Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 15 Finale Performance Show: The Final 3 Bade Farewell

 American Idol Season 15 Final 3 Performance Show 
Picture Credit: American Idol/Fox

Aaaaaand I’m back!  From vacation!  Just in time to bade farewell to this incredibly addictive and certainly iconic reality show. 

I haven’t yet had the opportunity to watch the “American Dream Special” which aired last evening since I was still “on the road”. However, it is resting safe and snug on my DVR for me to watch at my leisure. By all accounts, it was wonderful and I look forward to reliving the past 15 seasons of American Idol via this documentary. 

Now, on to Wednesday’s Performance Finale featuring the remaining finalists: Trent Harmon, Dalton Rapattoni and La’Porsha Renae.  They have already released their original American Idol singles on iTunes and Amazon and will perform them on tonight’s  Top 3 Performance Show. 

You can download/stream Trent Harmon’s single, “Falling” on iTUNES and APPLE MUSIC.

Similarily, Dalton Rapattoni’s single, “Light A Match” is available on iTUNES and APPLE MUSIC and La’Porsha Renae’s single, “Battles” is available on iTUNES and  APPLE MUSIC .

Personally, I am not a fan of any of them but, of the three, Trent’s is the strongest. 

I much preferred last year’s winner, Nick Fradiani’s single, ” Beautiful Life“.  Have a listen on iTUNES AND APPLE MUSIC.   It is a positive, coronation single which can be applied to so many occasions.  I actually made a personal family  video using this song as the background music.  It is similar to Season 7 winner David Cook’s “The Time Of My Life”(iTUNES LINK) – which is equally contagious.  Or, Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This” (iTUNES LINK). You cannot erase these songs from your head – they reinforce a positive lifestyle experience, which I love. 

The Top 3 Performance Show airs on Wednesday, April 6th at 8:00 PM on Fox. Once again, your votes will determine which of these three talented singers will be the last LAST one standing. I love all three so I will be happy with whomever the public chooses. They are all deserving. 

Comments are now open for business!  

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7 Responses to “Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 15 Finale Performance Show: The Final 3 Bade Farewell”

  1. I’m rooting for La’Porsha. Girl Power FTW!

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  2. And here are my super short, entirely subjective comments on the performances, written as fast as possible after each singer finished each song:

    1st song (Coronation song)

    Trent — Falling: Ack! Make those purple bars stop! (And that’s not on Trent, that’s on the set designer. But seriously, NO.)
    About the song–It’s not a great song, but it’s not a terrible one. I found Trent’s voice kind of squinchy at the beginning, but that smoothed out as he went on. I can see that with how low it goes he had to start all the way up there to reach, but I think I’d rather he’d started a little lower and dropped some notes, or at least used a little less vibrato, but I do think he made the song sound better than it is.

    Dalton–Strike a Match: Again, not exactly a great song. I think Dalton is expecting to go home, his voice was all nerves at the top–but as he went on and got into the song he sounded progressively better. I’ll buy a copy!

    La’Porsha–Battles: …I think I recognize the melody in the chorus from another song? (That’s on the songwriter, no La’P.) She also started with some nerves showing in her voice–I think that’s a first for her (and did she go off-key in one run/glory note/whatever it’s called? It sounded like). But she clearly connects to the song, and that comes across, so that’s a major plus.

    Yeah, this round was marred by nerves all around, I think.

    … 😦 I am sad Dalton is out, although not particularly surprised. I’m going to keep a close eye on him in the future, because I’m dead sure whatever he puts out it will be well worth listening to but won’t be anything I expected!

    2nd song:

    Trent — If You Don’t Know Me By Now: This is an excellent song for Trent, and he just killed it. Nothing surprising about it, but…Trent, make an album like that, just like that. (Only with new songs, ha!)

    La’Porsha — A House is not a Home: That was really pretty, and sounded to me almost flawless. Again, nothing surprising about it, but I like that she kept it simple, it suited the song.

    3rd song:

    Trent — Chandelier: Right, well, he’s singing it every bit as well as the first time, and I still would prefer if he used less of the falsetto in any one song. His tone sounds so much better to me when he’s not using it. That’s on me, I guess!

    La’Porsha — Diamonds: She sounds great, there’s nothing vocally to criticize that I can tell, but I’m not feeling it. Nerves maybe? Or just that it’s a repeat?

    So I’m feeling we have two really talented finalists, and I don’t care which of them wins. And that’s both because they are both talented and “deserve” it–and also because neither sings in a genre I seek out. So I wish them both well and I expect they will both be able to have successful careers!

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  3. Oh, and Jason Castro WAS there, sitting right behind Dalton’s parents–you could see Jason holding Madeline just to the left of Mrs. Rapattoni’s shoulder!

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  4. I loved both Trent and La’Porsha tonight! In a million years, cannot predict who will win.

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  5. This one is a nail-biter. Both singers were outstanding. What a great way the end the Final 2! Class, poise and talent all the way.

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  6. i really really was disappointed that dalton left. it was like the excitement of the rest of the show was ‘taken’ from me. but i somehow felt that he was relieved, as if, now he can relax. i normally am not into the kind of singing that la porsha does, and i’m not especially into her as a person, but i really liked her second song. mcl, i just watched the ‘american dream’. i hadn’t read anything about it so didn’t know what to expect. it was really really good!


  7. Already feeling such sadness about the end of American Idol. I was happy to hear Dalton one more time. He truly moves me. This was a terrific TOP 2 and I enjoyed most of the songs. I voted for LaPortia, but I do think Trent will win. I am feeling bittersweet about the Finale. Idol is my favorite show. At least, I do have all the 15 seasons recorded for future enjoyment!


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