Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 15: The Farewell Season. Week Two Of The Judges’ Auditions. 

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We witnessed some remarkable talent last week and I expect to see some more this week and in the weeks to follow. This is American Idol’s Swan Song and I am sure that everyone involved with the show will work very hard to produce a musically rich and memorable competition. 

This week, American Idol will stop off in Philadelphia on Wednesday, January 13th, followed by Denver and Little Rock on Thursday, January 14th. 

The big news, however, is that the entire season will end a month early on April 7th.  Although it took me by surprise,  I have to say that this is a good idea. Three months of any reality show is more than enough.   That being said, it means that we are very close to the American Idol Finale and to the end of an iconic musical era.  It will be interesting to see what Fox will do with this time slot next year and in the years to come. 

I also have to say I am really digging these judges – it is the perfect triumvirate of intelligent, musical and professional talent and it seems that all three are hitting their groove now. I hope that, at some point, Harry Connick Jr., Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban have an opportunity to work together again in another capacity because the chemistry between all three is perfectly balanced. 

American Idol airs at 8:00 PM on Fox. You must be collecting favorites by now. Please share in the comments section below 

Enjoy the show everyone. 

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17 Responses to “Vocal MasterClass Discussion For American Idol Season 15: The Farewell Season. Week Two Of The Judges’ Auditions. ”

  1. Well, Philly was a bit disappointing after last week–the only one who really stood out for me tonight was the “quirky” (not precisely the adjective I’d’ve chosen!) girl who sang “Radioactive”–she has a really interesting voice.

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  2. I liked several contestants tonight…What I didn’t like, was the comment the judges keep making about looking for a Kelli Clarkson Bookend…that bothers me!

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  3. This group was entertaining I guess but I did’t really spot a star in the group. I enjoyed the “egg” girl’s audition.

    Vonnie, Thanks for reminding me of Sawyer’s name. Mia has some interesting videos on You tube. There is one that is at the Long Island Blues Club (I think the name is correct) It seems to be an internet program produced and hosted by a local musician where he has a live band in for an in depth interview and to play several of there songs. She tells the story of Pharell calling her as she was at the airport leaving town after being voted off the Voice island. She was invited to his studio to write and record the original song “Child” with him. Long story,check it out. She has done some interesting work with Sawyer as well.

    Musically dry county, that’s pretty funny. Surely there is some decent bootleg music around. Consider short overnight trips to take in a show somewhere not to far away or do it as an add on to a vacation trip. There are a lot of small venues out there with decent name artist, either on the rise or in their later years, Tickets are usually pretty reasonable.

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  4. The shortened season will be OK if the lost time is sooner rather than later in the competition. We have seen the mass eliminations on both Idol and The Voice and they haven’t been popular on either show. Live shows are harder to produce and control and have higher production cost than the canned material we are seeing now. My guess is they will shorten the live portion of the show.

    They are already wasting time this season with filler material that would be better filled with memory lane material.

    Next season they could fill the time slots with a new show called “American Idle” which will follow the unprecedentedly high number of Americans (nearly 100 million) who have dropped out of the labor force and are no longer counted in employment figures. Should be interesting to see what they are up to.

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  5. Gene – so many great comment moments in your last post. American Idle – haha. I love it!

    And, yes, I agree. The filler material should have been memory lane material. That would have been so cool.

    That being said, I loved the majority of the singers last evening but was a bit puzzled why they were so hard on the Broadway guy. Seriously? What is with this show? They mention Broadway and everyone runs for cover. I loved his voice. I bet he would be amazing during the theme weeks. Glad he was put through to Hollywood but me wonders how far he will get with this show.


  6. The Broadway guy (John Arthur Greene) seems to have non-chorus role in Matilda (http://www.ibdb.com/Person/View/483263) as the doctor, and was in the latest West Side Story as well–that’s doing awfully well. I didn’t think he sounded all that great in the audition (I thought he was a bit drowned out by his guitar–and I’m always a little biased against country, because not my thing), but I’m with Keith, I’d like to see how he does when he’s more in singer mode.


  7. Grr! The judges can be so exasperating! I loved Ashley from Hawaii


  8. Hi MCL,
    Thank you for the kind words.

    I think the issue with the Broadway types on these shows is that they don’t come over as genuine and sincere in the same way that a more down to earth performer might. Another reason is that the stage acting experience of a Broadway play is not a routine part of the lives of most Idol viewers. Also, the tradition of the stage, as I understand it, is to perform for the back row in an environment that traditionally wasn’t amplified except by room acoustics, and also requires exaggerated gestures to be seen in the back of the house. I think that is why they seem less authentic when a camera is in their face.

    I’ve only seen a little bit of the Little Rock auditions so far but Kieth offered the perfect words to describe how I believe many people feel about the Broadway style performer. He said to the mule rider that sang Tammy Wynette’s “Till I can Make it on My Own,” that she sounded “more performed than confessed.” Perfect, that’s what I’m trying to say.

    There was a little more of the “memory lane” material at the beginning of tonight’s show. So things are looking up, but I would blend it into the current show.


  9. I liked a couple from last night…overall I am still not hanging on the edge of my seat! I have one guy that I have been following since last season, who should be on next weeks show; Adam Lasher! He is the nephew of Carlos Santana; hoping he does well and makes it to Hollywood and on to the live shows!

    Yep! Gene, we be dry as a bone! The hubby isn’t much of a music man, so traveling far would be only if there were something other than music to draw him there! I think it’s illegal to hunt deer in the city!!! So, local we stay! Getting him to watch Idol and the Voice comes with much tantrum throwing, remote hogging, whining, pouting, and refusing to fix dinner for the week! He has his priorities!


  10. I watched the rest of the show late last night and was glad to see the Marine / cowboy come back. I remember him from his previous audition and couldn’t understand then why they preferred Scotty over him. I can see him as a very strong contender.

    I remember Adam Lasher as well, now that you mention it Vonnie. I liked him as well. A few that I look forward to seeing again were the 15 year old Blues singer from Arkansas, the 15 year old girl at the end who did a nice job with the Jackson’s “Who’s Loving You” and appeared in every way to be a 25 to 30 year old woman and The girl who sang Tammy Wynett. Her problems can be corrected I think. I like each of their chosen direction in music.

    They did a much better job of bringing in the memory lane material on last night’s show, but there is room for improvement.

    Deer hunting in the city depends entirely on the city. We are a little more understanding around here. If you hit one with your car, you have 2 choices, field dress it on the side of the road, tie it to the hood of your car and take it home to finish the job or call a State Trooper, who will do the same thing except he will take it to the nearest state prison for Bambi stew. You don’t even need to use a deer tag just report it on the phone!

    You may be down to the ultimate threat!


  11. There was a lot going on around here last night, so I missed a bunch of performances, but I really liked the quiet, unstrained performance by John Wayne Schultz (there’s a name to remember!). And that Hawaiian girl–I was set to be embarrassed after her “I’ve been around the sun 20 times”, and then she busted out with that really excellent guitar lick and turned out to have a very interesting voice, too. I think that the Russian guy maybe had some classical training? Very pure, his voice sounded to me. And that last guy, who said his wife and adopted son saved his life? He surprised me, too, in a good way. All in all, was more impressed by last night than Wednesday.


  12. LOLOLOLOL…In that case we will take the truck to the city!!! We do have a venue about 45 minutes away that showcases local bands, so maybe this summer we will go (kicking and screaming)! 🙂

    I liked that 15 year old Blues kid too…I just don’t know what the judges are thinking or not thinking! One person they praise and the next one who is good or better, they act like it would insult their show to have them on it!!!

    Rachel…Me too on the Hawaiian Girl; gracious after she hit that first lick on the guitar, I sat up and took notice! She was really good! I’m really curious to see who makes the cut at Hollywood…they certainly have the talent to make this a great year; but knowing this show there is already an agenda and the good ones have all gone home! I hope not, I would like to see this year be a tough year!


  13. Rachel,
    The last guy with the adopted kid was good and I enjoyed hearing his story as well. He had slipped my mind. John Wayne Schulz is the cowboy / Marine isn’t he? I liked the Hawaiian girl as well.

    We got to see Grace Potter again last night. She had a new band with only the guitarist remaining from the Nocturnals. Maybe the venue that you spoke of puts out a calendar on there web site. You can learn a lot about the bands or artist by reading the descriptions there and then following up on you tube to see if they have any videos there.


  14. Hey, Gene! Yes, John Wayne Schulz is the cowboy/marine/flight instructor.


  15. Hey Rachel,
    Thanks. I recall wondering why they cut him and cut Scotty. He should be a contender.


  16. should read “instead of Scotty”


  17. Glenn Frey dead at age 67. RIP


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