Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 15 Top 8 Results/Top 6 Performance Show. 

 American Idol Season 15 Top 6 Perfromance Show 
Picture Credit: American Idol/Fox

This week, the Top 8 will perform solos and duets, so this should be fun to watch. There is a diversity of talent in this crop of finalists so it will be interesting to see how the pairs will be constructed. 

And, if the schedule remains similar to last week, the first 5 singers will perform first, followed by the 3 singers who received the lowest number of votes. However, I am confused to how this will be done if duets are involved.  We shall see. 

At the end of the program , the judges will decide which singer they wish to save. I’m assuming. I really don’t know. 

And I am angry that – in this farewell season – the producers have chosen to fast forward this show to the Finale, especially given the wealth of talent on that stage. 

Anyways, if you wish to be spoiled, you can see it all laid out on MJsBigBlog.Com. I smiled at the first pairing mentioned in this article. Looks like a Final 2 Match Up to me, doesn’t it? 

Enjoy the show everyone. And, remember, as I am on vacation , my Top 6 Vocal MasterClass article will be delayed a couple of days.  Comments are now open for business. 

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  1. Adam Lambert will be the guest performer next Thursday. I’ll be tuning in then to see him.

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  2. Rocker Chic,

    Me too! 😃

    My favs from the night!

    Trent, Dalton, MacKenzie and Sonika!

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  3. Okay, I have opinions, but fair warning: I have a nasty horrible stomach virus this week and am disinclined to like anything!

    La’Porsha & Trent: Nothing to fault in their voices, and I was a bit surprised to see that neither overshadowed the other–it was a good duet. But it felt a little emotionally flat to me, like they were being too careful or something.

    Avalon & Sonika: I didn’t think those voices would go well together, and instead they sounded wonderful! That was beautiful to listen to. (I was folding laundry, so how it looked I couldn’t tell you. 🙂 )

    Mackenzie & Dalton: Yeah, I don’t know who picked this song but it was not a good choice. Their voices did blend together a lot better than I thought they would–but I felt Dalton was holding back so much to not run over Mackenzie that Mac ran over him.

    Lee & Tristan: Nope. That is, it sounded okay, but I didn’t believe that at all.


    La’Porsha: Talk about songs that make no sense…! (No, Harry, the lyrics did not make more sense when she sang them.) (And that was an unfortunate choice of outfit.) But darn, she did make the most of it! I didn’t like the last note, but the rest, no problem.

    Mackenzie: That was a good song for him–his tone is perfect for it–but I didn’t feel the connection that the judges did. For me it was just okay?

    Trent: Not enamored of the “retro” arrangement. He sure can sing, though!

    Tristan: She was better last week, but this was okay. Her voice and the music didn’t seem to be quite on the same page–a mix problem maybe? The second half was a little shouty sounding for me–I think it was that she tried to make too much of the song the climax. If she had held back a little longer I think it would have had more impact.

    Dalton: WHOA!!! Okay, that broke through my grumpy. Eleanor Rigby IS a dark song, and way to highlight that. I knew he was going to go for the sadness–Dalton said in a Facebook chat that he was singing it for a friend who died whose greatest fear was dying without being remembered–but I didn’t expect it to sound like THAT. I think having something specific like that in mind really added power. (Note: I thought at first he was hitting a bunch of off notes, but then I realized, nope, that was deliberate. I am not a huge fan of changing melodies generally, but I think this worked with the darkness he was going for.)

    Avalon: She does what she does just as well as anyone could. I’ve said it before–I don’t like the songs she sings, and that goes for PYT too. But I do like her and I like them better when she sings them–she has such a nice chill vibe going on.

    Lee: Yeah, agree with the judges–there were a bunch of off-key notes there. I love his tone, but while I love that song, it takes a lot arranging and performing for it not to sound repetitive, and I don’t think he has the experience or knowledge for it yet. Really, all he needs is another two or three years before being shoved on TV, IMO.

    Sonika: For me, she didn’t come alive until the second half–and a lot of that is the song itself, so probably not the best song choice. But her voice is so gorgeous, and the second half did show that off!

    (Sorry for all the kvetchiness. I really need to get my tummy to behave itself, like NOW!)

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  4. Daltons and MacKenzie duet was well sung. They harmonized beautifully. They didn’t pick that song Scott did.

    Why must only Dalton and MacKenzie rearrange songs to get a decent critique?

    IMO Dalton is the best performer. He proved he can sing exceptionally well. Great control, decent range.

    MacKenzie has such a beautiful tone.

    Best of the night for me.

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  5. Oh no! ReReader, hope you are feeling better soon!

    I enjoyed your critique! Yes! Yikes on the outfit!!! I love Avalons voice, I didn’t add her in my favs because she went home!

    I really do not like this double elimination, shortened season.

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  6. “Why must only Dalton and MacKenzie rearrange songs to get a decent critique?”

    I know, right? Good thing they CAN.

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  7. Thanks, Vonnie!

    This shortened season is KILLING me. They have such a rich talent pool, which is rarely the case, and they are just shoving everyone overboard at breakneck pace, it’s awful.


  8. RR – I just got in the door. Love your synopsis. Can’t wait to watch the performances. Who was eliminated. And get well soon. Rest, water and all that jazz!! 😴


  9. Thanks, MCL! I’m going through a bottle of pedialyte–if it’s good for baby’s I should be able to handle it. 🙂

    As to who went home: SPOILER ALERT! Avalon and Lee.


  10. “And that was an unfortunate choice of outfit”
    Excellent choice of words. I would have never figured La-P for a dominatrix.

    I didn’t really care for the duet segment although I have to admit that Trent and La-P worked much better than they had any right to. The songs in this segment were just throw away songs for me, except for Triston and Lee’s song. They may have been the worst rendering of it in AI history, but it was the best song of the lot. Go figure. BTW, there was another singer on the stage tonight who was the first to sing I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing on Idol but was left out of the memory lane segment, Allison Iraheta.

    I was prepared to be angry if the judges had chosen someone other than Sonika in the bottom three sing off. Avalon was saved last week and was back in the bottom three again this week. You can’t ignore that in this extremely short season format. The thing I liked best about her performance was the backup singers. Lee should have gone home last week. Nice kid, great potential but not up to speed with the others.

    Trent, Sonika and Mac were my favorites tonight.

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  11. I thought the show went well, but it could have been so much better. My favorites this year have been La’Porsha, Dalton, and Mac. I can’t believe the stylist picked out that outfit for La’Porsha. Last week, she looked so regal and elegant. This week she looked like a hooker. Regardless, this young lady can sing. I think she’ll have success after Idol. What a terrific voice!

    Dalton and Mac were great together but Scott gave them a horrible song to sing. They did the best they could. They are adorable which doesn’t hurt. I don’t like the manipulation of Scott. Dalton was given a song change at the last minute. I think it was last week. Many of the folks have gotten the flu which has influenced their performances. I was impressed with Sonika this week.

    Am I the only one who feels cheated by American Idol? Four weeks shorter and no group performances or silly commercials. I know there went away awhile ago. However, everything is rushed. Ryan hasn’t mentioned a tour – so I don’t know if there will be one. It seems our votes don’t count as the judges make the final decision who goes home. I have heard Scott wants to sign Tristan to a contract and wants her to win. There are others I like better. I am so disappointed in the show.

    Rereader, I hope you’re feeling better! Rosanne, I know you’ll have good advice for everyone!

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  12. RR – great evaluation and insight. Thank you so much.

    The rationale behind this show this year boggles my mind. What. A. Mess. All that talent on that stage and the producers could care less. They are just going through the motions.

    I am not surprised that Tristan may be signed by Scott. I have been touting her as the winner from Day One for many reasons. She seems like the Perfect Final Idol Winner and Scott can mold her into a star. She is only 15, so there is tons of room for growth. We shall see what happens.

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  13. I fast forward through the Scott segments. I can only think sabotage on his song choices for some!

    JLo could not be anymore transparent on her critique of Sonika last night. I thought she sounded great! I don’t get the Tristan love from the judges…a lot of better voices went home!

    I think my calling Dalton the confetti bath winner may have been a bit premature, I think he will be among the last standing, top four; Trent, LaPorsha, Dalton, MacKenzie…if Trent continues as he is and the judges don’t back over him (as it started last night with JLo’s subtle critiques, clothing, etc) I think he has a good chance of that bath!

    I wonder if the ratings were so poor last year that Fox only gave them a certain amount of time to do the show, because even the audition phase was dramatically cut, we weren’t subjected to the worst of the worst auditions, not all of the Hollywood week drama!

    I do not have a favorite this go around, so I try and listen to who is more relevant, I think the guys have it this year hands down…that is before manipulation!

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  14. I’m looking forward to seeing him again too, Rocker Chick. He’ll make these kids look pathetic in comparison.

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  15. Always enjoy reading comments here.

    IMO Dalton should have the confetti bath, good voice, interesting and dazzling performance style, relevant and he looks like a star.

    Will he? I doubt it. Scott is trying to sell Nick and frankly that single stunk and Nick still can’t perform. Scott wants Tristan and expect the buses to come for Trent, Dalton and Mac.

    The duet was a sabotage of both Dalton and Mac. What Dalton used to do and is trying to break away from and it wasn’t Mac thing at all.
    Bridge Over Troubled Water would have been better for Mac and Dalton.

    Country is an easier market to break an idol into. In many ways Tristan reminds me of Carrie. Very robotic in her movements. The Voice is there. I am not a fan but I see it.

    Dalton and Mac are the most current and relevant IMO.

    Adam Lambert best vocalist and performer ever on Idol. Can’t wait.

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  16. @Idol Girl – My problem is I’m spoilt by The Voice often picking out singers in their 20’s and 30’s, who have a good idea of who they are as an artist and who have more experience performing.

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  17. Same way with me, Rocker Chick.

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  18. I think this is an excellent crop of AI Finalists this season. In all fairness, I haven’t yet watched The Voice. However, I am enjoying these Season 15 singers very much

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  19. Idol Girl and Rocker Chick –

    I watched American Idol religiously in its first few seasons but eventually grew bored with it.

    After randomly watching a rerun of The Voice, I became hooked. Initially, I wasn’t too interested in watching because of so many singing-related talent shows infiltrating the airwaves. However, I’ve now become very engrossed in the show.

    Like you, the top thing that got me hooked was the difference in the contestant pool.

    American Idol has restrictions on its contestants that are aimed to attract young, raw, untapped talent.

    The Voice has more lax eligibility restrictions. The Voice focuses on showcasing the well of experienced musicians who’ve had small successes but haven’t seen mainstream success.


  20. I agree, Princess Leia. The two shows–AI and The Voice–are aiming for different talent pools. Although there is certainly overlap, AI is more aimed at finding potential talent; The Voice at finding underexposed but full-fledged talent.

    I find potential talent more exciting, but of course full-fledged talent puts on a better show.


  21. Tristan’s eyes remind me of Japanese anime.

    I like duets, how people sublimate their own styles for the good of the performance. (Where are the Everly Brothers when you need them? Let It Be Me)

    I am always interested in how someone responds to pressure. Sonika responded significantly in a previous show immediately after Laporsha stood out. Probably saved the show that night. She had last shot last night after, I believe, the judges’ stylistic favorite in Avalon. Big song. Really good considering the circumstances. Too bad she is so young and so inexperienced. Her mannerisms are the other fascinating aspect of her performance, so reminiscent of Angie Miller’s mannerisms (and who coincidentally appeared in the “I Surrender” clip).

    Two hours require twelve songs (plus Nick Fradiani). Eight singers and four duets. Only way they could have done it. Next week probably two songs each for the final six (plus Adam Lambert). Listened to Ian Tyson and several others sing “Spanish is a Loving Tongue” last night. Wish Sonika could sing it with Alison Irehita.


  22. “Wish Sonika could sing it with Alison Iraheta.”

    She does. You just can’y see Allison most of the time. I enjoy watching her rocking out with the band’s back up singers but I preferred her on the front of the stage.

    I like duets as well but I didn’t care much for these. The songs were so forgettable for the most part.

    Speaking of duets, I have been following a very sad story that has developed and finally come to a conclusion over the last two years. It’s the story of Joey Martin Feek, the Joey part of the singing duo Joey + Rory. Joey has lived a very full life in a short time finding fame with a third place finish on another sing show, Can You Duet, several years ago. She and her husband were very much in love and enjoined a dream marriage. She became Mom to his two daughters when they married about fifteen years ago and at 38 years of age, she gave birth to their child together, Indianapolis, or Indie as they call her. Shortly after the birth of Indie Joey was diagnosed with cervical cancer which she succumbed to one week ago today. To say she was my friend would be presumptuous, but many of their fans became friends by going to concerts in their “barn” at their home or visiting with them at there tiny country restaurant or talking to them after a show at the Ryman Theater. They were the most open, welcoming and friendly people I have ever met and had fans from all over the world.

    Rory is a song writer but he also has a gift for writing stories which he used to tell her story, their story, in his blog entitled This Life I Live, scenes from one man’s extraordinary, ordinary life. It’s a great story of a God filled Marriage, life birth and death that is truly inspiring. One of the great new country voices silenced at on 40 years old. God Bless the family that Joey leaves behind.


  23. Gene,

    I have been seeing a lot of things about Joey and Rory; I had no idea, other than the commercials they were in, who they were. So sad!


  24. If I’ve put together the info from various places together right, there will be only one contestant eliminated per week from here on out, and no more judges saves. (But I bet if someone they want to have stay is supposed to leave, that might change. Or they might do that stupid Twitter save thing. Who knows?)


  25. Hey Vonnie,
    Yeah, they had their own TV show as well on the RFD Network. They were nominated for a Grammy this year but didn’t win. During the CMA awards several top stars recited what came to be known as Joey’s prayer and a few thousand people came into her small town for a candle light prayer service a few months back.

    Bill and Gloria Gaither are her mother’s next door neighbors back in her home town in Indiana and she managed to finish recording an album of classic hymns on his label just a few days before taking to bed full time. He visited her every day and did many special things for her as well.

    Dolly Parton made her a special video message that Rory played for her on what was soon to be her deathbed. People knew them where ever they went during her final months and did all manor of special favors for them. Their money was no good anywhere.

    Rory’s blog is excellent reading and is the best true story that I wish were not.


  26. rereader,
    I’ glad to hear that the double eliminations are over. They were brutal at the top ten level and below. I have never believed in the judges save after the fans have had their say, so good riddance to that. PLEASE no Twitter save, PLEASE.


  27. Well, dangnabbit! According to MJ’s, the judges’s save is still there, no matter what Tristan tweeted. 😦 (My paranoid self assumes that TPTB did not like who came in last.) Only one going home still, though.


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