MCL Picks From America’s Got Talent Season 10 Premiere Show With Videos

 Drew From America's Got Talent Season 10  Picture Credit: America’s Got Talent/NBC

Quick Update: I forgot to mention how absolutely thrilled I am with this Golden Buzzer option.  This is new to AGT this season and, if the act achieves a Golden Buzz by one of the judges, they are instantly advanced to the live shows. Each judge can use the buzzer once during the preliminary auditions. 

Last night’s premiere episode of America’s Got Talent was excellent. We are off to a stellar Season 10. However, I thought I would add my thoughts and picks to some the standout artists from the show. 

Here we go:

 Triple Threat, Pop Singers:  You know that you are in for a surprise when three quite nerdy, aw- shucks kind of guys stroll on stage – one on crutches no less – and profess they are a triple threat in name and look.  Well, when they opened their mouths to sing, I smiled like a giddy school girl, just basking in the vocal glow of their beautiful and nuanced harmonious voices.  And could they ever perform!!  These guys are loaded with charisma and personality which became more evident as the song progressed. 

Grade A+. 

MCL Prediction: Top 10, then Top 5. 

Chris Jones, Hypnotist:  MCL loves her some magic and hypnosis. And this guy was a fabulously entertaining hypnotist that managed to hypnotize Howie Mandel to perfection.  As many of you already know, Howie is an extreme germaphobe (I can relate!).  Well, he quickly hypnotized Howie and, while under hypnosis, Howie shook hands with him and the rest of the judges – a common gesture which Howie never uses when introduced to anybody. It was entertainment at its best and the look on Howie’s face when told what he did while under hypnosis was hysterical.  However, Howie had problems dealing with the experience post- hypnosis.  Poor guy.  It’s a tough road for sure. 

Chris Jones will advance far in this competition. He is smooth, professional and charismatic on stage. 

Grade A+. 

MCL Prediction: Top 10. 

Johnny Shelton, Singer-Songwriter:  This talented singer performed a song which he wrote for his son who, unfortunately, succumbed to cancer. It was heartwarming, poignant, raw and authentic. I loved the timbre of his voice, the depth of his heart and soul. Such a moving performance.                                                                          


MCL Prediction: He will move on to the live shows but how far he progresses depends on how deep the singing field will undoubtedly be. However, his heart, coupled with his humble and inspiring personality, will carry him far in this competition. 

Piff The Magic Dragon, Comedian/Novelty Act:  This guy is downright crazy and offbeat, but in a laid back sort of way. The judges loved him.  He is ridiculously cocky and not on our wavelength whatsoever – which makes him sort of an enigma. I honestly don’t  understand his shtick, quite frankly, but he is very entertaining and intriguing. I wasn’t as overjoyed with his presentation as were the judges but he is a unique entity. 

Grade B

MCL Prediction: He will make the live shows but in order for him to progress he will have to up his game or this could get old really fast. 

Drew, Comedian: Drew has such a heartbreaking back story. Due to a sports injury, which damaged nerves to his vocal cords, he was left with a speech impediment – stuttering.  He decided to turn his medical condition in to a positive, thinking he would apply the gift of humour to his situation. He epitomizes courage and what is even more remarkable he is a true comedic talent. What a unique vision this man has formulated for his life.  He has also been blessed with a supportive and loving girlfriend, who is working three jobs to support his career. This was a very special moment in Idol History and because of this, Howie hit the Golden Buzzer which sends him immediately to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall. 

Update:  Here is a fun Tweet from Drew:

 Drew Lynch (@TheDrewLynch)
2015-05-26, 10:22 PM
Re-re-re-re-retweet if you’re ha-ha-happy I got the #GoldenBuzzer.

Grade A ++

MCL Prediction: Top 5

So, there you have it – the acts which grabbed my attention on Tuesday. Fill me in on your favourite acts in the comments section.  

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8 Responses to “MCL Picks From America’s Got Talent Season 10 Premiere Show With Videos”

  1. Brave of you MCL, for making predictions!

    I did so enjoy Triple Threat – thought there voices sounded so very good together.

    Chris Jones, the hypnotist was good – I actually laughed when I saw people leaving the theatre when Nick told them ‘if they didn’t want to possibly become hypnotized that the could leave. Then they showed people in the audience sleeping with their chins on their chests! I almost wondered if it the whole thing was real.

    Johnny Shelton’s song wrenched at my heart – thought it was a good song and well sung. Wonder if he will continue to sing original songs? Might he end up as the one to vote for based on his back story?

    Piff the Magic Dragon was cocky MCL! Over the top, I thought, when it came time for the judges comments. Yup, it could get old fast.

    Drew was special, though I had a little trouble understanding him at times. I hope he goes far.

    I also liked Ira, though am not sure where this act is going to go – unless there are other ‘puppets’ characters.

    ShowProject was neat to see, but – even though there are a number of different gymnastic apparatuses (spelling?) it could become repetitive after a while.

    The Cuddler was the silliest of the night for me – tell me that this is not a real occupation?

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  2. Yes Awestruck. I am brave but we shall see how it pans out.

    Piff The Magic Dragon was silly. -I watched it twice just in case I missed something. But, he has the judges’ love so maybe it was one of those “you had to be there to feel it” moments. He is an enigma though.

    Was the hypnotist for real? Yea – I went there too but apparently Howie was bummed when he watched the playback. Maybe everyone is in on the charade – the producers, judges, random audience members – but, somehow, I doubt it. We shall see why he comes up with next time.


  3. Loved Drew!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved the show! My son knows one of the guys that in the Tricking Group, so hoping they go far, he also knows a martial artist that will be on too! 😃

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  5. That’s great Vonnie. It is fun when you have personal connections. To some of the artists.



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