American Idol Season 7 Tour in San Diego, CA: July 2nd, 2008

American Idol 2008 Tour, San Diego, California
Hello San Diego!

Please feel free to post your Idol tour details here. Also, if you wish, you can send me video links and photos via or simply add a link in the comments section below this thread.

I am anxious to hear from all of you, so don’t leave me hanging here! Have fun reliving your favorite live moments (or should I say hours) with your favorite Idols.

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35 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in San Diego, CA: July 2nd, 2008”

  1. What’s up,San Diego? Was the performance canceled? haha


  2. Just received some video links.

    First, from Frogcooke:

    Also, SBM –

    (another view of sbm, though the audio isnt as good)

    Apologize –

    Dont Stop the Music –


  3. Awe, I just watched these videos. I love Archie, he is just a superb singer–he has it all!

    How does the tour work? Do they perform in a different city everyday or do they have some breaks? Hopefully they get breaks, these poor singers…they would get wiped!


  4. Fresh off the press from one of our readers – FROGCOOKE!

    When You Say-

    David Cook’s Hello –

    These were performed in San Diego. Awesome! Thanks again FC!


  5. hahaha Who can hear anything with all the screaming for Cookie and Archie! I love it!


  6. Crazy, again!

    (No hunching over the guitar!)


  7. David and Cook are true talents. Idol really lucked out this year as I am sure they will both have long careers. Watching the videos of Cook, I can see how he won. He is a seasoned performer who belongs on that stage.

    Count me as one of those who was disappointed that David was going to sing When You Say You Love Me. I like Josh Groban put not particularly this song. I was very mistaken. Its impossible for me to listen to him singing this without getting emotional. I can’t believe his singing can still make me cry. He is magical, pure and simple.

    Outside of the David’s I am mostly looking forward to seeing Carly, Jason and Kristie on the tour.


  8. thinkofmearchie July 4, 2008 at 10:17 am

    More San Diego Performances:


    Sorry about the video being horizontal, but I HAD to get the jumbotron behind
    him! Works well with IPODS.. you can just flip it. 🙂

    Stand By Me:

    When You Say You Love Me:

    Please Don’t Stop The Music:

    It took me HOURS to figure out how to break down the 16 minute ArchuletaFest I recorded, but it was worth it. I’m glad I can share these videos with everyone! 🙂 If only youtube could allow for larger files, I could have kept it all together. I left all of his concert banter in the clips.

    David Archuleta’s performances were OUTSTANDING.. He may not be a seasoned performer like Cook (who I also think is great), but David has something that NO idol has ever brought to the stage and that is Gut Wrenching PASSION. The tone.. the expressions.. the love he feels in the lyrics is something few artists can demonstrate and I have yet to experience an artist as young as Archuleta who can deliver these sentiments. He’s amazing to watch in person and you pretty much hold your breath until he finishes the song because you don’t want to miss a single note or emotion. He’s captivating… I had mini panic attacks thinking.. what am i doing.. here I am in his concert and i’m recording the jumbotron… I found myself stealing glances at him on stage.. thus the shaky camera parts… but then I told myself.. the concert is fleeting.. the footage is mine to keep forever and share with others!

    David literally gave me butterflies in my stomach just as he was about to perform. The anticipation was almost too much! I CANNOT wait until his album releases. BTW… I kinda sorta met him after the concert (got signature.. yaay!).. handler wouldn’t let him hug me.. darn it!! ..but David was soooooooooo sweet and the way he says SORRY is to die for… kinda sounds like sore-ee.. PRECIOUS! I did hold his hand for about 5 seconds and if you think his voice is perfect… take another look at that skin. I have never felt softer hands in my L I F E… I wish I had skin like that… it was like touching silky smooth cream… so soft ..if you didn’t know any better you’d never guess it was a hand… LOL ..i’m soooo jealous! HA… anyway… hope all of you Angels have momentous concert experiences that you too can share and when you tape the concerts.. please get the background jumbotrons.. unless you’re up close and personal.. then you won’t need to. I was at the end of the floor and up a level so I had no choice.

    I’ll be uploading other idol performances later… all of the Idols did such a great job. This truly was a wonderful year for AI.


  9. Part of Jason’s Over the Rainbow… (sounds better in high quality)



    Jason’s “Daydream” (love these high quality vids!)

    And from an article in the Fresno Bee ( )

    Castro, when I last talked to him, was rarin’ to get going on tour. By Thursday, he’s totally diggin’ it: “It’s great. I get more excited every day. Every day, it’s like ‘All right, we’re doing this again.'”

    He admits not being totally comfortable performing in the first show in Glendale, Ariz. but felt a lot better by show No. 2 in San Diego. He says he likes the tour better because it’s more real than the TV show. There’s not the constant pressure of learning the songs, and there’s a lot more interaction with fans, musically and outside the shows: “It’s fun and encouraging.”

    Every day, he says, he can’t believe “am I seriously doing this?”


  11. Wow – I see that all of you have provided me with entertainment for the day! Thank you so much for the links.

    Also, for those of you whose comments were not posted immediately, I retrieved them – as you can plainly see.

    For future reference, comments with 3 or more links need my approval before they are posted. This is to avoid commentary by our friendly spammers.


  12. Thinkofmearchie – thank you for your hard work in making these performances available to us.

    Finally, we get to see all the singers. Your hard work is most appreciated by all of us.

    Will check back later to see if you added the links.


  13. Jason Castro Daydream San Diego July 2, 2008 – Oh my goodness – those fans really respond to Jason’s performance of this song.

    All he has to do is take a couple of steps away from the mike stand and they become hysterical.

    And I love that movin’ and groovin’ guitar player behind Jason. He put a smile on my face – just living and breathing the moment.

    I am so happy that Jason’s true talent is so evident now – he loves his audience and the audience loves him. But, then again, what’s not to love?

    P.S. though – he needs to work on his breathing skills. Does anyone know if there are vocal coaches/technicians to assist these kids during the tour?


  14. I know someone–I think it was Syesha? I’m not sure–said they had different vocal coaches for the tour, but I don’t know whether that was just for rehearsals or if they are there the whole time.


  15. Archie also mentioned on his MySpace blog about a month ago the group was meeting a vocal coach for the tour.


  16. thinkofmearchie July 5, 2008 at 1:58 am

    Beautiful job by Brooke! Fantastic job by Michael Johns! MCL, you will definitely be pleased with these two performances. I wish I had gotten full banter coverage of these two.. Michael Johns is quite the ham… great personality and it showed. Brooke was so afraid of tripping on high heels she was literally balancing with her arms out when she was walking from the guitar to piano sets… I say go shoeless for the mini concert! Her voice really resonated on this song… loved it!

    Let It Be – Brooke White:

    It’s So Right, But It’s So Wrong – Michael Johns:


  17. Thinkofmearchie

    I had to watch these before I headed off to dreamland.

    Thank you so much for adding these videos to YouTube and posting the links here.

    Brooke looked and sounded sensational. Her voice sounded so lush and rich and her vocals were totally relaxed and free. It was an absolute pleasure to see and hear her perform in a manner that truly highlighted her artistic and vocal talents.

    And I loved her curly “do”. Very “glam” indeed.

    Michael was spectacular. That voice is so gorgeous and he sings from the depths of his heart and soul. Loved the falsetto riffs toward the end – awesome!

    He moves and feels his music with such ease and passion. I hope that he continues to enjoy this level of success in his music career. He deserves it!


  18. thinkofmearchie July 5, 2008 at 3:30 am

    Your most welcome MCL! You’ll have plenty to see come the morning… i’m not even half way done converting files for youtube! BTW: Thank you for being so generous with David Archuleta’s reviews… I loved ALL of them and enjoyed your chat on Fanblast!

    Carly Smithson Links! Another AWESOME performer! She really rocked the house… I didn’t get Evanescence 😦 ..I was worried that I wouldn’t have enough memory for the Davids so I was a bit conservative.

    Crazy On You:

    I Drove All Night:


  19. thinkofmearchie July 5, 2008 at 5:16 am

    1 2 3 4 (Feist) – Brooke White:

    SOTR – Jason Castro:


  20. thinkofmearchie July 5, 2008 at 6:36 am

    Fun.. fun stuff…

    Jason Castro Links:

    Crazy… (crazy good!):

    Daydream (sweet):

    It appeared that Jason had a great time and was very relaxed. He sounded GREAT!


  21. thinkofmearchie July 5, 2008 at 7:32 am

    Another Group Video: In the Name of Love – Bottom 6 Idols Only:

    Snippet of Ramiele (very upbeat.. wish she had done some of this on AI):


  22. thinkofmearchie July 5, 2008 at 12:19 pm

    David Cook…. wonderful performances… he will be a huge success…

    Billie Jean:

    Don’t Want To Miss A Thing:


  23. thinkofmearchie July 5, 2008 at 12:53 pm

    More David Cook…


    My Hero:

    He rocked the house with this one.


  24. thinkofmearchie July 5, 2008 at 1:14 pm

    Cook – Time of My Life:

    He did such a wonderful job on all of his songs.


  25. Thinkofmearchie -you rocked my morning with all of these videos. I cannot wait to watch them. Thanks again for all your hard work. It is definitely appreciated.

    I had a blast on Fanblast! Would do it again in a heartbeat! And David Archuleta is a Masterclass dream. All “strengths”, very little to “critique”. He keeps getting better and better and better.

    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the Top 10 via your videos.

    Thanks again!


  26. Time of My Life – David Cook (Full Version San Diego): video by ThinkOfMeArchie

    David Cook’s smile and humble demeanor gets me everytime. I still think he canNOT believe what’s happened here. His shy stance at the end of this number signified this. What a sweetheart he is!

    Once again, he gave another outstanding performance of this song, improvising on the melody with his strong upper voice. He performed with a relaxed sense of passion and he loves his audience so much.

    Loved his post song banter – what a gift he is to Idol this season. He is a highly literate, communicative and genuine young man, with a musical intellect that receives a standing “O” from MCL!

    Cookie – because of you, we are experiencing the “time of our lives”. Would that this tour could last forever.

    More reviews on the other singers throughout the day! Stay tuned!


  27. Hello – David Cook (San Diego): Video By ThinkOfMeArchie

    This will always be my favorite David Cook song. This is the song that cemented his place in the Top 12 and, ultimately, his Idol crown.

    Retro Link:

    Outstanding, very strong performance. That upper voice “I love you” is still a kicker, isn’t it? And, he is loving his audience and vice versa. They cannot get enough of Cookie!

    My Hero – David Cook (Full Version San Diego): Video By

    Loved his heartwarming dialogue at the beginning of this song. A dedication to his brother who has displayed such courage and strength throughout his battle of cancer.

    Now, this song siginified the rock-influenced vibe that is David Cook. Finally, he gets to perform a song that highlights his strength as a rock artist.

    Oustanding, extremely memorable performance. The audience loved it and totally rocked out with him. Super solid vocals. He looks like a rockstar on that stage!

    Next up: David Cook singing Billie Jean and Don’t Want To Miss A Thing


  28. Billie Jean – David Cook (Full Version San Diego): Video By ThinkOfMeArchie

    My second favorite Cookie song and it is every bit as memorable as his Idol performance of this great number. Even better, because he sings the full, potent version of this song. So haunting and evocative. Oh my – he is a star!

    The audience ate it up. It is a superb, breathtaking performance that showcases David’s vocal strengths. That upper range is killer and I only hope and pray that he keeps the technique front and center throughout this chaotic tour.

    Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – David Cook (Full Version San Diego): Video By ThinkOfMeArchie

    Here comes the funky arrangement of this song. Much better than the Idol performance. Loved his stage banter during the instrumental segments of this song.

    He sings so effortlessly and makes it look so easy. Loved the minor 3rd glissando at the end of this song. Super duper! I am running out of descriptive words here.

    Time to move on to another performer(s). Bravo David Cook! KUDOS.

    Next up: A group number and a review of Ramiele’s performance. Later on today.


  29. Ramiele Malubay Snippet (San Diego AI) Video by ThinkOfMeArchie

    Great performance skills, but, yikes, the vocals sounded all over the place. A little sharp for the most part.

    But she is as cute as a button and her choreographic work was excellent.

    Now, she just has to learn to balance solid vocals with solid choreography.

    Group Video: In the Name of Love – Bottom 6 Idols Only Video by ThinkOfMeArchie

    This was a great performance from these six talented singers. Great harmonies from Chikeze, Kristy, Ramiele and Brooke.

    Then Michael Johns and Carly Smithson came on and catapulted this performance to amazing heights. They have such naturally beautiful and distinctive voices.

    However, this was an amazing visual and aural performance. All singers deserve a standing “O”

    Next up: Jason Castro singing “Crazy” and “Daydream” See you in a bit!


  30. Crazy – Jason Castro (Full Version San Diego): Video By ThinkOfMeArchie

    Oh Jason – do the fans LOVE YOU. And you communicate so well with your audience when introducing this song. I loved the new and renewed Jason.

    You really emote this song so well – lots of feeling, so expressive and this adds a greater dimension to your vocal sound.

    Outstanding work.

    P.S. I would sing this song a semi-tone or tone lower. I think it would sit better in your natural singing range.

    Daydream- Jason Castro (Full Version San Diego): Video By ThinkOfMeArchie

    Loved the spoken intro. to this song How true, Jason. How true!

    This is my favorite Jason song. It absolutely captures the essence of your artistry – a relaxed, folksy vibe that is so refreshing to hear.

    And yet, when the song is a perfect fit, the voice soars to new heights. Your voice effortlessly and seamlessly caresses and reinvents the melodic line of this song.

    Spectacular performance once again. Bravo!


  31. Crazy On You – Carly Smithson (Full Version San Diego): Video By ThinkOfMeArchie

    Oh wow, Carly – that voice of yours never fails to amaze me. Your vocal and choreographic elements in this song are stellar x1000.

    Your upper register notes were spectacular, considering that the majority of the song rested in your upper range.

    You made it sound so easy! There is an experienced level of technical focus happening when you sing and the result is an effortless, confident and jaw-dropping performance. Brava!

    I Drove All Night – Carly Smithson (Full Version San Diego): Video By ThinkOfMeArchie

    I love the way you ascend your upper range, as easy as climbing a few stairs.

    However, your technical artistry is what solidifies this and all your performances.

    This is a great song because it highlights the strength of your vocal power.

    It also signifies your ability to sustain your vowels with perfect pitch and focus.

    You paced this song tremendously well Carly – not a breathy, misplaced note through the entire number. Brava once again!


  32. Angels – David Archuleta (Full Version San Diego): Video By ThinkOfMeArchie

    That`s some pretty strong screaming before your performance, Archie. Your voice sounds like gold – pure gold!

    I love seeing Archie at the piano -it brings all of his superior musical gifts together in one precious package.

    The song is a perfect emotional fit for David and his voice during the refrain sounded heavenly -like an angel.

    His vocal runs sounded so smooth and every note was perfectly centered.

    This was a passionate and extremely memorable performance.

    Apologize- David Archuleta (Full Version San Diego): Video By ThinkOfMeArchie

    And then we turned to something more current. Now, who said he could not sound current. This song sounds better than the original – the head tone alone is killer.

    And I love how David stayed totally in the moment, even seconds after the song ended. What a mature and sensitive artist. What a career he has in store!

    Stand By Me- David Archuleta (Full Version San Diego): Video By ThinkOfMeArchie

    Loved loved loved how David dedicated the song to the entire audience on behalf of all the Idols. Is this kid a sweetheart or what!!

    His voice just soars in this a cappella song – just his gorgeous voice, a few background singers and some light percussion.

    And then when the tempo kicks up a few notches for the `beautiful girls`segment and little Archie swings those Latin hips, the number totally becomes – well – hot. Now, there`s a word I dont use too often.` Leave it to Archie to inspire me!

    Great great number and he left his fangirls swooning – for sure. I`m telling you, I said this in another thread, but the kid`s going to break mucho hearts over the course of time.

    When You Say You Love Me – David Archuleta (Full Version San Diego): Video By ThinkOfMeArchie

    The showtopper of showstopper numbers performed by David on this tour. I love his voice so much on this number. He sings with the same technique that Josh Groban uses, yet, he sounds less classical and studied in his approach.

    His voice wraps around the melody line with ease and passion – his vocal sound is so fluid and focused. How he sustains and projects those notes with such strength, given his young age, is the stuff of prodigies.

    He pours his heart and soul into this number. The way he reaches out to the audience when he says Ì love you`at the end was so endearing and so sincere. What a sweet, genuine young man. Love this kid so much!

    If he models his new CD after the selection of songs he performs on this tour, he will have a perfectly formulated CD that will sell gangbusters.


  33. Thanks ever so, thinkofmearchie–great, great stuff! You sure kept MCL busy today! (or should that be yesterday?)


  34. I’m tired. Thank heavens – no concert today! haha


  35. thinkofmearchie July 6, 2008 at 7:21 pm

    LOL.. MCL.. I think the AI fans are going to give you a run for your money this summer with all of the great videos!


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