called it right.


  4. WOW! Thank you MCL for posting this! There were a bunch of us up all night WAITING with anticipation for this moment! I loved that this occasion was captured for David! He is soo adorable, and It sure is fun for us all to see how he was taking it all in! How awesome it must have felt for him!!

    p.s. LOVE the song David!! Can’t wait to see ya at the top of the charts!!


  5. Hi MCL and MCL fans! This is my first post (although I’ve been following this blog for quite some time). Watching David take in this momentous occasion and go through a myriad of emotions during the course of the song brought me to tears. I wish this amount of happiness for him every single minute of his life because he has given his fans so much already in the short amount of time he has been in the public eye… and we know there is so much more in store for us. I am so excited for David and the journey he is embarking on. I also think “Crush” will be a radio hit. After the second listen of “Crush” I was hooked.


  6. Thanks everyone. Isn’t he the cutest thing? Never change David. That personality of yours is contagious and that’s why we love YOU as well as your phenomenal vocal talnet.


  7. Wow. My ‘research’ indicates that it is impossible to watch video of David Archuleta without smiling. Impossible.

    Love this. I’ve heard the song (1000+ times I’m sure) and seen the other video, with him and the song playback — but this is the first time I’ve seen this one. So good.

    (This is to David, just in case…)
    I shook during the first play, too, David. I was so full of pride and joy, as you must have been. Your song is a hit!!!!! Thank you!


  8. Awe, I loved watching this video (almost) as much as the one with the music.
    David is such an enigma — he was just so mature, bright, and intelligent during the interview, and then the inner child comes out – all giddy and busting at the seems with joy. How “infectious” in deed MCL.
    I think this is why we are so drawn to him — a combination of wonderful music/singing while at the same time the inner child in all of us is brought out and we just cannot do anything but else but feel pure joy.
    Let’s pray that he can stay this way in such a cynical world. One tall order – but I think he can do it. Even those talk radio personalities – who can be quite a cynical bunch – were “infected” with Davidism.
    I loved it when you heard one say emphatically “film this” – good thing someone already was – they knew they were “In this Moment”.

    aka DrArchieFan


  9. This is from the fanblast site — yet another “version” of Crush:

    This is a very nice version as you can hear the bass track better and his rich deeper tone is brought out, and also seems simpler – more of David’s singing and less? of the multiple overlying tracks.
    (not sure of this link below – this is what came out when I copied and paste)

    MCL Note : I had to strip the code as it was messing up my comments section. Sorry!


  10. Sorry to rain on the parade but check out Elvis Duran’s website and the nasty animated video he has posted there today.
    Real nice guy, he and people like him make me ill.


  11. Audie.. that was from during the idol season. I thought it was rather funny.. lol Everyone get parodied/spoofed on. Happens all the time lol No big deal.


  12. Frogcooke – Thanks for enlightening me. Knowing this I guess I am questioning why it would reappear on the website about 24 hours after David walked out of their studio. Next time I go to the doctor I need to have my sense of humor checked. You’re a good guy and I’m not taking a shot at you but I just don’t get it.


  13. Auntaudie – I don’t get it either. I think this is in really poor taste. They managed to snag David for the premiere of his new release and then they add a tastless animation of him?

    Talk about passive-agressive behavior and just plain blatant use of bad etiquette.

    Yea, we’ re really really impressed, Elvis! NOT!


  14. He just updated with a myspace blog!
    David’s Myspace blog


    Hey everyone!! So you might know that “Crush” premiered for the first time on Z100 yesterday! I was SOOOO excited/nervous/anxious for everyone to hear it, and I just can’t believe that it was on the radio! It was such an unbelievable moment, and it was like… watching a dream pop out of my mind into reality lol. It’s just shocking when I step back and just realize what’s really happening, and the possibilities that could be coming. It was so good to hear the comments from the few phone calls that came in right after the song played too, and to know that it wasn’t just the teens who were able to relate to it haha. I’ve been looking at comments and listening to some of the messages people leave and I just wanna thank everyone A TON for leaving your comments and knowing that you like the song. It means so incredibly much to me I don’t think you have any idea. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! lol. I was nervous about how it might be a song that would only relate to everyone around my age, but I realized EVERYONE has crushes or have had them. haha. But ah! I’m so excited to know you guys like it :).

    I’m just here on the bus on our way to the Atlantic City show in New Jersey. So that’s what we have for today. Then tomorrow Cook and I are headed to the Teen Choice Awards and will be presenting an award. It’ll be pretty crazy doing all the travelling and getting up early and getting back late, but it’ll also be a lot of fun! haha. Anyway that’s it for now. Thanks so much everyone again for everything!


  15. Thanks so much Frogcooke! Great to see that he is happy and relaxed with our wonderful reaction to his new single. I kknow it can be very terrifying for him – so much is on the line and so much is expected of him.

    And, it shouldn’t be like that at all. Isn’t his talent obvious to all? Even if it’s not your style of music, just appreciate what David gives us night after night on tour and in the future. I mean, I am not exactly a huge country fan, but I can appreciate good singing `country-style`when I hear it – such as when I hear Martina McBride.

    Anyway, David sounds happy and relaxed and that means he will breathe deeply – from the diaphragm – to pump out those killer upper notes and melismas in Atlantic City!


  16. Woops – sorry for my gobbly gook link to sister station of z100 kisn971
    here it is again – they have David World Premiere banner at at the top as well and just click and listen — this is a very good version (?why so many version) — more David and less of everything else — and a bass track I think they forgot to add to the first version they aired! I wish this is what David could have heard for the first time:

    I am with frogcooke on the animation cartoon — was it in poor taste – yes; was it unfortunate timing – yes; was it “old news” – yes, does David care about it – probably not; could they have done something far worse — oh my yes; (and David knows that); will they make fun in the future – count on it; does David have more class in his pinkie than the bunch all together — absolutely (and they know it).

    The bottom line: despite the mixed signal this seems to give, these people seem to be relentlessly promoting David and his song! They are an irreverent bunch for sure – and David was obviously well aware of it by some of the comments he made. This sort of thing is par for the course and rather mild from them. I listened to their show for about an hour before David came on and could not believe what they were talking about! They cleaned up pretty good when David was in their presence (but for a couple of transgressions that he handled so well) — and I listened afterwards and they just kept saying great stuff about him, gushing in fact.


  17. I know I am a few days late, but that video is truly precious and will always hold a special place in my David loving heart. Thank you so much for posting it. I watched the video at Z100, and loved it there too, but this one was extra special.

    OMGOSH, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE CRUSH! Didn’t David hit this one out of the ballpark….no, wait, he not only hit it, he CRUSHED it! And it’s going straight to #1 on the Billboard chart! Congratulations David, I and the rest of your fans are so very proud of you!


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