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MasterClass Monday: Michael Buble’s Amazing Acoustic Cover Of “Home”

There is a reason why I love Michael Buble so much. It is his heart. Pure and simple – his heart. His vocal delivery is always pure and authentic and this acoustic performance of “Home”really accentuates this very fact. Michael tries to incorporate an acoustic set into the majority -if not all -of his concerts. […]

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Phillip Phillips Performs "Home" On The Top 2 Performance Finale

Phillip Phillips Lives and Breathes “Home” On The Top 2 Performance Finale

C’mon! You know you want to press the play button on the video featured above. I have already played it several times. It’s that beautiful. Yesterday evening, Phillip Phillips gave a wonderful rendition of the song, “Home”. If he wins, it will be released as a single but part of me is thinking that it […]

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