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The Voice’s Dia Frampton Is Like The Little Engine That Could

Is Dia Frampton’s quiet rise to popularity due to her Little Engine That Could positive spirit and quiet determination ? No one can deny her expressive and innovative vocal talent. However, there is something undeniably mesmerizing about Dia. I think Simon Cowell would attribute her success to the fact that she embodies that intangible quality […]

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Dia Frampton From The Voice Season One

The Voice’s Dia Frampton Is Leading The Pack On ITunes

Talented semi-finalist Dia Frampton is presently enjoying a comfortable lead on I-Tunes. Her “Losing My Religion” recording is sitting at Number 11. Javier Colon’s recording of “Fix You” is sitting at #16. Here is the i-Tunes ranking chart after last evening’s performances: Dia Frampton: Losing My Religion – #11 Javier Colon: Fix You – #16 […]

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