Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 15 Top 5 Performance Show. 

American Idol Season 15 Top 6 Perfromance Show 
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I am in the middle of my vacation and it has been non-stop. I can’t believe that I have missed so much of what has transpired on American Idol. 

Also, the reality of submitting Vocal MasterClass articles for this signature season has been impossible. Vacation schedules mean  there is no schedule. Everything is topsy turvy but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying myself – because I am. 

So, here is the blog topic for this week’s show which airs at 8:00 PM on Thursday, March 17th on Fox. 

I value your commentary more than ever this season. In addition to being informative,  it also keeps me abreast of the numerous changes going on this season. Are the producers making it up as they go along? 

I still believe that Trent, Triston and Dalton are standouts this season. They are distinct artists. 

Oh – and Adam Lambert is scheduled to perform this week. Bravo! 

Enjoy the show everyone.  

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11 Responses to “Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 15 Top 5 Performance Show. ”

  1. My favorite of the night, Trent, MacKenzie, Dalton!

    So loved Adam, my gosh he is amazing!

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  2. These are pretty short, because I was trying to jot down my thoughts before the judges said anything!

    1st song:

    Trent–Counting Stars: …What was that song even about? He can certainly sing, but seriously, what? Maybe it was the song–I don’t know it– but he sounded a little shrill in spots, and that’s not like him. Not a good song choice. (I mean, I don’t know how much of a choice he even had, but it wasn’t a good song for him.)

    Dalton–Numb: Another song I don’t know, so I don’t know if he changed it? I thought his vocals were really strong, and that he connected to the lyrics emotionally. (I also love that I can always hear all the lyrics when he sings.)

    La’Porsha–(missed the song title): She has an amazing voice, and she’s compelling even when she’s not strutting over the stage, but I don’t think the song was robust enough for all those runs. And somehow I lost interest about halfway through–maybe she should have added some movement there?

    Mackenzie–Wild World: That was clever and a bit sly, which was fun, but not very emotionally connected. I thought his vocals were a little wobbly at a few points, and not always really in tune in his tune change-it-ups? (…Ha! Harry heard the off-pitch bits too, it wasn’t just me.)

    Tristan–Independence Day: I love that she’s using her piano skillz, and she’s got SUCH a beautiful tone to her voice, but I think she does better with quieter, deeper songs. I think she needs to grow up more before leaning into the big blasty ones. (…HARRY! Stop reading my mind!)

    Sonkia–Let It Go: The first half was a bit flat, but it did step up when she stepped forward. For me the strongness sort of faded in and out a little. I have to say I love her voice, and if this were a normal season she might have gone all the way, but she’s running out of time to learn stagecraft, which is a shame.

    I think this round mostly showed that they should not ask the audience to pick songs.. 😉

    2nd song:

    Dalton–Sounds of Silence: Wow. Wow. Very powerful, a lot of pain in there. (There was a lot of power behind his vocals too, but I didn’t even register that until after the song was over.)

    Mackenzie–Billie Jean: … Hmmm. I never imagined “Billy Jean” as a folk song. I don’t really think it works? To be fair, I hate the original song with a passion, so I’m prejudiced. He certainly totally reimagined it into something he could sing perfectly!

    Trent– Simple Man: He sure can sing, and he clearly connected to the lyrics–but it didn’t reach me, and I don’t know why, because looked at analytically it should have. (But I’d be happy to listen to it again a few times just to see if that changes… ;D)

    Sonika–Clarity: This was not as strong as her first song. Again, her voice is beautiful, and the song was fine, but that was maybe over-polished?

    La’Porsha–No More Drama: I love that she made such effective use of her lower register, and the lyrics are really good for her, there’s nothing like a real connection, is there? (It was a little over-embellished for me, but at least she knows how!)


  3. Just saw Adam Lambert in Nashville, Vonnie (flew there from Charleston – Charlotte would have been closer but it was a standing-room only venue & I’m too old to stand for two or three hours – he had an opening act, Alex Newell). He was fabulous!! He sang “Mad World” and I just couldn’t stop smiling. He really connected to the audience (as he always does). It was a great trip – so glad I got to see him again (it had been 6 years – I just couldn’t make any of the Queen dates work for me, unfortunately). I’m glad you enjoyed his performance tonight!!


  4. I think the finals are going to come down to La’Porsha vs. either Trent or Dalton


  5. I tuned mainly to see Adam. I agree with Idol Girl. I think La’Porsha is going to be battling one of the guys.


  6. Jrzgrl1,

    You are so lucky! Adam has not come close to me on his solo tour; he was within 3 hours of me when he toured with Queen, but it was a sold out show…I love his voice so much and Mad World is my favorite song that he sang on Idol. I wish that he would release it as a single. Maybe he will come close now that he is touring again.

    I agree with you all that it will be La’ Porsha and one of the guys, I wish it were between Trent, Dalton, and MacKenzie for the top three…I think La’ Porsha sings well, but she sounds like 90% of all female singers out there, nothing unique about her voice.

    I was shocked to see Sonika get the save over Tristan, happy, but shocked…sadly though, I think she will go home next week.


  7. I was fascinated by the backstory of each contestant, not for the story itself but of the oddity of the story and how it led to the contestant’s involvement with music. There is a book by Oliver Sachs called Musicophilia which has similar stories. I recommend it to everyone. One of his stories seems to fit Dalton to a “T”, a description of something called Williams Syndrome. I wasn’t struck the same way as most others were, including the judges, by Trent or by La’Porsha. I am conditioned to closing my eyes and listening to the performances as if they were on the radio. To me La’Porsha started out off pitch and then found her way back in. Maybe her throat was constricted by emotion but it wasn’t great to my ears (admittedly poor). Trent was very good but I’m afraid I couldn’t listen to him for more than three songs in row. Maybe the problem was Adam Lambert, who is just a consummate performer, and for whom the others were a step down.

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  8. Don B,

    …this year is odd, I feel all of the judge picks, up to this point have been setting the stage for a La’ Porsha or Tristan win; Tristan did not rise to the occasion! They eliminated all girls who would be a threat to these two, with Sonika already being in the bottom, they must feel she is going next anyway! I don’t get the La’ Porsha love as I didn’t for Tristan; some amazing voices went home early!

    I liked the back stories too, but so sad!

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  9. Did anyone see The Passion on Fox last night. I thought MJ’s Blog pretty much nailed it. http://www.mjsbigblog.com/the-passion-live-feat-chris-daughtry-recap-and-videos-284715.htm


  10. That nailed it for me as well, Rocker Chick. The musical performances were the highlight of the show, especially Chris Daughtry and Trisha Yearwood.

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