American Idol Season 7 Tour in Glendale Arizona: July 1st, 2008

Finally, a new American Idol thread. I am being very ambitious and hope to post a new thread for each stop in the American Idol tour schedule.

First up, Glendale Arizona! I await your comments, photos and video links. Also, fun spoilers are most welcome here.

Have fun reliving the Top 10 experience and feel free to `masterclass`away regarding the singers`performances. But, remember, be nice!

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31 Responses to “American Idol Season 7 Tour in Glendale Arizona: July 1st, 2008”

  1. Here’s a link to Jason’s performance of “Crazy”, courtesy of MJ’s Big Blog!
    As MJ live blogged about Jason’s set–NICE NICE NICE!!!


  2. Now that was stellar. Good for him. And the fans love him, of course. I love his folksy vibe so much. He looks so relaxed and his singing sounds more effortless than when he appeared on the show.

    Thanks for adding this link, RR!


  3. MCL and guys, You have got to see this. I could not and still cannot believe my eyes.

    This one shows clearly his dance move

    This is a longer one but audio not as good.


  4. That is outstanding. Little Archie is metamorphosing (not sure if this is a real word, but it is now) into big Archie.

    Love the dance moves, the confident stage demeanor and, always of course, that voice. THAT VOICE!


  5. Oh, MY!!!

    Archie … I may be a just-shy-of-50 woman, but I’d be squeeling just as loud as the teeny-boppers! You are ASTOUNDING! Where’d you get those moves, honey?! Honestly, the boy has turned into a star in 1 month off of our TV screens.

    And Dear, dear Jason … you are a lovely young man and the passion of your music flows out of every pore.

    I can only imagine how these kids are going to blossom before our very eyes this summer! What a joy!



  6. MCL, he sang When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban last night. We are all waiting for that youtube videos to show up. I can’t wait.


  7. Oh, and I know you’ll see it, but it looks great in writing … Cookie says his brother’s tumor has stopped growing! Amen.


  8. Cookie says his brother’s tumor has stopped growing! Amen.

    Can’t see/hear that too many times!


  9. Thank heavens – good news for a change. It is great to hear that Cookie`s brother is enjoying better health.


  10. Woo – I just watched Billie Jean at MjsBigBlog.Com. Outstanding, outstanding performance! Loved it!

    Love his round bel canto mouth too. First rock singer from American Idol who actually uses and believes in a sound technical approach to his rock inspired vocals. Bravo David!


  11. How exciting! I really wish I could see these guys perform…it would be totally cool! But unfortunately, I gotta work so I will just come on here and chat about it with everyone…:)!


  12. MCL, I just watched FanBlast JusinTV channel showing ALL of Archie’s AZ show performances. The camera was placed right below the stage. Excellent view and audio. Please go watch this as I think they will take it down tomorrow when SanDiego footages come in. When You Say You Love Me was UNBELIEVABLE to me. What do you think?


  13. If you want to just watch WYSYLM


  14. When You Say You Love Me was beyond outstanding. It was a true glimpse into the process of creating a superstar named David Archuleta.

    I loved his voice, his passion, his relaxed stage demeanor, including those wonderful arm movements toward the audience.

    Oh, and by the way, the arms moving out to the side? That’s a neat technical trick to encourage the rib cage to remain erect and elevated, thus fortifying the diaphragmatic breathing skills that he so obviously has down to a science.

    However, it also created a dramatic visual moment in this song. No one can deny his talent now – no! one! To do so is simply ludicrous and ridiculously subjective.


  15. Isn’t it great to be able to watch a career develop … he is a superstar…

    MCL…did you see the post on IDF that includes the paragraph of David’s in the tour program…he thnaks his vocal coach…I thought that was touching.
    Also…check out Richard Rushfield’s conversation with David about why he is able to focus so completely on his music…also touching.
    Love that D is so open with everything…from his interviews to his amazing song interpretations.


  16. againstthedyingofthelight July 3, 2008 at 2:37 pm

    MCL, I’m very interested in you assessment of David C. as the best “technical” rock singer to ever appear on Idol….

    I know this is about the third(!) time I’ve mentioned this in the comments sections of your blog, but he never had any formal vocal training prior to Idol. NONE.

    So my question is do you think he was simply taught very well during his high school/ college theater participation? Or is he just a natural?

    Thanks as always.


  17. MCL, to me, When You Say You Love Me has just become Archie’s signature performance. I still can’t explain in words how I felt after watching that. I was reading IDF and some fans were questioning this song choice. Then an alledged member of “Team David” came on and posted.

    “He is saying that he loves ALL of you, he is so grateful for you all, to the point that he once again, staying true to what he keeps saying in all his interviews, things he can’t even express in words, so he does it through song. And THIS song is so brilliantly chosen, what could be a better way to end his set? This isn’t about him trying to sound like Josh Groban, it’s all about the beautiful song and message. It’s just a coincidence that it happens to be a Josh Groban song. Rather, it’s all about the meaning, emotion and feeling contained within the song.

    Do you not see that he is just trying to say, it is all worth it when you say you love “me”. All he is trying to do is return the same to you. “When you say you love ME, do you know how I love YOU? How could it be more perfect??

    He already proves what he can do as a pop artist with the other songs. But this one? It is the icing on the cake, it is the symbol of what he is as a person and is the device he chose to wrap up his gift and tie it with a bow all for you his fans….”

    I read some of the other posts from this guy and he does seem to have close connection with David. But we can’t confirm that. However, I thought this was so magical and wanted to note it to MSL readers.


  18. Againstthedyingofthelight – I do believe that he did benefit from some level of vocal training in high school and, as a result, it did become a permanent fixture in his vocal development. He was involved in theatrical projects and these experiences, coupled with his ouststanding intellect, allowed him to develop his technical basis for singing.

    However, that being said, he could truly benefit from private coaching, as this would allow him to focus on areas in his voice that need improvement (from a technical standpoint)


  19. be888 Yes, he chose this song wisely. I believe that not only his heart, but also his soul, goes into David’s A.’s song choices.

    He values his fans and family and friends above all else and his humble, endearing demeanor is a testament to this.

    And he sings When You Say You Love Me with so much passion and sincerity – you just know he means those words. His body language alone emphasizes this fact – those arms – it’s like he wants to give everyone one big gigantic hug.


  20. And we feel as if he has given us a hug. I love this performance. I can’t watch it without getting all tangled up in warmth and emotion. Makes me anticipate the concert even more. He’ll be performing the song as well or better even two months from now, because he puts himself into the song — he doesn’t ‘just sing.’

    I am such a fangirl for David Archuleta.


  21. Lathylmh, I wish you luck. I am guessing his single should be out by the time tour hits your area. And I am guessing he will be performing the single on tour. I just hope WYSYLM will not be nixed if that’s the case.


  22. Thanks, be888. If the single is out by then and he sings it, I will be ecstatic. If he sings WYSYLM, I’ll be ecstatic.

    Heck, David Archuleta is alive and singing for audiences and I know about it and can access his performances, so I am ecstatic.


  23. I am sure everyone has seen these, but thanks to Frogcooke for emailing them to me:

    Angels –
    Apologize –
    Stand By Me –
    When You Say That You Love Me –


  24. I was just pointed to this video of Jason singing “Daydream” in Glendale (the very beginnin is cut off but the rest is there)…
    It’s a lot clearer in high quality!


  25. Rereader – who is that charismatic young performer and what did he do with the poor, frightened Jason we watched during the AI season?

    Oh my goodness! Can this kid sing or what?! I can actually hear some vibrato coming through his voice. His voice sounds so rich and pure – all at the same time.

    And his falsetto and ad lib moments were outstanding. As outstanding as the growing star power of this very talented, very genuine young man.

    So, which label gets to sign him, because he most definitely should be recording a CD in the Fall.

    Speaking of which, I better have a listen to the CD you mailed to me – plus I have some mailing to do myself! 🙂


  26. I was SOOO blown away when I saw that video this morning–remember “Michelle”? He knows how to move now! Not to mention the vocal growth you noted.

    As to CDs, he’s said that he hasn’t been speaking to any labels–of course, until 19E either releases him or their 3-month “hold” period runs out, he can’t–but plans to put out a CD in Winter/Spring, woo hoo!

    (And, yes, please!)


  27. MCL, I enjoyed your critique of David’s When You Say You Love Me. I wonder how he can perform so well with all that screaming! It must be so exciting for a teenager to be on that huge stage. I can’t wait to see him live! I loved all his performances. In this version of Angels, I detect a gospel feeling which totally suits the song. Loved all the walking, hand movements, and then the dancing, oh my gosh! What a star!!!

    sheebla, could you tell me where you saw the Richard Rushfield conversation with David? I can’t find it.


  28. to: be888 said, on July 3rd, 2008 at 3:28 pm

    … I am guessing his single should be out by the time tour hits your area. And I am guessing he will be performing the single on tour. I just hope WYSYLM will not be nixed if that’s the case.

    Have you heard anything about David’s single release? I have been wondering a long time why it isn’t out yet. I thought AI would want to have it for sale at the summer concerts. Any info?? I’m so excited!!


  29. (again, high quality makes quite a difference!)

    Part of Jason’s Over the Rainbow–he doesn’t miss a beat when the roadie strolls up and fixes the connection to his uke in mid-song!


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